David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession

David Beckham talks about the keepsake he kept from first meeting his wife of 20 years, Victoria Beckham, and reacts to getting trolled for his Lego obsession.

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David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession


100+ komentarze:

Anahi H
Anahi H:
The fact that he still smiles as he remembers how he met his wife shows his love for her.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
I think even after all his sport achievements and fashion trend setting. The reason why David Beckham is so famous is that hes a lovely human being.
The fact that David says “21 years in July” when jimmy congratulates him on 20th anniversary just proves he thinks every year matters 😭
Sela Putriana
Sela Putriana:
So mesmerizing when he’s telling about how he met victoria at the first time ♥️
He still have the ticket with victoria’s number in it! I just can’t...... 😭
jonah Carpenter
jonah Carpenter:
The fact that he knows it’s “LEGO” and not “legos” shows he’s a real fan
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright:
I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE The Beckhams! They are just pure marriage and family goals x
I love this. “Yep, and you’re 45.” He’s also proper in that he doesn’t say “Legos” but rather “Lego” for its plural form!
Sabin Andrei
Sabin Andrei:
The man’s a legend. Well behaved, I don’t think I’ve read anything bad of David during his tenure as a football player. Great father, most probably a great husband, and apparently the man likes Lego.
The fact that he kept that train ticket shows what kind a of guy he is when he truly likes someone & he really loves her
Анна Замковская
Анна Замковская:
It`s unbelievable that David kept the ticket with Victoria`s number! I am over the moon of their family. Both of them stepping up and giving a great example for their children despite LEGO)) That`s wild!
Had a smile on my face throughout this interview. I love this man. United legend and ultimate United fan. A true English Gent, amazing husband and father. God bless him.
Jeffrey Coyle
Jeffrey Coyle:
One millionaire buying another millionaire the most expensive LEGO set ever and the rest of us LEGO fans be like...””that’s just not fair!”
Bonnie Oliver
Bonnie Oliver:
There is just something about David Beckham that is so ver special. He has achieved amazing success in his career, but he remains so humble. Above all else he demonstrates a love for his wife and children that is so very enduring. I have much respect for him, a very honorable athlete, husband, and father.
Benedicta Theresia
Benedicta Theresia:
“she wrote her number down on her train ticket, which i still have.” 🥺🥺
Hedgehog's Right of Passage
Hedgehog's Right of Passage:
So respect David Beckham. He always smashes the stereotype image of celebs,football super pros,wealthy. I wish him and his family the best only
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth:
I have much respect for David for liking his legos, I am sure he is a great father and husband and family man as well he carries a good sense of humor.
I love how he smiles when they bring up Victoria!! That's so sweet
Look at him; so spontaneous, not pretending just so himself , humble, class, calm, friendly, great father, amazing husband & so attractive😍 Can’t just love him❤️
How can you not like this guy? I bet he was a really great teammate! Him and Victoria seam like such a nice, down to earth couple.
Mel T
Mel T:
Love this family. It cracks me up when they troll each other. Anyone saw how David Beckham trolled his son back in the day? Lol
Vic : This is for 11 years old above.. and you are 44 years old..... DB: and you’re 45 😅😅 hahaaaa... savage
How good is that. It's pretty refreshing to watch an interview about a big name celebrity that's still married 20 years on... What a legend.
Modestas K
Modestas K:
I'd say he's lucky but that's hard work right there. From the football pitch to the marriage game, he always worked hard in everything and continues to do so. Legend.
Zazla R
Zazla R:
He's a genuine good guy and has so much humility. You can see the fame never went to his head
Zharova Anastasiia
Zharova Anastasiia:
It's unbelievable story about love and its so cute that he keeps the ticket after 20 years. This post on the Internet is very funny😂 I'm over the moon about their family🤗
Miguel A
Miguel A:
He couldn't be any more british, I mean come on, he's seriously wearing that hat at his house at 2AM lol
Екатерина Якимец
Екатерина Якимец:
I was over the moon with Beckham's castle. It's unbelievable! I was laughing at Victoria's trolling very much.
Sára Szabó
Sára Szabó:
I can relate to this! When i was little my father was always more excited to build lego buildings than me and he was trolled by the family.
Csibi Balázs
Csibi Balázs:
He seems a really down to earth man. Wish I had a chance to meet him and talk to him for a few minutes.
Mary G Chua
Mary G Chua:
David is the perfect dad...who still likes to play with his toys, literally...🏰☺️
David Beckham: I kept the ticket where my wife wrote her number.
People in the future: I kept the iPhone/Samsung where my wife entered her number.
David is an amazing husband and father, God bless him
Linda Blair
Linda Blair:
It's uplifting to see him and his lovely wife, perfect pair❤️
Maria Ibanez
Maria Ibanez:
Can’t blame David, Lego is really fun & exciting. He should have commercial of this 😊
I love how David was trying to get Victoria back when he was like “and you’re 45 😝” lol 😂
"You're 44."
"And you're 45."

Cold blooded and smooth, kind of Bond-esque
Shane Lee
Shane Lee:
He is a legend! He was everyone's football idol when he was in his prime fantastic guy he really is.
zainab mustapha
zainab mustapha:
He has the best comebacks 😂 and “you’re 45”
Rishi Kaushal
Rishi Kaushal:
His love for Lego proves that he's a man of culture 💪
The story of how he met his wife Victoria and kept the paper with the number<3 aww how cute. I want to meet my soulmate too🤞please soon!
1/ Love that David actually says “LEGO” correctly despite Jimmy and the subtitles insisting on saying Legos (LEGO is plural). 2/ The age guide is a minimum not a maximum, I never get why people get so confused by this 🤨
My Nguyen
My Nguyen:
Laughed so hard, they are so cute and funny
Love Raphael
Love Raphael:
The fact that he kept the ticket makes my heart melt
Adhi Prabowo
Adhi Prabowo:
Since his wife forbade him from buying another Lego, he told Fallon to give him the Lego he'd bought and made them give it as a present.

There's no way Becks didn't have it already, unless Vic had forbidden him.
king kong kahn
king kong kahn:
Always have time to watch David.Both the interviewer & David are great guys. 👌
Georgine Verano
Georgine Verano:
i love him so much. he and victoria are so sweet. and she stands up for him and by him. and he and harper are adorable!!! their kids are gorgeous but no one can replace david and victoria 😂

and he did that set for harper!
Here I am in quarantine, watching other people getting the Lego set of my dreams..... Also Beckham is just alluring to look at, I can only imagine how he stares at his lovely wife
I see the Louboutin shoes David! I see that!! 😅 I love how he’s simply putting up his shoes just to see that red sole!
Great to hear how he cherishes Victoria..
And good to know we share the same love for LEGO! ❤️
Shawn shakur
Shawn shakur:
as a heterosexual man, i can say david beckham is one goodlooking dude
Cristina Lobinto
Cristina Lobinto:
I’m a nanny and i usually take good care of boys.., I learned to love doing a Lego because of them . Meaning Sir David give lots of his time to his children for making this as well.. patience and time consumed you by doing this.
Rahul Tantubai
Rahul Tantubai:
He looked so happy and cute, like a high school boyfriend, when he said "that was the first time I met her". They're just goals.
Christian Windum
Christian Windum:
Being danish and a LEGO employee, this warms my heart.
This guy was ridiculously killer on manchester and real madrid, totally underrated on football skills.
Peter Abram
Peter Abram:
Aside from the fact that he's a Manchester United legend, it's nice the way he's an old school British gentleman. Should be more of that.
No Thanks
No Thanks:
I’m impressed how much they were able to slip his affair with Rebecca Loos under the rug. Remember he released a statement saying they were working on things but he never, ever publicly denied it the affair so it definitely happened.
AJ Philip
AJ Philip:
I am sure his wife would be like "damn there comes another one!" But hey their marriage had survived for 20 years at this point so I guess she was cool with it 😂😂😂
Cori Krohn
Cori Krohn:
I think even after all his sport achievements and fashion trend setting. The reason why David Beckham is so famous is that hes a lovely human being.
Brax fan
Brax fan:
David Beckham seems like such a lovely guy. Definitely someone I could get on with. Nice that he kept the train ticket. A good Dad too. The interviewer likes him too.
He's a good dude old David. Humble and real
Софія Лемець
Софія Лемець:
It is unbelievable! I don't stop laughing at the fact that he posts how he completes lego castles 😁
Ceylan Isikli
Ceylan Isikli:
What a true gentlemen he is amazing 💜
Munya Sakarombe
Munya Sakarombe:
David Beckham is a proper Brit, “I literally” lol
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown:
Man...David Beckham is such a cool and awesome guy to hang out with...pure gold
Kimberly Loranger
Kimberly Loranger:
Speaking as someone whose brothers hoard Lego still at 50 and have models of Lego stuff in their basement including a millenium falcon they built from scratch when they were teenagers, let me say that 11+ on a Lego box is just an arbitrary number. David Beckham has lots of company.
Chang-Jung Karki
Chang-Jung Karki:
Beckham still looks fresh as he was 10,15 years before. What a personality he has had for past two decades. Amazing athlete 😍😍
Ms. Dee
Ms. Dee:
Doing legos is a skill. I personally dont have the patience for it but I respect anyone who does.
Monika Bhatt
Monika Bhatt:
David: And here i am 20 years later with four kids
Jimmy: That's wild
Gino HBC
Gino HBC:
Notice how he said "it clams me when I'm making it" that goes to show you that everyone has something they love doing. Find it and it will make you live longer and happier!!!!!
Ji Ann
Ji Ann:
Haha I feel for David here, I myself is 26 years old. 😁 I don’t know but there’s this feeling of excitement (even just the thought of buying it lol) putting Lego’s together. ☺️ I’d love to build that Star Wars collection Jimmy gave him though I’m not a fan. Just doing it simply makes me happy!🤗 I wish such job exist or have enough money to buy Lego’s because blimey they can be quite expensive! 😆
Kelly Quarles
Kelly Quarles:
I love Jimmy, he’s such a great guy!
Impascetic FinalP
Impascetic FinalP:
Grew up watching running up and down the pitch. Who know he still be my role model up until now. What a man.
E Parker
E Parker:
The moment when Jimmy pulled out the lego for him and Beckham turned into a kid. That look on his face, priceless. Boys and their toys. Loved this.
Mansi Gattani
Mansi Gattani:
I would just say David Beckham has the best family ever. Love the Beckhams
He is such a sweet person❤️ just adorable
L.T. Loa
L.T. Loa:
Look at his huge smile when he sees his new toy. Adorable!
Kate Papushaieva
Kate Papushaieva:
I’m on fire! Because David is funny and incredible dude.
I think he has a lot of common with my husband, he loves LEGO too. But I think it’s things of all men 😂
So it’s really good to be into something interesting for you 👍
I laughed at Victoria's trolling very very very much 😄
Angelo Pandan
Angelo Pandan:
I feel you Victoria, I will also did that with flying drones. 😂😆
safwan Alvi
safwan Alvi:
I really want David to be the next James Bond.
Ian McFadden
Ian McFadden:
I have never been a football fan, but David Beckham seems such a nice guy
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera:
That Harry Potter castle was pretty dope. Kudos for Beckham for building it on his own and for his daughter!
2:10 the smile when he said “she was obviously my favourite”
David seems like a cool dude, humble even.
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod:
I like David.
He’s quite a sentimental guy!
Aramai Jonassi
Aramai Jonassi:
On the inside Beckham was screaming like a kid in a candy store over that Lego set. He almost hugged the box.😂
Healthy and Loving Life
Healthy and Loving Life:
He seems like such a nice guy. He has a kindness in his eyes.
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth:
David Beckham was not only one of the best soccer players in the world, and a fantastic male model and sex icon but he is a very intelligent businessman. I think what he has done investing in forming a new soccer team in Miami with the MLS franchise growing to build the game in the United States, is almost a pioneering effort that Pele started with the sport in the 1970's with the New York Cosmos. I think the new team he build will do very well. It is also wonderful to see that he and his spice girl wife have had a successful marriage for 20 years. Many couples in hollywood and other celebrities end up getting divorced and don't last that long together. But there are exceptional couples out there, along with Tom Brady and Giselle as examples of long lasting couples.
Zeleno Oko
Zeleno Oko:
Not only is he just absolutely gorgeous, but so polite and well mannered! Ugh just love him and Victoria! Such a lovely pair 😍
Umar Iqbal
Umar Iqbal:

Also Jimmy: Yeah, that’s what happens usually. Shouldn’t be that surprising!
With all of the uncertainties in my life, I just hope to one day be happy like David. He is a genuine human, and i wish him and his family the best.
Karen Hicks
Karen Hicks:
I love you both I love you and your wife great family man and husband your wife fantastic mother and wife I think you both are amazing people iam proud of you both respect honesty and real people 21 years god bless you both thank you for your stories xx 😘
Lucy Ford
Lucy Ford:
So cute that they gave him that LEGO set. He looked stoked haha
Khual Tonsing
Khual Tonsing:
My Love for Manchester United begins with David Beckham
David Beckham is and was pretty and cool a model always good hair, but he was a HELL of a player and one of the best shooters of ALL time.
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek:
David: And here i am 20 years later with four kids
Jimmy: That's wild
John Roff
John Roff:
Jimmy, such a good guy helping him through the interview. Pro.
Henrique Laydner
Henrique Laydner:
She didn’t realize that 11 years+ is not the age the toy is targeted at. It’s the time a middle aged man can take to build up a toy.
Arpin Hovhannisyan
Arpin Hovhannisyan:
one of my fav couples who makes me think that love is real
Love this man!!! Still loyal to his wife and keeping their family still grounded with Victoria while being in the public eye
Dipali Thapa
Dipali Thapa:
Oh I love this man and also his wife ❤
Nattergalen Studiet
Nattergalen Studiet:
Really like this guy :) Me being a teenager in the 90's watching Man U, and Spicegirls on the radio, it's just "feelgood" to watch this.