Death Stranding - Launch Trailer | PS4

Reconnect a fractured society as Sam Bridges. Save us all.

Tomorrow is in your hands.

Pre-Order Death Stranding for PS4. Out November 8th, 2019.

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language

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Alon Li
Alon Li:
I felt like a 7-year-old reading a calculus book
Armin Haracic
Armin Haracic:
Because of coronavirus this game has become a documentary
After finishing the game I realised that this trailer reveals almost the whole game
Lucas Curtis
Lucas Curtis:
Being an amazon delivery guy after the corona outbreak
Rich Lux
Rich Lux:
I'm confused girl
Kojima: “So what’s this game about?”
Interviewer: “...Wait, what?”
csaj egy ember
csaj egy ember:
"Being a father didnt make me scared. It made me brave."
Vault-Boy Dan
Vault-Boy Dan:
Kojima predicted the future again.
2019: You can go anywhere. Even the Moon
2020: You can't go anywhere. Even outside
EA : Single player games are dead
Hideo kojima : Hold my baby in a jar
2019: This game makes no sense?!

2020 Pandemic: ...Ok...this game makes sense now...
W Tanz
W Tanz:
This game this trailer and the man who made it are all masterpieces
Just A Man of Culture
Just A Man of Culture:
Death stranding was way ahead of time. Kojime said this game is the future. Now humanity is caged in their homes due to Coronavirus. And this hiking simulator helps us remember how walking outside was like.
Mohamed Elouafi
Mohamed Elouafi:
Who's here after finishing the Game👊💪💪
Jirawat Kuhawichachang
Jirawat Kuhawichachang:
After finished the game and return to this trailer BB's theme is more powerful than ever before.
Cristiano Dettori
Cristiano Dettori:
I don't care about any bad opinion, this game is a masterpiece. Graphics, gameplay, direction, story, cast, the soundtrack, the sound design and more than everything, the meaning. Loved it to death.
S Neukend
S Neukend:
After completing this game. It may sound odd, but this trailer doesn't give me goosebumps. It makes me weep. It's so beautiful. If this game doesn't win Game of the Year, it's a crime.
ANI あに
ANI あに:
Death Stranding is like a Picasso painting in a gallery full of vibrant and exciting modern art. Many will think of it as confusing, some as boring but there will be people who will just stare at it, get captivated and think that there's so much more into it and by the time they leave the gallery, there's one painting that left a mark on them. It's the masterpiece that challenged their minds and touched their hearts, Death Stranding.
I never knew my Amazon Delivery guy led such an interesting life.
Loved this game. I'm sad about how many people just mocked it and misunderstood it on purpose.
Prinsipe Motions
Prinsipe Motions:
“Living has no difference between death if youre all alone”
Mihai Saratean
Mihai Saratean:
After you sink 10 hours into the game, the trailer is full of spoilers
S Neukend
S Neukend:
Death Stranding is Game of the Year. I beat it a couple of days ago. It's absolutely amazing.
All the characters are crying because even they have no clue what this game is about.
David Curry
David Curry:
Many spoilers but impossible to piece it all together without finishing the game
Michael Galardi
Michael Galardi:
Watching this after beating the game is something else. I'm imagining how Kojima must've felt editing it together.
After finished the game:
1) They revealed the whole game lol.
2) Im crying after hearing BB Theme Again T_T
So it looks like the game is about figuring out what the game is about.
Credits finally rolled after 152 hours and I am crying from a chirallium allergy.
Diego Miranda
Diego Miranda:
Who else completed the game but still watch the trailer?
Mr. Goose
Mr. Goose:
I give this game multiple praises because it was the only game that did something different for a change because a lot of the most popular games on the market were common video games like shooters, RPGs, and puzzle solving platformers, so just to see a game that took on a different genre and have gameplay that connects with the message its sending. My game of the year 4 sure! 👏👏👏👏👏
Max Schiavon
Max Schiavon:
The most boring thing about this game to me is people saying it's boring.
“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing”

-Socrates while watching this trailer
Sergio Meza
Sergio Meza:
Love this game, thanks Sony to keep bringing the players this kind of different experiencies, this game is amazing, is like a playable Science Fiction Novel.
Vault-Boy Dan
Vault-Boy Dan:
I have a feeling that there are a lot of bandwagon haters in the comment section who never touched this game or pretend and lie that they have played it.
1:00 I really like the part when Mads Mikkelsen continues the singing, it's like it makes the trailer cooler and more dramatic
H R:
MY favourite game ever. This trailer is more emotional than any movie i've seen. Favourite part is 4:30
Hi I am Rico
Hi I am Rico:
Teacher: the test isn't gonna be that confusing
The test:
BB theme
"C'mon, BB, One last ride"
Ray Malik
Ray Malik:
Watching this trailer again in 2020, still gives me chills
Mad Joe
Mad Joe:
The most underrated game of the generation.
jbduende JB
jbduende JB:
Now this game make sense in 2020. What really is the most essential job.
Reanimate Existence
Reanimate Existence:
Me 2 minutes in: "I think I finally know what this game is about"

Me 3 minutes later: "Aaaaand it's gone"
Jermaine Nyzkke
Jermaine Nyzkke:
Death Stranding is simultaneously the most and least dull game ever created in the past 34 years
M. H. Jafarian
M. H. Jafarian:
Just my opinion: Masterpiece. I loved every second of this game
Jessie Jara
Jessie Jara:
This game is just amazing. The themes, the messages. This is surely not a game for everyone but for those who seek new adventures and just want an overall experience like no other. The hate that i see coming from those that just dont understand this game at all is not surprising. But i appreciate what kojima san has done here. Not every game needs blockbuster action and not every game does not need to accommodate us to our style. Hideo Kojima you honor us with your mind and heart but most of all you honor us with your humbleness. Thank you.
Venom 0156
Venom 0156:
This game will win game of the year and score music
Angelo Hizon
Angelo Hizon:
"I understand that i understand nothing"

- my brain
POV: Watching this trailer after getting the game free with your new RTX card
lone wolf
lone wolf:
Kojima predict the future again
Mickey Renée
Mickey Renée:
Christopher Nolan should work with Kojima and make the death stranding movie.
teachmehowtodougie 808
teachmehowtodougie 808:
the lady in red looks like jamie summers the bionic woman
2016: Hmm, I wonder what this game will be about
2019: still don't know what this game is about
Such a revealing trailer, but yet not at all.... easily my top 5 favorite games
Stephen Cassell
Stephen Cassell:
I just completed the main story path of this game, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game! Way to go Kojima Productions!
Michael Carnevale
Michael Carnevale:
This trailer sold me on the game. I've watched it many times since I got the game and I will never regret the journey that it led me on.Thank you Kojima productions for sticking to your guns and coming up with something unique and original. I don't care how clunky it can be sometimes, we need more games like this..not just fortnite clones.
I completely understand the criticisms about this game, it's pretty out there and not for everyone. But if you buy into Kojima's particular brand of "out there" like I do, this game is fantastic.
Me: so.....what’s this game about....

Kojima: your joking right, I couldn’t have made it more obvious
Best game of 2019. If you’re still on the fence. Please. Just get it. Won’t regret it. 👍
Shannon Beckett
Shannon Beckett:
"Close your eyes"
Fernando Muniz
Fernando Muniz:
I never lost my faith in you, Kojima. Thank you so much for this masterpiece (:
Dominik Santiago
Dominik Santiago:
I’m glad I forgot this trailer since I finished it tonight because it’s actually super spoiler filled with scenes from the ending of the game. The game to me lived up to the hype the story was very interesting from start to finish and the ending was incredibly emotional.
Movie trailers, nowdays, show the entire plot in 1 minute.
Death Stranding trailer: 8 minutes and I feel I didn't see anything, yet.
Kojima did it he predicted COVID!
Grey shadow
Grey shadow:
Because of the carona virus I'll buy this game today and stay home to connect with others from my home.
Blair Redfield
Blair Redfield:
Interesting fact: the tears in this trailer are real tears and not caused by chiral allergy like previous trailers.
Hiro 02
Hiro 02:
Ahh so that’s what happens to Daryl in the future
Eric_Arthur Blair
Eric_Arthur Blair:
I look forward to playing as Sam, a pregnant UPS employee.
The last delivery was the hardest.
Maestro Ditto
Maestro Ditto:
1 - People saying about that game, then I need to see what's about....
2 - Come to see a GAME trailer... A [email protected]#$ïng gameplay demonstration of that GAME!
3 - Just see some trailer trying to push hype about... a movie? I don't get...
4 - Yeah man, fine, its by Kojima, why need to remember that at each 5 seconds?
5 - Whats wrong with game industry nowdays?
Since both DS and MGSV trailers showed the entire elements of the games cutscenes, next Kojima game don't watch the trailers past the announcement
Editing Team: “So how much of the game are we going to show?”
Kojima: “Yes."
* Trailer seems like it's coming to an end *
Kojima: "There is another."
That guy looks like Hannibal
This is how delivery and truck drivers are gonna describe the Coronavirus pandemic to their great-grandchildren.
Vangelis Michalopoulos
Vangelis Michalopoulos:
I was disappointed at the beginning with the game,so confused as what and how to do ,but as the time goes by I enjoy more and more now...even though I have lost parcels, beaten by BT and mules,triped on the ground, a bike was melted by time and another one was exploded when I jumped off the cliff 😂 but in the end I have been a bit closer to make the world whole 😀
The morality behind the scenes,for me,is that humanity since its existence survived for only one reason: connection,ppl relied on each other to set up colonies and protected the weakest (women, children, olders) from threats.

United we stand divided we fall!
John Keane
John Keane:
I think this will go down in history as one of the most incredible trailer for any game ever, even more so having finished the game. Absolutely beautiful.
avocado pictures
avocado pictures:
final movie trailer: shows almost the entire plot in 3 minutes
final Kojima trailer: clarifies like 2 things and raises 20 more questions in 8 minutes
2 week again release in PC, can’t wait play with maximum setting. The world is so beautiful and calm
The game has touched my heart
Evan Turner
Evan Turner:
After finishing the game, I actually understand every part of this game
Guido Russo Heck
Guido Russo Heck:
I finished after 60hs, was beautiful... im gonna keep playing. Keep on keeping on guys
Kojima : **put all the story in the launch trailer**
Everyone : i still dont understand anything
Muhammed Ali Inamdar
Muhammed Ali Inamdar:
This game is so different but you can totally tell after playing how much Kojima was influenced by his own work on Metal Gear Solid. Those who say the gameplay is boring fail to understand the perspective of this game itself.
dezo kun
dezo kun:
4:28min is emotion inflicting perfection
Philicty Jones
Philicty Jones:
I dont play games enough to know this, im just shopping around for games because...covid, but other than like madden or whatever i ddnt know ppl made games around specific actors like movies that is Darryl from Twd right? Cool id but the game
Creation Web Novel Studio
Creation Web Novel Studio:
Kojima: As society is hiding from a hidden threat, you'll play as a delivery man that keeps society functioning and connected to supplies.
Everybody: Okay, Kojima. snickers and laughs
During COVID-19:
As society is hiding from a hidden threat, you'll play as a delivery man that keeps society functioning and connected to supplies.
Briar Jablonowski
Briar Jablonowski:
Delivery of the baby in 30 minutes or less, or the baby is free.
The music just made the trailer 1000x better
It'sGold i was one of those that said it was a garbage just because too many ppl said so but after i played it for 2 days now i think it is absolutely stunning piece of art, u just feel it is more than a game. Deep philosophical for those who appreciate the best quality.
The only game that looks the same as the actual game
Rafael Vargas
Rafael Vargas:
Konami: lets se how you make a game without us

Kojima:hold my beer
Corey Mckee
Corey Mckee:
Kojima: the only man ever to release a nearly 8min launch trailer..

That STILL dont reveal much of what the game is about..😅
100 million subscribers without videos
100 million subscribers without videos:
My favorite quotes:
1:37 - What does America mean to you?
2:38 - Extinctions on hold for now
3:45 - You have to break some ties to forge others
4:56 - We've had 5 mass extinctions, each caused by an extinction entity. And now it's time for number 6
5:45 - Living is no different from being dead if you're all alone
6:11 - I'm not the only one wearing masks either. There's your boss man. That woman. And, oh, let's not forget little you
6:47 - America is a lie
pyro maniac
pyro maniac:
The "waiting in the beach" reminds me of end of evangelion🤣
Alasdair Duncan
Alasdair Duncan:
"America, a symbol of hope and freedom"
In my opinion, this is best game trailer I've ever seen. It looks like better than Hollywood blockbuster movie to me. What a great trailer and great game, Thank you so much Kojima!!
Luciano Bruzzone
Luciano Bruzzone:
Sony: how confusing is going to be the plot?
Kojima: yes