Demi Lovato Reveals She Had 3 Strokes and a Heart Attack in Harrowing New Doc

The trailer for ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil’ dropped on Wednesday and the 28-year-old singer opens up about her near-fatal overdose in 2018. Speaking out for the first time, Demi reveals she had three strokes and a heart attack. ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil’ will premiere March 23 on Demi’s YouTube channel.

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she has a song called Heart Attack way back in 2013
Kai A.
Kai A.:
3 strokes and a heart attack. Most people don't get them until their 60's and 70's, and she had both at 26. Damn. She is resilient as hell.
Zoey Martinez
Zoey Martinez:
What she needs to do is delete her social media, put her career on hold, we get it girl, you have so much talent, but please REALLY focus on your self.
She keeps coming back and it’s only hurting her because she ends up on square one. She needs to stop. It’s like watching a train wreck. She’s done like how many of these documentaries ? She hasn’t done any progress 💔 fame isn’t helping her. She clearly has all the money she could ever need, and it’s the fame that doesn’t let her focus on her true self. Every time she gets up she falls back even harder. Enough of being famous and in the public eye. She needs to put an end to it for HER.
It’s really sad

Update: i don’t hate her. I really like her voice and music, but she has gotten to an age where it’s far from acceptable to continue with poor choices and behavior. She can keep making music, that’s her passion, but what I’m saying is she needs to disengage from certain things and focus on her and not the outside world.
J L:
Honestly I don’t doubt that Demi has had a hard life but I almost feel like she is addicted to this cycle of acting out, apologizing and disclosing private struggles, and then soaking in the outpouring of affection from the public.
Austin so cool
Austin so cool:
I pray everyone that sees this is successful in life!
Shawn Chavis
Shawn Chavis:
She keeps coming out with abuse issues and makes us feel bad for her over and over. This is like an unhealthy relationship that never goes anywhere. I don’t know if we’re contributing or not. But, I hope she just leaves pop star life behind and start a new chapter. Being a public figure is toxic and someone close to her just needs to pull her out of it already.
cindy valencia
cindy valencia:
hopefully this is a lesson for everyone in the industry.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
This will help other people open up and be honest about their addiction. I pray for Demi and everyone with these issues. It affects the person and the entire family.
Tyrelle Audain
Tyrelle Audain:
Never knew she had three strokes and a heart attack wow. I feel for her 😢
Love you all the way from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
Bee Spring
Bee Spring:
Lost a best friend to heroin. It takes way more strength than the average person has to ask for help let alone commit to the help. Bless this woman. Keep fighting Demi!
L M:
She cannot do drugs again. She won't survive another relapse. Hoping Demi commits to her sobriety for the rest of her life! 🙏♥️ We love you Demi!
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
3 strokes?? That the 3 strikes and you're out man, how is she still walkin
I don't believe her saying she's better anymore I feel like we heard this a dozen times by now
Chloe S.
Chloe S.:
Her career has become based on sensationalism.

She's thrives on attention and I wish she'd just stay out of the limelight and get herself healthy in mind, body and spirit.

This behavior isn't brave, it's attention seeking behavior.
Jesse Jo
Jesse Jo:
I see strokes and heart attacks in patients 60+, not 20s...that’s insane. So happy she pulled through. It’s an ongoing battle but she seems strong as hell. 💜
Tony LoJollo
Tony LoJollo:
Demi needs help, not this weird exploitation promotion for her doc. She needs to retire/reset. 💚🙏💫
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
Hopeless Romantic
Hopeless Romantic:
Every time I hear about her it’s because she OD’d or health problems, juice wrld OD’d and died but god keep giving you chances to get healthy and clean , please do better Demi !
Miss T
Miss T:
Prayers to her that Demi's story can inspire others struggling with addiction and mental health. God bless her 🙏🏾❤
K J:
"Don't dance with the devil 👿, don't dance at night, don't dance with the devil 👿, cause it ain't right" playing games with Satan has consequences.
She releases a documentary and an album after every overdose. It's sad that her career is now based on sensationalism. But not the kind that people love to watch. It's the self destructive kind.
Kennetria Dalcour
Kennetria Dalcour:
This goes to show when Jesus still has work for you to do here on earth, you will not be taken out. Wow. I’m thankful to hear she is okay and on the right path again. Thank you Lord for Grace and mercy
Selina OGorman
Selina OGorman:
Wow poor Demi everyone is battling something behind closed doors so got to hand it to her I pray for her for to recover.🙏🙏🙏
Three strokes.. how do her motor skills still work normally? That is major damage
Torie Morris
Torie Morris:
There’s a difference in the way she’s talking to reporters and fans versus the way she’s talking to the doc crew.
Synthia Ross
Synthia Ross:
There comes a time when you need to put your passion on hold, to really focus on what matters. YOURSELF. It is crucial to give yourself time needed, times 10. Going back and forth will only make it worse.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
Man this girl really does deliver a lot of documentaries LOL 💕
Symphani Gang
Symphani Gang:
As soon as I heard about this in the middle of class I broke down in tears😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ we love you girl we’re all here for you well at least some of us
Haile Benoir
Haile Benoir:
She has a purpose to fulfil, this is why Demi survived. Her spirit is resilient 🤲🏾
Damn... real people stuff. Just because they are celebrities doesn't mean they aren't invincible or should be judged. Because they go through shit just like the rest of us. We push them and we put so much pressure on these celebrities not realize the damage we we're causing
Demi is so gorgeous. I hope she surrounds herself with people who want the best for her, and not leeches.
Peo Ramabu
Peo Ramabu:
Protect demi at all costs 🥺🥺🥺😍
Charisma Lorelye
Charisma Lorelye:
Demi is so so strong for sharing her struggles.
Heather McNamara
Heather McNamara:
I love Demi lovato, she has just been so much to me since I was little from when she was in Barney, to now her being my idol. I just look up to her so much and it breaks my heart to hear all this, but it makes me happy also, the fact it made her stronger, helping other people with a mental illness. She has just been through so much and I just want her to live her best life. Because she has been there since I was little, I want it to last longer, her song ok not to be ok, is my favorite song ever. And I can’t stand seeing her unhappy though she is very good at hiding her sadness. I just love her and her music so much, i can’t type the words I’m thinking but i just love her so much and even though she will probably never see this, I am here for her no matter what.
Lori Stewart
Lori Stewart:
I love Demi, she is so underrated as a singer. I wish her a long healthy life.
Mayla V
Mayla V:
When God isn’t ready for aren’t going anywhere ❤️ Grateful she’s sharing her story
Cara Edwards
Cara Edwards:
God keeps giving her chances 💕
May Flower
May Flower:
OK... There had to have been some sort of trauma that happened to her, last time all she talked about was work stress and her breakup with Willmar. Wtf happened to this girl?
Zach Gause
Zach Gause:
Girl, god has gave you several chances. Give your life to Jesus Christ
Fernando Honores Ponce de León
Fernando Honores Ponce de León:
i feel sorry for her, but what she really needs to do is to focus on her career and stop lying about herself on social media. she is so brave to share this, but how many more documentaries are we going to see about her struggles? you need to get a grip and focus on your recovery. it is hard, but save your life before wanting to save more by sharing your problems over and over.
Jessica Ogunduyile
Jessica Ogunduyile:
wow shes not even 30 years old and has been through this much!!!
Jennifer Wang
Jennifer Wang:
She’s so healthy and active though. 😟
Don Worry
Don Worry:
"Are we talking about heroin? Are we doing that?"
Skyler Gibson
Skyler Gibson:
This is amazing. She needed this. If Whitney and Michael would’ve had the chance to open up about their demons like this the tabloids wouldnt of been able to portray what they did and make it worse.
I love her talent and her voice. As for the person....please get off the world stage and get help first before trying to come off as a role model for everyone else. You need to really be clean and for a while before you can start talking about strength. Im sure your fans would appreciate you alive and healthier rather than in the spolight and spiraling down back to the darkness.
emily barber
emily barber:
I remember several years ago during camp rock era I stumbled upon a picture of her posing and you can see red marks on her wrists. Poor demi been through a lot at a early age
Alyssa Cozart
Alyssa Cozart:
I'm just happy that's she still here to tell her story
Sydney Weeks
Sydney Weeks:
im so proud of her strength!! i cant wait for the docuseries!!
Hyuga clan
Hyuga clan:
The song heart attack hits even harder now
Marcetta Helms
Marcetta Helms:
My heart aches for this young girl ❤️
Maria G
Maria G:
I sincerely hope that she’s sober for good and not just temporarily. God only gives some many chances and you won’t know the last one until you are gone.
She genuinely looks 40, that's what drugs to you! She sounds surprised that she's had a heart attack
Mental health is something is never talked about becouse people think it makes us less but that is not true talking about it makes us better and may help other people. I my self have really bad depression and anxiety and PTSD ans insomia and is so hard to over calm all the negative thoughts and feelings 😔 that come with this ilnesses and sometimes we fill ashamed of talkimg about it but we should talk about it becouse we can help other people by talkimg about and also help ur selfs ans specially in this times of covid and everything happening in the world 🌎
Spartacus Mama
Spartacus Mama:
WOW 😭so proud Demi!!!
j money
j money:
over the past few years i have seen so many people online talking shit about her because of her addiction. it's so sad to see the stigma still so prevalent today. i finally took myself to rehab for my addiction in june 2019 and i've been clean ever since, she is one of many inspirations for me. i'm so proud of her.
Tracey Pugh
Tracey Pugh:
Shes sooo pretty and so AMAZING! Wishing her all the best!❤
She is blessed to not have muscle paralyzes or stay hospitalized.
I'm glad she got more time to get things right for herself.
winter land
winter land:
I just love this woman so much. Like I’m literally in tears because she has helped so many people in so many ways. She constantly continues to help me. I love you Demi! You’re an amazing human being and I can’t wait to watch! I’ll definitely be crying, so proud of this person that you’re becoming! In my head we’re like the greatest of best friends lol I love you xoxo!
David Parkes
David Parkes:
Demi is lucky she can even walk & talk, let alone sing after going through all of that. Seriously though, having even 1 stroke can be fatal if not cause irreversible damage to your abilities to walk & talk.
You’re a miracle Demi! I’m glad you’re still here. You’re such a badass woman. Keep going!
Roxy Roller
Roxy Roller:
I worked on a stroke unit for years and I’ve seen as young as 16 years old have a stroke induced from drug use. I hope Demi is in better health now. 💕
So basically, Stay Strong and Simply Complicated she wasn't true to us fans, but for this new one she 100% spilling the tea? I really hope Demi recovers from her demons and be forever happy.
broken AudioReact
broken AudioReact:
I knew something was wrong with her and I was so worried about her. She showed signs of stuff that so many fans were unaware ofx
Olivia Klapos
Olivia Klapos:
I’m proud of her, this journey isn’t easy, no matter how simple life is for someone, just living is tough and I’m so honoured that she is alive today! ❤️💜💖💕
Taylor Olivo
Taylor Olivo:
Addiction is so sad. As a social worker in a nursing home, there are too many people that end up on vents for the rest of their life because of over doses. The youngest I've seen so far is 18! Just a baby! Didn't even get to live her life. I absolutely hate hearing these stories because it breaks my heart. Demi is soooo incredibly lucky. I really hope she realizes that. ❤❤❤
The healthy weight looks good on her. Glad shes doing well now!
Chantal Martel
Chantal Martel:
Pepole have to realize the damage drug do on your body.. maybe people will realize we are the or not
Alan Amos
Alan Amos:
Hopefully she will be able get back to doing what she is good at and it's great she is willing to speak about her dark times and mental health and addictions
Wow Demi I can’t believe all of this 😭😭 but I’m so glad you’re still here & to share your journey! Your story is going to help so many people. I love your music & it moves & speaks to me. Can’t wait for more to come!💛
Michael Paul
Michael Paul:
it's good to know....that's she's alive and telling her side of the story while she's still here to tell thoughts and prayers are with her...
Slade Bell
Slade Bell:
Man I thought having one is bad I’m still healing from and I’m one a year younger then her. I didn’t have a heart attack though. Your a survivor Demi
dylaned edd
dylaned edd:
I hope she never goes back to drugs ever ever. Addiction is no joke
Chastity L
Chastity L:
If your doing drugs at any age you can have a heart attack or stroke. Drugs can affect your organs big time. That’s why DRUG FREE is the way to be and I’m so excited she going to publish this story about life. I Hope & pray she saves many lives. 🙏🏾 I love the ending on how she NEVER gave up this is so amazing.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Good for her demi Lovato went through alot I hope she okay .
Wow I'm so happy she shared her story. Didn't know she went through all of this I always wondered what happened to her. Demi I have Lupus and been through similar problems so this was good to hear her fighting through her trails and tribulations. Praying for Demi Lovato 💜🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💜
She was lucky. God knew she had a purpose to send a message from her experience. Kudos Demi it takes so much to be able to share the darkness. I pray everyone who uses can one day find sobriety or chose to get help to obtain a healthy life .
Jesah Buhayan
Jesah Buhayan:
What a story... hope her stories can inspire anyone who’s struggling and battling right now! Prayers to all
I will be honest with my opinion down here, so beware. I follow demi since the Disney days like many of you. And I come from a family we're addiction and anxiety go hand in hand. At the moment I am just really hoping demi is doing what she is doing because it makes her feel good. Because it helps her over the day to sing songs that she created. Not because she thinks she has to put another single out. Or I hope she puts the doc out because she really hopes to help other people with it. Otherwise I just don't get what all of this should do for her. It's just more work and stress. Especially when people will judge you wrongly because they don't trust the honesty of your words. But she just dropped a new song about how she cares what other people think. She tells miley (in a podcast) that she should call her, when she feels down. But when demi feels down she herself has apparently not the strength to ask for help herself. I think she can understand the problem but is not able to fix it herself. And I think if she keeps making docs behind a paywall she will build a career mainly on her tragedys and traumas. Not on her talent.

I would just vanish for some more years. I know crucial for a musician. But her life should mean more to her. As I understand she was already depressed as a child + self harm + the food obsession + drug abuse + her never getting a happy ending with the boys she wants, because they want somebody else + I don't know... 5 almost dead situations?! That's nothing you can overcome in 2 years. For some people that's enough for a lifetime...

Kudos for reading :)
Rania R
Rania R:
Not a huge fan or anything but I feel really really sorry for her. ❤
Adhaan _
Adhaan _:
Sending prayers to Demi 🙏🏼💕
Flyy Girl
Flyy Girl:
Awhhhh poor sis . I’ve always liked her & her voice 🖤
Chiamaka Ifeoma
Chiamaka Ifeoma:
that is absolutely wilddddd. This woman is BLESSED okay. annnd Highly Favored. aint no other way...just wow
Luz Carillo
Luz Carillo:
My poor Demi ! She’s so young too! That’s why we should take care of our selves
Susan c
Susan c:
I will ring for you Demi💞You have a beautiful voice and your beautiful life ahead of you
Ashley Genao
Ashley Genao:
she literally had a heart attack this time


(2013 song)
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera:
I pray for her..God continues to save her because her purpose is great I hope she finds God and allows her heart to be healed the industry is def difficult n can be over whelming. God continue to protect her
Dawn Mcneil
Dawn Mcneil:
Everyone has their own personal devil we’re battling...may God bless you and keep you ❤️❤️
Aileen Samson
Aileen Samson:
My Dad had 3 strokes...he survived. Walked and talked again. After 7 years he passed away 2 days after Christmas of 2010 due to heart attack.
Jimena Hernandez
Jimena Hernandez:
I hope Demi Lovato so much she's very beautiful I hope she feels better soon Feel Better Soon Demi Lovato ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Candice Johnson
Candice Johnson:
I prayed for you Demi. I thought you were staying strong. Don't do this. The fact that you're even still alive is nothing short of a blessing from God.
Bartha Csenge
Bartha Csenge:
I'm so happy she is still here
Emili Rebeca
Emili Rebeca:
I'm glad she getting better 💕🙂
Levi Star
Levi Star:
Sending love all the way from Trinidad 🇹🇹 big fan ever since i first saw u on camp rock and been a huge fan since
Ciarra Johnson
Ciarra Johnson:
Father keep her😣😣She died when she was found unresponsive! SHE NEEDED 2
NARCANS!! If it took any LONGER, she’d be a vegetable from Oxygen deprivation💔💔A lot of these actor kids end up suffering and you just gotta pray for people who go near fame because that shit can kill you❗️PRAY FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE IT SUX OUT HERE😫😫
I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!! I love Demi so much and I’m so happy she’s better then she’s ever been and I can’t wait to see what God does in her life next! Your amazing and beautiful and stronger then you know!!💋❤️
Tanya G
Tanya G:
I am so glad she survived and is coming back with a vengeance against addiction, life trials, and just all the negatives!! Love it!!

Also, I've watched The Young and the Restless since I was 6(1980) and I have never seen the dude you guys say acts on the unless it was a walk on walk off role. lol
Wanda Carter
Wanda Carter:
Thank You for Sharing THIS.... You are helping and healing so many people that you will probably never even meet so may God Continue To Bless You& Your Family I can't wait to watch your story
Alexandra Tonico
Alexandra Tonico:
Omg♥️ happy she ok now 🥺🥺
She needs to take a break from everything. I don’t want another Amy Winehouse god forbid.
I’m overjoyed that she seems to be making amazing progress! I pray that she will get through her troubles!