Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”

Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

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Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi:
Been a fan since camp rock and I’ve seen her go through so much but even after her mistakes, she comes out stronger than ever before and so that’s inspiring to me! ❤️
Amira Cactus
Amira Cactus:
Dancing with the Devil is my new favorite song and it's not even out yet
"One month before overdose" when i tell you i got CHILLS
J T:
Can’t stop watching this trailer, the WHOLE world will owe Demi an apology after this. She was literally fighting for her life and the amount of hate she got/gets is disgusting. This is her time to set the record straight.
P D W:
Elton John also reached out to Eminem and he a mentor to him while he was trying to get sober. Why can't more elder entertainers reach out and embrace the younger generation?
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming:
*We are not prepared for this*
ansiosa, ja to chorando
andrea celine
andrea celine:
she’s always so honest and open even when the truth is ugly, and painful. i’m glad she’s finally getting to set the record straight
Alexis Taborda
Alexis Taborda:
I’m sorry but the part where she said “I’m Engaged” and then after just slowly just puts her finger done really made me laugh 💀✋
Tara S Mayne
Tara S Mayne:
It's crazy that she had three strokes and a heart attack and she's still here.
she isnt afraid to be vulnerable and that makes her strong
The World of Luigi n.n
The World of Luigi n.n:
once this comes out, trust me when i say, a lot of people will apologize to demi.... mark my words
Malia Norman
Malia Norman:
“I can’t believe y’all are doing this” Girl same😭
Ash :p
Ash :p:
I’m not a huge fan of her, but seeing people being so heartless and assuming that’s she’s doing this for attention is horrible.
i think the reason why the view is rising up like 1 million view per day is maybe bcause i watched this video 5 times a day everyday lmao
we love you demi <3
Michele Dowd
Michele Dowd:
Demi is showing that we all have flaws and vices to overcome. Her strength, honesty, and transparency is nothing new but it's still raw, powerful and a true story of thriving. I'm all in and connected by the trailer alone! Love that infectious energy. xoxox
Norma From LA
Norma From LA:
Not many will understand why she is sharing her story, but she is out their trying to help others seek for help and know that you are strong enough to overcome your own demons and/or addictions. That not only ppl with less are suffering, ppl like her that have more go through it too. Can't wait to see her side of the story
Rae J
Rae J:
My fiancé’s died of a fentanyl (he thought he was doing heroin) overdose 6 months and 5 days ago. She’s lucky she got out alive... this made me cry so hard for her.
nat yeh
nat yeh:
She is showing the world the problem that everyone has.
Nina Gray
Nina Gray:
So proud of your courage!
Raphael Cardoso
Raphael Cardoso:
I'm feeling that d7 is gonna be her biggest era
Gail H
Gail H:
i’m sorry for all the senseless hateful things i said about this woman when i thought it was cool to hate celebrities. she has been through so much and i can tell she is a role model and so so strong. it’s great to see her come into her power and i have nothing but love and respect
Seny Rangel
Seny Rangel:
She struggles with more than just addiction. Shes bipolar.. shes struggled to be perfect and to be happy with her self and her traumas

I still love her and i hope that she keeps fighting and never gives up and looses to her addiction.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
I can’t believe we almost lost her....
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]:
I wish Demi could see what many of us see ; she does know how to light up a room with her talent. Only my opinion but based of the trailer it just feels like alot of energy addicted to pain and suffering. I'm glad Demi feels liberated and empowered sharing her truth but what i'd rather see is Demi giving herself permission to be happy and in control. ❤️

Edit: when i said permission to be happy i know its not a flick switch in the brain. For most of us its a daily practice me included. I've never lost faith in Demi, As for the trailer , the producers are showing us snippets of what they want us to see.........
Angelica L
Angelica L:
One day we will stop hearing about this woman’s life and her drug problem over and over.
That One Unicorn
That One Unicorn:
I can’t believe we almost lost her....
Kai Aldrich Santos
Kai Aldrich Santos:
Fun Fact: I've watched this trailer for almost hundred million times Lol HAHAHA 😂
Jazelle Peters
Jazelle Peters:
I seriously can't wait for this to come out iv been watching this trailer like a million times
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
It’s not worth dancing with the devil!
Suprem3 Savages
Suprem3 Savages:
I will be watching her last documentary was astonishing and made me like her even more!!!
The song can be a soundtrack for a James Bond movie...
Green Ghost
Green Ghost:
This gives me goosebumps and I can’t stop rewatching it. I can’t wait until this comes out and she drops this powerful song
Adriana Villarreal
Adriana Villarreal:
I love how she’s expressing herself and not being afraid to hide it
Christina Aguilera and Elton John are featured in this. What a legend Demetria.
Andrew Bummygoat
Andrew Bummygoat:
Anyone noticed how one of her friend is one of the cast that’s been with her since sonny with a chance or so random. Matthew the dude who said are we talking about heroine. There friends
Trendsin Beauty1
Trendsin Beauty1:
I’m praying she doesn’t relapse again, she is so talented such a beautiful soul I’d hate to hear news she’s no longer with us STAY STRONG DEMI 🥺💗
the force of Lovatics
the force of Lovatics:
watching this after a thousand times and i'm still shocked by his bravery
This is going to be one crazy interview...

Side note: I'm still crushing on Demi to this day
we love you always
I've always loved her music and the fact she is willing to talk and show what happened to her makes me like her even more
Chad Gossman
Chad Gossman:
As a past drug user myself, when he asked her if she was still sober and she gave him that look, from experience whether she admits it or not, the answer is no. Altho it could have been just how they made the ad for the vid look on commercial.
Tomáš Jančovič
Tomáš Jančovič:
am I the only one who is watching this over and over again just because the song is so good and you are waiting till she drops it????
Dezzy A
Dezzy A:
She was literally my child hood if she would of died I would have never been the same
Can't wait!🖤
jhev gainz
jhev gainz:
"are you entirely sober now"
....this wasn't part of the script
Sean DiMarco
Sean DiMarco:
I'm here bc my little brother fell asleep listening to this. He's 10. He's usually mean all the time and rude but walking into his room and him asleep while this was playing gives me some hope that he's not all bad.
Caitlin Vonn
Caitlin Vonn:
I've watched this trailer so many times and each time I get emotional... Demi is one of the few celebrities that I feel is personable vulnerable and real.
this made me cry i wish more people understood just how cold and dark the mind can truly get!!
Buddha's Lounge
Buddha's Lounge:
Really appreciate you taking about it so openly. Thank you. You are a brave and strong woman 😘 🤗
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel:
When the poor in Africa are dying out of starvation , American are dying out of drug abuse. The irony of life.
Tuğrul Gayretli
Tuğrul Gayretli:
If this’s the trailer i can’t help but think about to whole documentary
nee stee
nee stee:
Why did it have to be "dancing with the devil" like she's so sus. Obviously sold her soul
Lovemir Moon
Lovemir Moon:
She's gonna be legendary, i guarantee u that.
Kristina Matić
Kristina Matić:
alondra vargas
alondra vargas:
so thats why she had songs like sober and heart attack.
H S:
Hats off to her for sharing these really dark moments in her life with the world and not giving a damn about what anyone has to say about it. Stong, strong woman
Linden Tyson
Linden Tyson:
That’s a STRONG woman
This is so so brave and vulnerable and I am living for it. Cannot wait to watch this documentary and support Demi <3
Andy Ospina
Andy Ospina:
“How many times is she going to talk about this?” She’s gonna talk about it all of her life if necessary. Mental health and addiction are a long life fight. You may not perceive it because you don’t educate yourself, but every time she does this, SHE SAVES LIFES. like it or not. --- THANK YOU DEMI <3
Stella Nelson
Stella Nelson:
The fact that she is willing to share EVERYTHING with us just shows how powerful she is. I'm so proud of you Demi!
Lexi Boshey
Lexi Boshey:
the fact that she’s is talking about this and trying to stay strong is just amazing
Brandon Shere
Brandon Shere:
I’m so happy she is sharing the realities of drug addiction with her fans. Mad respect Demi! One day at a time 😄❤️
chynna linao
chynna linao:
the way this trailer is gaining 1M views per day. yup its gon be huge for my sis 😌
Chloe Anne
Chloe Anne:
"I'm always careful" I got chills...
Faiza Tahir
Faiza Tahir:
This is gonna be here come back. She’s gonna be better then ever
Chelsea Christina
Chelsea Christina:
I applaud Demi for being so strong. With everything you’ve been through over the years... she is so inspirational!
Samantha Lebaron
Samantha Lebaron:
This is absolutely something we are not prepared for... but something we all need.
Chubbie CheekzQT
Chubbie CheekzQT:
She shouldn’t be here. Her “celeb title” would of had a meaning... for 5 mins.
"I'm always careful" hahaha classic, I was on heroin for 11 years, the best liar is an addict who doesn't wanna quit, I overdosed and died for 7 minutes April 30th 2020 and ive been clean since, GOOD LUCK DEMI, we're all rooting for you
Back Endmore
Back Endmore:
That tittle is almost literally so real. Most of these celebrities have done it/do it and that's why they got to the top...then, see consequences and complain.
hen ko
hen ko:
Girl: “hey be careful” Demi: “ok!” Me: 😢💔
fuck off
fuck off:
dude i need demi to drop this song. i’ve been watching this obsessively because i am in love with this song
When much has been given and much is expected therein lies the dilemma.
Candeezy Marie
Candeezy Marie:
I've watched this trailer like ten times. I'm not even the biggest Demi fan, but I'll be here to watch this!
Julia Rodriguez
Julia Rodriguez:
I am so proud of her strength I look up to her so much, she is such a strong, beautiful, talented, amazing woman. I'm so happy to see her get back up after every time she falls. We love you demi💛🥺
Natalie Hodgkinson
Natalie Hodgkinson:
“I was dancing with the devil out of control” 🥺💔
Head in the clouds
Head in the clouds:
Kimberly Michelle
Kimberly Michelle:
“Dance with the devil might last you forever”
Rhea Roberts
Rhea Roberts:
It's the fact that this is just the trailer and I'm here crying.
Dang! They even got Elton in this piece?! 😲
Kat Ali
Kat Ali:
Her : be careful
Demi : okay 😀I’m always careful

Only a few people will understand this ,
Mr Discount Sneakerhead
Mr Discount Sneakerhead:
Man she is one of the most talented singers since Whitney Houston. However, I hope she doesn’t follow the similar path that Whitney took. I pray for her.
victoria lynn
victoria lynn:
i will love demi for as long as i live. throughout all my life, no woman has ever had my #1 spot as my favorite and most talented singer except for her. i remember crying for days when hearing that the news came out along with seeing her live two months prior.. :( when i saw that she had three strokes and a heart attack, my heart sunk. demi, you're a warrior. us lovatics love you so much. thank you for saving my life with your music <3 stay strong, can't wait for march 23rd.
Damn 3 strokes and a heart attack. Girl is really a walking miracle to be out here...
She was on Barney? Absolutely legendary.
Seeing she's gained weight makes me happy, almost. Like she's taking care of her health and her Self before her image. Fat can be so positive, too. :) proud of how far she's come.
Damn I could only dream of being this courageous.
Andrea M
Andrea M:
I think I’ve watch this at least once every day since the trailer dropped. If just the trailer had me feeling emotionally imagined the whole thing. I’ll be waiting for the day it comes out!!
Holy shit i knew she almost died but i didnt realize she had strokes and a heart attack
big lou
big lou:
Heart attacks and strokes, should have just said over dose
dcoog anml
dcoog anml:
once this comes out, trust me when i say, a lot of people will apologize to demi.... mark my words
Kk C-Mcgee
Kk C-Mcgee:
My story: "Declining with the Devil"

I'm sorry but it really is hard to be there....nvm
Simply Sookie
Simply Sookie:
Im just gonna keep rewatching this till she releases the film!
Kattarina Santos
Kattarina Santos:
Lemme tell you I literally dropped everetrying I was doing when I saw this notification I can’t wait!!!!
Vixen the demon fox Vixen
Vixen the demon fox Vixen:
I can’t wait to cry throughout this documentary
Ivan Montes
Ivan Montes:
Seems like someone is tryin to stay relevant
__Jet Set
__Jet Set:
Mans said “are we talking about heroine” 🤣
Thalita Alexandre
Thalita Alexandre:
it's gonna be tough for lovatics to watch this doc