Demi Moore on Dating and Her Ex-Husbands Ashton & Bruce

Demi Moore appeared on the show for the first time in nearly a decade to talk about baring all in her new book, "Inside Out: A Memoir." The actress divulged whether she talked to ex-husband Ashton Kutcher before the book's release, and talked about how she's remained friendly with Bruce Willis, the father of her three daughters, and if she's currently dating.


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This woman still looks really good
Laurel Flower
Laurel Flower:
This was real. This was deep. I could tell that Ellen was often uncomfortable, but Demi let it all out. She's healing herself, and it's amazing to see her honesty!
bontags harmone
bontags harmone:
Monica wanted phoebe to do her hair like demi moore, now demi Moore looks Kinda like monica.
Stephanie C Diaz
Stephanie C Diaz:
I was a cabin crew and I have met her once on our flight, she was the most easy going and down to earth Hollywood star I have ever met. Bless her and her kids xx
Charlie Malvern Vintage Dolls
Charlie Malvern Vintage Dolls:
Demi: "what's happened to me is not who I am" wow powerful I love this!
I watched her interview with Diane Sawyer and cried a little. She's been through a lot, had a lot of issues and if writing the book helps her, then good for her. Everyone should have the chance to tell their story.
Tara Lown
Tara Lown:
This actually looks like a book worth reading. good stuff Demi.
Demi you have risen like a phoenix from the ashes. May you be showered with blessings.
can't believe she is 57, she looks truly amazing
Veenus Verma
Veenus Verma:
This was such an honest interview. N I wish Demi Moore gets the happiness she deserves with or without men in her life.
Beth Baker
Beth Baker:
I listened to the audio of this book on Amazon. It was a powerful narrative done by Demi herself which I believe made my like the book even more than if I had read it myself. I could hear the pain in her voice and the sincerity. Praying this is a complete healing for her.
True Dat Gamer 1
True Dat Gamer 1:
I love her for telling "her" story. She has never been a public person.
Natalee Adams
Natalee Adams:
Do y’all notice how she pinches her hand a lot, that’s a sign of anxiety... I do that so much too. More power to her, she’s a strong person!!
Valentina Vee
Valentina Vee:
I’m surprised they went this deep. Talk shows, especially Ellen, usually keep the topics quite fluffy and PG.
She has a genuine heart, I hope she’s happy. 🌹
I am glad she admits the addiction to Ashton n got out of it.

I had a relationship with a younger man, and it was so painful to end it.
Thought it was love, but was an addiction, and it took me over two years to realize it.
Thank God, I am free now!!
She looks good. Glad she pulled through and is looking out for her self.
Hryssa H
Hryssa H:
She reminds me of Monica Geller for some reason
Stacie Weitzel
Stacie Weitzel:
She seems like a really genuine person.
Jennifer Love
Jennifer Love:
The perfect example of two parents that love their children more than they dislike each other.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
She makes sense. As a woman, I feel like I'm on a journey..constantly learning, evolving
Ellen, your friendship with Demi Moore's ex husbands and attendance to their weddings is besides point. Would have been more interesting and compassionate to hear more questions to Demi Moore about her book and thoughts rather than your friendship with her ex husbands that didn't treat her right.
Kerry Berry
Kerry Berry:
Ladies, never waste your precious time on a man who shows he doesn’t want you. When pple show you who they are, believe them!
Aisha Abbas
Aisha Abbas:
Demi: "what's happened to me is not who I am" ♥️
Sagal Ali
Sagal Ali:
Ellen was super awkward in this interview when discussing Ashton Kutcher's behaviour you could see she was disappointed and uncomfortable.
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie:
Hats off to aging and NOT crying about it 🎩 👌🏽
Ellen is so proud to have watched this! Every day you are always happy happy everybody’s dreams come true , this was real and you made it important and allowed for a great conversation! 😎
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore:
Can we just say what an incredible talented actress she is too:) and that voice:) xoxoxox Demi (Sorry but Ashton's loss)
C R:
She feels like she finally found herself. There's a peace to her that wasn't there before. Congrats Demi!! You made it. That's true success!!!
Heather C.
Heather C.:
I applaud Demi for her truth, her addiction to alcohol n pain pills, her mom n hers tragic life as a child, truth about Ashton n her getting her life back. She is gorgeous inside n out! Her love for Bruce n her daughters helped her take ownership of her life n get it back loving herself. It's powerful! Thank u Demi for ur strength to help other women n becoming something great.
Vic Vega
Vic Vega:
What an amazing woman, with a beautiful purpose of offering healing through her own journey of difficulties. Made me really emotional to hear her speak so beautifully
Why you wanna know my name!?
Why you wanna know my name!?:
I hope Ashton Kutcher is a different man and husband to Mila Kunis than he was to Demi Moore.
Shugor Choudhury
Shugor Choudhury:
I speak from experience when I say being addicted to someone is toxic; especially if pleasing them supersedes ones own wishes and heartache. I thought Demi’s honesty was courage’s and I love the fact she is in a place in her life where she can talk about it. She looks absolutely stunning, like she always has. I hope she finds someone who never makes her feel like Ashton (Christopher is his real name) once did ❤️
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ
ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ:
She's amazing for rescuing those seven precious little doggos and giving them a much deserved second chance at life! Well done demi ❤
Jeannie Elizabeth
Jeannie Elizabeth:
Power to you Demi, we’re all entitled to feel how we feel! Seems like you’ve been through a lot, and it’s so fabulous that you’re at a place in your life where you’re able to be candid about your feelings, thoughts and experiences. And you’re owning it! It’s actually kind of badass.
Demi - you go girl! You don't need a man! I love that you are fulfilled with your beautiful 7 dogs!!! LOVE!!!!
I'm glad she's been in a happy relationship with her girlfriend for the past 3 years and they're raising a child together. I hope that things turn out much better for the both of them :)
Sara Al Otoum
Sara Al Otoum:
I loved Ellen’s questions and how she tried to feel for Demi 💕💕 and Is the book available in the Middle East?!
H Berri777
H Berri777:
WOW I love that she is actually saying this. So many women have gone through this is in their lives and it really helps us feel not alone, we aren’t the only one. Thank you Demi for showing us that we are not alone. So inspirational 😊
Mischa M
Mischa M:
Sad the only part of the book’s stories Ellen asks about is the men
C Me
C Me:
Demi shouldn't feel nervous about revealing her story. She sounds like she has been through a lot, reflected on and transcended her past.
Nervous? No. Relieved that she is strong, survived, and thrived, Yes.
Naa Akuokor
Naa Akuokor:
So she is basically, like breath taking gorgeous..
Sakinah A.
Sakinah A.:
She's a survivor -- she battled her addictions and her mother's. 💪💗🙏
Samantha M
Samantha M:
Just finished this book, it was beautifully written and a page turner.
Life tobelived
Life tobelived:
I honestly don't think there was need for her to write this book. What does it do for her family, her friends or her exes? I guess I figure there are the kind of things that stay with one's therapist or really close friends or maybe never get told at all.
Roxy Roller
Roxy Roller:
She looks amazing wow! And I love the perspective on the book! Everyone’s story is from the writers perspective and there’s so many other perspectives on all situations! I feel that way with the bible. Same story repeated but different perspectives and versions! (I’m not even religious, just reminded me of the same)
jan munce
jan munce:
When they say "love is blind", this is a perfect example of her trying to please her love
Jeffrey Rafuse
Jeffrey Rafuse:
I’m just two chapters and onto chapter three ♥️✨🥂...💞...I’m really sensitive so I’m tearing up here and there, it’s deeply moving for me, and hearing her voice as she writes in my mind and feelings 💕✨
Winslow May
Winslow May:
I’m just hearing Sam from now and then 💖
Sohnie Hill
Sohnie Hill:
If she ever does decide to date again, then maybe she should consider dating someone who is not in Hollywood.
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister:
What an amazing woman! This just made me love her more.
It never gets easy hearing somebody who has dealt with so many struggles, trying to understand where they are broken, and how to heal… But it sounds like she’s come along way and I can really appreciate that, plus anybody who has seven rescued dogs is OK in my book, she seems like a super sweet person
Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson:
I find demi to be very honest, and sincere♥️
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman:
Demi is a legend. Can't wait to read the book!
Comment Tator
Comment Tator:
This was a good interview. Demi being very real and honest. Ellen also asked good questions without hesitation. And she really listened this time instead of just trying to say the next joke.
Nick Y
Nick Y:
this is an amazingly powerful and raw interview wow good for you demi for opening yourself up like this so vulnerably and speaking from a position that so many women have been in. great questions too wow rarely am i so blown away by celebrity interviews it’s always so tightly wrapped in PR mechanisms this is genuinely giving insight into her true feelings but respectively and she speaks with great knowledge and intelligence
chamois posso
chamois posso:
Wow Demi. . I made the same journey emotionally and I also came to this conclusion. We are love. We are pure energy of love. Fantastic woman.
The person you are is beautiful, Demi Moore! Thank you for sharing your story. What you shared in this interview alone can change the world. You speak with wisdom, truth, intelligence, heart and as a spiritually advanced person. Wishing you much happiness and love as always.
Just ordered demis book on Amazon after watching this! I wanna hear more about what Ashton done on her and made feel addicted to him, i wanna read more about the threesomes and the awful loss of her child and how shes came out the other side of addiction. What a strong lady she is!! Thank god we have platforms like the Ellen show on YouTube in the uk to find out when books are being realised. Love a good book, I look forward to reading this!
Imagine if she was spilling her feeling to Ellen and then someone just popped out of the box at the wrong time... lol
Czarina Czar
Czarina Czar:
The lesson for all women? Don't bring a third person in your marriage, unless it's God for those who are believers. She fulfilled his sick fantasies and then some, and she still couldn't keep him. 😉😑
Elena Pina
Elena Pina:
Demi is SO BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT .... I really love what she just expressed about Love... makes perfect sense & something I needed to hear especially going thru things with my own child 🙏 ❤️ can’t wait to get her book! 😘🥰
I always admired and love Demi !!! she seems such a sweet woman , hope she find someone who'll make her happy
Demi! So happy that you could do this. You look wonderful! Hugs to you.
Al N
Al N:
Demi is extremely honest and probably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.
Leny Oyun
Leny Oyun:
throughout the years , Ellens stutters have become more noticeable
So beautifully written. Truly, if you read it, it reads seamlessly and with such emotion and honesty. It’s a real pause for reflection.
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker:
All these years later, she is still my favorite
Chanette Manso
Chanette Manso:
Amazing in so many ways. Bravo Demi in becoming your true self.
Curious Kitty
Curious Kitty:
I feel for her. She wanted Ashton and he broke her heart. She filled it with 7 rescue dogs, which is beautiful.
I do think she has had an interesting life. I'm glad that Ellen pointed out that the book is well written. That makes me want to take the plunge and buy/read it.
Crochet Ninja
Crochet Ninja:
Thank you, Demi. You are a source of inspiration to more than you may realize. <3
Kristie Angel
Kristie Angel:
Demi is so amazingly beautiful!!! I just adore her. ❤️
Vida Paloma
Vida Paloma:
I Love Demi Moore! She may be one of the most beautiful women in movies...Her honesty, candor and her humility makes me admire her more. ❤️
Daniel Vazquez Martinez
Daniel Vazquez Martinez:
What a nice surprise to find out that Ellen is actually very deep. That was a very good interview
Therese Ember
Therese Ember:
I can’t imagine how excruciatingly painful that suffering would be exponentially magnified by being a celebrity. Prayers for healing 🙏
Oh Demi, what a sensitive and wonderful person.
Danice O
Danice O:
I love her and even more that she rescued 7 dogs!! She is beautiful inside and out.
K Mp
K Mp:
So relatable on an emotional level.
Nada Tobar
Nada Tobar:
This would be really awkward for Mila to watch
Millie P
Millie P:
Demi, you are so refreshing! I appreciate your story.
July713 X
July713 X:
I don't usually read celebrity books. i want to read this one
Dama Q
Dama Q:
I’m so happy she’s BACK!! Love Demi!!
She seems like a intelligent and genuine person. I love that she is advocating for rescuedogs too!
Anrt roo
Anrt roo:
I love her. How scary to put yourself out there like that. Parenting is so hard when you're not in a relationship with the dad. I think she's so brave for being so honest
Jay Lee
Jay Lee:
Wow, I bet even Ellen was taken back by how deep and emotionally intelligent that conversation went. While they are doing so much preparation for Kelly to replace Ellen, this highlights the need for a new Oprah.
WoW! Sounds like an amazing book!
Quiche Lynn
Quiche Lynn:
I think she is amazing for this process. Good job Demi🥰
Christina C
Christina C:
When your a kid it’s understandable however when your an adult you know about respect and loyalty.
Debbie Webbie
Debbie Webbie:
Always loved her and her voice.
Ana Nunes
Ana Nunes:
Perfeitas, maravilhosas!
Cammy Sparks
Cammy Sparks:
Beautiful soul you are Demi...we Scorpios can have/develop some really reckless self destructive habits...then we are reborn immaculate from the ashes. I am so thankful that she has allowed us to hear her truth. God bless her❤
Demi, is here to stay & slay ! Full force.. coming back gunz a blazin" showing us, what hollywood royalty is made of, a true star
What a stunning new story. The pain from her past. So revealing. Such grit and determination. A true trailblazer. So brave, deeply personal, and courageous. America's only true and real hero. So sensitive. Only Ellen could do this perfectly.
Patricia Arthur
Patricia Arthur:
Read her book, It was a great read, I feel like I know her so much better now, I've always admired her work, and now I admire her even more.
Gordon Keller
Gordon Keller:
Thank you Demi ..... Friendship is key too ALL relationships..!
Sajjad Husain
Sajjad Husain:
I remember being hugely fond of Demi for a ton of reasons. She’s a dozen years older than me but I still used to have all these fantasies about her. Lovely woman. Admired her most for her acting roles. Wish her the very best from here on end.
Laughing Lucy
Laughing Lucy:
Codependency and people torturing others with power plays while calling it love is a major problem on our planet. 🥵🥰
Taz Gee
Taz Gee:
I love Demi She is so beautiful and so strong 💕
Rita & beads
Rita & beads:
My mom was in love with her....i wish she would be alive to read this book.😭