Deathloop Review

Arkane Lyon's follow-up to Dishonored is a masterclass in open-ended action game design. It's a game where observation and dynamic thinking go hand-in-hand with shotgunning goons in the face and snapping their necks; where throwing a grenade into a soiree for sycophants counts as the right kind of experimentation and derring-do. It delivers bombastic thrills and wince-inducing kills with intelligence and elegance in equal measure.

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Mircea Dogaru
Mircea Dogaru:
It's a great game, I'm loving it but come on guys, this isn't a 10. It has some issues both technical and in terms of gameplay.
Aria Seraj
Aria Seraj:
When both IGN and Gamespot give a game a perfect 10/10 .. it means something is Really Up!
Santino Mozzarella
Santino Mozzarella:
this game is actually worth a 10? and from gamespot? interesting times for sure
This game is actually a lot of freaking fun. I have been thoroughly enjoying the shooting and chaos for once! Lol
Bobby Hawk
Bobby Hawk:
Well I'll be a monkey's uncle IGN and GameSpot both gave it a 10 hmmmmm
Sab 1
Sab 1:
I feel that the progression of Arkane games trend towards iteration rather than re-invention (taking the same game pieces and trying them out in different combos/locales). As they are one of few mainstream developers working in that deliciously classic Immersive Sim style, I am ok with iteration over re-invetion.

Now I just need to wait 12 months so I can play it!
BLAR Games
BLAR Games:
Whoa..was going to buy it anyway, but now I'm even more excited. Just hope it gets more people playing Arkane's stuff than Dishonored 2 did, those guys definitely deserve way more popularity
Ok, so PREY + Dishonored in the ultimate Arkane mashup. Awesome!
Mr. Mercanto
Mr. Mercanto:
The PvP mode is one of the most creative multiplayer modes I probably won’t play 🤣
max solis
max solis:
Ooo that knowledge you get from the world to kill the visionary in one go remind a lot of those RE2 remake speed runs. Now this game has my attention
Makes me really looking forward to what Arkane does with Redfall!
Jordan Singh
Jordan Singh:
I always saw Gamespot give the lowest scores out of reviewers. And this is just…wow
The second half of this game is an absolute chore to play. You get too powerful too quickly and by then, the missions are very repetitive. At that point, I was just sprinting to the mission markers to get to the ending...and the ending was a huge letdown.
Callum Ager
Callum Ager:
I’m not shocked at the final verdict. Game Journalists and reviewers lost their credibility years ago.
Took a difficult concept and made the pieces WORK! That is vision.
asif uzzaman
asif uzzaman:
Almost all of the Steam review say that the game has framerate and lagging issue. Good game, but I'll have to wait. Denuvo punishes paid consumers while the pirates get their way anyway after few months.
I don't know about the score but this review got me really interested. Thinking and shooting blended sounds enticing.

Some comments tell about negative Steam reviews, but I have noticed that more complex games get mixed feedback, so I would totally not let the opinions of casual audience bother me, but if there are performance problems then I will wait those out.
Owen G
Owen G:
To me the fact I can turn off the invasions is perfect. I don't like that invasion concept personally so glad it's a option I can do single player.
Theamazingspiderguy 99
Theamazingspiderguy 99:
Lol Sony showed this so much that I felt like I played it, glad to actually play it and probably enjoy it lol.
LP Flowers
LP Flowers:
I was really looking forward to this. I’ll definitely check it out when I can actually get a PS5 😮‍💨
Solid Snake
Solid Snake:
The game is amazing!
Update your review to include that this uses Denuvo on PC and thus requires a locked 60/120 FPS and twice the hardware it should, please.
Ian \o/
Ian \o/:
Can't wait to play it!!
Wow wasn't expecting it to be a Masterpiece. Boy was I wrong about this game
This review explains the games mechanics far better than the IGN review (which basically just spoilt everything).. well done!
Definitely reminds me of Dishonored
This review (And Tamoor's discussion on KindaFunnyGamescast) has tipped me into buying this.
Stein 1
Stein 1:
Never pre order and keep your expectations low :)
Andrew Mercier
Andrew Mercier:
So what is the replay value of this game? Once you figure out the sequence of events to take out all of the Visionaries, does that ruin any future playthroughs?
Matt W
Matt W:
Great review, extremely well written.

I absolutely, utterly loved the invader element in Watchdogs. Sounds like this has a sort of similar invader style hide and seek thing going on. If it’s even just remotely similar, I can’t fucking wait.

Already bought the game, just need to finish up my work and start playing this evening.
Would love another dishonoured game but this will definitely help with the wait
Dipanjan Mazumder
Dipanjan Mazumder:
Dishonored 2 , prey and now this. Arkane is really my favorite developer now
Francis Fecktainé
Francis Fecktainé:
Payed review. Still, this game looks very interesting and I loved Prey.
Of course Bethesda once again totally fails at gun feel
Dyän Braunschweig ingenohl albechtberger friedeburg
Dyän Braunschweig ingenohl albechtberger friedeburg:
Can't wait for somebody to speed run with 0 loops
Definitely on my radar but I'm still waiting for other games to finish.
It's always the games or movies that don't look that good in trailers that wine up being the best!!!
So I’m guessing Colt and Julianna used to be lovers🤔
aiman amir
aiman amir:
interesting both ign and gamespot gave it a 10
We live in a world where games are bad with VERY bad AI
oh but the kids love it..

Bethesda + Gun = 10/10
Dan B
Dan B:
Brilliant decision to delay this game almost a year imagine if cyberpunk ended up doing the same
Shiva Ram Krish
Shiva Ram Krish:
Need a Sleeping Dogs sequel.
Small sized game with beautiful graphics. Even this game is working too good with Intel graphics. Kudos to the developers. Need games like this (small sized, beautiful graphics, can run with mid range specs). Nowadays it's hard to find developers who can develop a game like this.
The truth
The truth:
I am cautiously optimistic about this one. I am not a fan of these types of games but I liked the dishonored games so much I'm willing to give it a try.
Chaos Champion
Chaos Champion:
Woah didn't expect a 10 from IGN and Gamespot. But man this game does look fun.
Aaron Zasler
Aaron Zasler:
So totally gonna ignore the constant frame dips?
Tam loves MGS. Tam loves Snow Bike Mike.

Thus I love Tam.
Gulraiz Gintoki
Gulraiz Gintoki:
Thats a must have game 10/10 from ign and gamespot 10/10
I'm down to clown on it... when it was first announced it just seemed like Arkane took Mooncrash and expanded it. I still get that feeling, but with something... more.
Whattt?! It’s actually good?
I was so sure it was gonna be mediocre lol I’m glad it wasn’t being advertised so often for nothing
You guys have the audacity to give this a 10 and prey a 6. I swear to God if I play this and my frontal lobe doesn't hemorrhage from enjoyment...
Whole Pizza Place
Whole Pizza Place:
This video sold me. I was planning on buying it and waiting to finish my current game (Yakuza 6) but now I want to play this now lol. I'll set Y6 off to the side and dig into this tomorrow
Slow Mobius
Slow Mobius:
I was skeptical because this game was on sale for a long time before it ever came out. I am interested
G W:
Something doesn't smell right....
"I felt good about doing it"

He sounds a little too happy there
Tristan Seguin
Tristan Seguin:
I’m getting Prey Moon-crash + Dishonoured vibes from this and that’s awesome! Sad it’s not on Xbox though.
Arkane makes the smartest FPS games for sure.
Well there you go. That’s going to leave some of the haters a bit salty! I wasn’t planning on buying but a 10 is a 10 so I will now.
Frédéric L. Tremblay
Frédéric L. Tremblay:
A 10 from IGN and GameSpot? That is truely impressive.
I've been playing this game for about a week now and yeah its my goty so far, its amazing.
Arkane never seizes to amaze when it comes to gameplay
Games been getting a lot of hate b4 release but I’ve ready to jump into this one for a minute!!
Ngl I can’t fucking stop playing this game it’s sooooo good
Cant wait to get this on xbox when it comes out
Xander Crease
Xander Crease:
This is one of those 10/10 games that I'll applaud, congratulate then simply keep an eye on for a few years. My backlog is getting impatient.
Docteur Dream
Docteur Dream:
ACG says wait for sale.. Other reviews touting 10/10.. What's going on with this game?!!!
Is this just timed exclusive? I don't think I'll be able to get a PS5 anytime soon 😆
It seems to be Outer Wilds with killing involved and usual game mechanics + Bioshock vibes so I'm totally interested!
Wow a 10/10 rating.
It has a bit of everything.
10/10 Gamespot
Jonathan DeLong
Jonathan DeLong:
If you haven't played an Arkane game before what the hell were you doing with your life? Such a good studio
Anthony A
Anthony A:
Wow not expecting that score
Wet Watts
Wet Watts:
Love seeing this game get basically perfect reviews when everyone thought it was gonna flop 😂 stfu haters
Napoleon Wilson
Napoleon Wilson:
Black Protagonists = perfect game
This looks like a good pickup on black Friday
How does this get 10 lmao. Its basically wish version of dishonoured
Moy Aicrag
Moy Aicrag:
The trailers always looked so bad lol. This gameplay actually does it justice
laundry basket gamers
laundry basket gamers:
That’s the guy who was on the daily Elden ring update!
how is this game getting 10 everywhere lmao, it looks like an arcade level game
Wild West
Wild West:
There really is now life before death loop, and now life after. I dont think gaming will ever really be the same as before. This is that good
I hope the Day One patch gives next gen consoles a n FOV slider.
I'm just glad it's out so I don't have to see the trailers take up space at E3 or game events anymore.
Lyrikal Styles
Lyrikal Styles:
Wait a year till it comes out on series x with new content and better graphics lol
I trust Tamoor's opinion greatly, so I'll be getting this tonight.
Dan L
Dan L:
I wonder how much IGN and GameSpot got paid for this review. Remember when Jeff got fired because he scored Kane and Lynch a 6? Because it was from a major publisher? I'm guessing reviewers' necks are on the line if they score a game low that belongs from a major publisher and Deathloop technically is owned by Microsoft.
Shredder Orokusaki
Shredder Orokusaki:
Will it be a acton game like all the others? Because the developers has said that there are 4 targets we ned to kill and that if we lose we must play the same misison again. So it is only one misison that we can complete in many different ways or a full action game campgain with lot of different misisons and enemies?
Unfortunately, several small youtubers and outlets are giving it low scores. It seems that due to time constrains and resources these guys are rushing it and playing it in the most generic guns balzing way possible just to have a review ready.
So, another strand type game
saelesbon sazse
saelesbon sazse:
Another 10? I've been surprised by IGN review, but now I have more confidence on it! Can't wait to play it on game pass!
Sk Massive
Sk Massive:
Good to see it got good reviews but not my style of game.👍🏿
Jake Finch
Jake Finch:
Ign and gamespot have given this a 10 but ACG said to wait for sale so i’m torn
this looks oddly good
JFn Cho
JFn Cho:
10? wow. my go to for reviews is GS and Easy Allies, and Easy Allies gave it an 8 with strong points as to why. hmmm... what to do.
Novak NoLimit
Novak NoLimit:
15 Hours and you've killed all 8? And you gave that a 10? Or did I hear that wrong?
Hobo Knife
Hobo Knife:
No mention of the bugs or glitches?? The rubber banding pvp element?? C’mon now
Feels too complex to be played
Ryan MacKinnon
Ryan MacKinnon:
Arkane needs to make Prey 2 because Prey is a good game.
Salem Mattaniah
Salem Mattaniah:
I feel like reviews these days are giving out way too much information.
Daniel DiMichele
Daniel DiMichele:
Definitely picking this up tonight but i wish you could throw body parts around like in Dishonored
Chicago Made
Chicago Made:
IGN gave a 10 now this
The fact that only a few people actually give a fk about GameSpot's review is funny
Game Factory
Game Factory:
Wow a 10 from gamespot. That only happens like once in 2 years.