Diablo 2 Resurrected Beta # 2 - Initial Thoughts - Day 1 !!!

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Time Stamps
00:00 Introduction
00:53 Game Lobby
02:18 Map Hud/Visual Bugs
04:08 Loot Always Showing!!!
05:13 New Skill Animations
05:52 Duriel Bug
06:20 Server Performance
07:05 Better Load Times
08:05 Conclusion

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Discord: https://discord.gg/xy3EynP
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dbrunski125
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dbrunski125

Check out https://maxroll.gg/ for Diablo 2 Resurrected and Diablo 3 guides!!!
Personally, the speed of the waypoints that you showed looks like what I'm used to in D2. I'd have 0 complaints if that's how it ends up being.
Ben Botts
Ben Botts:
"I am a little bit tired, so give me a little bit of a break"

When a content creator with his character & quality of personality has to make that comment - it means there are just simply terrible people out there who will nitpick even the nicest of people.

DBrunski, you're a longstanding voice in the D2 community. Thank you for the time/effort you pour into this for us.
Richard Luke
Richard Luke:
I am so jealous of the controller hotbars, I hope we get an option for a similar set up for m/kb. I do not like how inventory management or anything I would want to do in town feels with a controller, but combat imo is so much better when one press = 1 skill.
John Walsh
John Walsh:
I hope this remaster leads to even more recognition and success for you. I'm a very casual gamer, nothing hardcore with D2 but I still love your channel. I'm sure many other casual or curious gamers will find your channel and really appreciate your content and guidance
Great feedback! Please touch on controller as well. There are currently quite a few little issues with how they work, mainly the lack of accurate targeting.
Gary White
Gary White:
If you are in contact with the devs during this process I think an extremely important question is where will the servers be located, I know you mention over 100ms in Canada, that is playable. The 330ms in Australia is not playable because you have no chance of picking up an item before anyone else. If you have the chance, please please please ask this question as it affects thousands of people and will be the difference between asking for a refund or not. Thank you and keep up the great videos!
Jeff Deaf
Jeff Deaf:
cheers dbrunski for keeping us updating with D2R! thanks to you (and others) this remaster is going to be what the Community really wanted. you are the voice of the people!!!!! look forward to seeing you in the first ladder if i can find a PC capable of running it
I LOVE the addition of the "LOOT ALWAYS SHOWING" feature, i got so much used to it while in PD2 so that i just hit the hotkey take all the loot i need, and then i CAN CHOOSE if i want it to remain that it still shows all the loot on the ground or not (which can be REALLY useful in helping not to miss some good loot while farming!) it basically adds one of the functions of the "loot filter" into the game!
This game makes me so sad for what Warcraft III reforged should’ve been, but it’s an AMAZING remaster. They somehow made the game feel modern, while keeping it entirely D2. That speaks a lot to just how good D2 really was.
Byron Delgado
Byron Delgado:
I like the new quality of life feature of always being able to see the items on the ground. I personally won’t use it but I’m sure the current gamer generation is used to things like that. It’s good they offer options of things that do not alter the original experience of the game.
Craig Milde
Craig Milde:
great job, really appreciate the effort that you're putting in for the community :D
A U:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dbrunski! I just finished Act II playing Paladin! And oh man! D2R is just a delight! BUT performance could use heaps of improvement. Dropped framerates are very noticeable, the latency, and lag altogether can be very disorienting. At one point it started to slowdown so much that I had to cap the fps in the Nvidia control panel. There's also rubber-banding all over the place. Plus, despite using a G-sync monitor, if you disable v-sync, there's a noticeable tearing. It even managed to crash/restart my whole system one time. But to be fair, I'm running everything on the highest settings at 4K, but I think this game shouldn't be crippling a beefy system like a 5950x + 3090. I can only imagine the experience wouldn't be so good for devices with lower specs even if you reduce the settings.

As for the visuals, my only complain is visibility of Holy Freeze, unless you look very closely, it's not clear which monsters are affected by it. The aura itself is an improvement from alpha, but it still doesn't look as "chilly" as the original.

But overall, so far, this beta version is looking good! I hope they work on optimisations. I played this a lot during the day like the most of us, and I bet the newcomers would love the game we grew up with, provided all the kinks are ironed out by launch!
Adam Borg
Adam Borg:
I'm glad that resurrected was released. You do the best job. Debrunski is the go to guy for Diablo 2 on YouTube
I would like to see two little but rather significant improvements:
- A permanent choice between modern and legacy version in the settings. Those who prefer Diablo II how it used to be must switch every time after exiting or restarting the game.
- Old HUD is absent from the legacy version in early beta, at least on console.
Not much else to ask for. Best game of all-time. Thank you.
Cynica Tube
Cynica Tube:
Always enjoy your content Dbrunski. I would of loved a more thorough demo of the join/create lobby feature as this wasn't something they had shown in the last demo, otherwise great highlights.
**Side note: They need to replicate the functionality of project d2's filter on joining games, auto new game creation #+1, and auto in game party toggle without question. Those in addition to the shared stash among other things will give this some nice deserved polish. - thank you for reading!
Jorge Diogo
Jorge Diogo:
Congrats on all your videos, you always do a great work.
Playing in a i7-7700hq with a GTX1050 4gb and 16gb ram is not pleasant.
The best FPS I get is 30-40 in lower settings and sometimes drop to 20’s.
Very high settings lower FPS to mid 20’s.
Loading screens take 5-8 seconds.
The game is very visual appealing but if the FPS is not addressed, the experience is not ideal.
Played a bowazon, I felt pretty significant differences from old d2 in terms of responsiveness when ktinig mobs. The delay when turning and shooting is way more delayed than before.
It's so insanely fun! I noticed volcano has a visual bug when you cast it. Like a bright orange/red colored flare on the boulders. I'm sure it will be fixed.

Great vid dbrunski!
One thing I'd like to add to the "animations" section: They should definitely consider changing the paladin's smite animation to resemble the original one. Right now the smite animation in d2r is still a weak-looking upwards "slap", whereas in og d2 it is a powerful top-down shield hit. Might seem minor, but it really bugs me, as it stands I will not create a smiter with the current animation - one of my favorite builds in d2.
You’re dedication to this Game, Streaming AND Content Creation is staggering man. And you have another job?!

Keep up the excellent work man. To the top!
honestly the exit doors on the map isnt really minor in my opinion. i remember spending so long in act 5 cave maps trying to find the exit and realizing i passed over it a couple times. doesnt help that i'm color blind and everything tends to blend together. I'd call this an important issue that should be customizable
Manu Lealao
Manu Lealao:
Time has never passed slower than waiting for D2 Resurrected 🥺🤗. Love the anticipation though 🤩🙌🏼.
Jonathan West
Jonathan West:
One thing I found unclear on the maps was in act II crypt areas. Like claw viper temple levels. It was very difficult to see where the way to another level was on the map. The walls are shown in red and the stairs up /down are a dark pink. Basically blend right into each other. Even at no transparency its not very clear.
Da Ohana Crypto
Da Ohana Crypto:
This brings back so much memories especially the Baal runs love this content
Played with controller on PC the beta today. Felt great and relaxing. Time passed so freakin fast didnt think i would enjoy after hundreds of hours played
I think we can all agree though, the remake is awesome and they've done really well re creating the game.
Loading times are fine and I kinda love that short "opening of the gates" loading screen, and the fissure "bug" looks kinda good actually.
Anyways, good content as always...thanks man!
Jack Scheckla
Jack Scheckla:
Love your stuff bro!!! Been following you for a long time and I gotta say as a d2 vet I am so happy with how they did the remastered!!! And I even tried it on Xbox instead of my pic. It’s awesome and can’t wait for 1 month to go by!! Keep up the great vids man!
You hit most of the things I noticed. Here are some I found:
1. You can no longer move items in the stash, by having an item picked up, and placing it on another to swamp places. So, I have a sword in my inventory, I pick it up and move it on top of a chest armor in my stash, it doesn't do anything. Where before, it would swap places. Its pretty annoying. It still works in the inventory, but not the stash for some reason.
2. Cain does not identify items while they are in the cube.
3. Cain now says "Good Morning" instead of "Good Day"
The auto pickup gold is a charm. I never have the habit of picking it up in classic

Tried not to as well and use the gold auto pickup feature. 3 Hours later i found out that i have 50000 gold
Markus Kistner
Markus Kistner:
Hey Dbrunksi, i played like ~15 hours of it and i think the "entrace" graphics on the Map in Act 2 are really bad. Thats the only thing i had to mention. Some Problems with Europe servers on Friday - but the loading time ingame was good and mostly the bnet time too. So hyped for the launch!
Charles Allan
Charles Allan:
I totally agree with a lot of your points especially the map stuff for act 2. I would end up running into walls a lot with that pinkish red on red but it looks like that was only for entrances to the area. Ya did a great job for being tired man. I am hoping they put in support for modders to make alternate versions of the game, I am a big project diablo 2 fan and prefer it greatly to the vanilla game. The graphics alone might make me buy d2r but I don't see much other reason too personally if there is no mod support, I could just save my money and play the better(in my personal opinion) version of d2. I really enjoy your videos man, good work.
Jaxom Moy
Jaxom Moy:
We all know how this Resurrected is layered on top of the original engine, hence the AI path when at Arcane Sanctuary, my druid pets and even the follower got stuck so often.. i had to use TP to move them along.. Maggots Lair not so bad. was hoping Vicarious Vision would improve it. just a hope...
Alfie Frost
Alfie Frost:
I love the combat but I find it very laggy but it is just a beta. Can't wait to see the full game next month.
Wild West
Wild West:
Im not very far, but my first time. I think its very very good so far they did a fantastic job. I am very very happy to see how good this is vs the warcraft 3 remaster. I just have major lag/gpu issues and the requirements for this game vs original D2 are night and day. You need a beast computer to play this at good frames
Also, please make the catacombs stairs a little brighter in the minimap, it should contrast more. Not a big deal but shouldn't be hard to beef it up some.
Those loading time between WP are more than fine! Wish you'd show between acts though
Good pick ups! I hope the developers watch this and implement your suggestions
Drago Killgore
Drago Killgore:
Been playing a barb out of nostalgia and I'm getting so many memories of the early 00s flooding back I'm glad they did this
Bernardo Espindola
Bernardo Espindola:
So far looks great.. i had some issues with the old door bug, when youre close to it but in a position that the door just WONT open...
And the old bug with soorc fireballs when you hit enemies, see the animation but no damage is done....that really sucks...
Generic Name
Generic Name:
I'm concerned that we wont be able to see other players characters in the lobby. I know the bottom spot is there so I have hope but still worried. I think that always made the game feel more alive.
Ken Harrington
Ken Harrington:
I would like to see a pre-configured D3 keyboard bindings., would make transitioning back and forth easier. ..T= town portal, Z= zoom, J = quests, 1,2,3,4,etc. for skills. Q,W,E,R = BELT, thoughts?
My main complaint is that we do have servers over here in Brazil but I was playing with 250ms. Other than that and some small visual bugs/glitches, the game is amazingly beautiful and it performs really well! Can't wait for the full release 💙
Gaming with Aiura
Gaming with Aiura:
Hey DB! I'm a huge fan of yours from the PH. I just wanna know your thoughts about the current AI of the mercenaries and do you think that they would (or should) improve their AI?
Oak Bear
Oak Bear:
Volcano certainly isn't useless! Take it from a fire druid main, (PvP and pvm) It has phy damage and is good for stationary enemies.
Mainly, it is great in PvP vs sorcs with high fcr. Puts 'em in fhr lock/block animation.

DB always forgets about the PvP ;)
Grumpy Cat117
Grumpy Cat117:
So glad I found this guy, great content and very likable 🙃

red doors on red walls, I straight up missed the next level of the dungeon because of it. Had to full clear that level to figure out I had missed it.
Jacob Lethbridge
Jacob Lethbridge:
So I've played about 4 hours worth, my biggest complaint is the amount of crashes I've experienced. Crashing literally every 10-20 minutes.

Visually the Game is way better than I could have imagined. Love it. I haven't noticed really any bugs when playing, other than the crashes.

Your channel is going to get huge soon man! Love your content!
Kevin O'Neil
Kevin O'Neil:
I'm curious to see how they utilize the improved map contrast in the River of Flame
I had an invisible merc in act two. I also had an issue with the doors on the dungeon maps, i ran around a whole map trying to find the stairs to level two when i had already passed it. made me realize i mainly play just looking at the map and not the game..
Scott Kay
Scott Kay:
3:55 - Hard agree. The dungeon stairs in Act II were almost impossible to see. But what a good place we're in when THIS is what we're complaining about, right?
Shannon Michael
Shannon Michael:
Playing early beta now and it’s a lot of fun although I also have noticed some bugs in game. I played Paladin mostly so far and for whatever reason when you activate a portal whatever current aura you may have on your Paladin gets deactivated for whatever reason and you have to activate it again and this happens every time. Another bug is sometimes at town you randomly take damage from literally nothing lol. I have had this happen a few times when changing armor or something from a vender in town and the screen will flash red and you take like a point of damage and it happens kinda often. Another bug is sometimes a few boulders here and there in act 1 will randomly vanish from sight and then reappear depending how your walking around them and it’s bizarre. Apart from this the main problem is the severe lag spikes you can get, luckily I have yet to straight up get kicked from game like some people but I have had major lag spikes where I even appear to be teleporting sometimes cause of how bad they are. And sometimes the lag and frame rate or whatever is so bad that it even hurts my eyes cause it looks like your screen is like skipping or something. I understand this is early beta so there are issues but I hope this all gets resolved soon. Also targeting with sorceress is pretty hard to do in my opinion and sometimes cause of the lag and delay you can see yourself like shooting away from a enemy but somehow still hit them. Silly stuff like this.
Few things I have issues with on interface:
- ui should remember that you created new game, now it is working like this: create game, exit game…join game tab is visible (instead of create game tab)
- tab should focus to next field when creating or joining game
Really hope they will keep taking care and update the game after release because there's alot of little things that need fixes amd we',ve only played first two acts
Seth Morrison
Seth Morrison:
I noticed ghost monster pathing is bugged, the get stuck on open Graves and barrels rather then float over them.
$55 CAD for a game that's 21 years old I expect nothing but perfection in the remake. Blizzard is clearly shitting the bed on anything new that they make, so they better do damn well with this all time favorite.
Bui Minh Tri
Bui Minh Tri:
Hey Dbrunski, I thought the Duriel part was not a bug. I saw that player drink 5 thawing potion before getting fight with Duriel. That's pretty much explained and also a tip I normally use. Have a nice day!
I like the remaster but I do would like changes to useless spells and abilities. Would bring in a lot more game to the already 20yo+ game by just changing a few 1s and 0s.
Getting bright teal lightning spells that spark very brightly would be a dream instead of the boring white ones we have now 🔮 the cold spells are already pretty white atleast some of them. And two genders for each class! And constantly updating content and new acts with DRAGONS, DEMON DRAGONS, BONE DRAGONS and other stuff that was not in the original D2. In addition to the phrase "please stop sucking my c*ck or I will call the police" absolutely no one will use the phrase "I hate dragons I wish this fantasy game did not have them" 🤩🐉 I really hope they make D2R like WoW so that it gets new content all the time because it is so much fun to play! 🤩 In fact if Blizzard is smart they will use all the resources they currently use on WoW into D2R 🙏
Marcos C
Marcos C:
We can see how good this remake is from the critics. We are picking on tiny minor things, the devs have done a great job!
Atanas Tsvetkov
Atanas Tsvetkov:
In catacombs of act 1 noticed the animation for tainted demon when shooting their lighting ball its very pixilated as if I am playing arcade game. With all the surroundings and the athmosphere just doest add up. So I was wondering, if it is just me or other ppl find that specific animation weird.
NmE Of The State
NmE Of The State:
Omg I literally was dying with the red walls and red doors like In the viper temple. I literally couldn’t find the next floor twice.

Also the only other issue I had personally was when I went from act 2 lut to catcombs my game froze. Twice. Didn’t actually try to do it again intentionally so idk if it’s a thing

Playing on PS5
I was sooooo excited for this game, I've been playing the series for over 22years, BUT that having been said over time I moved to console. Seeing this coming to console got me excited, but no custom lobbies? No making custom lobbies? All random? That made me cancel my pre order, and I'll never buy this for PC as they removed the ability to Lan party citing a bs excuse. They said nothing would change... Already lost a mode and the ability to lobby properly.

Won't be buying it, left me VERY disappointed
I really liked the monster design and movement/physics. But i didnt like the color of the game, it seems colorless compared to classic. I know that a Diablo game cant be colorful, but i dont know how to say this, it feels different from the classic. But that's the only thing that i didnt like. Im having lots of fun with the game and cant wait to play the final version.
Henrik Österberg
Henrik Österberg:
My initial thoughts: Looks cool, if the server capacity (or their network capacity) is beefed up to handle the playerload I might actually be able to play it online at launch... tried it briefly last night but only got as far as changing a few keybinds before I got booted out due to connection issues (not on my end).
Baby Jakes
Baby Jakes:
I feel the lighting (in terms of visibility, especially in dungeons) is very bad. Light radius means nothing when you just see everything on screen. Kinda spoils the dark and creepy mood D2 should be giving off.
Cory Robinson
Cory Robinson:
Did you try with the controller at all? I found that allocating skill points was a tad hard. Referring to when you had multiple skill points available and you just want one point into it. You have to press and hold to put a point into a skill but if you press and hold for too long it also adds more points into that skill. Its a very short time between one point and multiple. Also did you see if there was a way to give merc a potion with the controller? Playing on a ps4 here.
Don Diabolic
Don Diabolic:
Im excited for this as every year I come back for a bit of D2 but still feels like a cash grab by Actiblizzard. I really dont like giving them money any more.
Drobo Stoko
Drobo Stoko:
Its actually quite cool to see how deep fissure goes to the floor :)
Ken McLean
Ken McLean:
i wish there was more optional QOL features. like putting skills in left click. holding right click while running auto attacks monsters so not being able to put an aura in the left click feels really bad. another nice option would be visible damage numbers and visible monsters on map.
Chaz Chartrand-Morin
Chaz Chartrand-Morin:
Game starting to look pretty good. Still not going to preorder. Still hoping this game is a success because its the last blizzard game I predict I will play and I want something that can beat the test of time.
Jared Crawford
Jared Crawford:
I haven't been following the bug fixes too closely, has there been any talk of fixing the fend bug with the Amazon? It would be cool to see the Spear skill tree actuall be semi viable this time around.
Trey Snellings
Trey Snellings:
I think the one thing that they should implement the /playerx feature in multiplayer games. I usually play solo, but one day I would love to see my name on the ladder. I am a casual players so just getting on there would be a challenge. The other reason I think this would be a great idea is that friends could play 8 player difficulty for drops and MF in a game with a password. Just my thoughts. Love the Beta so far. Love your channel. Here's a like, and a new subscriber :-)
Ashley El Dorado
Ashley El Dorado:
Playing the Beta feels the same as D2 with updated graphics. The only differences I can see is the auto gold pickup and shared stash.
Jason kurjack
Jason kurjack:
One thing that'll be nice is adding people will be much more easier when it comes to adding people to your friends list and chatting will probably be much easier since you can party chat.. so talking to people about trading gear will be so much more easier I for one am looking forward to playing this game on console and on PC from time to time..
Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen:
I have a summoner Druid and my only complaint is in tight spots like the maggot lair or arcane the wolves are useless. They almost get stuck and can’t contribute to killing enemies. I find my act 2 merc responds the same way. I don’t remember this being an issue on the old d2. Overall though, loving this game 👍🏻
Anubra Kahn
Anubra Kahn:
Unlimited respecs are huge. I remember sitting on huge stockpiles of skill points that I would save for skills that haven't unlocked yet.

Being able to pour those points into lower level skills while I grind it out is just way more fun.
sean hensley
sean hensley:
My current issue is "lag" that seems to happen when opening up inventory and moving items around or picking up items to drop over in the sell window. Like, it feels like there is sometime of frames dropping issue. It doesnt feel smooth.
Can you please suggest to blizzard to change the stash tabs from 3 shared, 1 personal to 3 personal, 1 shared. It would make more sense because you only need 1 shared tab to transfer gear where as you need a ton of room on mules to complete the "Holy Grail". Like if you agree so Dbrunski can see and maybe mention it to the devs. Thanks
Grzegorz Gojska
Grzegorz Gojska:
Great video! I really enjoy your materials on Diablo 2 :)
Eternal Genin
Eternal Genin:
Actually the doorways on the minimap for halls of the dead and viper temple are still really difficult to see, virtually undetectable. This needs to be fixed still.
I admire the dedication you have to this game, personal story. During hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, I was without power and limited connection to the internet. I downloaded Diablo 2 for some entertainment since I knew power was going to be out for a few days (it took, 7 to 8 months for power to come back). This was the only game that I enjoyed and was too young when it came out to really enjoy it ,so what perfect time to actually sit down and play it. I found your channel 2 weeks beforehand with xtimus and was able to fully completed on all 3 difficulty, thanks to both of your channel. Now that this has been resurrected I'm going to do more than one character and try different builds again, thank you so for your hard work and I'm really looking forward to more of your content.
Michael Marcussen
Michael Marcussen:
I dont like the way they have shrunk the close button for the inventory screen, and moved to the top right corner from the buttom left corner. Also the rock stairs in act2, had a hard time spotting them without the minimap.
In d2 lod the werewolf looked amazing to me
Rob P
Rob P:
As one of your subscribers sir I respect all the content you put out always informative!! I know you play mostly PC but I have a question for you good sir..... Do you happen to know if the system setup for no chat in game, no battle net chat, and no game creation or game name creation for the Ps/Xbox systems is that really what they will use!??? If you have no idea sorry to waste your time.
Fab Col
Fab Col:
They definite need to change the color of the exit on the map, it blends in way to much with the walls, 3 times I missed the exit because I didn’t see it. It needs to stand out a bit more.
Noticed also when doing transactions with vendor it would get real laggy when moving gear to sell or buy.
And I’m sure they will fix where money keeps disappearing from your stash.
Bummer couldn’t play with my friend because he was getting that error code that some think it’s related to minimum requirements (windows version, etc)
Overall it’s an awesome experience for beta.
Rel ixo
Rel ixo:
I'm just curious, in the beta can we reach the higher difficulty levels? I know we can only go up to ACT 2. But because of this beta is just locked in "normal" difficulty? (I have no acces for beta thats why I asked)
I only played a couple of hours and I noticed tons of issues. I hope they are able to resolve most of them before launch. Off the top of my head:

Many enemy abilities, ie tainted in act1, have small artifacting when using spells (looks like a tiny speech box appears near their head very briefly)

Huge frame drops when walking with inventory open in certain areas (Tristram was the first place I noticed). Frame drop does not occur with stat screen, talent tree, or merc inventory open. Only personal inventory

Frame rate drops when center fade option specifically is selected for map

Items such as magic javelin selling for 1 gold regardless of quantity or modifiers

I'm going to play more tomorrow but those are just a few I recall off the top of my head. I reported most of them.
Tj Legend
Tj Legend:
I played it on the ps5 today. And it’s very different layout for the UI for game lobby and everything. It’s much slower to identify this with tombs of identity. It’s much slower buying and selling and doing all inventory stuff.

The game handles well for the most part. But you’ll be at a huge disadvantage playing on console as you can’t click where to teleport as the game just teleports you only half way across the screen in the direction you’re facing.

While using any melee attack with X. It is also the interaction Button and at times you’ll pick up a ton of useless crap while trying to attack as it picks anything up you’re near when clicking X which is horrible when being a melee character and surrounded by enemies and you kill a couple and they drop arrrows or bolts or crap items and you pick them up all the sudden rather then attack. Then once picked up the game has you attack again. This makes it frustrating as I spent a lot of time having to open my inventory and drop everything.

Since this is a shared loot game and as mentioned before you have to be right near item and be looking at the right one (very very hard to pick out a single item you want on the ground if it’s surrounded by a bunch of other items) meaning on battlenet when in games with others or doing Baal runs to level or MF runs to find gear. PC players who point and click will have a huge advantage in picking up all desired loot. Your inventory will fill up so fast with useless stuff if you’re just clicking X in a rush.

The graphics are amazing. The game feels like Diablo 2 still which is awesome. But on console it’s definitely going to take some getting used to. While hoping devs somehow bridge the gap between picking up gear on Pc and console. I love D2. Been playing it 20yrs. Still love it. Preordered D2R the second I could on ps5 as my Pc is pretty much shot and needs replacing. Lol 😂

Also I can’t see any quick shortcuts to use potions in your inventory quick or quickly identify things without holding X for a couple seconds on the tomb of identify first then clicking the item. Nor a quick way to purchase things. Or give your merc a potion (which is very needed in higher level runs) also no shortcuts really if any kind on console to even load up your potions on your belt if empty and having them in your inventory.

Hope this helps those on console have a heads up that it will take some adjustment time to really settle in and enjoy it on console.

Ps DBrun keep up the amazing Diablo content 👍🏻
Ken Eskridge
Ken Eskridge:
My only complaint on this beta is that I wish they would've included more acts. The full game is really a playing through the game 3 full times at least, so 2 acts is a very small portion of character progression.
Jacob O'Leary
Jacob O'Leary:
I still think that there's a few aesthetic changed that need to happen, Holy Freeze needs to look more creepy - it currently still looks a bit cartoony, also the skill shrine hand doesn't look gothic enough, it looks like a plastic kids toy. These aren't minor problems either, the game is an aesthetic masterpiece because at every turn of design the original devs made gothic visual choices. All you have to do is copy it all guys. <3
I'd like the lightning to be way more thick. Lightning was one of the things that looked SO cool in D2 LOD.
Jonathan Straka
Jonathan Straka:
The game is fantastic. I could cry it's so good.
I had the same thoughts about the walls in A2. I couldn't find the next level cause there was no contrast in halls of the dead
I like that you can control the map opacity so I have it on really low.
Jesse James
Jesse James:
What I'm really interested in is if the characters are saved forever and not for 3 months like in the old d2?
derek barnes
derek barnes:
It’s not just Duriel’s holy freeze. It doesn’t work from monsters or the player either
3:58 100% agree, i totally missed the claw viper temple lvl 2 door because i wasn't paying close enough attention.
I don't know if this is a bug, but it bothers me a lot that whenever I cast a spell my character stops, meaning I can't hold mouse1 and right click for casting a spell and then continue moving. I have to let go of mouse1 after casting a spell