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Dame Diana Rigg is a celebrated actress, who has recently portrayed Lady Olenna in Game of Thrones, a role which earned her four Emmy nominations. Her illustrious career has spanned both stage and screen, with her West End and Broadway appearances including award-winning lead roles in Medea, Mother Courage, and My Fair Lady.

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King of Reads
King of Reads:
I love this woman.
Emma Peel - these kids have no idea how amazing she was she was, not only sexy but the classiest woman alive- thats when the UK was great- i was just kid but i will never forget
Neko Yashi
Neko Yashi:
She died today. I loved her portrayal of Lady Olenna Tyrell. R.I.P.
Talented, witty, smart, unforgetable!
RIP Miss Rigg.
Erica DuLac
Erica DuLac:
Watching this 4 days after we lost her makes her power so much apparent, her loss so much more acute; her epitaph so much more painfully dear. RIP to a great Lady 😘❤️😢
All hail the Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna Tyrell!
RIP Diana Rigg. You will never be forgotten.🥂🥀🌂🇬🇧🥂2020. “Always keep your bowler on in times of stress and watch out for diabolical masterminds”.
she is aging normally and she is just fine with that...and so am i. i have always sensed that she is internally grounded. she is unquestionably elite but not unreachable. this is an admirable personal quality.
Vladinir Shotitov
Vladinir Shotitov:
Not just beautiful but so damned intelligent, too: keep learning, keep moving and never be afraid to learn from anyone. Absolutely! I have worked in my profession for over thirty years but if the cleaning woman said: "What about doing this?" I would at least listen. You can get ideas anywhere. I saw Diana Rigg on stage several times and I wish I could have known her - she was real life-enhancer.
controllerism xg
controllerism xg:
Diana Rigg - One of the most beautiful & talented women in UK.
Melissa King
Melissa King:
It's pretty pathetic that this group of mostly Millenials have no clue who Bela Lugosi is.
Anyone here after hearing the news? :(
Diana Rigg in the avengers is sensational.
Michael J
Michael J:
Diana Rigg is so modest which makes her even more wonderful.
rene sagahon
rene sagahon:
I hope the audience realizes what an honor it was for this grand lady to share her guidance experience and thoughts with them
What an amazing woman, in her 80s and so full of life and invaluable advice for her fellow actors. Rest in Peace Dame Diana.
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend:
This great lady was not only exceptionally beautiful in her younger days, but she was also blessed with a fine intellect and a well balanced personality. She embraced getting older and all the changes it brings and here in old age, she is still the same Emma Peel who gave all of us old fella's the jitters all those years ago.
Dusk Hollow
Dusk Hollow:
As a child, THE AVENGERS was the first adult TV series that I truly loved.
George Bennett
George Bennett:
The poem at the end seems like a fitting epitaph to this wonderful actor who we have lost this week.
Patrick JG Shaw
Patrick JG Shaw:
She was a STAGGERINGLY great actress! R.I.P. + Thank You for the legacy on film!
Sebastián Aírton
Sebastián Aírton:
A magnificent lady with an amazing way of showcasing her capabilities on-screen, I'm so glad that she was invited to speak about her experiences with all of us who are interested in knowing about her!
Dr. William Thornton
Dr. William Thornton:
Diana exudes passion for the craft of acting. Watching her now with a mix of admiration and sadness, knowing it would be the following year (2020), she would shuffle off this mortal coil, yet still a vital repository of fascinating stories about her marvelous work in the movies, theater and TV. As I write it is a couple days since her unexpected passing. Love this lady from the days back in the 1960s when I first saw her on The Avengers, on through this very moment, and surely beyond.
Ralph Smith McKenzie
Ralph Smith McKenzie:
I've always found Diana Rigg, intriguing. She was my favourite lady while growing up. She is older, but, she still has a captivating beauty about her.
harvey young
harvey young:
I'm not an actor or writer just a member of the audience, but i like listening to actors talking about their art. This is the best discussion of acting i have heard. Great interviewer and great questions. Some kind of mystery at the centre of it all. What she said to a question on not putting in your personality into it but following the text, is developed further through the question at 40 mins. I don't really get it but it reminds me of something Ken Dodd said in answer to the question; "How do you make people laugh?" and he said something like this: that you don't try to make people laugh you open up a space so they feel able or safe (perhaps) to laugh.
She says the text is kind of an unknown other. It put me in mind of Kierkegaard's discussion of Socratic method as the midwife to truth. if this is not too much of an imposition.
yes great performances must be rare. Many years ago i used to watch loads and loads of plays at theaters all over. I enjoyed them but never got the real buzz people talked about until i saw Richard Harris on stage and then i got it.
Loved Theatre of Blood when i was a kid watching Friday night horror movies on TV in the seventies. Didn't know it was a cult movie though.
"Was it Bela Lugosi?" Take the glory mate.

Like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Diana Rigg was not in the sixties she was the sixties.
Very much missed Diana Rigg R.I.P.

Thank you all at the Oxford Union for posting a great discussion.
Too bad interview was conducted by an imbecile .! Standards at Oxford
really have declined .
sonia vadnjal
sonia vadnjal:
Always so much vitality.
Renegade Roughneck
Renegade Roughneck:
Watch dianna as a child in Great Britain during the 60s. She was truly a beautiful woman.
She should teach a Master Class online!
Attas van Patatas
Attas van Patatas:
A truly great fine British actress with a tremendous sense of style and grace....she spoke and used the English language so beautifully. A woman who totally supports equality for women! What a Dame!👏👏🌷🌷
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton:
I remember seeing Diana Rigg when she first joined the Avengers in 1965 and thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.
I am a lifelong fan of hers and even named my daughter Diana in her honour.
Riza hariati
Riza hariati:
This just motivates me to FIGHT!
Anant Raman
Anant Raman:
Beautiful, intelligent dame. Rest in Peace Ms. Rigg.
Timothy Tahari Harris
Timothy Tahari Harris:
She is one of the most intriguing, talented, witty, and intelligent actresses ever! Love, Love, Love her!!!!!!!
Peter M
Peter M:
Great interview and Q&A. Dame Rigg is amazing.
Marianna Mayer
Marianna Mayer:
I love this woman...her spirit and her talent!
May you rest in peace, Dame Diana.
Tino Pica
Tino Pica:
Dame Diana you will be alive forever.
Eric Hebert
Eric Hebert:
She was my schoolboy crush as Mrs. Emma Peel.
A shame the audience didn't get the Vincent Price story. They didn't really discuss The Avengers in the talk -- as though the show was just about how it helped her career. In its day, especially for young girls, it was everything, and she was a great role model. Her rendition of Emma Peel was a breath of air for us girls who watched her and saw that you could be smart, tough, and feminine at the same time. Way ahead of its time. Bless her.
Rj Leslee
Rj Leslee:
Diana Rigg was quite popular in Malaysia and Singapore in the 60s and 70s. The Avengers series were a big hit. Her pin-up photos and news articles were often in local press and magazines. But we never had the opportunity to see any of her stage performances. Only films. Well, half a loaf is better than no bread.
R.I.P. Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg -
Lupo A. Janelli
Lupo A. Janelli:
Kudos to her for being unflapped and not dampened by the dreariness of the interviewer
Kate Waldmann
Kate Waldmann:
This was close to perfect but can we acknowledge that Judith Anderson was an Australian actress rather than an American actress please :)
I remember her from my childhood as lady holiday in the great Muppet caper. Lady Tyrell was a great role for her.
John Pritchard
John Pritchard:
Love "Theatre of Blood." Tell me when you recognize Diana Rigg.
Nancy King
Nancy King:
I saw her on London stage with Alan Bates in David Storey's Life Class....never will forget it...rare nudity on stage...they were mesmerizing.
Tristan E
Tristan E:
I'm so thankful for my dad who showed me the avengers when I was a child ☺
Bravo! She is so amazing! 💖
Jorge Garbin
Jorge Garbin:
Amor eterno por esta Dama, la legendaria sta. Emma Pell...
Levi Macdonald
Levi Macdonald:
RIP DAME Diana 🌹
She really is uniquely herself....I loved her as Emma Peel and saw her on Broadway and in the West End...so consider myself lucky just to have been in the same theater. I Love listening to her. She could do hours of interviews and I'd love it.
I was 6 yrs old and wow was I ever in love with Emma Peel or what..
Peace & Love
Peace & Love:
A year ago when she was diagnosed with cancer 😔 she was incredible
gary turley
gary turley:
Gutted sad another LEGEND gone R.I.P
Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma:
Rest in peace, lady Olenna. 🥺
Thanks for everythind and R.I.P Diana
rajeev paltrow
rajeev paltrow:
Her Parkinson interviews during the 70s were great . Very beautiful and witty lady . RIP
RIP Diana. ❣️
David Marshall
David Marshall:
34:00 - 34:45 ---Hilarious. As a skier who remembers 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' when it was released in 1969, I don't think Diana was talking strictly about the leisure-time "piggyback" skiing experience here.......and that is one of many things that made her such a sweetheart. R.I.P. Diana
rajeev paltrow
rajeev paltrow:
I wonder how today’s woke excess would have handled the interaction between Mrs Peel and Steed ?
Alan Steadman
Alan Steadman:
Saw her and Keith Michell in Abelard and Heloise from a second row seat decades ago. Never forgotten it. The force of her voice and presence. Powerfull.
Cynthia Yarbro
Cynthia Yarbro:
A great lady and a great actress!
Melissa King
Melissa King:
All Diana fans need to watch her in "Mother Love" a miniseries from 1989. Probably the best performance of her career - mind blowing!
Eric Grimm
Eric Grimm:
Diana has so much to give the upcoming actors guilds all over the world!
Ben R.
Ben R.:
My father always said Emma Peel was his first great love ;)
We will miss you, Diana. Thanks for all the great shows and plays that you were a part of. Of course, the Avengers was my favorite but I loved your Masterpiece Theater introductions.
Conan B
Conan B:
There will be another era like that, now self- centered narcissistic egoism, devoid of thought. Support theater 🎭, read Shakespeare.
Diana Rigg played Olenna so very very well. With the few lines she had, she became an unforgettable character in Game of Thrones.
VenomBlade Gaming
VenomBlade Gaming:
RIP :( My favorite character from GOT, and an amazing person outside of the show.
Donny Winter
Donny Winter:
I love her so much!
david collier
david collier:
Thistv shows the advangers every day from ,5:30 to 7:00 am Monday to Friday.
Andrew Campagnuolo
Andrew Campagnuolo:
Del 1000
Del 1000:
Wonderful,clever and classy.RIP.
Jean-Louis Rodrigue
Jean-Louis Rodrigue:
Using the human personal experience to embody a character is the only way to do it- what a beautiful lesson to share with us Dame Diana. We will miss you forever!
Carlus Lei
Carlus Lei:
We`ll never forget you Emma Peel
Dear Diana Rigg I had the opportunity to see you on stage! It was a great moment for the little French student I was then. Thank you
Wonderful woman & great actress
Carlos Alberto Arregui
Carlos Alberto Arregui:
Sin ti los vengadores no fueron lo mismo diana rigg❤
Ken Pudsey
Ken Pudsey:
What a lovely lady..R.I.P.
D V:
Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless:
This is great seeing Diana Rigg in her 80s. Mrs. Peel went on to have a very good life. From St. Louis
Mickey Chitty
Mickey Chitty:
rest in peace angel
Michael Scribe
Michael Scribe:
Paying attention and hard work should get you attention and work in any field.
Kenji Imagine
Kenji Imagine:
Bobareenio Bobareenio
Bobareenio Bobareenio:
So sad hearing about her passing . I always loved her , then and up to her passing . She was also wonderful as the hose to Mystery Theater, which showed the Jeremy Brett , David Burke & Edward Hardwicke Sherlock Holmes. .. DIana RIgg will always be remembered..
John Leyden
John Leyden:
Great lady and a Yorkshire lass RIP
Steven Cassidy
Steven Cassidy:
I bet they all know her for game of thrones. They won't remember 'Medea', 'mother love', Ohmss, 'Evil under the Sun', 'Bleak House', 'Hedda Gabler', and 'the Avengers'
Peter Mortimer
Peter Mortimer:
I like that the audience gave her generous rounds of applause at the beginning and the end without leaping to their feet. The standing ovation has been demeaned by overuse in certain other countries.
Juwon Ogungbe
Juwon Ogungbe:
There will never be another like Diana Rigg.
Issie wizzie
Issie wizzie:
I bought the complete dvd set of Dame Diana Rigg Avengers set only one i watch
Leonard Bailey
Leonard Bailey:
I met her in new York o the memory took pictures with her and also stole a kiss
Will MacIntyre
Will MacIntyre:
This lady is not for burning!
Louis Liu
Louis Liu:
around 35:00 is the first GOT question
Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis:
Noel Leech
Noel Leech:
Rest in peace
Michael Klaws
Michael Klaws:
Ganz tolle Dame-unvergessen❤
Suzanne Kelly
Suzanne Kelly:
Lady Blue
Lady Blue:
RIP LADY TYRELL 09-10-2020
Kay Donahue
Kay Donahue:
Christopher Lee?