Diane Keaton on relationship with her brother, his struggles with mental illness | Nightline

In her new memoir, “Brother and Sister,” the Oscar-winning actress talks about how her brother, Randy, faced a downward spiral just as her career began taking off.


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Audrey Dakin
Audrey Dakin:
I like how she accepts him and tries not to “fix” him. I think I’d like to read this book.
I just love Diane Keaton.. having lost both of my brothers, I wish her the most precious moments for the rest of her and her brothers lives. I miss my brothers so much. God Bless ❤️🙏
dan horne
dan horne:
Diane is a beautiful person in so many ways .
antonela bakavic
antonela bakavic:
I always loved Diane. I think she is so unique and so different from all the Hollywood celebrities,who all have a similar way of behaving and presenting themselves. She was never into that shallow, superficial, plastic persona of an actress. She alaways seems like a real, honest, sincere and down to earth human being, far away from fake star image and spot light.
She is extremely talented actress and a wonderful person. I love her originality and how she always stayed true to herself.
Diane Fagula
Diane Fagula:
I love her & how she is open yet private. She is like having a best friend that lives next door. I love how she has saved all of his letters & art she so loves him!💙
You are my hero Diane Keaton♥️ !!
Kimberly Carey MUA
Kimberly Carey MUA:
T Basuil
T Basuil:
One of the classiest actress. I love Diane Keaton.
K C:
When Diane cries, we all cry. Love you Diane 💙
Wow, such a sad story, and a contrast to Diane’s usually jolly persona. But, I’m glad to hear that they are doing well. Bless Diane and Randy!
B Cochrane
B Cochrane:
Diane is a beautiful soul who has remained authentic and true to herself.

To those closest to her who have been a constant source of inspiration, strength and wisdom, have no doubt helped to mold and reveal her beauty that is more than skin deep.

Which are just some of the reasons why we love her so much as a person and an artist in her field. She will always be one of my most favorite actresses and insiteful people I would love to be in the company of whether it be on screen or in person.
Bella Grace
Bella Grace:
Some of the most beautiful minds are the most tormented.
A Viewer
A Viewer:
Totally understand when Diane talks about becoming closer after the Dementia diagnosis. It's the same with my dad and me:(
Dave East
Dave East:
My brother has schizophrenic disorder as well as another brother who has OCD and severe anxiety who has found success after going to boys town, it has been hard but I love my brothers and they always have my back, this was powerful for me and I’m glad that mental health is getting more of a light these days
David Adams
David Adams:
Oh, damn. I don't know why this interview upset me so. I broke out in tears. It's probably because I heard myself in the narrator's description of Diane's brother: aimless, substance abuse (past, thank goodness), mental illness, financial instability. The stigma of mental illness is embarrassing to me, shameful, like you're wrong, a facsimile of a person.
Diane Keaton - what an interesting woman (and interesting life she's had.)
Diane, you’re truly a BEAUTIFUL soul.🌸 God bless you, always.🌸
Marsha Havemann
Marsha Havemann:
He’s a very lucky brother.
Erika Escalona
Erika Escalona:
Mrs Keaton is one of my favorite actresses of all times. She truly unique and I admire her for that.
Lynn Sprufera
Lynn Sprufera:
Diane is a wonderful sister, and so sweet to share her relationship with her brother all of us. Perhaps she is helping raise awareness for the need of tolerence for our family members and friends who struggle with mental stability. Mental illness is very real and is caused by a physical disability that has a varied spectrum. Loving and understanding by those who are blessed with greater stability is essential for the family's dignity. It's a hard journey that tests the family's values. Hopefully love and understanding will prevail like in Diane's family.
Kathy aka Mimi Life
Kathy aka Mimi Life:
I’ve always loved Diane Keaton but didn’t know how much until I watched her speak about her brother. She apologized for crying, which tells me she really is a lovely person, inside and out.
Theronizer Thesecond
Theronizer Thesecond:
I don't struggle, I struggle with others not knowing they have mental illnesses! I have my own safe way to be mentally sane.
Lee M
Lee M:
These interviews are brutal.
Holly Fisher
Holly Fisher:
This story deeply touched my heart and soul❤~Thank you for sharing the journey, Diane, that Randy and you have been on together in this uncertain lifetime!!
As a Sister whom has lost Siblings to both addiction and mental illness, truly do appreciate the heartfelt honesty in this story of navigating family, love, loss, heartache, and somehow still JOY in the end~BLESSings to you both🙏:)
Brittany Carter
Brittany Carter:
I love his poem. It reminds me of my own work. I would love it if she published a book of them. I would read it from start to finish in 1 night. Some of the most sensitive loving souls are so tormented in life but never see how beautiful they truly are. Sometimes digging in to your own reality and indifference seems easier than to let others in. I'm glad Diane is his sister. He truly was bestowed a great gift.
J G:
Moment 5:23 when something her brother wrote during the filming of 'Reds' hits Diane at her core...a very different interview than Keaton usually gives. And I LOVE it!!
Wilma Flintstone
Wilma Flintstone:
I had to look up her age: she's 74! What the hell, she sounds like she's in her 40s, at best
Rico Von Spacewolf
Rico Von Spacewolf:
Dang it...Diane Keaton is such beautiful lady in more ways than one. I just developed a little crush on her I think.
Deborah Robertson
Deborah Robertson:
What a wonderful sister Diane is to her brother. They're a blessing to each other. The letter he wrote to her about her great performance in "Reds" was spot on and given his challenges, so very generous.
Tonya Landon
Tonya Landon:
Diane, my brothers and your brother are very much alike. My brother is a raging alcoholic and has mental illness. He also now has brain damage due to a freak accident and tries to use it as an excuse. It isn’t an accuse when he is smart enough to hide, sneak, manipulate, lie, steal, and do anything to get his next drink.
He is also the man in town neighbors whisper about. It’s sad. I feel your pain, along with your unconditional love for your brother. Love the addict, not the addiction.
I love that fact that she is so honest about her life.
karen benson
karen benson:
Thank you Diane for sharing your brothers story. My father and son both struggle from mental illness and people don't always understand. I try to be open about it in hopes it might help someone. You have the platform and you are using it for good...thank you!
I love her! I've watched something's gotta give a lot! My fav! Also I have a son with mental illness it's so hard . He's done better but battles depression daily.
Favorite melodies
Favorite melodies:
I absolutely love her and her sense of style and humor...
J Wollman
J Wollman:
Diane is such a special human being. I was taken back by the photo of Randy. He reminded me of Richard Chamberlain.
Julia Mihaj
Julia Mihaj:
She ages beautifully! Thank god she didn’t got the “filler” route!
"I'm a wierdo, ya know!"
Jim's Girl
Jim's Girl:
The line between genius and insanity is a very thin one.
The pic she took IS beautiful: he is looking back, in his broken body, at unconditional love.
Mag Ma
Mag Ma:
WONDERFUL interview. She is an icon and a remarkable insight into her sibling relationship.
Helen Holt
Helen Holt:
It is interesting, this woman makes her living portraying others, reveals herself through words, yet physically hides from the world.
Hayden Chittim Rd News
Hayden Chittim Rd News:
All those pictures and videos just show that life goes by fast and we should cherish our loved ones as much as we can!
I sister's unconditional love..amazing!
Alexander H
Alexander H:
How sad to live with that regret.
This interviewer has a subtle nastiness about the way she asks questions
Sarah Leach
Sarah Leach:
Diane looked aftet her mother and her brother. One of the most generous bosses and loving and generous on sets.my friend and my son told me.
But my favorite actress forever and a fashion icon.i grew up in orange co.
In the 50s and 60s .my husband said we had the life that minnesota kids dreamed of .Always at the beach.i love her .
Geoffrey Fox
Geoffrey Fox:
Diane Keaton has such an impeccable sense of style!
Kathy Weddle
Kathy Weddle:
I adore her!!! I really want her to be my friend 😊
INCREDIBLY SAD that such an amazing ARTIST and POET was NOT SHARED with the WORLD at the HEIGHT of his EXPRESSION.

Helen Patterson
Helen Patterson:
Love can make ANYONE beautiful. The magic elixir that can cause someone ready to let go of all the pain this life has to show and move through the veil, to stop, and think again of the little nuggets of sweetness that life has shown us through the years.
Leslie Hannah
Leslie Hannah:
Randy might be an Unacknowledged genius. He was probably never valued. Diane Keaton is sooo much an accidental icon. Perhaps her brother was the real star.
Britney Summage- Belton
Britney Summage- Belton:
I love her style!
Pamela sickinger
Pamela sickinger:
It is both a curse and blessing to have this kind of connection in a family, and it is both so close and reverent to me. It feels like an albatross around your neck because of the private war you carry around your entire life out of wanting redemption for them which is usually futile. These connections are like the weather, and life is volatile. These "alleged" black sheep are truly the most significant and most important beings who affect us the deepest and most profoundly throughout our entire lifetimes, but they are usually kept hidden, abbreviated or marginalized and for the most part, so are our feelings and narratives. They strike the rich and poor, accomplished and incompetent. We evade the subject, and endure our private battle of seeing them suffer, but we in turn suffer so much to see them strive so hard, and then we suffer more when in their sometimes humble distress they still try and verbalize compliments toward our efforts or feats. Sigh! We are all casualties, but we are not in a bubble because there is a lot of pain in this world. No-one can save anyone, and for the most part, we alone are responsible for our own happiness and success. ********* It is not always predictable, but I am coming around to make some kind of difference by retreating and reflecting on all the (serious) suffering of the world. By being gentle and kind with ourselves and all other beings, we can build on making our own benevolent fortifications. Come to a place where you don't analyze misshapen or negative reactions from people. Be meditative of them as opposed to being limiting and reactive. Let them come in and go out. We don't want to be the victim of others suffering because we will in turn suffer the guilt, shame, blame, and self condemnation that we carry because these beautiful souls impact us where we feel guilty for being happy because they cannot be. We need to speak with understanding and compassion. ***********Thank you for exposing this to allow us to comment on significant feelings from the shadowy darkness and into the light. Flourishing careers are not what is important, but increasing sensitivity, warmth and empathy is.
Crazy! Sounds like my family, in a way. He sounds so much like my Mom’s brother (also named Randy) AND my Dad’s brother. My Mom’s brother was a little weird and an outcast throughout his life. My Dad’s brother was an alcoholic and died from liver failure. Only difference from Diane’s brother is both my uncles have passed.
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose:
I love Diane. I want to look like her and be as happy as her when I’m olde r
Diane Keaton, Linda Hamilton and Sally Field. No plastic surgeries, classy ladies and amazing actresses. National Treasures
I absolutely love her.
Love her style!
Programming Chicago
Programming Chicago:
That last shot of Randy looks like Richard Chamberlain!
M T:
Mental illness is hard.... and real
Black Swiftie
Black Swiftie:

" *I LOVEE The Instagram* "
-Diane Keaton

She IS Hilarious as hell...
While I detest the majority of celebrities and their 'above-it-all' mentality, I do like Diane Keaton. grounded, reflective and doesn't carry the same aura of arrogance as most others.
Joyce Fuller
Joyce Fuller:
Wow .. Seriously ? .. some people are so low in there own live's they can't just let others be and celibate there accomplishments, You have lived a good life Diane and you are a real person I admire your successes
Bridge30 B
Bridge30 B:
At least she realized what he had and how she was not there for him.... My siblings, well half siblings, turned on me pretty much..Guess I missed the memo that THEY were perfect...Haha.
I love Diane Keaton, but this is a simple case of an extrovert trying to understand the life of an introvert. Sounds like me and my sister. Some introverts feel too much and it hurts, and some extroverts don't understand that... and never will.
underestimated &smilin'
underestimated &smilin':
Love love love Diane!!!
I love Diane Keaton ❤️
laurels heart
laurels heart:
Always loved DK
I love love love her!🙊💕✨
thank you for sharing the interview with us  here
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff:
She's awesome!
Márcia Freitas
Márcia Freitas:
I admire you, Diane. Regards from Brazil.
Suzanne Light
Suzanne Light:
A very special lady! 🥰
d k
d k:
I want that hat! 😍 I love it!
Diane thanks for sharing it helped. IAM retired and use to work with dementia they were my loves! So darling!
You know that picture of her up at the award show, made me see Katie Holmes looks somewhat like her.
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hoffman:
LoVeLy tribute for her, but also from her to her brother.
W. F.
W. F.:
I never really understood what a drinking problem was, until I went away with someone on vacation who had a drinking problem. Then Bingo it hits you it's a problem because it's a problem for you. It's awful to have someone in your life who just drinks and wrecks precious moments and memories. You have to feel sorry for the family, I would not be able to live with that full time.
debbie savage
debbie savage:
Love Diane!
noemi Hinojosa
noemi Hinojosa:
I really admire her belief about acceptance.
I absolutely love diane. This is the first time I've heard of her family, wow every one does have a story.
No Middle Name NMN
No Middle Name NMN:
She is very beautiful and gifted. Cool she is next to Martin Short! She is striking and fashionable, yet she seems so unaware of it and down-to-earth. She seems loyal and dear. And she totally owns that beautiful outfit. Randy’s words are gorgeous.
I always dismissed Diane as "playing a character " in real life. I think her early film work was brilliant, but anything after "First Wives", ( & maybe because anything, but 2 movies of Goldie Hawn, make me cringe).
However, what an honest interview showing a deeply thoughtful, caring woman. Her brother, cursed with illness and yet so sensitive & insightful, far beyond so many people thst are deemed "normal".
My best wishes to this open, feeling human being for her book and speaking about this personal problem so honestly.
Jasmine Garner
Jasmine Garner:
Love her!
Randall Pink
Randall Pink:
I thought this was a Poltergeist scene , dam it!
I've loved her since 'Annie Hall'.
Jean Michaels
Jean Michaels:
Even though someone has an addiction they can't or won't stop, doesn't mean that person is worthless. He deserves to live as well as anyone else. He who is without sin can cast a stone. No one is sinless.
Marie Dilly
Marie Dilly:
how wonderful you are Ms. Keaton to open up about this...
Jake Spur
Jake Spur:
Hat a great sister. 😍
Da Al
Da Al:
Glad she is reconnected with her brother.
Teresa Cody
Teresa Cody:
Phenomenal woman!
Lesley S
Lesley S:
❤️❤️❤️ her! 😍
She dressed like Annie Hall her whole life.
Johan Vajse
Johan Vajse:
He drank, did you try to stop him, why
Dumb questions!
it doesn't work, Diane is right.
C M:
Diane Keaton is everything...the personality..her charisma...her humor...love her💕💗
Susan B
Susan B:
she is right about the godfather and he is right about reds. she was disjointed in the former and stunning in the latter. she made that movie, for me
Shmuel Chanowitz
Shmuel Chanowitz:
You're a great person
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins:
Diahann Carroll Diane Lane Meryl Streep Anjelica Huston Angela Bassett and above all Phylicia Rashad these 6 ladies I watched and admired the six ladies gave me strength D6 ladies showed intelligence Grace humility strength Beauty inside and out Integrity inside and out. Gd bless them all
He was drinking to numb the voices, to cope. Poor man
Twinklez Jones
Twinklez Jones:
Just love her. I imagined she would have men falling at her feet but read somewhere she hadn’t been asked out on a date in 35 years which seems bizarre as she is intelligent, classy and attractive. She is always bright and funny and amazing for her age..