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By: H10

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Aesop Scotty
Aesop Scotty:
1978 Champion : Argentina
1986 Champion : Maradona
Yousef Araba
Yousef Araba:
Argentina is Maradona and Maradona is football.
Lincoln Pasqualino
Lincoln Pasqualino:
O que é ser o maior jogador ? Mais números ? Mais vitórias, títulos ? Eficiência ? Magia ? Pra mim o maior é aquele que te inspira na paixão, que invoca você pra sair do sono comum e ir pra guerra em nome de um amor. Maradona é sem dúvida o maior exemplo de paixão, luta e genialidade que esse mundo já conheceu.
Bejirond Desta
Bejirond Desta:
The best player ever. I have never seen in my life time such a player born for soccur, Maradona was a soccur artist!
rahul udasi
rahul udasi:
Leo Buscaglia
Leo Buscaglia:
Damn!!! Tackles were brutal in those days. Those defenders seem to tackle without any care or concern... Maybe because you could get away with anything short of murder on a football pitch in those days. Massive respect to Maradona. 🤗
so far ahead of his teammates in terms of ability - they couldn't keep up with the chances he created for them. who could? vastly ahead of any player at this tournament, the absolute pinnacle of footballing performance. The greatest ever.
thinker 13
thinker 13:
Argentina scored 14 goals and Diego had 5 goals and 5 assists
Justin Lalkhumthang Tusing
Justin Lalkhumthang Tusing:
at his prime at 25 in the summer of 86, he was unstoppable!!!
Victor Chaves Fernandes
Victor Chaves Fernandes:
Until today I've never seen such passion and heart in the football field like Diego had, and all combined with a unique talent, a true real genius...
dwarozh abdulkarim
dwarozh abdulkarim:
Absolutely the best footballer ever diago armando maradona when I was child ,,,and I haven't seen beter football player like how maradona played ,,,respect
Marco Grandi
Marco Grandi:
the defending was shocking back in the day.. they were more concerned about breaking your legs than other... Maradona seemed to be on a physical level alltogether the way he just run past players
Vusal Samadov
Vusal Samadov:
No Messi,no C.Ronaldo,no Pele had not influence to their team's victory like 86 World Cup's Maradona. Best player ever.
Ivor Maric
Ivor Maric:
he won that world cup all by himself, he was unstoppable... a true foorball legend
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel:
His passes are just extra ordinary.
His crosses are very accurate and this is making me look at current wingers as scams.
There's no footballer like Diego.
Messi comes close but not like Diego
Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen:
Best player in all time
Dan Youtube
Dan Youtube:
Usually we only see the goals from the England game, but this video shows us he was phenomenal throughout the game, he was on fire. Probably his best peformance. He wasn't playing against rubbish defenders as his critics often claim, he was the only one in the world that could do this.
Pier M
Pier M:
The best ever
Vinod Raghavan
Vinod Raghavan:
For me Madonna is the Best Footballer I know, we saw 1986 WC Live !
Sandeep Choudhary
Sandeep Choudhary:
Not just a skillful footballer, also an inspirational leader who lifted an otherwise mediocre Argentinian team to the pinnacle of glory. Not to say, his left foot could create magic ...........

Can Messi do an encore?
That final game, final goal, final pass to Burruchaga, "PHENOMENAL"
Shivam Chaudhary
Shivam Chaudhary:
He did it all by himself what a whole team fails to do
Mandio Nuñez
Mandio Nuñez:
the max level for a player in the history, Maradona in 1986 world cup. He was unnstopable
John Panopoulos
John Panopoulos:
I was 10 years old in '86. my dad would wake me up early when Argentina was playing so that I would record all the games Argentina played. I still have the vhs with the games. Maradona is the best player because he played two positions and was great at both.
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG:
Three teams on the pitch: Argentina, the opposition, Maradona.
Michael Wollner
Michael Wollner:
By far the greatest. Neymar can learn a few lessons from him.
marcelo schenatti
marcelo schenatti:
el mas grande jugador de todos los tiempos saludos desde uruguay
Mehedi Sujan
Mehedi Sujan:
Without any question of doubt Maradona is the best player of all time.
eddie wong
eddie wong:
Mexico 86, the best world cup so far
Any comparison with Maradona player is an insult to football !!!
C3- PO
C3- PO:
Maradona was by far the most talented ATHLETE ever. Its even hard to believe he was human
the best and the great player ever!
Panta Drapeths90
Panta Drapeths90:
R.I.P. Diego Armando Maradona (1960-2020) 🙏🙏
Mofleh Alrofidah
Mofleh Alrofidah:
my generation, Maradona and Radio gaga,,,, not Messi and Lady gaga
Matias Guzman
Matias Guzman:
the best of history
Simon M
Simon M:
Messi is like a school boy compared to Diego.. look at the strength of Diego, his legs are like tree trunks and he was able to make lesser players play above their quality (Argentina '86 & '90 + Napoli).. he was charismatic and a true leader.. he was more than just a goal scorer, he was also a play maker extraordinaire.. don't mention Messi and Maradona in the same sentence it's blasphemy!!
Diego has something Messi doesn't, the character of a captain.

This is the ultimate performance that a player can do in a single tournament.

Thanks for the uploader.
Best ever World Cup performance I saw (as a 13 year old) in my 43 on Earth...phenomenal!
Buddha Shrestha
Buddha Shrestha:
maradona is real great footballer
The only ONE player ever in history of football dats go all in his heart whenever playing football....respect Diego
The best player of all time.
Nam Nam
Nam Nam:
Maradona is the best in my mind!
Alex G
Alex G:
Apart from his technical skills and burst, his balance was absolutely incredible. A truly rare talent.
eric udris
eric udris:
Maradona was the greatest football Player,the World has ever seen.
He made also his dream come true.
At the age of 13 he told somebody in an interview, trat he want to play in a worldcup for Argentina and that He want to be a champion.
I have never seen Messi or Ronaldo so much running and acting in every sector of the field like Maradona
the greatest player, EVER... how lucky I was to see him play. Thank you D10S.
y algunos lo comparan con messi, mamita que poco vieron a diego para decir eso
i think he was the best individual performance in a world cup i ever seen
Abdullrahman ALThnwan
Abdullrahman ALThnwan:
The best ever❤️
Leandrohernan Morales
Leandrohernan Morales:
te best of Argentina forever... grande Diego ,nos trajiste la Copa y algunos perdieron la memoria . hiciste feliz a el país entero
तांत्रिक चंद्रकांत जी
तांत्रिक चंद्रकांत जी:
the greatest
Keshar Gc
Keshar Gc:
Marodona is best football player in the history, better than pele & contemporary football.
Sterling Hancock
Sterling Hancock:
the best maradona video out there
jorge gutierrez
jorge gutierrez:
Los partidos contra Uruguay, Inglaterra y Belgica son la santa trilogia del futbol.Nunca un jugador va a ser tan determinante en 3 partidos tan claves como lo fue Diego.Futbol a la maxima potencia.
loco Núñez
loco Núñez:
the best of the history
Jose Guillermo
Jose Guillermo:
Es más técnico que Messi, esto sin desmerecer a Messi como un gran jugador, pero Maradona era medio equipo y armador nato, una especie de combinación entre Messi, Iniesta y Ronaldiño. Además que era aguerrido para jugar, esto es un kit adicional muy importante en un jugador de futbol.
Sureshan Nair
Sureshan Nair:
All time greatest is Maradona
Pakiboy Jay
Pakiboy Jay:
I was born in the 80's and was lucky enough to see maradona at italia 90 and usa 94.. without a doubt best player ever.. if maradona was in todays age his capacity as an athlete would have grown considering modern day technology for athletes : ).. so maradona vs messi?? maradona is King and messi is ere to shine his boots
vampire 444
vampire 444:
“If I was in a white dress at a wedding and a muddy ball arrived, I would stop it from the chest, without thinking about it.”

- Diego Maradona 💔
Praveen Anto
Praveen Anto:
No player in the History of Footbal has dominated a World Cup like Maradona.Not even Pele.Pele had a good team to support him.But Maradona single handedly took an average Argentina to the worldcup in 86.
The best!
..con la '16' Julio Olarticoechea; con la '2' Sergio Batista; con la '12' Héctor Enrique; con la '7' Jorge Burruchaga...
¡Y con la "10"! ... D10S.
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta:
the whole rival team cant stop. is like a train !
Amedeo Ennio
Amedeo Ennio:
THE BEST D10S💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques
Luiz Emerson Suertegaray Jacques:
GÊNIO da bola!!!! Lenda do futebol! 👏👏👏👏👏
qwer ris
qwer ris:
best best fotball ever..!!
Mearadona no coment..nice nice nice ooooo MARADONA BEST PLAYER OLL TIME..!!
MAGIC DIEGO,THE BEST!...Great video !
Danny Escobar
Danny Escobar:
Algunos dicen que messi no a ganado una copa mundial por culpa de los jugadores que fallan goles como higuain o agüero, pero en la final del 86, también fallaron varios, la única diferencia fue que tuvieron la suerte de que otras las embocaron, eso si, messi tuvo una la final de Brasil y la mando fuera, a maradona no le dejaron ni una en el área, hay muchas diferencias, como que maradona, a pesar de algunos fallos de sus delanteros, siempre les ponía medio gol, termino dando 4 o 5 asistencias en ese mundial y anoto 5 goles, dos de ellos llevándose a 4 o mas jugadores. No creo que haya discusión, maradona es el mejor de todos los tiempos.
I wish argentina could recreate this magic and win a world cup
Critique Everything
Critique Everything:
Diego Maradona, what a fucking legend. Certainly one of my favourite players of all time. This performance, and Kempes in 78 are probably the greatest individual performances in a World Cup EVER.
Devastator G1
Devastator G1:
Should have been 20 assists if his teammtes did not wasted so many of them.
Miguel Matias
Miguel Matias:
Hotoli T Aye Aye
Hotoli T Aye Aye:
Argentina is well known even in remote place is because of Maradona.
samanth Nikoses
samanth Nikoses:
The  Legendary   Player   Maradonna   is  THE   BEST    OF  ALL.
alex tattoo
alex tattoo:
increíble Diego único el más grande
Magus Incognito
Magus Incognito:
mil messis = pie derecho de Maradona
Ayesha Talukder
Ayesha Talukder:
Maradona is the best player ever been made.
johan cruijff
johan cruijff:
Thanks for the upload, this is the best compilation video I have ever seen of the Diego Maradona in World Cup 1986.... for me this was the greatest performance by any footballer in history in any single tournament... please don't remove, today's generation need to see this genius at work.
El mejor de los mejores. The Best of the Best. il meglio del meglio.
Emzar Nikoladze
Emzar Nikoladze:
King of Football!!!
Steven Cruz
Steven Cruz:
Who here after his death what a legend 🇦🇷🇺🇸
Delfin Cardenas
Delfin Cardenas:
giovanny diaz gomez
giovanny diaz gomez:
Y pensar que los muchachos de hoy en dia alucinan viendo a MESSI que tal hubiera visto lo que conjuraba DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA.
Gracias Diego por tu fútbol!!
the best one
the best one:
im shock from those who compare this monster with some children those days
Bachittar Lehal
Bachittar Lehal:
I have not seen any one play better or be as good as maradona of mexico 86
Martin Hasson
Martin Hasson:
Like it says below
No footballer in the History of Football
Dominated a Word Cup
Like Maradona...
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
There is comparison with the others. he is the best ever. Damnnnnnnnnnnn...I can just imagine those who had the privilege to watch him live.
Javier Catalán
Javier Catalán:
The Best Footballer Of All Time.
albert tito
albert tito:
yo no vi a pele si vi a messi. mexico 86 es la exhibición de un futbolista en su máxima expresión.. Diego Armando Maradona
Ahmed Al-Shaalan
Ahmed Al-Shaalan:
Skill that was not found in another player so far
Ras frimpong الدعيكي
Ras frimpong الدعيكي:
Diego is the best ever
He gave his all best.what a great player!!!!!
sandro moura
sandro moura:
Maradona não disputou a copa de 86...Maradona encantou, sobrou, brilhou, deu show e levou quase que sozinho a fraca seleção da Argentina à conquista do título. Gênio!!!
Morada Eliza
Morada Eliza:
¡Maradona es más grande que Pelé! ¡¡¡¡¡Argentina! ¡Argentina! ¡Argentina!¡Argentina!!!!!
The noi
The noi:
King football = Maradona
Al Andalus
Al Andalus:
Silenzio e Rispetto.
Siete nel Tempio del Dio del calcio.
Dr Saikat Chowdhury
Dr Saikat Chowdhury:
Maradona and Messi both have the ability to win a match on their own. That's why they are the greatest.
Maradona faced tougher challenges than Messi on field as the rules were loose in that era . FIFA took care later on , so that the ball players can play their games, as that is where the beauty of football lies. I have seen both of them playing, and I can say Maradona faced MORE BRUTAL CHALLENGES FROM THE DEFENDERS in each and every match, almost twice in every 15-20 mins. People who have watched matches back then, will surely agree with me. As there was no star player in his team, the opponent targeted him, as they knew that stopping him will stop everything. Whereas in Messi's team, in Argentina, we have Higuain , De Maria and Aguero who are great players on their own.Same in Barcelona, Iniesta, Xavi etc are great players. Stopping Messi won't stop everything. So the defenders DOESN'T BRUTALLY CALLENGE MESSI , partly because of the TOUGHER RULES OF FIFA, partly because they are more professional now, they DONT HAVE ANY INTENTION TO INJURE A LEGENDARY PLAYER LIKE MESSI.

But back then, everybody was Brutal. Some games were just unwatchable and disgusting ! Foul after foul after foul !!! Only who have watched those matches will realize what I am talking about .

Messi is an absolute gentleman, he will give his 100% on the field and win a match for his team and pack his bag and leave. HE IS MR.PERFECT
Maradona is not an absolute gentleman, he will cheat for his country, he will mimic an injury to earn a penalty or a freekick , he will kick players of opposition after the match, who have brutally injured him. HE WILL WIN AT ANY COST , AND HE WILL LEAD THE ENTIRE TEAM TO THAT DIRECTION. HIS MAGNETIC PRESENCE WILL CHARGE UP A UNDERDOG TEAM , TO BECOME A CHAMPION, Be it Napoli, Be it Argentina.

Messi has absolutely similar skills as that of Maradona, IF NOT MORE, ...... but what is lacking in Messi, is this TREMENDOUS EMOTION & AGGRESSION & LEADER-LIKE MAGNETIC PERSONALITY OF MARADONA.
If you watch Maradona while he is watching a game from the Gallery, you will find the LEVEL of EMOTION in him .
GREATEST SKILLS, TOUGHER BRUTAL CHALLENGES ON FIELD & TREMENDOUS EMOTION, along with the ability to motivate an entire team and Nation makes MARADONA different and THE GREATEST of them all.