David Alaba to OFFICIALLY leave Bayern + Champions League for West Ham???

David Alaba to LEAVE Bayern Munich, Arsenal want Celtic man in latest transfer news, Marco Rose agrees Dortmund switch from Gladbach, The Moyes masterclass continues as West Ham chase champions league football and a news round up!

00:00 Intro
00:18 Alaba leaving Bayern
02:45 Edouard to Arsenal
04:13 Rose to join Dortmund!

07:01 Transfer round-up

#FCBayern #Alaba #UCL

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100+ komentarze:

OneFootball English
OneFootball English:
Where do you think David Alaba will move to?
Mark Akoury ꪜ
Mark Akoury ꪜ:
Arrived as a teenager, David alaba became a bayern Munich legend and maybe became the greatest Austrian to ever play for our team. Thank you for everything!
Just imagine west ham playing against athletico Madrid in a champions league game
Ziya Okut
Ziya Okut:
I want West Ham to get into UCL just so we can see Moyes in Champions League
Timo scored best day ever!
John Smith
John Smith:
Low-key read the title as David alaba leaves Bayern for West ham
Always a good day if you watch OneFootball
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson:
Matt is clearly keeping an eye on Fabrizio Romano's Twitter if he's that confident about Alaba to Real Madrid
I know I haven't completed the video but I know its a banger!
ML clips
ML clips:
Seeing Aaron cresswell pocket messi could be the highlight of my lofe
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba
Cool Josh and Cool Pheba:
Juventus doesn't need Alaba they already have De Ligt and Demiral and two experienced
anir s
anir s:
Matt X Tommy Hilfiger=🔝😎
Juso Ljesnica
Juso Ljesnica:
Matt how don't you get tired of being our legend?
Benjamin Keller
Benjamin Keller:
"Less than 18 months" Do you even know how long that is? Just try to think back 18 months. That is soo long ago I can barely remember anything.
KSV Abhishek
KSV Abhishek:
All thanks to lingard for West Ham’s good form
omar tv
omar tv:
I want to see Alaba in Spain
Mohamed Abdalle
Mohamed Abdalle:
That one dislike is from a gladbach fan
Jaja Scott
Jaja Scott:
If Declan Rice and Aaron Cresswell are in the same tournament as Ronaldo and Lewandowski, I'd start questioning reality.
Joseph Shiju
Joseph Shiju:
i love this channel i love matt, matt is a great host
Alpha X
Alpha X:
It looks like timo Werner is gonna bang some goals after yesterday’s game because that goal must of boosted his confidence 👍
Muniir Yare
Muniir Yare:
Good to be first once more to hear matts voice😘😘😘
cookie boy23i
cookie boy23i:
bala ji
bala ji:
1st view 🤙
Thanks Matt for making my day
Very gud content....
Leon 's Account
Leon 's Account:
The title sort of makes it look like Alaba is leaving Bayern and the champions league to go to West Ham..
Hew Kerrison
Hew Kerrison:
If Alaba goes to Juventus itll be like every career mode ive ever done
Thata Sefhako
Thata Sefhako:
West ham have lingardinho so they are definitely gonna finish in top 4
Harshit Kapoor IX-C
Harshit Kapoor IX-C:
So less dislikes you just can't hate that intro matt
I would love to see what Matt thinks about jose at spurs I think he does not suit the premier league game but is a top manager
Bad dest
Bad dest:
If he joins barca araujo and alaba will be a great duo.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Hello mate you are the most underrated YouTuber
Donavan Daley
Donavan Daley:
L. Cruz Goco
L. Cruz Goco:
Onefootball english!!!
Really love your videos!!! 💕
I can have all the news of football!!
Thank you so much!!! 🙂
Marvin Nash
Marvin Nash:
I'd love him as partner for VvD. They complete each other.
Joseph Ssempala
Joseph Ssempala:
And this is the @daily news🥰🥰
Abdurrahman Mazher
Abdurrahman Mazher:
What about Kepa's cleansheet, most bizarre thing I've seen in a while
Donavan Daley
Donavan Daley:
Ever since Bayern signed Upamecano, I already knew that Alaba would leave... Hope he doesn't end up like Thiago this season
Iñsãnë gâmërs
Iñsãnë gâmërs:
Wish me happy birthday on 20th Feb 🙄
Muhammed Aakif
Muhammed Aakif:
As always awesome video 🔥
0 dislikes

Aamir Hussain
Aamir Hussain:
fav channel
Kai Aruo
Kai Aruo:
Amazing video matt hope you and everyone at onefootball are having a good day
Charlie Wachs
Charlie Wachs:
All I’m gonna say is timo scored we should have a party
Asafa Simpson
Asafa Simpson:
Matt are you gonna watch PSG VS barca today 😁
Jamie Radford
Jamie Radford:
If I was alaba I’d sign for atletico Madrid for guaranteed game time
Max S
Max S:
Who came first minute like moo thumbs up 😅
Dortmund got the manager of their direct rival but nobody has problems with that.. just imagine the hate Bayern will get if Bayern had got manager from direct rival like Julian nagelsmann from Leipzig..
Such a two faced behaviour...
Ole by all means shouldn’t be given a new contract and when his contract expires in 2022 managers like nagelsmann,hassenhuttl,Jesse March,etc will be available and hope the board does the right thing for once or doesn’t jump the ship and enter contract negotiations atleast until jan 2022
Lucas Bateman
Lucas Bateman:
Finally I'm here before 300
Edwin Bowah
Edwin Bowah:
Arsenal sitting and seeing Alaba swimming around and they are not throwing their net in the water
bala ji
bala ji:
My UCL predictions
2 - 1 barca.
1- 0 RB Leipzig.
Draco 7x7x
Draco 7x7x:
You know it's

"Those kinda nights".
hilda shoniwa
hilda shoniwa:
Ĺove this channel
Zach Kri
Zach Kri:
I like this guy.. Wish I can be as charismatic as Matt..
Osideko Moferanoluwa
Osideko Moferanoluwa:
Gideon Ogbemudia
Gideon Ogbemudia:
Alaba to Chelsea 👀
Pritam Biswas
Pritam Biswas:
I'm very happy for David Moyes
Animesh Tirkey
Animesh Tirkey:
Thank you David Alaba!
Tax Evader22
Tax Evader22:
“Moyes Masterclass”

This season is so weird
Imaad On The Internet
Imaad On The Internet:
So arsenal let go of staff members because they "couldnt afford it" or whatever the reason was, furloughed some wages just to buy partey, gabriel and this celtic player? Wow
i thought the title meant alaba would leave bayern and the cl which bayern always reaches to go play for west ham
If alaba joins real then one out of Ramos or varane will have to go .INTERESTING
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14:
it wouldn't have been good if David Alaba signed for Chelsea or Liverpool because of the Bundesliga curse
Thata Sefhako
Thata Sefhako:
Those dislikes, how could someone possibly hate OneFootball
44 views,57 comments this is fine
Gohan Son
Gohan Son:
This is what I hate about Bundesliga. No one has done anything to shake things up except Leipzig
Luke Carroll
Luke Carroll:
Swear u mention edouard to arsenal every other day. Surely it’s gonna happen some day 🤣
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson:
If Laporta wins he could move to Barca.
Catalin Darii
Catalin Darii:
Yesterday Ramos announced he wants to stay at real he said to psg
your bae
your bae:
One Football Please Add A Subtitle
north of england also known as scotland
Pranav Bagal
Pranav Bagal:
Alaba to Real Madrid is almost confirmed!!!
Md Zakir Hossain
Md Zakir Hossain:
last time I was this early I got a like from matt
Kevin Drenova
Kevin Drenova:
Matt who do you think will win tonight barca or psg?
Athithya Saravanan
Athithya Saravanan:
Juventus don't need cb they have Demiral and De Ligt
Beyond Added Time
Beyond Added Time:
beelefeld not biyalafeld
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
Alaba joining Real would mean that Varane or Ramos would leave? Where do you think either one of them could end up, guys 🤔?
hello Mizzter
hello Mizzter:
love to see alaba in premiere league.
Sankhadip Mazumder
Sankhadip Mazumder:
Varane ain't leaving , there's no reason to leave now . If he wanted to , he could have left post CL treble like Ronaldo . Having been second to Pepe and Ramos for quite some time , when he's actually getting to be the main man of Madrid's defense (yes Ramos will leave it seems) , when he's regaining his confidence bit by bit , why leave now , why leave the biggest club of world football now ? He's just delaying for the extra quid from contract renewal. He'll stay
sameer kapoor
sameer kapoor:
matt speaking at a mil. words per min as usual
Creators Football
Creators Football:
mr cr7 manager
mr cr7 manager:
0:03 can my football mananger 21 actually predicted this 🤯😱
spontaneous potato
spontaneous potato:
@matt: did Mourinho have you dreaming?
If Real Madrid sign Alaba at the cost of Ramos then it's just another Perez disasterclass
I wanna see him in epl
Wadea Shaibi
Wadea Shaibi:
No champions league for David moyes ( I’m a Liverpool fan)
The Asian Sensational F.C
The Asian Sensational F.C:
Cmon bro who to replace marco rose at gladbach
Your predictions matt for BARCA vs PSG
Nikola Koev
Nikola Koev:
Ngl im sad
Bundesliga Champions
Bundesliga Champions:
Bye Alaba.........
JULY 1ST 2021
Daniel Rampf
Daniel Rampf:
Every Team that offers Alaba the money he wants is crazy. 5 year contract with 25 Million annualy. Hes world class but hes just not worth that kind of money right now with the covid situation
Harry Palmer
Harry Palmer:
Why would city want another defender, to replace Eric Garcia? Don't think allaba would want to be a fringe player like that.
Zaid Anjum
Zaid Anjum:
Ashish Motwani
Ashish Motwani:
Matt , you are Gareth Southgate , if west ham qualifies for champions league , do you fancy having Lingard for EUROS (atleast on the bench) ?
Hacker Bolte
Hacker Bolte:
Forca Barca.🔴🔵
Bit late but hi
Octavian Nechifor
Octavian Nechifor:
Alaba to man city
Aanu Oyelade
Aanu Oyelade:
First 🏖