Danil Medvedev vs Reilly Opelka - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Danil Medvedev vs Reilly Opelka - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the success of Danil Medvedev over Reilly Opelka in straight sets 6-4 6-2 6-4 in the 3rd round.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

100+ komentarze:

Ho Young Won
Ho Young Won:
Think Medvedev is getting a hang of this clay thing!
Yenne Jaber
Yenne Jaber:
Fan to Medvedev: You're exceeding my expectations.
Medvedev: Mine too.
(From the Wimbledon movie) 🍟🍿🥤
Peter Zhou
Peter Zhou:
Well on the way to meeting his best friend on tour in the quarterfinals
Nikita g
Nikita g:
Medvedev faked that he is bad on clay for several years to mislead his opponents and win this tournament 👏
Moonis Usman
Moonis Usman:
just imagine the scenes if medvedev somehow beats rafa. lol
"I don't want to play here on this surface!"
N T:
Imagine if Medvedev is going to win his first slam in the clay. That would be epic.
"Gerry please default me. I don't wanna be here."
E P:
Funny thing nr 1: Medvedev looks small next to opelka
Funny thing nr 2: Medvedev is in round 4 of a clay tournament only dropping one set in three matches and it looks kind of goofy how he plays but it's very successful though..
I hate Clay!
At RG: It feels like on a hard court!
I am Shadowbanned
I am Shadowbanned:
I'm loving the way Daniil plays. He is built like a servebot and can serve like one but has incredible defensive skills and movement to boot. Too funny.
It Cracks!
It Cracks!:
Fwiw, Opelka's movement is actually very very impressive for his size.
Tyler McDonald
Tyler McDonald:
Opelka looks like he surfs😂
C K:
Clay-court artist Daniil Medvedev at it again
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Crazy Russian Tennis Genius was at work again! Looked like he had a lot of fun while winning. 🥳 Love to watch him play, awesome smart shots! 💚🎾💫🥇🏆
Dieter van de Scheur
Dieter van de Scheur:
They had the most amazing handshake at the net
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner:
Hard to imagine Isner or Karlovic getting broken 4 times in 5 service games, even on clay.
nir S
nir S:
Well done medvedev nice win congrats
Opelka's reaction 0:28 "What the heck! You're not supposed to lob me, I'm Opelka!"
I bet Med loves clay now
Should have included Medvedev's unreal lob return in the highlights: https://twitter.com/rolandgarros/status/1400822005897834501?s=19
Reilly looks like he playing the wrong sport - dressed like he about to compete in hotdog eating contest
Elvi Nimali
Elvi Nimali:
Excellent movement from Medvedev
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Daniil's drop shots are very effective on this match. Congrats to your 3rd wins at RG.
Medvedev doesnt look like an athlete but he does move really well and kills the ball. The issue with him is keeping it together when things aren't going his way intra match. He needs to be patient particularly as the competition gets tougher
Varoujan Daniel Messier
Varoujan Daniel Messier:
Opelika not using the drop shot with Medvedev staying 20ft behind the baseline.
Alexander Graf
Alexander Graf:
It looks pretty unusual playing that far from baseline but Medvedev on the other hand is so fast considering his height.
I can see Opelka going deep at Wimbledon. Final 8, or even 4.
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
Gawrike Hettiarachchi:
Medvedev seems to be in a mission to prove his worth on clay!!!
*who would have predicted this?*
Medmedev living up to his billing as the number 2 seed. He can go all the way to the final if he plays like this.
Aginor's Experiment
Aginor's Experiment:
Just a riot watching these two guys lumber about looking ungainly... and still play at a level and hit shots that most of us could only dream of.
Medvedev to go all the way on clay!
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Have never won a match at RG until this tournament. Now he has won 3. I hope Mr. I hate clay surface will learn to love it after this tournament.
Fred Irianto
Fred Irianto:
hope Danil goes all the way to final
Noah Tseng
Noah Tseng:
Longer highlights please!
Kailee Rush
Kailee Rush:
Imagine hitting more aces in a match than opelka😳😂
Wow. He's gonna be the runner-up.
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Medvedev ❤❤❤. His performance is improving with every match on clay 👏👏👏
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
I feel like using the drop-shot is a good tactic against Opelka.
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
this guys sneaky sneaky lolol watch him make a run without any expectation
jeff how
jeff how:
Danil, can I count on you to be the No.1 after french open?
I mean Rafa beat medvedev on hard court in uso19 let’s see if medvedev can return the favor and win RG21 😂🤣🤣
Medvedev loves clay :)
Bruno Borello
Bruno Borello:
I actually see Opelka reaching 4th round or even QF on Wimbledon this year.
Tweener's not exactly Opelkas's go to shot I'm thinking.
Nelson C
Nelson C:
Medvedev is to good to give a second shot to on a volley. If you are at the net and volley either cut it short or drop it...make Medvedev run forward and possibly hit up at the ball. Don't volley forward the baseline...his left and right movement is excellent.
This has Been a great tournament so far, must say
2:10 was an insane serve for danil to get back, then win the point
Luiz Felipe Ramos
Luiz Felipe Ramos:
Next Ostapenko?? LoL
2018: R1
2019: R1
2020: R1
2021: W
2022: R1
Игорь Семенов
Игорь Семенов:
Браво, Даня!!! Так держать!!!!
It seems Danil is becoming to like clay, hitting the ball deep and playing his normal game just as if he was playing on a hard court, that could be trouble for his upcoming opponents.
Любимая и Счастливая
Любимая и Счастливая:
My Congratulations for Daniil 👍🏻👍🏻🚀🏆💝🌠
Dr. Fahad
Dr. Fahad:
Medvedev might have a chance for this grand slam !!!
I think Nadal's time is up !!!
its either Medvedev or Djokovic fr this grand slam ..
lets c
Stocky Guru
Stocky Guru:
Maybe clay courts are faster 🔥 this year
Garin vs Medvedev sera un partido intenso!!!!!👏👏👏🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👌👌👌
j j
j j:
God damn..... Medvedev upsets Opelka
Даня - капитальный красавчик!)) Смог подстроить свою игру под грунт, это радует. Успехов, я надеюсь он сможет пробраться повыше. Если начнет наконец использовать резаный слева - вообще монстром станет. Жаль, что у остальных наших парней не вышло.
Tennis is Here
Tennis is Here:
*Бой чумовых подач!!!*
I can't believe I'm saying this but I think Medvedev is going to reach the final.
Vedant Madhok
Vedant Madhok:
Plot twist: Medvedev was joking when he said he hated clay 😅
Tod Abarakh
Tod Abarakh:
Santiago canudas
Santiago canudas:
Fun fact Daniil got the revenge that he was looking for on clay :b (opelka won again s him in Russian last year )
Timothy R
Timothy R:
Man..why did Opelka not use any flat serves? Its like he didn't even wanna play
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Super stunner Medvedev !!!!!
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Medvedev still mostly played the way he played in other surface. But, he's more patient in clay (he takes longer rally to win or just simply not bashing the ball rightaway from the get go), that's the only different I see
And that's already good enough, you know
Nachiket Bhagwat
Nachiket Bhagwat:
This match meddy is heavy favorite. Doesn't mean he became great on clay. He is playing a servebot on clay bo5
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
If Medvedev does well in both RG and wimbledon (semi finals or better), he has a good chance of being world number 1 very soon.
Jason Broady
Jason Broady:
Mr I hate clay could become no 1 if he reaches the final now that will be the most incredible shock of the year.
Didn't incluse the best return of the match by Medvedev. Way to go RG highlights.. why always so short??
Always felt like Medvedev’s game should suit clay. Nice to see he’s finally making a run at RG
Siddharth Maheshwari
Siddharth Maheshwari:
I am legit scared of Medvedev.
Paul Tonn
Paul Tonn:
Gonna be interesting if he’s also successful against Garin since his favorite surface is clay! Come On Daniil
Peter Hewitt
Peter Hewitt:
Congrats to Medvedev he have what it takes to be no.1
Let’s go Medvedev!
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
Easy win. Brain over Braun.
Alejandro Rojas
Alejandro Rojas:
Watch out for Medvedev if he beats Garin in the next round....
George Xanthopoulos
George Xanthopoulos:
Imagine if he didn't hate clay courts :D
Gavin Davison
Gavin Davison:
Med turning into a clay court specialist
Chris Harris
Chris Harris:
I said Daniil could go deep
do you guys realize how close Medvedev is to world no.1 now?
Djokovic is most likely not going to beat Nadal to reach the final, so Medvedev is virtually guaranteed to be world no.1 if he reaches the final... and his opponents in the next rounds are:

4R- Garin (who did beat Medvedev on clay recently but is quite inconsistent while Med has gotten better on clay)
QF- Tsitsipas (Medvedev leads 6-1 in H2H, including 1-0 on clay)
SF- Zverev (who leads Medvedev 5-4, but Medvedev leads 4-1 since 2019)
Казак Ели
Казак Ели:
Отлично Даня..Интелегент..
Twin Tower nr. 1 has been taken down! Let's see if Tower 2 makes it.
Anyways, congrats Medvedev!! 💪
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Tricky battle, but he got it done.
When it comes to tennis strokes, grace certainly hasn't descended on Medvedev...
Yaser Qazi
Yaser Qazi:
it's kinda comical seeing a tennis racquet in Reilly's hand
Kottesito Channel
Kottesito Channel:
Opelka bajo la fuerza de su saque, quizas para jugar mas variado, pero al parecer era mas peligroso cuando sacaba mas duro que Isner
P Mue
P Mue:
US Players didn’t win a Slam since 2003. At the moment they don’t have a Player in the Top 30. Mediocre Trainer over there.
Opelka is a good player, wish him all the best.
Slingshot Chicken
Slingshot Chicken:
What I don't appreciate about French Open coverage so far... monthly cable fees that cost A LOT but (including Tennis Network) show 6 womens matches to every one mens match. To add insult to injury, they didn't show the American men but instead showed repeat air time of already shown womens matches. I saw that if I paid Peacock and they roped me in to additional monthly fees they will show the mens matches. All I'm asking is equal coverage for the men and women instead of trying to charge extra fees to get a way to watch the men. The reverse sexism and reverse racism is rampant in America today and is manifesting in ways that cannot be denied through statistics. Why?
I just want to be included as a part of the whole, which I AM , instead of being classified as "separate" and now, while being classified as separate, I am the guy expected to carry the weight of the world, to take it, and to get all of the blame , none of the credit, while they show womens matches and try to charge me extra to watch a mens match. This is just another example of how things have gotten really weird in America. Lessons remain to be learned about true equality and inclusivity. Make it right.
James Young
James Young:
Medvedev really needs to learn how to slide on a clay court. He takes too many small steps to stop himself like you would on a hard court.
Francisco Contrera
Francisco Contrera:
Increíble, estos tipos tienen más de 2 metros pero corren como jugador de futbol de 1,60 m. Le vés a un Nadal con 34 años corriendo com si tuviese 20. Que nueva tecnologia es esa?
OneStauffder Sirynch
OneStauffder Sirynch:
Imagine Nadal shock lost, Djokovic lost to Federer and then medvedev beat Federer in the final, would be like the craziest grandslam ever
Álvaro Márquez
Álvaro Márquez:
Garin vs Medvedev 🍿🍿🍿🍟🍟
Seriously, can he win here against Rafa? I don't think so
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Medvedev is way too good a player and mover to not get some good results on the dirt. Hopefully he can keep this up!
Марат Account
Марат Account:
понятно, что это хайлайты (матч посмотреть не удалось - Евроспорт переключился на Касаткину кажется))
но - ощущение, что он вообще все сложные мячи укладывал как на тренировке.
Untitled #99
Untitled #99:
Russian player sarcastically wins a clay court match...
kiril Veljanoski
kiril Veljanoski:
Roland Garros making clay court like hard Court! I would sue them!
Виталий Хадиев
Виталий Хадиев:
Где русские?