David Prowse aka Darth Vader Says Why His Voice Was Cut at Awesome Con

David Prowse was the man inside the suit of the infamous Darth Vader. During our interview at Awesome Con, he gave his thoughts on the current state of Star Wars, almost playing Chewbacca, and why James Earl Jones took over as the voice of Darth Vader.

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Sloth from The Goonies
Sloth from The Goonies:
Disclaimer for judgmental people: His eyes are the result of a car accident.
Louis O.
Louis O.:
He sounds like such a sweet man.
Night Soldier
Night Soldier:
That would lowkey suck tho. Play a character that wears a helmet 24/7 on screen, and then the voice not even be yours. And then the moment when he finally takes his helmet off, its not your face
only an englishman "excuse me a moment im about to cough......... *cough*
Sorcerer Supremer
Sorcerer Supremer:
I'm here after his passing, R.I.P legend....
I met David Prowse when he came to our school to inform us on road safety
Seems like a genuinely nice guy. Although from all i've read after a new hope, he was notoriously difficult to act with. He'd provide the on-set dialogue and would purposefully mess up lines; like when Piett informs Vader the Falcon has gone into an asteroid field he said "Hemorrhoids do not concern me; I need a shit"
GLaDOS hates your safe space
GLaDOS hates your safe space:
I'd say David's performance as Vader is and always will be as important as James'. James gave us the legendary voice and Prowse gave us the mannerisms. It was Prowse that brought us the fist in the air during his twist monologue in ESB and the bad ass "I rest my hands on my belt because I am THAT awesome" gesture. From the "make you shit your pants" head turns to the all powerful march. Prowse kicks ass.
Clevester Crittenden
Clevester Crittenden:
Vadar's walk was almost as important as the voice and David Prowse did that. Well done sir. You will be remembered.
Emmett McCann
Emmett McCann:
Rest in Peace David Prowse. Thank you for your contribution to Star Wars and your great life.
The way Lucas treated this poor man is just shameful.
would like to see him give voice acting a shot, although he sounds more like Dooku now than Vader
Paulo Pereira
Paulo Pereira:
Should've been the unmasked Vader.
Thank you for Darth Vader mister.
Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor:
His voice wasn't right, end of story.
Astroಡ ͜ ʖ ಡVisuals
Astroಡ ͜ ʖ ಡVisuals:
You shall become one with the force.
Rip David Prowse.
Adam wiggins
Adam wiggins:
Wasn’t he also the muscle bound caretaker of the crippled man in A clockwork Orange?
Dark_Trooper457 - Memehub 2.0
Dark_Trooper457 - Memehub 2.0:
This legend just died today, Rest easy, Lord Vader.
Bobby Jensen
Bobby Jensen:
He was the imposing side of Darth Vader...without him, the most famous villian in movie history would not be what he is.
LOL he was clearly told a bullshit story by Lucas. They never wanted his voice ever.
Probably the most underrated actor in Star Wars
Even though we never saw his face or heard his voice We ALL know who David Prowse is.
Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones:
They should've used his voice. There's nothing more evil or menacing than a Bristol accent 😂
Vader himself! Body language is so important in performance. It’s something another actor can’t replicate or CGI.
Sean OBrien
Sean OBrien:
i met him once got an autograph and photograph such a nice man wish that he cudda been used instead of sebastian shawn in rotj
Ron Koestlinger
Ron Koestlinger:
David looks frail in this interview but when he was young that was a different story. If you want to see what he looked like watch A Clockwork Orange he was the muscle man who carried the home invasion victim around the house because he was left a paraplegic. This guy's eyelids had muscles.
For anyone who doesn't already know. He's the bodyguard the old man hires in the movie Clockwork Orange.
Loki 76
Loki 76:
The reality is his voice would never have had such an impact as James Earl Jones voice did. Prowse voice is to light it lack the deep cadence.
They should have given him a small part in the new trilogy, even just as an extra, it would have been nice to see him up there again on the big screen with the original cast members
Adam Dow
Adam Dow:
You'll never be forgotten, David. May the Force be with you RIP.
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen:
David Prowse and james earl jones together made one of the most iconic villains ever
He is such a gentle and kind man!
F34R Optix
F34R Optix:
I love that he’s not mad that they got someone else to do Vader’s voice. He was such a sweet person
Chandler Sleziak
Chandler Sleziak:
I just got a text from my dad saying that David Prowse died! RIP to this legendary man.
LEGO Boba Fett
LEGO Boba Fett:
James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader. This man IS Darth Vader
So sad he didn’t even get paid a penny the whole time
Steam Guy
Steam Guy:
I was very sad and devastated upon hearing the passing of Dave Prowse. I'm so fortunate to have met Darth Vader himself twice, first at a small convention in Liverpool, then in Wrexham for Wales Comic Con. A wonderful chap who took his time, meeting fans and just being a down to earth guy, who I have nothing but respect for. It's a shame the feud between him and George Lucas never got resolved. It would have been brilliant if Prowse got to appear in one of the new Star Wars films, just as himself without wearing any kind of mask. Right now there's a petition on ​the Change website, for a statue to be commissioned of Dave Prowse as the Green Cross Code Man, a role he was always proud of. Having it placed in his hometown of Bristol, would be an ever lasting tribute to the man himself, I certainly hope it happens R.I.P www.change.org/p/top-bristolian-dave-prowse-darth-vader-and-green-cross-code-man-on-the-colston-plinth
Gonzalo Navas
Gonzalo Navas:
Just try to thonk about this: Everytime you remember Vader, David Prose was the one there.
Nick Anley
Nick Anley:
the green cross code man, lol he came to my school when I was a kid, picked me up, great guy really nice person.
Nathan Coates
Nathan Coates:
Anybody here after his passing? Rip Sir. Darth Vader would not be here without you.
Eric- Blair-73
Eric- Blair-73:
Seems like a nice guy
Josh Hamlin
Josh Hamlin:
He's simply just a Legend
Sand Man
Sand Man:
I would have Loved to see David Prowse at the end of "Return" instead of that whiny, sniveling old coot they actually used. Very disappointing!
Zacquee Entertainment
Zacquee Entertainment:
Why was David prowse not under the mask in return of the Jedi?
for a character so dark, he's such a very nice guy. :( <3
Viceroy Fizzlebottom
Viceroy Fizzlebottom:
This guy was a tank of a man in his youth. He still is a tank of a man to live through all he has. There are 2 pieces to Vader and he is one of them.
I like David, but his voice wouldnt have the same impact on the character as James. The voice of Vader is the most intimidating factor by far
Garrett Croslin
Garrett Croslin:
We have lost the heart of Darth Vader. Prowse made Vader’s mannerisms that later inspired how James Earl Jones voiced Vader.
Rest In peace.
Dude Ster
Dude Ster:
They should have let Prowse be Vader for the end of Revenge of the Sith and Vader for Rogue One, IMO.
Agree with his view of "The Force Awakens".
Awesome Person
Awesome Person:
Story is: Lucas thought his voice wasn’t as intimidating as he wanted so he wanted someone with a deep voice
Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here:
This guy is tough as nails. He's been through a lot and still standing. And he sounds more eloquent today than when he played Vader.
M L:
RIP may the force be with you
A Hispanic Nerd
A Hispanic Nerd:
I wish I can meet David Prowse and Mark Hamill in person.
The Untitled Random Junk
The Untitled Random Junk:
R.I.P. David “Darth Vader” Prowse.
austin bevis
austin bevis:
His voice for Vader was absolutely terrible compared to James earl Jones, that's why they changed it
Director Kid
Director Kid:
David Prowse sounds like such an awesome guy! I would love to meet him someday and get his auto graph! Also, he doesn't seem as upset over that whole voice ordeal as some would make it out to be.
RandomBotDude 05
RandomBotDude 05:
Rip David Prowse. Not enough people realize his importance.
British Chap
British Chap:
While I agree that James Earl Jones was the correct choice for the voice, I think David deserves mad respect, And should be equally remembered as Darth Vader.
Rest in Peace David Prowse 1935-2020 💔😢
He seems like a great guy - but let’s face it a carrot cruncher Vader wouldn’t have been anywhere near as awesome!
Henrik Wulff Rasmussen
Henrik Wulff Rasmussen:
RIP Mr. Prowse. :'(

Met him several times at conventions, always friendly and talkative. He seemed like he enjoyed when talking about other roles than Darth Vader, such as Green Cross Code Man or A Clockwork Orange.
Jacob Bastian
Jacob Bastian:
lol, he didn't think there was enough action in EP 7 . I love david prowse but that movie was packed with action
Dirk S
Dirk S:
Really takes everything in stride and has a good attitude.
Caroline Delahunt
Caroline Delahunt:
When he started talking I was thinking no way that's the voice of Darth Vader
All due respect to him, but there is only one voice that belongs with Darth Vader and that's James Earl Jones.
the_algorithm _
the_algorithm _:
this guy took not doing the voice of the most famous villain ever really well 😂
Meta Ridley
Meta Ridley:
The funny thing is that David Prowse looks more like Anakin than the actual face that they showed at the ending
Rest in Peace.
GeneAlex P
GeneAlex P:
what I'm saying thank you to is not only for him playing Darth Vader-Fantastic performance as him-I'm also saying it to that he's not defending that "nice" movie. Like him at the end I was like oh that was a nice movie, that comment was leaning towards the action. As far as the story I was disappointed as he said. The make up-like "reskinning" the Empire and the Rebels, there name that is, I'll give it credit for the creative name of the First Order rather than saying New Empire but not the Rebels, (Resistance? Honestly I felt more power just saying Rebel Alliance). A few of the characters contradicting themselves, mainly Finn, or making stupid decisions (Kylo Ren chiefly) reusing story plot of original and the stupid way of killing Han Solo-if he was killed another way I would've been fine. I just don't see why many try to defend that movie. The only part I liked about it slightly is the mystery of Rey's origin. Do not like how she can pretty much use Jedi mind tricks and can beat someone who easily should've out classed her without receiving any training so I don't like her much as a character but slightly. Anyway Mr. Prowse is great God bless his long life!
Ana Lisa Melchotto
Ana Lisa Melchotto:
RIP Legend. 2020 keeps its destruction...
I’m from Bristol and my friends dad says he’s met him before apparently..?
"Excuse me a moment I'm sbout to cough"
"Start tearing this ship apart piece by piece until you've found those tapes! Find the passengers in this vessel! I want them alive!!"
dicky shep
dicky shep:
Great man great performer
Paul Stone
Paul Stone:
That was a lovely interview. He's a good man.
the interviewer sounds like Stupendous Wave
Jean-Luc Picard
Jean-Luc Picard:
He sounds like a very young person, not in pitch but in cadence and tone. If I heard his voice without knowing who it was I would hazard as guess that I'm hearing a man whose in his late 30's or early 40's. He's very sharp as well.
I wish him and Malcolm Mcdowell would do the spaghetti scene again :)
2:25 James Earl Jones was paid less than the cost of a round trip ticket from England to the US?
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan:
What a great guy he's awesome as Vader playing him physical his body language he will be truly missed by a lot of people.
Love his voice. But he could never have been Vader with that voice, it wouldn't have the same feel and intimidation
love this man
Class act. Instead of carrying a grudge over the voice thing... he praises James Earl Jones. And in my opinion, it took them both to pull off this character. Both actors nailed their jobs perfectly, and together they created the most commonly cited 'greatest movie villain' of all time.

Rest in Peace Sir David, you gave the world a wonderful gift and can rest easy knowing you accomplished great work.
His voice sounds just as nice as back in 77
David Prowse is a great man and he is right about the force awakens, it was such a disappointment.
Arielle lee
Arielle lee:
Well no one is perfect, James Earl Jones have his magnificent voice and David Prowse has the body... I don't think it's that big a deal that he didn't do the voice really
Bailey Murphy
Bailey Murphy:
I got to meet and get a photo with him the Houston Comic Con George R Brown in 2016, and he is absolutely the sweetest person in the world.
Kayle M
Kayle M:
This was the interview that had him cut off from conventions.
Chris Wong
Chris Wong:
Rest in Peace David!! You are one of the Great ones! and you always will be...

Raphael Rau
Raphael Rau:
Such a decent man! Gentle giant! RIP Dave Prowse.
Darth Dennis66
Darth Dennis66:
That dude's looking at him, and me at the same time!!!
I still have my big sealed Vader Actionfigure with his autograph on it. For me he will always be Darth Vader.
Kandance LaRoy
Kandance LaRoy:
He's greatly missed. Sending sincere condolences to the family, friends, and fans. ~Isaiah 26:19💜~
That Kid outside
That Kid outside:
Wow,imagine being the most feared and iconic villain in sci-fi only to have your voice dubbed over and the voice actor getting more fame
Daniel L.
Daniel L.:
I feel bad about what went down, but he was still the man IN the Vader suit. That's a big fucking deal.
Raize Reaper
Raize Reaper:
Met this guy so genuine and got his book what a nice guy
Nick Guertin Covers
Nick Guertin Covers:
Rest In Peace David :/
Police Officer Pianta
Police Officer Pianta:
Rest in peace, David Prowse. I hope he knows that everyone loves and misses him. I hope his close friends, family, and anyone impacted by his death are doing well.
Kim Chu
Kim Chu:
There always something off about Rogue One Vader. The actor didn’t seem to command the same presence as Prowse did. Prowse’s shoulders were so broad that it wasn’t there for the R1 actor, which made him feel off. RIP Dave