Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”

Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

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she isnt afraid to be vulnerable and that makes her strong
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton:
“Being a role model doesn’t mean not making mistakes, its the mistakes that they overcome which makes them the idol”
Aless Degiusti
Aless Degiusti:
the 'one month before overdose' gets me EVERY. TIME.
Jack Ames
Jack Ames:
*“i don’t even know why i’m sober anymore.”* wow
Jack Ames
Jack Ames:
imagine her saying the best show she’s ever done was a month before her overdose wow
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
It’s not worth dancing with the devil!
Gimme Gimme
Gimme Gimme:
Justin bieber and all the other stars that started off super young probably understand this documentary on a way deeper level than we do.
No face no case
No face no case:
So no one’s going to talk about the song dancing with the devil
Rock Obama
Rock Obama:
Anyone else just kept seeing this on their suggestion list and finally decided to click on it?
Irene Jour
Irene Jour:
"it's just a little red wine, I'll be fine".... damn
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]:
I wish Demi could see what many of us see ; she does know how to light up a room with her talent. Only my opinion but based of the trailer it just feels like alot of energy addicted to pain and suffering. I'm glad Demi feels liberated and empowered sharing her truth but what i'd rather see is Demi giving herself permission to be happy and in control. ❤️

Edit: when i said permission to be happy i know its not a flick switch in the brain. For most of us its a daily practice me included. I've never lost faith in Demi, As for the trailer , the producers are showing us snippets of what they want us to see.........
Niranjan Sankar
Niranjan Sankar:
I've watched this so many times that my brain after the song gets released will still sing it as "It's just a little red wine I'll be fine, I've had so much to say over the past few years..."
Mimi Retorta
Mimi Retorta:
I don't understand why people are getting so mad and so mean about it. I'm not a big Demi fan cuz my interests in music are very different, but I'm the first to admit that she has a great voice. And clearly that great voice is not just for singing. She actually has things to say and she's trying to speak her truth. Me being 26, bipolar, and having struggled with addiction for ten years, i only think this is very very brave, i don't believe in anyone saying that it's part of some kind of agenda do get attention or something. She doesn't need to be incredibly vulnerable and have to live it all again and tell her story just so people can be entertained, i think most of her career she felt like she had more attention than she ever wanted to the point where she couldn't even stand it. Stop hating one everything and anything people, just don't watch it if u don't want to, stop shitting on everyone's parade. Btw sending all my love to all the people that have looked up to her in anyway, relate to her in anyway, all of u are more than valid and I hope u're okay✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿
"Any time that you suppress a part of yourself, is gonna overflow" ...

my number 1 problem...cant wait for this❤
love her or hate her you can't deny the strength and resilience she has for moving forward and keep going is beyond amazing.
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi:
Been a fan since camp rock and I’ve seen her go through so much but even after her mistakes, she comes out stronger than ever before and so that’s inspiring to me! ❤️
Hellomynameisclinton Lastnamehere
Hellomynameisclinton Lastnamehere:
Demi: mentioned dancing with the devil
Lil NAS X: and I took that personally
Naya Wah
Naya Wah:
I cried over this trailer so many times...
Forever Queen Aquarius
Forever Queen Aquarius:
I hope she drops the song when this documentary tomorrow. This is literally the only documentary I’m interested in.
Liam James
Liam James:
Watching this makes me really emotional, I don't know how I will feel after watching the documentary series, That starts tomorrow.
Nina Gray
Nina Gray:
So proud of your courage!
TheDreamer 1998
TheDreamer 1998:
Demi is the queen! She’s beautiful, unique and strong! I’m lovatic and will always be! She’s my everything! I love you Demi Lovato!
Crimson Reads
Crimson Reads:
That one month before overdose was so jarring
Diana Beato
Diana Beato:
Her ability to speak about her struggles is one of the so many reason why I love her. I don’t know many other people with such a huge platform like hers that are willing to be this open and transparent with people.
Elly Her
Elly Her:
She still drinking and smoking weed. At least she’s been honest.
Can't wait!🖤
Se7enDsinS Gaming
Se7enDsinS Gaming:
Being an open addict doesn't make you brave. Lol no one thought Steve-O was brave until he got sober. Meanwhile her friends probably still keep that adrenaline shot ready for the next time...
Ntuzun Kaurintah
Ntuzun Kaurintah:
Omg Christina is here,i am so excited to see this documentary,and learn how Demi overcame all this...
Ken Enggotan
Ken Enggotan:
Demi, you're in every news here in the Philippines and I am here to tell you that we, filipinos, Filovatics supports you. we love you so so much. we can't wait for your docuseries. hope you're okay now. we love you so so much. stay strong.
Radhika Diksha
Radhika Diksha:
Waiting for tomorrow, for the whole series. It will be enlightening for me
Christina Aguilera and Elton John are featured in this. What a legend Demetria.
I’ve been a fan of yours since the start. I got bullied because I’ve a disability. You inspired me to keep going to recovery. Now I’ve not self harm in 9 years. I’m so *PROUD* of you for speaking up . You are truly a light to people who are in the dark. Even tho some people might not see it. I told my high school 8 years ago how bullying effected me 💜.
PK Collins
PK Collins:
Gosh if she wasn't already over 27 I would bet she would be one that would end up joining the 27 club. What a freaking mess. The mom in me says slap the crap out of her - the human being in me says wrap your arms around her. At this point I'll just pray for her and hope for the best. Be well and stay strong, Demi!
After all she's been through this is a testament that she's meant to be on this earth fr
Cass PK
Cass PK:
She needs to surround herself with real people who tell her straight that her life needs to change. Tough love is true love. She is surrounded by delusional admirers who are egging her on her path of self-destruction again. I fear she is not going to make it. I hope I am wrong.
"I'm always careful" hahaha classic, I was on heroin for 11 years, the best liar is an addict who doesn't wanna quit, I overdosed and died for 7 minutes April 30th 2020 and ive been clean since, GOOD LUCK DEMI, we're all rooting for you
Vaida Medina
Vaida Medina:
I don’t even listen to her music but she’s a Latina and I support her because we need more latinas to be out there making music instead of glorifying white artist especially like Miley Cyrus who has no style no culture and steals from other cultures and artist
This is great they made this to show life’s struggles and how fame and drugs can ruin you !
Mia Stenberg
Mia Stenberg:
i love this documentary she has been through so much stay strong demi
Daisy Morales
Daisy Morales:
She is a fighter also we are people
We hide emotion
She is here to make a difference
Be you demi and don't dance 🩰 with the devil dance with u
Heidi McCormick
Heidi McCormick:
Counting down the days till this is out omg I love her so much
we love you demi <3
She's amazingly strong and courageous
Jonathan Martinez
Jonathan Martinez:
Hayli Nicole
Hayli Nicole:
As I work through my own journey of sobriety, I find myself relating more and more to Demi and I feel for her when people criticize her for relapsing. There's just so much that goes on underneath our skin as addicts that are impossible to explain to people who have never struggled with any sort of addiction.

She may not ever know I exist, but I'm proud of her and how open she's been with all this.
Minas Filosoglou
Minas Filosoglou:
This doc series is to be commended, on every level. I say this as an appreciator, but not a "fan," of Demi Lovato. I do not deny her undeniable, talent. Her voice is extraordinary, & the passion behind it, I feel, as I do relate to her struggles, & I thank her for her activist work. With regard to this doc, I saw an UNvarnished, seemingly, & COMPELLINGLY/PAINFULLY, HONEST look into the years that have followed her, near deadly, overdose.
Dancing with the Devil is COURAGE, INCARNATE. Thank GOODNESS, for her survival & for her willingness to finally, tell the truth, & to release those who love her from the menagerie of lies she used to hide/fool them (& herself, to some degree), & to inadvertantly (but HORRIBLY/SELFISHLY, HURT/USE THEM). In so doing, I absolutely, believe she has/will continue, to help others (including myself), in ways she knows, but also, can only, fathom. BRAVE. Thank you, Demi Lovato & TEAM, for Dancing with the Devil.
"One month before overdose" when i tell you i got CHILLS
im getting chills. im so excited for the album and for this, she's such an amazing human im so proud of her
Panos_ Kak
Panos_ Kak:
I got chills only from the trailer
amy t
amy t:
One day at a time Demi- don’t make any big decisions just be. Keep coming back 🙏
Daddy Nuggets
Daddy Nuggets:
Who else can’t wait any longer? 😭🦋
Andy Ospina
Andy Ospina:
“How many times is she going to talk about this?” She’s gonna talk about it all of her life if necessary. Mental health and addiction are a long life fight. You may not perceive it because you don’t educate yourself, but every time she does this, SHE SAVES LIFES. like it or not. --- THANK YOU DEMI <3
Sofi Ortega
Sofi Ortega:
I almost cried on every chapter, omg :(
Shits and Giggles with Gavin & Charity
Shits and Giggles with Gavin & Charity:
Im so proud of demi!
This would be such a great Bond Song!!
Luis Fer Alonzo
Luis Fer Alonzo:
I don't know how well Sir Elton knows Demi, but he's sure to have a lot to say about drugs and childhood fame.
Candeezy Marie
Candeezy Marie:
I've watched this trailer like ten times. I'm not even the biggest Demi fan, but I'll be here to watch this!
Hermione Edits
Hermione Edits:
I can’t wait til this song comes out 😩
Aless Degiusti
Aless Degiusti:
even after watching the whole documentary i get nervous watching this omg
Amy Leal
Amy Leal:
One more: I love your sound, and some of your songs that I could get a hold of. They are inspiring, and sometime they make me cry.
Jordan Norman
Jordan Norman:
Was so pumped the watch this until she came out as “California Sober” 😭
we love you always
Jordan Witherby
Jordan Witherby:
So is this another way to say you had a herrion addiction
Miranda Rose
Miranda Rose:
i need this & the song to come out NOW
hannah banana
hannah banana:
This is something that I am SO excited to see... I’ve waited for this since the last documentary 🤍 she’s seriously one of the strongest ladies on this earth
OKAY BUT THE SONG IS GONNA BE DOPEEE!! "Dancing with the devil"
Kayla Mc
Kayla Mc:
This trailer made me cry, I can’t believe she almost died, I will be never know what someone else is dealing with behind closed doors.
Austin G
Austin G:
This feels like they’re profiting off her trauma but also I’m glad she’s showing people they can overcome their problems and shedding light on it
ItsMeHim SOA
ItsMeHim SOA:
The only reason why I want this to drop so much is the fact that the world see her as this type of person she is not and speaking her truth and the miracle she is will make the world finally see her as a human and my IDOL cause that’s what she forever will be an IDOL for many of us❤️💪🏽 you go queeeen
Jordan S
Jordan S:
We’re so close, guys!
BAM Vlogs - Bailey and Sam
BAM Vlogs - Bailey and Sam:
I have seen addiction first hand and it’s scary. Watching someone struggle with addiction is heart breaking. Her vulnerability is beautiful!
"I'm always careful" I got chills...
Piotr Wydra
Piotr Wydra:
Aww... I love her I think I even saw her on the Doctors TV series something... Anatomy...
Daddy Nuggets
Daddy Nuggets:
Heart breaking 😭😭 glad to see her well now.
Lamia Ferdousy
Lamia Ferdousy:
"If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack"
the first artist documentary trailer that made me feel goosebumps.
Rhea Roberts
Rhea Roberts:
It's the fact that this is just the trailer and I'm here crying.
Dilara Shakur
Dilara Shakur:
I always wanted her „stay strong“ tattoo. She always stayed strong even in her darkest times. Love you demi 🤍
Linda Poplin
Linda Poplin:
So glad it's gonna be free my grandson can't wait to see it
Hannah Loesch
Hannah Loesch:
this seems amazing yet really strange and exciting!
Shari Walker
Shari Walker:
She looks like she’s under the influence in the scenes that she’s wearing the blue robe
The fact that she’s ready to share everything, even at her lowest point... Not because she wants to prove something to people but to attest that these things really do happen, even celebrities fall to different types of addiction, depression and anxiety; and it’s not easy to get back up and act perfect whenever people need her to be. I am so proud that she’s able to choose herself and is able to let go of people that are contributing to her downfall.
Katarina Evans
Katarina Evans:
I need another episode. You are my rehab, please give us more cause some of us need it
Angela Fisher
Angela Fisher:
I have watched this advertisement so many times. I can’t wait
Cody Elson
Cody Elson:
I didnt look this up but now I really got see this ! I had chills the whole time 😘 I hope everything gets better for you demi!
Fir. A
Fir. A:
she has nothing to hide. ive always loved you demi. <3
Ok, I’m already crying my eyeballs out with the trailer, I’m gonna be a mess when I watch the whole thing.
I need this song on my playlist
Jason Pierson
Jason Pierson:
She is beautiful. She has a beautiful soul. I would marry her if I wasn't
c c
c c:
One more day!!! Literally can’t wait we love you Demi <3 it’s a whole new chapter!
Craft Genius
Craft Genius:
I may not know Demi in real life but I know for a fact that she is so strong!❤Love you Demi!
Damn 3 strokes and a heart attack. Girl is really a walking miracle to be out here...
Evelyn Cas
Evelyn Cas:
This literally breaks my heart 🥺
We believe in you Demi
Danielle Laing
Danielle Laing:
Yess! Say everything. As a recovering addict I can't wait to watch
Demi, Thank you! That's it, simply thank you.
P D W:
Elton John also reached out to Eminem and he a mentor to him while he was trying to get sober. Why can't more elder entertainers reach out and embrace the younger generation?
The Kadijah Show
The Kadijah Show:
She did a special like this before. I just LOVE HER!!!
Fir. A
Fir. A:
2:05 i never knew xtina would be featured. love you girls so much
I thought I was ready to see it, but I saw the spoilers on twitter and I am definitely not ready for it 😭😭
Melissa Warnick
Melissa Warnick:
Anyone else believe that celebrities sold their souls to the devil?