David Villa Was AMAZING In His Prime

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100+ komentarze:

Really didn’t get appreciated enough during his prime, what a striker🔥
Adi Voma 7
Adi Voma 7:
The most underrated player of this generation
santosh jhala
santosh jhala:
Villa and Torres as striker, Spain got luxury of having them. Now Rodrigo,Costa,Morata are not even half as good as them. Love you Legends
Noble Johnson
Noble Johnson:
The guy who doesn't have a weak foot 😍
Barney Stingson
Barney Stingson:
No valencia footage? He was a beast against Bremen in either CL or euro league
NMR X10:
Still remember that goal he scored against Manchester United😭😔
Mohamad Shaxi
Mohamad Shaxi:
The man who made me love football... thanks for making my childhood better. ❤️
K C:
Typing “David Villa’s prime” and not showing any of his skills and more than 40 golazos out of the 129 he scored at Valencia is simply lying.
Marco Verde
Marco Verde:
David villa retiring makes me feel old
Aswin sabu
Aswin sabu:
Who is after singing in odishaa fc🔥
Anik Sarder
Anik Sarder:
You are missing his days with Valencia and Zaragoza
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker:
"Spanish eyes are smiling now" Hmmmm. Surely you'll make a 2010's-now decade video in the next month or two? Thanks in advance Dan :D
Patrick William
Patrick William:
I miss Valencia goals, he was the best Valencia player of the history, shoud be something of that time
Just Momo
Just Momo:
Give a like to both Colo and Villa ❤️

Legends are never forgotten
5am in Europe....it's time for 5 minutes of joy!! <3
Fábio Berlêngues
Fábio Berlêngues:
My all-time favourite!
The one who made me love football and Barca.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza:
One of the most natural finishers there ever was. One of the best.
NeverTheLess Productions
NeverTheLess Productions:
One of the most underrated players of all time. Nice video btw.
Niel Gori
Niel Gori:
The greatest spanish striker of all time.
channel channels
channel channels:
I can't wait for the "This is football 2019" edition. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be just as great as your other yearly editions 😁
Preda Florin
Preda Florin:
Best barca number 7🔥🔥🔥
Dara Otl
Dara Otl:
I still remember that goal vs United in the CL... What a memory, what player.
KîñG panda
KîñG panda:
Welcome to India #David villa❤️
Hasta siempre Guaje Villa la maravilla !
No, no voy a llorar 😭😭
Hrishikesh Kumar
Hrishikesh Kumar:
Who is here after he signing in Odisha FC

പ്രേത്യേകിച്ചു മലയാളികൾ 🔥
Dan Futbol
Dan Futbol:
Te extrañaremos, Crack😖
the DeCider475
the DeCider475:
Should’ve showed that backheel he had at the 2014 World Cup. Great video tho👌
Yeah bro, u need Valencia footage. That's where I know him from, even have the jersey
Lucky Darjee
Lucky Darjee:
I like his goal celebration 🎉 sliding on grass ❤️
we want more videos on past legends. <3 colo
Rommy Gabil
Rommy Gabil:
2:54 He recreate that Zidane goal against Spain in World Cup 2006. Totally the same!
This man is the man who got me interested in football! David Villa and Fernando Torres, legends!
Ames Augustin
Ames Augustin:
U just couldn't tell whether he was a left or right footer a simply incredible striker.
Sidharth Hota
Sidharth Hota:
The most underrated champ ever!
No Name
No Name:
Can't wait for the video recap of the 2010's! We know that finna be a banger🔥🔥
A very underrated legend.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez:
Spanish legend..... man, all my favorite childhood heroes are retiring.......
Ilyas siddiqui
Ilyas siddiqui:
I like the way Xavi slapped Vila at the starting 😀
He is still a player I would want on my starting XI.
Sandipan Dutta
Sandipan Dutta:
Love to see his playing styles.. ❤️❤️
Great vid like always colo 💪🏻
Paimon is pissed!
Paimon is pissed!:
2 words. Underrated. Prolific
leoo olong
leoo olong:
If he didn't suffer that devastating injury at the end of 2011 his career might have been longer and Barcelona could have won 2012 champions league.
Qausan J1 YD98
Qausan J1 YD98:
Damn I miss him so much I used to love him so much at fc Barcelona but his injury was too bad
Zuhair Yassin
Zuhair Yassin:
he made me love football eversince i saw him play it was the classico in 2011
El Guaje <3
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
Breathtaking as ALWAYS, Dan! ❤️
Bin Lorry
Bin Lorry:
To even comeback from that nasty leg break was something , hugely underrated player , WHAT A STRIKER 🔥🇪🇸
x carlos x
x carlos x:
I love this video. Thanks colo and David villa.
Gracias a esta bestia amo el fútbol sin lugar a duda de la élite
Tom BAK:
You mustnt forget that he was amazing for atletico an valencia...
~Underrated~ Underapreciated
Aziz Alshatti
Aziz Alshatti:
IDC if he was underrated, To me, i will always remember him as the best Spanish Striker of all time
He was my favorite. Was my go to in fifa haha
God's Favorite
God's Favorite:
El guaje 🔥❤️
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira:
Esse era matador
Jogou demais no Barça e na copa 2010
abdeu dehimi
abdeu dehimi:
Perfect video, from the edit to the content 🔥💯👍🏽
you should make 2010s decade video
vivek hari narayanan.v
vivek hari narayanan.v:
The last sensible spanish signing from Barca. Just an amazing player.
Just here for my daily dose of David Villa
Best ever BSW
Best ever BSW:
Love it, thank u colo
I miss him, a lot.
Asyraf Kamil
Asyraf Kamil:
From david villa & torress, now spain got morata 😆
Sergio Esquivel
Sergio Esquivel:
Ptm lastima que ya se va a retirar😭😭, el y hazard mis favoritos y para mí los mejores
Sujata 73
Sujata 73:
This team was something else....❤️
Since I was a kid David villa has been my friend player.
Valencia goals?WTF he reached his prime there
Oliver K.
Oliver K.:
Left foot right foot. Amazing player.
El guaje 🔥
Gede yudha
Gede yudha:
A life legend david villa
He was so underrated
Pablo Arcos
Pablo Arcos:
What a Legend
Orion CODM
Orion CODM:
David Stubbe Prieto
David Stubbe Prieto:
This guy made me loving football
beautiful days...
Yash G
Yash G:
complete striker 👍🏽

absolute monster
Jimmy Ayllón
Jimmy Ayllón:
Beautiful video 💯🔝🔥
Ariel Badw
Ariel Badw:
1:33 this shot look easy but curling the ball at that distance and on first touch must be really difficult
Jo Jordan
Jo Jordan:
My fav player I wish I could rewind time
Gabino Tapia
Gabino Tapia:
El guaje Villa 👏🏽👏🏽 great video once again !!!
David Endless
David Endless:
Ngedit videonya nggak jelas lu min.!
Bad Boy
Bad Boy:
David villa is the best 🔥
Shilu Mohapatra
Shilu Mohapatra:
welcome to Odisha fc ❤️
one of the best finishers
Iago Oubiña Dios
Iago Oubiña Dios:
You know Spain is crying when you realize Villa and Torres retired the same year T-T
vivek hari narayanan.v
vivek hari narayanan.v:
The last villa goal in the video, that pass from Messi and that commentary "It's heaven for Barcelona. It's humiliating for Real Madrid" is like gold. I can watch it over and over and over again.
If he doesn’t get an icon in fifa after he retires imma be mad af
Guaje villa ❤️❤️❤️ Muchas gracias guaje
George Mao
George Mao:
You should make a video on the best skills and goals from low level teams, there are so many great things happening in football and it would be a good change of pace to see some unknown players imo. Keep up the good work.
You are amazing
uzaib mosvi
uzaib mosvi:
one of the most underrated players of all time.
Kinan xlordx hawri
Kinan xlordx hawri:
great colo
i think you know that
david villa was a player for atm at 2014
and he won la laiga ...why no highlights 😥
TRG 2:
One of the last pure cold blooded goal scorers Spain Produced🥲🤩
independ leader
independ leader:
Legend legend legend DAvid Villa sen bir başkaydın be özlüyorum o günleri
Jesús Delgado
Jesús Delgado:
El zorro 🗡🔥 Villa maldito crack
skill trend
skill trend:
Colo is on fire in last two weeks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
نوح ايوب
نوح ايوب:
He is a Legend, no one can deny
God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body
God entered Bob Hickman's body, as a Ghost-body:
God entered into my body, like a body, the same size, then God had me marry 73 wives, and men
Rupam Basumatary
Rupam Basumatary:
Players like David_V are HARD to find these DAYS🐼🐼
Onit Uastum
Onit Uastum:
Back when villa was a 90 on fifa