Diana Rigg - Minikillers (1969) (4 Episodes)

The Minikillers were shot in the late sixties, after Diana had left the Avengers.

00:00 Part 1 - Operation Costa Brava
10:20 Part 2 - Heroin
20:25 Part 3 - Macabre
30:26 Part 4 - Flamenco

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RIP Dame Diana Rigg (1938 - 2020)
Diana was fabulous, will be missed!
kevin courtney
kevin courtney:
RIP Diana. You were one of a kind.
Dee Geraghty
Dee Geraghty:
You were my role model back in the 60's when I was a young teenager. Liberated, intelligent, talented yet sexy. The Avengers was such fun to watch.
Tee Tarquin
Tee Tarquin:
She was magnificent. I wanted to be Mrs. Peel when I was a kid. Rest In Peace my dear. ❤️🙏🏻
James Hogan
James Hogan:
Mrs peel looking divine in a two piece.
Rest in Peace
Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg
Sean Meehan
Sean Meehan:
Anyone else notice that they played the Avengers music when Diana first appears
Bass mike
Bass mike:
Brilliant actress who could carry a scene without any dialogue. And own it.
God bless Dianna Rigg, Patrick Macnee, ABC/ITV for providing adventure
programming that current TV networks "original programming" and hollylolly can't touch.
Edit. Glad I purchased The Avengers Complete Emma Peel disc collection short while back.
Outer Limits (old/new), Twilight Zone and other box sets. What else you going to do during
a Plandemic. Well, besides that.
Brian O
Brian O:
We love you Diana Rigg. Rest in Peace.
David Marshall
David Marshall:
There was a lot of creative experimenting going on in film and music in the mid to late '60's and early '70's and obviously this is one foray into the field of 'no-speak', just communicating with body language, expressions, and actions, plus the camera and music. Definitely different, with lots of good scenes of Diana and south Europe in that era.
Robert Moulds
Robert Moulds:
The fairest English rose miss Emma Peel and her lotus sports saw at a car show four years ago and I miss her.
bert bakker
bert bakker:
from today RIP ....
god she was a classy sexy lady
Francesco Bonfiglio
Francesco Bonfiglio:
Diana was such a babe...
Alan Funt
Alan Funt:
Rest In Peace, Dame Diana Rigg. Thank you so much for all of the pleasure and humanity that you brought to us.
Anthony O
Anthony O:
RIP Diana Rigg 😢
Such a pretty women back in the day
Miz Ann Wells
Miz Ann Wells:
RIP Diana RIgg
Station Plaza
Station Plaza:
Wonderful ! They aught to have called it "Mrs Peel Goes on Holiday". Thanks for posting this.
Empire Stikes Back
Empire Stikes Back:
13:55-15:51 Wow Mrs. Peel! Wet Bikini!
r/TheAvengersTV is on Reddit!

This was so freakin weird lol loved it!
Bob Ross's fan brush
Bob Ross's fan brush:
R.I.P. Diana X
I think that Diana sings in the theme song of this show, isn't it ??? It is very sad that she doesn't speak here because she gets a very beautiful voice in addition to her gorgeous body !
Thanks for the upload ..What was this show about ?? XD
Avo Nethcellovogue
Avo Nethcellovogue:
RIP Diana Rigg
Sir Richard Richard
Sir Richard Richard:
Love to see the script....all one page of it
Kari Couvillon
Kari Couvillon:
Well, this was out of left field. 😄 Tons of Avengers-esque references and a total geek service.

So okay, I'll play what if -- "After divorcing her husband, and while Steed was partnered with Tara King, Emma decides to get away from it all with a vacation to Spain. While there, she becomes embroiled in an Interpol investigation into an assassination ring of doll fetishists."

RIP, Dame Diana. You will be missed. 🙏
shirley savitts
shirley savitts:
Diana RIgg always fascinated me with the hint of so many auras about her and she was in control of them all. Plus, she was a vivacious beauty in her middle age more so than when so young. Throughout it all, she was such a great actress.
Victoria Goodwin
Victoria Goodwin:
...she never even talks?
Look at the way she smiles and the sweet mischievous light of her eyes !!! She is unique in her acting, she is unique in everything. The first time I saw her, I was very young but this lady, the first heroine on tv able to beat men in fights, amazed me so much that I became a fan of this kind of women !!! RIP Diana and thank you for all you gave me with Emma Peel !!!
The music at Diana's entrance (2:14 & elsewhere) was very similar to the cues used at the beginning & end of the color Rigg Avengers episodes. And Rigg's beauty, clothes, fighting, investigating & drinking champagne made it clear this was Emma Peel as well. However, the non-British locale & drug element made this feel more like a New Avengers story. And it is impossible to believe either Diana Rigg or Emma Peel would ever vacation alone, although her Bond character, Tracy, did. Thanks for sharing, I've never seen such a complete version before!
Victoria Alfred-Smythe
Victoria Alfred-Smythe:
Evan Escapades
Evan Escapades:
Omg wow!!!!!!
Stella Maris
Stella Maris:
Kind of bizarre for a film without dialogues.
Michael Holloway
Michael Holloway:
What the flying.... Guess that proves you can make a TV series while stoned, beginning to end.
Wilhelmus Hoffmann
Wilhelmus Hoffmann:
Realy second rate avengers
roxana toro
roxana toro:
Para mi el cuerpo de esa mina no tiene forma mucho mas linda Linda Carter o Lindsay Wagner esteticamente mas bellas y sexys 😉💪❤