Did you see what Ja Morant did last night?! 🤯 🔥 | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen & Jacoby recap Ja Morant’s highlight-reel two-handed block against the Los Angeles Lakers.
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59 komentarze:

As an old head lol... I gotta say this kid Ja is bringing back that excitement everyone had watching MJ.. Kobe. I can't wait 2 see him in the All Star game!
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
Can't wait for Ja to be a highlight reel at the All Star Game!!!
lil zae
lil zae:
Memphis was in a real groove last year and made playoffs. They remind me of the Suns just playing great team ball on both sides of the court without all the excuses about who playing and who not they balling like my Heat.
Military Street Minded
Military Street Minded:
That's not just hops, but passion out there. Defense & Offense the way it used to be played. That's why it don't seem real.
JJJ. 11 blocks against the Clips and Lakers. On a back-to-back. 11!!
rick mason
rick mason:
Jalen was spot on talking bout all day runs on the court....I couldn't wait ta play with the old heads!
beeKoz iCan
beeKoz iCan:
It’s not even his head…his jaw is at the rim!
Respect  Begets Respect
Respect Begets Respect:
Welcome to the Ja Show!!! Y'all are late but okay. Ja and other young guns are grinding while the media is groveling over the outgoing superstars in the League. 👀👀 Keep hustling young bloods! 💪We see you!
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
Reminds me of Drose just a lil more bounce but rose was a lil bit faster
Pheng Moua
Pheng Moua:
Hopefully, he continues to improve his jumper so he doesn’t have to depend on his athleticism all the time. Hopefully he learns from Rose’s situation.
Glad to see Desmond Bane getting some love. He has just been a consistently powerful presence for this team the WHOLE season. ;)
Xof Metleh
Xof Metleh:
Hopefully nothing happens to him jumping like that every game. Focus more on shooting and playmaking. Its great to see all of his highlights but we all know its also dangerous.
IDK what was more jaw dropping. This. Or RW ACCIDENTALLY hitting the shot clock on that weak AHH bank shot in his toolbox.
Ken Stinson
Ken Stinson:
My grizz deserve respect mane! 💯love it!
Billy Williams
Billy Williams:
Jalen obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about the GRIZZ didn’t start that 9 game streak without Morant they started it with him after they lost to the Warriors Morant played in that game don’t know what he’s talking about!
Ja is crazy athletic!
Chris Miller
Chris Miller:
Go Grizzlies!!!!
Love seeing Ja Morant play. Grizzlies are no longer the Grizzles.
Caleb Steingruber
Caleb Steingruber:
Ja Morant...most exciting player in the league, my favourite player to watch. He is a beautiful hybrid of AI and a young 'Penny' Hardaway.
Reece Mason
Reece Mason:
He didn’t Just block it he caught it
Ja is taking over the NBA
He’s a crazier version of AI
lil zae
lil zae:
Memphis playing great team ball period
Is Ja jumping higher than VC back in the day? I don’t remember seeing Carter highlights on him hitting his head on the rim. I’m a huge VC fan, just asking
Ja was sitting out 13 games from Nov.26- Dec.19. During that time, Grizzlies won 10 out of 13 games without their star player! That's a pretty impressive validation of the strengths of JJJ, Brooks, and Bane. Plus, Grizzlies are showing a deep and capable bench crew too.
Dee Jack
Dee Jack:
Hzka Sgl
Hzka Sgl:
No matter whad Ja is da Beast 🔥
Anthony Thomas sr
Anthony Thomas sr:
Ja is a real basketball player not Zion Ja's
status will continue to rise and the season goes and years go by barring injury
RoseCurry AndDeRozan
RoseCurry AndDeRozan:
They didn't start this streak without Ja. He came back, they lost two and have been on a roll over sicee. He only missed one game out of the 9 (10 now) and that was the Clippers game.
William Money
William Money:
I'm officially a fan. That was some MJ ish.
Van Jones
Van Jones:
Man Morant is box office..
Timmy Brown
Timmy Brown:
S.c stand up! We got plenty more of his kind down here!!
Wanda Rubio
Wanda Rubio:
Salute to Ja Morant💯💯💯💡💡💡💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Ja should be a MVP candidate 🏆 Steph & Lebron as well!
Gold Mouf Dawg
Gold Mouf Dawg:
Ja the real deal
Ja is insane. On another note, Jalen, I can’t take you seriously with those 70’s glasses on….
Mateen Shafigh
Mateen Shafigh:
Saw it live
Chris Drake
Chris Drake:
Ja with the 1984-85 G.O.A.T Air Jordan 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏀🐐 climbing the invisible 🪜 ladder hops!
Eric Colburn
Eric Colburn:
Loved seeing the Lakers lose!!
Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson:
After that elaborate monolog, Jalen never said what he thought of the block..
Block or early rebound?!?
Ben Recob
Ben Recob:
Ja Morant gives me 2011 D-Rose vibes
Best nba player today
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard:
Ja Morant > Zion Eatinson.
The Kidd
The Kidd:
Ja Morant's gonna be the first guy that gets his jersey stuck on the rim/tangled in the net, or gets the wind knocked out of him by the backboard, or something else out-of-this-world that literally can't happen to anyone else, due to him basically flying out there. We've seen some incredibly athletic people play in the NBA, but goodness gracious my dude, you might want to wear a mouth guard before you accidentally lose your teeth by overshooting the jump on an up-and-under.
Tim Simmons
Tim Simmons:
Jalen Rose better go check Ja's 3pt %......
ELi Thomas
ELi Thomas:
That dude is a problem
Ja is a Westbrook 2.0 but better
moshe yuval
moshe yuval:
Use to like this show - but saying nothing about Heat routing the Suns with no Jimmy no Adebayo... I mean, c'mon
סמי בירארוב
סמי בירארוב:
Did you see what Kyle Kuzma did last night?! 🔥🏆🏀
Most improved player for real
Kuzma Controlled that Game 27 Points 22 Rebounds !!! And once again he stepped Up in the End of 4th Quarter, making sure his team came back and took over that Game at the End. Woooow what an Amazing Season he s having. The haters Starts to Dissappear :)
Mike Uzumaki
Mike Uzumaki:
Derrick Santos
Derrick Santos:
He’s gonna get test for PEDs after this game
Ty Hamell
Ty Hamell:
Michael Moore
Michael Moore:
He should be a Knick! The griz got lucky AF
little lionfish
little lionfish:
Sorry for NO fans. It's more and more like drafting Sam Bowie over MJ.
Judy Khaleck
Judy Khaleck:
Ja Morant is Russell Westbrook with better shooting.
Quentin Castillo
Quentin Castillo:
Fox Better
Paco A
Paco A:
Tbh it's a nice block but it was a Chase down block, they act like he was face to face with Bradley
Tubmas Ministories
Tubmas Ministories:
Antman has a brighter future than Morant!