Debris from United Airlines Boeing 777 falls on Broomfield neighborhoods; flight lands safely at DIA

Debris from a United Airlines Boeing 777 that made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport fell on several Broomfield neighborhoods Saturday. Authorities said nobody aboard or on the ground was reported hurt.

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Felecia Clemons
Felecia Clemons:
Donnie Darko, anyone????
"Honey, did you order an airplane engine ring or did UPS deliver this by mistake?"
Light of the World
Light of the World:
Guy at 1:04 was getting ready to kick his neighbors head in lmao.
Reggie Angus
Reggie Angus:
Boeing 747-400 Flight - Dutch LGT5504 engine explodes in flight, sending debris and injuring 2. Netherlands the day before. Not looking well for boeing.
Barbarann Butler
Barbarann Butler:
Stop sending me this msg, I see it on tv
Monty Gill
Monty Gill:
There's something you don't see everyday
Tim Smith
Tim Smith:
Hope everyone on the ground are safe in the neighborhood
ItzJuss Mee
ItzJuss Mee:
That is amazing that nobody was injured!
San Bruno
San Bruno:
I'm A Robloxian. Get Me Out Of Here!
I'm A Robloxian. Get Me Out Of Here!:
Imagine lockdown ends you walk outside... you look
Up and see a engine falling ;-; you wouldn’t wanna go outside again 🤣🤣🤣
CCL Show & Tell
CCL Show & Tell:
That huge metal piece could've landed in the basement, they are all so lucky today wow :(
This is worse than I like ya cut g. Thank God no one died, this is some serious stuff, like the one in China when all sea creatures flew off and struck anything in town.
Chase Manhattan
Chase Manhattan:
Good thing we let profit seeking corporations, who cut corners to save costs, control the way we travel..
Al Fresco
Al Fresco:
*B* eware
*O* ur
*E* ngineering
*I* s
*N* ot
*G* ood
Jonahs Gang
Jonahs Gang:
The pilots landed perfectly passengers where cheering it was quite obvious that passengers where a little shacking not injured the aircraft just needs a new engine a few inspections and it will be back in the air
Boozy The Clown
Boozy The Clown:
I blame it on California.
Champ Lindahl
Champ Lindahl:
Only Boeing 🤦‍♂️ glad everyone was ok!

I was in Broomfield/Superior when this was going on and had no idea.
This is crazy.
dell x
dell x:
Thank god no injuries but i find it disappointing that no mention is made of the plane landing safely and no passenger or crew injuries
Looks like a turbine fin snapped
Some pieces on the ground look completly rusted and repaired with filler. If so its an absolute botched repair on that engine. Hope thats not the case but it looks like it.
fact gasm
fact gasm:
Mad World.
Nightmare on Elmwood street.
bob huff
bob huff:
Disquieting for some, but apparently, titillating for Lance. Inquirer-level award for reporting 'excellence'.
Yorkshire Lass
Yorkshire Lass:
Thats a big chunk of debris at 1.04!
Pratyush Singh
Pratyush Singh:
United, broke my Boeing aircraft.
United, United....some big help you are.
You broke it, you should fix it
You're liable, just admit it
I should've flown with someone else
Or gone by car
'Cause United breaks aircrafts.

Léonard Alauzen
Léonard Alauzen:
Anyone thinking of Breaking Bad with these footages ? 😅
Alessia Lanzetta
Alessia Lanzetta:
Donnie darko movie?
John Smith
John Smith:
*Made in America*
World Through my Eyes
World Through my Eyes:
Who cares about what they saw, it's irrelevant...
I anticipated a much larger cop presents with this ritualistic Sky donut delivered from the gods
you will never find me on boeing
Scott Patnode
Scott Patnode:
Well I posted more than that yesterday I said you should make your whole system automated have it where your pilots can fly from the ground your planes once they are in takeoff or V1 or v2 and I notice that the first second there's a problem The pilots don't report it to the control tower and they take off and they waste more time instead of getting into an emergency landing and then something bad happens and they end up crashing they should immediately tell the tower of the emergency the second it happens and reroute for an emergency landing.
Huh and if you go fully automated then you can fly have your pilots on the ground have holographic stewardesses that can show people how to do things have robots that can deliver food and drinks and that can all be controlled from the ground too any problems that arise can be reported to maintenance headquarters that should be watching the entire thing from all the cameras on board.

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yesterday I was wanting an airline industry to get shut down and yesterday on the news I heard some 94 or 97-year-old airplane company went bankrupt..
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Triv 72
Triv 72:
Poor maintenance, cutting cost, airline industry on it's knees financially - we will see a lot more of this
Chad Markz
Chad Markz:
United is so unsafe
San Bruno
San Bruno:
Javier Delgado
Javier Delgado:
Run me my check lol
Guilherme Santana
Guilherme Santana:
Boeing's golden age is over, its series production produces aircraft that crash more often.
Tall Poppy Syndrome
Tall Poppy Syndrome:
Donnie Darko
K G:
Some of the posts on here are sickening..definitely trump supporters!
They are the only group of people who display enjoyment over disasters!
Trump owns stock in he will lose that money making investment too!
pegadinhas melhores
pegadinhas melhores:
where is Denver?
Shaul Jonah
Shaul Jonah:
Scary but glad no one was hurt or killed
Sanjay Menzies
Sanjay Menzies:
Mayday, Mayday, we'd like an immediate air turnback , and a fresh pair of pants after landing !!!
Horrible reporting. I still know nothing of the plane, the people...
It was a ufo crash just like Roswell don’t listen to this fake news and research this people and wake up
assaf naor
assaf naor:
From American airline staff that abuse passengers and their children without masks,the Boeingn 737 Max fiasco and now 777, need to investigate why the American aviation industry is in such s mess.
Juan Fe Peña Rivera
Juan Fe Peña Rivera:
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tribulation is near a good news is in the name of Jesús we have salvation
and eternal life st john 1 : 12 , romans 10 : 9 to 13 , acts 4 : 12 ,
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Pratyush Singh
Pratyush Singh:
Coz United breaks aircrafts. If you know what I mean.
Love Heals
Love Heals:
Who cares about a single accident????? Just keep deregulating airline companies it's just bureaucracy, all bureaucracy until a hypocrite politician's family member is the victim of unnecessary risks like these because of greedy corporations looking to make more money from faulty and crappy quality products.
K G:
Trump has huge investment in Boeing...what are the odds of that?
Liga DQ
Liga DQ:
Legend says the airplane lost an engine, no lives were lost but passengers had to change their underwear after getting off the aircraft.
Chris Perkins
Chris Perkins:
And what happened to the plane? People on the plane? Going where? Crash landing?
What kinda sandwiches?
Christ, who taught you guys how to report on a story?
Yorkshire Lass
Yorkshire Lass:
All these stupid jokey comments are SO not funny 👎
Cecil Lay
Cecil Lay:
Planes are not safe any more I think should ban them till somebody looks over these peaces of crap that could have caused someone their life to there all junk 😳