Delivering Lando Norris A GULF McLaren 720S!

Delivering the Gulf McLaren 720S for Lando Norris in time for the Festival Of Speed! As part of the celebration of the partnership between Gulf and McLaren I’m honoured to have been asked by Lando to deliver the iconic Gulf liveried 720S to the event and along the way you could win the awesome set of merch as showed in the video!

Head to one of Gulf’s social platforms below and comment on their recent competition post to be in with a chance to win!






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Bas Berendsen
Bas Berendsen:
damn the whole video I was waiting for the meet with Lando.....
Wiryan Tirta
Wiryan Tirta:
Next episode:
“Hey its Sebastian Vettel here! So for some reason we’re missing the Aston Martin Vantage safety car for this weekend. Can you do us a favor and pick another up from the factory and deliver it to the grand prix? Cheers!”
Aaron Santa Maria
Aaron Santa Maria:
Lando is probably one of the top 5 F1 personalities on the grid. Him and Danny Ric make an awesome combo off and on track (Soon, Danny will bounce back!)

Great content man!
That F1 livery was absolutely stunning. Prettiest car I’ve seen in a long time. Nice helmet bag too btw. I’ve got one myself.
Andries Botha
Andries Botha:
There are days when work is just a chore... Today is NOT such a day :) thank you for taking us along for the journey James :) A beautiful car with a stunning livery. Indeed a good day.
As good as Max is, Lando is the driver of the season so far 💪
I saw the Gulf spec F1 car at MTC in person ,100% needs to be on the car for the rest of the season. Beautiful.
Absolutely brilliant and lovely video, those are some special cars <3
Basil Melon
Basil Melon:
What I would do to own a car like this, it’s just absolutely stunning
Footey 7
Footey 7:
My favourite livery of all time too James !! Wicked car mate, lucky bugger you are sir 🍻🇨🇦👍🏻
DG Bourdon
DG Bourdon:
What a stunning car, in arguably one of the most iconic liveries ever to adorn a race car and now a road car! Thank you for sharing this video with us Mr JWW and McLaren Automotive!
Rahul Ravishankar
Rahul Ravishankar:
The Gulf livery is the best ever created. Change my mind
Jim Smith
Jim Smith:
Love the livery on that 720! All the teams should use their famous liveries why should it be consigned to history? Bring them back! That 765 is an absolute beast!
Zach Paul
Zach Paul:
Best Video You Have Made Mr. JWW! Norris is a future WORLD CHAMPION!
samuel smith
samuel smith:
When James uploads during Goodwood weekend I watch doesn’t matter what. Keep it up
Thunder Pants
Thunder Pants:
Such a brilliant ambassador for British automotive companies. Those wheels on the McLaren GT, nice.
Romuald Renault
Romuald Renault:
Alright it is Nice and a real nice spec but…. Where is Lando??? You’re actually delivering the car from McLaren TC to Mclaren at goodwood FOS. Anyway still special I guess to get a call from F1 driver.
Rick Tamm
Rick Tamm:
Absolutely they should run that Livery for the rest of the year that's awesome
Lando has been killing it on the track
Great video and Norris is the second best driver this year behind Verstappen. He is a future Champion I like Leclerc more but his skill is undeniable.
Automotive Mike
Automotive Mike:
Must be an hell of an experience!
Love the gulf scheme to the point I actually consider to wrap my 2015 F-Type R in it. But its BRG so maybe not ;)
Sean Farmer
Sean Farmer:
I'm just surprised it wasn't a 765LT. That would be even more amazing!
Dunkins Dad
Dunkins Dad:
Absolutely run the Gulf livery all year. So much cooler than the current papaya car
Malcom McLeod
Malcom McLeod:
I've always loved the Carbon Fiber monocoque philosophy that McLaren has.
Ricardo Casinhas
Ricardo Casinhas:
God Damm JBoy. You're killing it landing Lando.
Yash Mistry
Yash Mistry:
I'm a simple person. I see Lando I click.
Can you deliver an aston martin to seb as well? I'll click faster
Gary Sykes
Gary Sykes:
I like mclaren cars... We should be proud of what they have achieved in a short period of time, as a car manufacturer 😎👍
This paint job without the Gulf logos on a McLaren is my dream car.
Mauricio Diaz
Mauricio Diaz:
Con solo poder subirme a un 720s normal ya estaría al otro lado!
Benjamin Blakemore
Benjamin Blakemore:
Gulf For The Season!!! YES PLEASE 💪👍😎
Patrik Ojala
Patrik Ojala:
OH WOW, that's Just Honestly Absolutely Amazing Buddy, I Just Honestly Absolutely Love your Content Buddy, and I've Just Honestly Been Watching your Absolutely Amazing and Entertaining Content for Years now Buddy..! 👊🏻😃👍🏻
Rachel Dulay
Rachel Dulay:
okay but seriously let’s talk about how beautiful this car is. Honestly Gulf Livery in general is beautiful and I think they should keep it because I’m obsessed.
Extravagant Bolt
Extravagant Bolt:
Decent video. You need to sort out your master volume though. It goes up in some parts, but down in others. You did well in the presentation. Nice passion.
Mr.ALi Rahmani
Mr.ALi Rahmani:
The best jww and Norris 👊🏻❤️‍🔥
Came to this straight from the road legal McLaren P1 GTR first drive vid. So much great content on the channel!
Jin Bauer
Jin Bauer:
Reading between the lines Gulf is not paying enough (or at all) to warrant a full time Gulf livery. What a shame as it looks utterly beautiful. A great match for Daniel’s lid too!!
Personally i think ‘Shell-Ferrari’ partnership is what comes to mind first when thinking of iconic racing?
Henry Drees
Henry Drees:
Hey, awesome video. Your sunglasses look awesome as usual. And in combination with that button up🔥 what brand ist the button up shirt by? I’d love to get one myself.
Urban Wrench
Urban Wrench:
The collar we didn’t know we needed, but we did!!
Ngl this looks like an early production car that just sat there for years and when McLaren decided to partner up with Gulf for the F1 livery they took this embroidered the Gulf Logo on the interior and painted the color in Gulf Blue.
Hannah Savage
Hannah Savage:
What a gorgeous car.
Will Mac
Will Mac:
Lando is brilliant this year
Dean Huber
Dean Huber:
How come I never get phone calls like that? Love the look!
Pururav Gowda
Pururav Gowda:
So this livery is like an ad to promote gulf company from years but now this livery is itself a brand (power of victory in Motorsport)
His shirt matches the orange seatbelt, which links into the livery😎👌 coincidence, i think not 😂
daniel manktelow
daniel manktelow:
What an awesome really cool car enjoy driving it Mr jww. And meeting lando norris. Enjoy good wood. From Dan. M👍👍👍👍😄😄
Favorite car, favorite driver
Matt Fraser
Matt Fraser:
I have to be honest. I didn't realize Gulf Oil was still a thing. In Canada and the US, the brand disappeared in the mid 80s when they merged with Standard Oil (Chevron). I assumed the Gulf stuff I was seeing was just retro-throwback, not a current partnership.
Simone Rose
Simone Rose:
There a few iconic liveries, Gulf might be the most known. But the Harrods (if the video still about there is a F1 GTR, P1 GTR and a Senna GTR), LARK (only seen a F1 GTR and a P1 GTR). Also the Toyota’s Castrol (Supra’s in it is awesome looking), Ford’s Tiger Stripping on any RS model, Porsche’s Martini Livery, Jaguars Silk Cut Livery, Subaru 90s WRC Liveries, Another full set of McLaren GTRs in Fina Livery. There’s an American with a Marlboro Senna and Sabre too (there might be a Marlboro GTR set out there, only ever seen a P1 GTR, Manny Koshbin had a Senna thou).
If I had a pound for every time he said the word 'Iconic'
10:43 It's a helluva testament to what Mclaren are making that a car as gorgeous and accomplished as the GT is completely ignored as it more or less has been since it's launch.
Ernest Roman
Ernest Roman:
beatuful car!! Love Mclarens!!!!!
Muhammad Siddiq
Muhammad Siddiq:
the all time great livery
J M:
Lando will be a champion it's only a matter of time I'm just not sure it will be with Mclaren
Seb Sicre
Seb Sicre:
How is this man not at a million subs yet
That Mclaren merch is so cool… I really hope I win it 😂
Wow what a car that is!
wyman wong
wyman wong:
James, they need to hook you up with a RM 11-03 or RM 50-03
Andrew minton-cudworth
Andrew minton-cudworth:
i hope his is more reliable than the ones that everyone else got
Lucky lucky man👍and yes run the Gulf livery on the F1 car for the balance of 2021🇦🇺.
Darrel james
Darrel james:
Beautiful car and also nice Royal Oak 👍
David Hunt
David Hunt:
What lando wants lando gets end off 👌
pete w
pete w:
Totally blanked the GT. Much like most buyers!? 😂😂
Thane Krios
Thane Krios:
Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says iconic. You'll have alcohol poisoning by the 3 minute mark.
Ankurmittalrcv93 Mittal
Ankurmittalrcv93 Mittal:
I see lando norris name in the video i watch it anything having lando norris in it is always good
Lando literally lives 5 mins away 🤣
Josemon Saji
Josemon Saji:
Wait, That's not the 2021 Mclaren F1 car (MCL35M)
It is just a Gulf livery on MCL35 (2020 f1 car).
David Platt
David Platt:
Your one lucky chap 👍
Who else love McLarens
You should buy him a watch!
Bernd Haverkock
Bernd Haverkock:
I wish Steve McQueen would have been able to see it. As he did race for the Gulf team.
(The actor, not the filmmaker)
Shahrukh FFF
Shahrukh FFF:
after a very long time a really really nice video....thanxs bro
Alex Falbo
Alex Falbo:
Wow. Lando doesn’t even get carbon option no.1.
What you know the McLaren won in GOODWOOD today 12 July 2021 👍🏼🤝
Dennis White
Dennis White:
God, the wheels!
Paul Malang
Paul Malang:
Ur shirt matches the belt with the livery 😁
Elisha Dibakoane
Elisha Dibakoane:
@JWW re the weather: have you considered coming down to CT some day. We have the best weather here for an uninterrupted car reviews
Baked Beanz on Toast
Baked Beanz on Toast:
Next week......delivering a spaceship to Lando Calrissian.
Ryan Regis
Ryan Regis:
I’m sure this has been asked before but what sunglasses are those? 😂
Leo Frax
Leo Frax:
Ok then! I’m italian, let’s make a bet! I want that shirt……. if England wins on sunday i’ll get it! If not i won’t take anything. In all the cases we both will be happy! 😂😂
Could make a whole Transporter movie outta this
nerd 420
nerd 420:
might wanne deliver him a new watch too XD
John Fairbairn
John Fairbairn:
Lando is the best!
Michael Cobb
Michael Cobb:
Please change it for the rest of the season so tired of the old livery.
James Hill
James Hill:
Decent upload for a change James.
Great intro mate!
Wow......this is amazing
Best looking 720S
Shaiky Mandel
Shaiky Mandel:
It sounds like a job you would get in Test Drive Unlimited 2
Damn this is so cool
Hi James what brand are you glasses I love them great video btw
Conner Kelly
Conner Kelly:
Curbing the wheels would be a nightmare
Abu Shaad
Abu Shaad:
That is awesome.
Adam Hallwood
Adam Hallwood:
Why not a 765LT to make it more special
Blane Noel
Blane Noel:
I drive one now!
Mercedes with a special petronas livery would be nice
Gulf mclaren ⛽ nice 👍🏻
Super Max
Super Max:
Only true mclaren fans noticed about the front nose and know it’s not the actual car it’s the 2020 car