Diane Keaton on relationship with her brother, his struggles with mental illness | Nightline

In her new memoir, “Brother and Sister,” the Oscar-winning actress talks about how her brother, Randy, faced a downward spiral just as her career began taking off.


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Diane Keaton, Linda Hamilton and Sally Field. No plastic surgeries, classy ladies and amazing actresses. National Treasures
Audrey Dakin
Audrey Dakin:
I like how she accepts him and tries not to “fix” him. I think I’d like to read this book.
Sara Silver
Sara Silver:
I love her because she’s so honest with herself and us
This made me cry. My brother's an unrepentant alcoholic too - it's hard not to become hateful and angry about it. Randy's very lucky to have a sister like Diane, what a loving and kind soul she is.
When my youngest brother was 18 he wanted to know what it was that was exactly wrong with our uncle - our mum's brother . My mum's never been able to be very open about him, but she explained that it was like Russell Crow's character in "A Beautiful Mind".
His schizophrenia and heroin addiction - which he overcame and I'm very proud of him for doing - was very hard on my mum and grandparents; my mum described the feeling of loving him and wanting to protect him , whilst also almost hating him at times.
I wish his life had been different. It makes me sad that he suffered so much in his 60 years. But I've come understand that there's only so much you can do. It must be so sad for Diane to see his alcoholism slowly killing him, but she seems to understand that it's probably the only way he can find a modicum of peace in such an un-quiet mind; because the illness has taken hold and it's never letting go, and somehow we have to be at peace with that.
Gerard Quinn
Gerard Quinn:
"It is sad to me, he had a difficult life". Painful words for anyone who truly loves someone suffering from severe mental illness.
R Lynn
R Lynn:
She gives unconditional love. This is beautiful.
Dave East
Dave East:
My brother has schizophrenic disorder as well as another brother who has OCD and severe anxiety who has found success after going to boys town, it has been hard but I love my brothers and they always have my back, this was powerful for me and I’m glad that mental health is getting more of a light these days
Malka Z
Malka Z:
My family did not mourn the death of my mentally ill relative. We mourned her life. It was at a time when people were placed in crowded, rat infested institutions where the mentally ill patients were mistreated. Now, we have medication. We need to talk about this more, even if it hurts to talk about it. Only then, will we see change for the better.
Deborah Robertson
Deborah Robertson:
What a wonderful sister Diane is to her brother. They're a blessing to each other. The letter he wrote to her about her great performance in "Reds" was spot on and given his challenges, so very generous.
I just love Diane Keaton.. having lost both of my brothers, I wish her the most precious moments for the rest of her and her brothers lives. I miss my brothers so much. God Bless ❤️🙏
W. F.
W. F.:
I never really understood what a drinking problem was, until I went away with someone on vacation who had a drinking problem. Then Bingo it hits you it's a problem because it's a problem for you. It's awful to have someone in your life who just drinks and wrecks precious moments and memories. You have to feel sorry for the family, I would not be able to live with that full time.
Diane Fagula
Diane Fagula:
I love her & how she is open yet private. She is like having a best friend that lives next door. I love how she has saved all of his letters & art she so loves him!💙
You are my hero Diane Keaton♥️ !!
karen benson
karen benson:
Thank you Diane for sharing your brothers story. My father and son both struggle from mental illness and people don't always understand. I try to be open about it in hopes it might help someone. You have the platform and you are using it for good...thank you!
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic:
I always loved Diane. I think she is so unique and so different from all the Hollywood celebrities,who all have a similar way of behaving and presenting themselves. She was never into that shallow, superficial, plastic persona of an actress. She alaways seems like a real, honest, sincere and down to earth human being, far away from fake star image and spot light.
She is extremely talented actress and a wonderful person. I love her originality and how she always stayed true to herself.
dan horne
dan horne:
Diane is a beautiful person in so many ways .
Lynn Sprufera
Lynn Sprufera:
Diane is a wonderful sister, and so sweet to share her relationship with her brother all of us. Perhaps she is helping raise awareness for the need of tolerence for our family members and friends who struggle with mental stability. Mental illness is very real and is caused by a physical disability that has a varied spectrum. Loving and understanding by those who are blessed with greater stability is essential for the family's dignity. It's a hard journey that tests the family's values. Hopefully love and understanding will prevail like in Diane's family.
B C:
Diane is a beautiful soul who has remained authentic and true to herself.

To those closest to her who have been a constant source of inspiration, strength and wisdom, have no doubt helped to mold and reveal her beauty that is more than skin deep.

Which are just some of the reasons why we love her so much as a person and an artist in her field. She will always be one of my most favorite actresses and insiteful people I would love to be in the company of whether it be on screen or in person.
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter:
I love his poem. It reminds me of my own work. I would love it if she published a book of them. I would read it from start to finish in 1 night. Some of the most sensitive loving souls are so tormented in life but never see how beautiful they truly are. Sometimes digging in to your own reality and indifference seems easier than to let others in. I'm glad Diane is his sister. He truly was bestowed a great gift.
Mag Ma
Mag Ma:
WONDERFUL interview. She is an icon and a remarkable insight into her sibling relationship.
Christine Harvell
Christine Harvell:
I never knew this about her life. I have always admired her. It's very healthy for her to realize that there is NOTHING she can do, she is not responsible to save anyone, just cherish the time you have with those you love or care about.
J G:
Moment 5:23 when something her brother wrote during the filming of 'Reds' hits Diane at her core...a very different interview than Keaton usually gives. And I LOVE it!!
T Basuil
T Basuil:
One of the classiest actress. I love Diane Keaton.
Holly Fisher
Holly Fisher:
This story deeply touched my heart and soul❤~Thank you for sharing the journey, Diane, that Randy and you have been on together in this uncertain lifetime!!
As a Sister whom has lost Siblings to both addiction and mental illness, truly do appreciate the heartfelt honesty in this story of navigating family, love, loss, heartache, and somehow still JOY in the end~BLESSings to you both🙏:)
Raquel F.
Raquel F.:
Thank you Diane for speaking about mental illness. It is still such a Taboo subject.
Denise Salles
Denise Salles:
What a nice interview - and her brother's writing is quite beautiful.
robert day
robert day:
Diane is a wonderful person and Randy is so lucky 2 have her as his sister.
Favorite melodies
Favorite melodies:
I absolutely love her and her sense of style and humor...
Wow, such a sad story, and a contrast to Diane’s usually jolly persona. But, I’m glad to hear that they are doing well. Bless Diane and Randy!
M Elliott
M Elliott:
Diane Keaton, has been and will always be a role model to me. Thank you for sharing yourself and your life with us!!
Dianne Valdez
Dianne Valdez:
He is SO beautiful on the outside. I'm very sad that he was so tortured on the inside. Imagine how hard things are when dementia is a blessing.
Erika Escalona
Erika Escalona:
Mrs Keaton is one of my favorite actresses of all times. She truly unique and I admire her for that.
K C:
When Diane cries, we all cry. Love you Diane 💙
Tonya Landon
Tonya Landon:
Diane, my brothers and your brother are very much alike. My brother is a raging alcoholic and has mental illness. He also now has brain damage due to a freak accident and tries to use it as an excuse. It isn’t an accuse when he is smart enough to hide, sneak, manipulate, lie, steal, and do anything to get his next drink.
He is also the man in town neighbors whisper about. It’s sad. I feel your pain, along with your unconditional love for your brother. Love the addict, not the addiction.
Diane Young
Diane Young:
There are a lot of people in this world that are like Randy. How lucky he is to have a family/ sister that have helped along the way of life.
Tamaki amajiki
Tamaki amajiki:
All those pictures and videos just show that life goes by fast and we should cherish our loved ones as much as we can!
I love her! I've watched something's gotta give a lot! My fav! Also I have a son with mental illness it's so hard . He's done better but battles depression daily.
Travis Keeler
Travis Keeler:
Everyone struggling with Substance Use Disorder should be so lucky as to have a family member like Ms. Keaton. What a wonderful human being.
M T:
Mental illness is hard.... and real
Arlene Hill
Arlene Hill:
Diane's love for her brother is really beautiful.
A Viewer
A Viewer:
Totally understand when Diane talks about becoming closer after the Dementia diagnosis. It's the same with my dad and me:(
noemi Hinojosa
noemi Hinojosa:
I really admire her belief about acceptance.
Kathy, aka Mimi
Kathy, aka Mimi:
I’ve always loved Diane Keaton but didn’t know how much until I watched her speak about her brother. She apologized for crying, which tells me she really is a lovely person, inside and out.
Leslie Woodhull
Leslie Woodhull:
Diane’s Dad, Jack Hall, was an absolutely wonderful Civil Engineer! My husband worked at his company and really enjoyed his experience there.
Rebecca george-white
Rebecca george-white:
Dear Miss. Keaton, I am so happy you and your brother and your children have treasured time with your brother, (uncle) Randy. My son Parker walks through life with schizoaffective disorder and autism, and I fund him to be amazing, brillant, kind natured, and mischevious one great guy. Thank you for Love and understanding and compassion. Sincerey Parker"s mom
Diane Keaton - what an interesting woman (and interesting life she's had.)
Ninette Halpin
Ninette Halpin:
Excellent, thank you for this important interview.

Diane Keaton, we love you ⚘
Priscilla Wagner
Priscilla Wagner:
Loved this interview! 🌼❤️
Linda Mon
Linda Mon:
Love her style& sense of humor!
Ti Gq
Ti Gq:
"I should've been a better sister"
Is how i feel everyday. 😪 RIP BRO
Kathy Ropa
Kathy Ropa:
There is no one quite like Diane Keaton. My husband and I love when we come across one of her romantic comedies on TV. SHE IS THE BEST!
Tanya Davis
Tanya Davis:
I've always loved her. It's just something about her
I've always liked. For a Hollywood celebrity she seems really down to earth.
J Wollman
J Wollman:
Diane is such a special human being. I was taken back by the photo of Randy. He reminded me of Richard Chamberlain.
J Westfall Davis
J Westfall Davis:
What a class act! Love you, Diane.
Helen Holt
Helen Holt:
It is interesting, this woman makes her living portraying others, reveals herself through words, yet physically hides from the world.
Daniel K
Daniel K:
I like her a bunch, and i appreciate her speaking openly about her eating disorder history. It helped me with mine.
Kimberly Carey MUA
Kimberly Carey MUA:
Crazy! Sounds like my family, in a way. He sounds so much like my Mom’s brother (also named Randy) AND my Dad’s brother. My Mom’s brother was a little weird and an outcast throughout his life. My Dad’s brother was an alcoholic and died from liver failure. Only difference from Diane’s brother is both my uncles have passed.
I love her style!
Marsha Havemann
Marsha Havemann:
He’s a very lucky brother.
Pamela Rose Stevens
Pamela Rose Stevens:
Very touched, as I sit here sobbing. Over many years, maybe 20 years, some people said that the stigma of mental illness is ‘finally’ lessening. It’s still being said but repeating something over & over does not make it so, as we all know.
The quiet and private people…I think their thoughts and feelings run very deep so it’s really something for Keaton to share this with us.
*the photo of her brother instantly made me think of Richard Chamberlain. Her brother is quite handsome.
I always dismissed Diane as "playing a character " in real life. I think her early film work was brilliant, but anything after "First Wives", ( & maybe because anything, but 2 movies of Goldie Hawn, make me cringe).
However, what an honest interview showing a deeply thoughtful, caring woman. Her brother, cursed with illness and yet so sensitive & insightful, far beyond so many people thst are deemed "normal".
My best wishes to this open, feeling human being for her book and speaking about this personal problem so honestly.
Diane, you’re truly a BEAUTIFUL soul.🌸 God bless you, always.🌸
Debbie Johnson
Debbie Johnson:
I just Love Diane! She is one of the Greats! Nothing negative can be said about her. Just look at all the glowing comments from everyone here! I hope she knows just how much her fans adore her.
K L:
I truly love this lady
Sebastian Baca
Sebastian Baca:
She is eternally youthful...such a funny vibrant young personality. Love Ms Keaton!
Theronizer Thesecond
Theronizer Thesecond:
I don't struggle, I struggle with others not knowing they have mental illnesses! I have my own safe way to be mentally sane.
Pumpkin Diamond
Pumpkin Diamond:
This made me cry coz I am just like her brother and worst is that I am alone in this battle.
C M:
Diane Keaton is everything...the personality..her charisma...her humor...love her💕💗
Susan B
Susan B:
she is right about the godfather and he is right about reds. she was disjointed in the former and stunning in the latter. she made that movie, for me
Geoffrey Fox
Geoffrey Fox:
Diane Keaton has such an impeccable sense of style!
If your sibling suffers severe mental illness, or any illness for that matter, stick by them as best as one can. Persistence in support is key. Enabling the negative aspects such as complete dependency does not help. Sometimes complete dependency happens though because of the serious debilitating symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. The alcoholism and/or drug abuse that often comes with it can be addressed with support... it is a way for people to self-medicate. Emotional support -- empathy for fears -- is key to lessening the desire to self-medicate, although there is no guarantee. The LEAP Institute is a major support and I highly recommend anyone reading this to look into the work of Xavier Amador who went through it all with his own sibling.
My own sibling's illness has dictated much of my own life but still has taught me much more about life than anything else.
Fight stigma towards mental illness from others. Educate others to promote compassion.
And remember: you and your sibling are NOT alone.
gwendolyn Beecroft
gwendolyn Beecroft:
One of my favorite movie personalities, love her fashion sense. 🙂
Helen Patterson
Helen Patterson:
Love can make ANYONE beautiful. The magic elixir that can cause someone ready to let go of all the pain this life has to show and move through the veil, to stop, and think again of the little nuggets of sweetness that life has shown us through the years.
The pic she took IS beautiful: he is looking back, in his broken body, at unconditional love.
INCREDIBLY SAD that such an amazing ARTIST and POET was NOT SHARED with the WORLD at the HEIGHT of his EXPRESSION.

Michele Murphy
Michele Murphy:
She has such incredible style. ❤️
I absolutely love her.
Robin Y.
Robin Y.:
Wow, my brother was like this and finally died from drinking. He and I were also very close. I miss him always.
I absolutely love diane. This is the first time I've heard of her family, wow every one does have a story.
Regina Eiland
Regina Eiland:
This is so sad on all levels, but on the more personal level. My sister who had mental issues and became a drug addict managed to become healthy, sober, functional, and responsible even made supervisor at a nursing home. Sadly however through her years of abuse, she couldn't stop her liver from dying. She was on the list for a transplant we understood she would need later. But she let down her guard, falling in love. In fairness he wasn't a bad man as most stories go, but he was Haitian and his mother hated my sister. Her son was to marry a woman of her choice from Haiti. Being with an American woman was out of the question, no matter how hard my sister tried to win her love and respect....his Mom won, and my sister was shattered. Instead of getting the proper help through the proper channels she covered over her pain and held it in. That proved to be her destruction. After 16 years clean she relasped. she didn't fall all the way down the rabbit hole, but it was enough they kicked her off the waiting list for a liver. She agreed to go into a rehab that she was supposed to stay in for a year, we were all shocked that after only a month they sent her home. She never told us they sent her home because after tests they gave her months to a year to die because her liver was beyond damage, and being taken off the list there was no hope at all.. She made it about a year, and she remained sober for the rest of her time. She didn't want to leave her children and grandchildren with images of an addict. She would have appreciated another chance. But because of one mistake after 16 years she was pushed aside and she lived in that private torment not telling any of us how sick she was, because she didn't want her last days with us spent in sadness and terror like she was, all while dealing with mental illness. This man got the second chance my sister would have loved. And he never even tried. I'm not trying to judge him. He's mentally ill, but I can't help but think of all those like my sister who waited, wanted, would have done the right thing with it had they had a second chance. She was the best caregiver. Her patients and staff loved her, but she wasn't here to help take care of our Mom when she got Alzheimer's. I am glad her brother here is doing better finally and hope he keeps it up. It just hurts I wish I'd gotten this chance with my Josie.
While I detest the majority of celebrities and their 'above-it-all' mentality, I do like Diane Keaton. grounded, reflective and doesn't carry the same aura of arrogance as most others.
Tammy Creswell
Tammy Creswell:
I love how Diane supports her brother even in the younger years that no one talked about. My eyes filled with tears of joy, heartbreak, and compassion to see such support in a family. My brother suffered tremendously and my family just turned their backs on my brother and I because be I showed support thru out his short life. This is what a true family is all about. Bravo diane
Love her style!
Danny Bello
Danny Bello:
For me personally
Baby Boom movie was my first introduction to her finest n most pure acting
Diane Keaton such extraordinary human being ❤❤❤
Bella Grace
Bella Grace:
Some of the most beautiful minds are the most tormented.
Barbara Olson
Barbara Olson:
Thank you. Love Diane and her love of all. Sending love, light, peace, abundance and joy to all.
Suzanne Light
Suzanne Light:
A very special lady! 🥰
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman:
LoVeLy tribute for her, but also from her to her brother.
Joyce Fuller
Joyce Fuller:
Wow .. Seriously ? .. some people are so low in there own live's they can't just let others be and celibate there accomplishments, You have lived a good life Diane and you are a real person I admire your successes
I love Diane Keaton ❤️
Wilma Flintstone
Wilma Flintstone:
I had to look up her age: she's 74! What the hell, she sounds like she's in her 40s, at best
Lucinda Newcomb
Lucinda Newcomb:
Wow. I fell in love with her when I fell in love with the movie, "Something's Gotta Give." I didn't know about this part of her life until now. Interesting. Sad.
Natasha Bury-wilder
Natasha Bury-wilder:
Wow this was emotional. It made me cry
Mercy Williams
Mercy Williams:
Wonderful interview. Sensitively done.
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff:
She's awesome!
Rico Von Spacewolf
Rico Von Spacewolf:
Dang it...Diane Keaton is such beautiful lady in more ways than one. I just developed a little crush on her I think.
I sister's unconditional love..amazing!
underestimated &smilin'
underestimated &smilin':
Love love love Diane!!!
Sarah Leach
Sarah Leach:
Diane looked aftet her mother and her brother. One of the most generous bosses and loving and generous on sets.my friend and my son told me.
But my favorite actress forever and a fashion icon.i grew up in orange co.
In the 50s and 60s .my husband said we had the life that minnesota kids dreamed of .Always at the beach.i love her .