Dave x AJ Tracey - Thiago Silva

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Produced by 169 & Prince Rapid
Video by Dir. Lx




AJ Tracey on Snapchat - canttraceme
Dave on Snapchat - davem1st

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Harry Loli
Harry Loli:
Learning lyrics in case I get called up on the stage
Damar Williams
Damar Williams:
Chelsea fans must be playing this right now😂
Thiago silva's first day at Chelsea
Thiago: good morning
Tammy: *start rapping*
Grb C
Grb C:
That's a hell of a difficult song to be used as a chant at the Stamford Bridge.
Idris Abdullah
Idris Abdullah:
Petition for Chelsea to announce Thiago Silva using this song.
Johnny Carey
Johnny Carey:
1 million views & Dave is a 17 year old grime artist... Madness
Tomori and Abraham the moment Thiago Silva walks into the dressing room:
Zakir Bashir
Zakir Bashir:
This gonna be played when he scored at Stamford Bridge
Gerhard van der Bergh
Gerhard van der Bergh:
Chelsea fans definitely listening to this now. #UEFA Champions.
M Sitali
M Sitali:
Can’t believe this song never featured in fifa
Alex has fully revived this song 😂
PLATINUM *spits everywhere*
PLATINUM *spits everywhere*:
Thiago silva: **enters chelsea dressing room for first time**
Mason mount: "santan from the V-V x AJ"
Luca Windus
Luca Windus:
Liverpool: you'll never walk alone
Man united: glory glory man united
Totenham: to dare is to do
Tiger Intalap
Tiger Intalap:
Santan from the v-v x AJ
Man mystic with the pen like J.K
True say, I ain't really a drinker
But I got love for brandy like Ray J
Champagne popper, .44 chopper
In the black Nike bomber, heartbeat stopper
Half-heart MC dropper
45 wapper, leave you in states like Kaká
AJ from the l-l x Santan
Man's got style on the riddim like Gangnam
Two young bruddas tryna eat off of music
But we used to eat off of pebs and the sand bags
Now we get money, music money
Money that could put your girlfriend in a handbag
White tee, Balenciagas, man bag
Left-winger with a long stick like a granddad
AJ Tizzy from T-H-E lizzy
And I'm all out for the Lizzy
I don't wanna look like you, you're broke
And I've been telling broke bruddas move like Grizzy
Still brandy but the hand ting fizzy
Probs be in bin if a man weren't busy
I'm a mic king, I'm a king on the mic
And I'll spin bruddas till the whole scene gets dizzy
Walk in the rave, smile on my face
Drink in my cup, hand in my jeans
Man talk tough, man look up, down, left, right
Straight to a bang in the teeth
Man still talk tough, man saw man in the flesh
Now man's tryna talk to my Gs
Nah, none of that, none, .45 drum
Run you right out of your street
Walk in the dance, chicks wanna glance
Hand on my hip, shank for the dip
If I shout "Oi", them man there best skip
Better tie up your laces tight and don't trip
Trip, get splashed
Couldn't care less about my man's gang
We're not fam, we're not friends or bredrins
You'll get tanned and binned, cock, then blam
Santan Dave from the Vale and Tracey
Duck man down on the road, I'm pacey
Two lighties on the phone, so facety
One named Jordan and one named Stacey
S with the S from the S, ask Showkey
Dust man down with a mask like Tobi
Tell a boy cotch, my man's telling me lots
But we are not Gs so don't watch my face
Ladbroke Grove is where I re- who?
Man get burst up in the G- who?
Came back with a fresh one, it's new
Don't come around for a two with a blue
I don't give a fuck if you're old or new
I'll just go on like Blackpool who?
Put a couple dead MCs in the grave
Trust me, darg, you can go there too
Trust me, darg, you can go there free
I'll never watch F-A-C-E
AJT from MTP
Nike lab tracksuit, Nike ID
Man got overly fucked in the beef
Pretty sure I landed a bang to his teeth
Man will get banged in the face by me
Not my bredrin, banged in the face by me
And me
Man talk tough, we'll see
Hit him with the left, right, left, right, left, right, right
One jab, then I duck, then weave
Come like Trevor from GTA
If I bang man's face, man bop, then lean
Kun Aguero, man dropped the shoulder feint once
Quick kick then I drop man's G
First time I link her, Nandos sweet
£9.95, I swipe, then eat
I one-two rap, she don't give hat
Thiago Silva, man block, then skeet
Had man screaming "Look, there's my man"
Hand in my pouch like "Where? It's not me"
Hand in my pouch like "Where? It's not us"
Turned to my G like "Where? It's not we"
So if you get boom with the .45 long
It's a critical hit, no chance to repeat
And if you see Arge in the cut with the dip
You're pissed so quick your team should retreat
But if you see Juss in the cut with his right hand tucked
You're fucked, your team should leave, G
If you see Rapz in the back with his hand in the bag
It's mad, we came to see Ps
Walk in the rave, smile on my face
Drink in my cup, hand in my jeans
Man talk tough, man look up, down, left, right
Straight to a bang in the teeth
Man still talk tough, man saw man in the flesh
Now man's tryna talk to my Gs
Nah, none of that, none, .45 drum
Run you right out of your street
Walk in the dance, chicks wanna glance
Hand on my hip, shank for the dip
If I shout "oi, them man there best skip"
Better tie up your laces tight and don't trip
Trip, get splashed
Couldn't care less about my man's gang
We're not fam, we're not friends or bredrins
You'll get tanned and binned, cock, then blam
Hoang Nam
Hoang Nam:
Learning lyrics for when Thiago Silva comes to Chelsea
Not all Heroes wear capes... some wear PSG shirts, Fila bag & A bucket hat #AlexFromGlasto
aljosa kovacevic
aljosa kovacevic:
wheres all my chelsea fans after he's signed for us 😂
If chelsea doesn’t use this for their introduction video, we riot.
janos Bruneel
janos Bruneel:
If Chelsea wins the champions league thiago silva is gonna grind this song
Johnny Carey
Johnny Carey:
This old grime beat too sick😂 I used to spit to this, called iron soul mood swing or sumin lool on the Walkmans
Poor Thiago Silva gone to Chelsea and you know all their yutes like Tammy are just gonna blast this in the changing rooms.
PC Ferdi
PC Ferdi:
Ahhh 4 years on the way they flow off eachother is unbeatable🤯🤯🥶
Alex Hodges
Alex Hodges:
Bruh Dave is 17 in this
Sergiu Vicas
Sergiu Vicas:
Dylan Afrifa
Dylan Afrifa:
Who's here after thiago silva is being linked to chelsea😂
Kobra Black
Kobra Black:
How many Chelsea fans just decided to come listen because we signed Thiago Silva?😀💙
Joshua Monroy
Joshua Monroy:
Finally won the champs league congrats Silva !!!!
Harshit Singhai
Harshit Singhai:
Thiago Silva - Champions League Winner.
Sebastian Chen
Sebastian Chen:
Thiago Silva : "scores".
Peter Drury : Santan from the v-v x aj.
PS5 & Stuff
PS5 & Stuff:
Grime made AJ Tracey famous and now he cusses it? Madness
Xavier Côté
Xavier Côté:
We need another collab with AJ Tracey
Solomon West
Solomon West:
everybody gangsta until modie from top boy starts rapping
BB 27
BB 27:
Coming back to this five years later and realizing how much these two GOATs have grown, as well as how much I've grown, it's truly wonderful
David Smith
David Smith:
5 years ago ALREADY I remember watching it when it first came out and it felt like last week😂
RO _
RO _:
We need another aj Tracey x Dave link up💯this time call it “Kylian Mbappe”
Victor Alvarez
Victor Alvarez:
This gonna be played when he scored at Stamford Bridge
Ahsan Zahir
Ahsan Zahir:
Dave: How many lines of the rap do you know?
Alex: Yes
Masoud Mansori
Masoud Mansori:
imagine if this becomes a chant for Chelsea fans
Al Wah
Al Wah:
This still bangs hard.
Fathur is Timo Werner's Secret Service
Fathur is Timo Werner's Secret Service:
Who's here after Thiago Silva scores his first goal for Chelsea?💙
Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson:
Get this going around the Bridge next season
A couple months ago I found out about these 2 and rated them ever since. Now they both make this mad tune. This is gonna bang
Oliver Crowley
Oliver Crowley:
I’m here just 20 minutes after he’s officially signed for Chelsea
agung dwi prasetio
agung dwi prasetio:
No lie. The beat was wuh 🔥
Shoutout to my Chelsea lads!
As a Chelsea fan it’s my duty to learn this song😂
Epic Fails
Epic Fails:
It was nice of Alex to let Dave and Tracey do a cover of his song
Ksi- "last letter of his name is E and he is a rapper"
Sushant Malhotra
Sushant Malhotra:
Can confirm - I've played this hundreds of times since Thiago joined my club. Banging tune, Legendary player.
Felix Grover
Felix Grover:
a song that still bangs 5 years later
J . T
J . T:
I finally found the song from mattia’s live
Rixon O Donovan
Rixon O Donovan:
Let’s face it, whoever is here at this point is all because Alex popped off 😂
Christopher Yatera
Christopher Yatera:
Here after Thiago Silva win champion league with Chelsea💙💙👍🎊
Jayuice 123
Jayuice 123:
Hope Thiago played this after that big champions league win
Chelsea Champion league!!!!
Benjamin Ogbaegbe
Benjamin Ogbaegbe:
Can't wait for this to be chanted at The Bridge💙💙💙
Dave x AJ Tracey x Alex: Kylian Mbappe.
Daves one of the best 🔥
Sir zOnte WoNte
Sir zOnte WoNte:
At least 20 times during this video I thought my Internet was having major failure
ujan 2004
ujan 2004:
This should be played at matches next season at bridge
Big ChunguS
Big ChunguS:
I've never heard beat so dead and so fire
ngl i never expected this collab so quick this fucking bangs
Colin Wall
Colin Wall:
Geraldi Bogdani
Geraldi Bogdani:
Tammy and mason repin this in the dressing room infront of thiago silva 😂😂😂
Beto Briseño
Beto Briseño:
I swear if Chelsea don’t play this song in Thiago Silva’s reveal...
Isaac Victor
Isaac Victor:
Who else is here after Thiago Silva scored his first goal for the blues?

Who just watched my lad Alex go mad at Glastonbury🔥
imzy don
imzy don:
Used to bang this on 2016 🔥🔥🔥
John McManus
John McManus:
Well... Thiago Silva's at Chelsea now.

Only one more thing to certify it...
Who's here after Thiago Silva scored his first goal for Chelsea 🙏
rohit kumar
rohit kumar:
On repeat since Saturday 🔥🔥
Sabin Roca
Sabin Roca:
Who else is listening after the UCL final?
joshua conniff
joshua conniff:
every chelsea fan is playing this song right now
Pharrell Jones
Pharrell Jones:
Can’t wait for mount to start rapping this when Thiago comes into the changing room
Charlie ramsey
Charlie ramsey:
Great to see Thiago Silva doing well in the prem, great assist today vs West Brom 👏👏👏
Anime Senpai
Anime Senpai:
who's here after Alex killed it at Glastonbury?
Pablo Andres López Silva
Pablo Andres López Silva:
wow, this is so bad that it makes me smile! xD
Jake Bendall
Jake Bendall:
Gotta bless Dave the United fan for making this Chelsea anthem.
C B:
When you and your mate boss it at centre half
alex burke
alex burke:
Dave: I bet no one knows the lyrics
Alex: Hold my ketamine
Yung Monkz
Yung Monkz:
Now he’s at chelsea💙💙
This is what Tammy Abraham will play in the locker room when thiago goes to Chelsea
Phát Prime Aoba
Phát Prime Aoba:
Welcome Champion!
Hail to the King 💙💙💙
Otavio Augusto
Otavio Augusto:
Que som fodaa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
footylad 442
footylad 442:
bucket hat lad absolutely killed this
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor:
Chelsea signed Thiago 🤝
AJ from the lane about to run and hide. “The Monster” is at the Bridge!
Samba M.
Samba M.:
Congratulations on your first champion's league win Thiago
M Dlamini
M Dlamini:
Welcome to London!! 😭😭🔥🔥
7% of comments: the song
3% of comments: thiago Silva
90% of comments: Alex at Glastonbury
Ayy Thiago Silva already got his own tune and now hes at the best team in London 🔥🔥🔥
Pulisic The goat
Pulisic The goat:
Come on. Who’s here after Silva is a Chelsea player.
joshua mills
joshua mills:
Chelsea fan here. Top song. I cannot wait for Silva's debut!
Just Smile Back
Just Smile Back:
Declyn Duffy
Declyn Duffy:
3 years later Dave performs at o2 with drake
Same year Dave performs Glastonbury with Alex
Bald SJ
Bald SJ:
Chelsea fans learning every lyric so when Silva Scores they start chanting this tune
Corey T
Corey T:
As a Chelsea fan I’m blasting this everywhere 😂