Devin Booker: Becoming Legendary | ESPN Cover Story

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker put the league on notice after his show-stopping performance in the NBA’s bubble, sending a message to the world that he is on a mission to become legendary. In this edition of ESPN Cover Story, Booker sits down with Michael Wilbon to discuss being an underdog in the league over the years and (5:59) explains what it was like to be noticed by Kobe Bryant.
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100+ komentarze:

Tony Thomas Jr
Tony Thomas Jr:
Youngest player to score 70 points in game and he’s still under rated 🤦🏽‍♂️
Karl Katrak
Karl Katrak:
if Kobe saw something then he's already legendary.
That Kobe part gave me chills. Make him proud Booker.
Djibril Mutagoma
Djibril Mutagoma:
kobe actually said he would become legendary time to sit back and watch tht happen
Mike J
Mike J:
Booker is making his book mark as an elite scorer by scoring 70 points in one game.
spidek 31 back
spidek 31 back:
Vote Devin Booker for All star game!!!
Reuben Hjk
Reuben Hjk:
Him and Klay are UNSTOPPABLE when they are on
Derek JDW
Derek JDW:
goat in the making. hope he can fight through refs unfair calls and missed calls and also help lead his guys around the refs because other than the refs nones stopping my dawg
Terry Ross
Terry Ross:
Bout time he getting his credit
Fun With Memes
Fun With Memes:
I like Booker's attitude. He came off the bench at Kentucky because of how stacked that team was, and instead of letting that stunt his development like so many others, he took it as a challenge. Iron sharpens iron, and now he's a fantastic NBA player.
J Breeze
J Breeze:
IMO he’s one of the more skilled guys in the league and he’s still so young, seems like he’s been in the league for about decade
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter:
that kobe part had me tearing up
Chris A
Chris A:
Some people still don’t see how dope this dude is.. 👑👑👑👑👑
Dreamer boyz
Dreamer boyz:
This dude already is a legend
Kris Realone
Kris Realone:
Best shooting form in the NBA .His shooting mechanics must be tought in seminars.
Djibril Mutagoma
Djibril Mutagoma:
soo underrated
Robin Nico
Robin Nico:
Seeing how happy he was while talking to Kobe made me tear up
Such an excellently written cover story! So nice to see that Book is finally getting the recognition he deserves 👌🏽
I Am Dolo
I Am Dolo:
DBook been a problem 🤧
Dbook is bound to be an all time great
Runner Up
Runner Up:
Man should be a 3x all star by now. smh 😕
Ik for a fact he gonna get a ring at some point in his career he is so young still and so talented about time people take book seriously like Kobe said be legendary book that’s what he’s gonna become the black mamba called it it’s time for us to enjoy and watch him become that💯
kevin ramos
kevin ramos:
All-star and future MVP!
Pande Surya
Pande Surya:
Be legendary book
OVO Bimmy
OVO Bimmy:
This man an all star
We need some shoes man... I’m not a sneaker head but I’m getting me some booker’s when they come out
I love when players tell about their passion and love for the game of basketball, especially from where they came from at first.
Knockda 8
Knockda 8:
Booker put in hard work! RESPECT
Reuben Hjk
Reuben Hjk:
Will be top 10 SG of all time!
Terry Patten
Terry Patten:
who’s here after he got snubbed from the 21 all star game
MYStro lee
MYStro lee:
There's a party going on
And phoenix is VIP
Like Wise
Like Wise:
DBook bringing more heat🔥to the desert.🌵
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic:
He is a young Kobe Bryant
When discussing top players ever from Michigan, people forget Book is from the Mitten. Top 10 from the Mitten in my opinion.
Dan Puzon Coronel Jr
Dan Puzon Coronel Jr:
Eazy E
Eazy E:
Didn’t even realize him and Kobe got drafted the same number
Aaron Angle
Aaron Angle:
Book is my boi! I hope he never leaves Phoenix and they can get some more great players around him to win a championship
DBook 🐐🔥🔥🔥 Deserving of an All-Star⭐⛹️‍♂️ Please vote!
lets go Book!! SUNS!!! a playoff series, or even better a playoff win, will have a huge impact on the team
“There was a party going on and more ppl were invited” I’m taking that line 🤣
bvy wvlf
bvy wvlf:
I'm so proud of this kid bro
Been a fan since I seen him start dropping 20 every fn game
Matthew Bustos
Matthew Bustos:
Got to go to a Suns game early one time. Dude was out there alone with a coach working on his game. He deserves all the success he gets.
Shikhar Johari
Shikhar Johari:
My biggest inspiration 🌟🧡💜
My role model🔥🔥
Devin booker the goat💜🧡👑
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez:
This guy has got to win a championship in Phoenix. No other team will feel right.
And people in these comments still wanna say hes only a second option... smh just keep watching the legend unfold.
Dbook has writin his own book in nba history!! By the way, he has such a deep voice, completely different from his babyface.
Nasty Glock
Nasty Glock:
Favorite Player Love you DBook
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer:
So glad they are finally showing Booker some love!
PilipiHoops Gameplay
PilipiHoops Gameplay:
Isa kang inspirasyon DBook!! Maraming salamat!
.40 shoot, get hot like Devin Booker, ain't no guarding this
Phoenix Suns Basketball
Phoenix Suns Basketball:
That’s my goat!
Dee Ay
Dee Ay:
If Ayton could develop an aggressive mentality like Booker, then the Suns could be championship material.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill:
D. Book is a Baddddd Mannnn in my Stephen A. Voice! 🤣😁💯
Brisa Reyes
Brisa Reyes:
Like Kobe said Booker is going to be legendary!! Now we just watch it happen!! :)))
Spaßvogel 2.0
Spaßvogel 2.0:
It seams like becoming legendary doesnt mean becoming an all star
Kay Sheye
Kay Sheye:
you know you're an elite hooper when Drake name drops you
Zyair Hall
Zyair Hall:
DBook is so nice. Ong. He need help.
Josh Alberto
Josh Alberto:
About time i been patiently waiting for a winning season. Now it's time to get your shine on!!! Let's go suns
Dexter Conley
Dexter Conley:
He got the Mamba Mentality heartbeat. Leaving it all on the floor, keeping the tank filled with hustle, grinding. Be Legendary, inspired to make a stamp on being the face of the NBA. Just started!
Juan Vega
Juan Vega:
I’ve always said it, most underrated superstar in the NBA
The Juan Moreno
The Juan Moreno:
D-Book is already a legend as is..
Keep striving king🙏🏼
Felix Tobias
Felix Tobias:
dbook ❤️
Mouse On Feet
Mouse On Feet:
Luka Doncic
Luka Doncic:
He has a chance to be at Kobe level one day
Samuel A
Samuel A:
Natasha Bolton
Natasha Bolton:
Booker been great 4 Phoenix this season 🇬🇧🙃 keep it up :)
Ethan G.
Ethan G.:
GR's finest! Love to see what Book is doing in the League, especially this year
Kristin Tambongco
Kristin Tambongco:
ugh, i needed this to be 30 mins longer
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo:
Bout dang time ... So excited for my Suns!
Malik Bradley
Malik Bradley:
DBook=Chosen One
Kelly De Kock
Kelly De Kock:
Jalen Cheatham
Jalen Cheatham:
Favorite player in the league. Glad he's a Sun
can’t wait for everyone to see playoff Book
Kody Robins
Kody Robins:
Kobe gave Devin Booker signed shoes that said “be legendary” on them the day he dropped 70 that fact alone makes me a Booker fan if the mamba says something like that u know he sees himself in them
bryan king
bryan king:
wet like im book
My favourite young player.. Keep balling D Book 🏀
Snodattt _
Snodattt _:
Dbook to the Allstar game vote 💯
my favorite player in the NBA
Kobe is a legend for seeing something special in Devin Booker.
lowkey LS
lowkey LS:
He’s already a phx legend ☀️
Looks like a michael bay movie. Love some USA media show presentation haha (from paris)
Wendell Sloan
Wendell Sloan:
To be legendary,u got mad potential keep up the hard work and love the game and compete.
All this and my boy still gettin snubbed.
Nickolas Tolbert
Nickolas Tolbert:
Dev B
Dev B:
D Book!! My Guy!
Tyra Divino
Tyra Divino:
Booker! You Really Rock Bro!! 🔥🔥💯🙌🙌
Crack PokéPacks
Crack PokéPacks:
Be legendary 🙏
The godley Gamer
The godley Gamer:
Book is a pure scorer
Jesse Almonte
Jesse Almonte:
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong:
He became legendary when he went public with kendall
David Medawar
David Medawar:
I've been saying for years that this guy is a Kobe replica. Both were number 13 pics, both similar mamba mentality, shot selection, mechanics. You can see the Kobe in him. If this guy was on the right team from the get go, he would have already been in those MVP talks. Excited to be a Suns fan and glad he's getting the recognition he deserves...and now, the surrounding talent
Well Deserved 💪🏾
C S:
Cody Li
Cody Li:
The questionable story ecologically chase because ounce marginally camp worth a colorful oatmeal. fuzzy , uttermost unit
Nash Porter
Nash Porter:
He’s gonna be special
they got a great team now theyll surely contend hard in 2 or 3 seasons
mikal bridges and ayton are under rated too they can ball out
vijay singh
vijay singh:
Devine Booker is rising up he is a hard worker and hard work beats Talent
JaVonne Dukes
JaVonne Dukes:
The second carnation disturbingly trouble because guide unknowingly compete aboard a minor slope. heavenly heavy hellish, distinct siberian
Mauro Villanueva
Mauro Villanueva:
I only know this dude because he’s dating Kendall Jenner, but this guy is a 🐐 !