Diego Maradona dies aged 60

Argentine football great Diego Maradona has died, aged 60.

The legendary forward suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Tigre on Wednesday, where he was recovering from recent brain surgery.

Emergency paramedics were called to his home where he received treatment, but the football icon was unable to be resuscitated and confirmation soon came of his death, the Associated Press reported.

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news/diego-maradona-dead-age-cause-b1761813.html

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Vince Senile McMahon
Vince Senile McMahon:
He showed Naples with his unbelievable skills they could defeat the North Italy giants, Milan, Juventus etc. And he is rightly worshipped as A God of Napoli still today.

R.i.p. Maradona
Sorry for your loss Argentina and Naples.
Farhan Arif Dzaky
Farhan Arif Dzaky:
“if god decided it's time, I guess he'll come for us”

- Diego Maradona -
the ball begs for the player's feet and the grass is asking for his memory ...rest in peace Diego 🙏 🌎 🏆 ⚽️
Saint Don
Saint Don:
god wanted his left foot back
It's Brum
It's Brum:
Now he is truly, in the hand of God.
Byron G
Byron G:
His footballing genius was a lavish blessing from God... his personal demons a cruel curse from the Devil RIP
Nikos P
Nikos P:
The greatest there ever was and ever will be.. True genius. Diego Armando Maradona RIP LEGEND
أحمد الصاعدي
أحمد الصاعدي:
He made us so happy around the world,with his talent.my deep condolences to the whole world.RIP.
Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen:
No no no, he was a gift for the world. Best one man show in the world. RIP LEGEND
Hungry For Fame
Hungry For Fame:
OMG Official
OMG Official:
Legend. He deserves to be burried in Napoli
bengamer dizzy
bengamer dizzy:
He was a Legend on the pitch,fast feet and electic pace One of the Greatest No one can forgot him!
I am so sad, I am giving him a last shoutout by making a video on him
Luke Daley
Luke Daley:
RIP to an Icon.
Diego Armando Maradonna
The Most Unlucky
The Most Unlucky:
Rest in Peace, legend
Humaytaan Zaari
Humaytaan Zaari:
Armando Diego Maradona
We Love You
This is devastating Rip D10S from Naples 🙏💙
Muire Suilgorm
Muire Suilgorm:
God Bless his soul; This beautiful man and perfect footballer.
Lan Xuan
Lan Xuan:
We love you forever and we will remember you in our heart ❤️ Diego Maradona!
From Viet Nam 🇻🇳
quadruple treble 1888
quadruple treble 1888:
As Jimmy mcgee would say different class!!!
Andreas Thiede
Andreas Thiede:
Rip..😥..in Memory of Germany..👍🏻👍🏻
Angelina María
Angelina María:
God bless Diego Armando Maradona, the man and the genius! 💟💐🙏
etunimi sukunimi
etunimi sukunimi:
Sobhan XYZ
Sobhan XYZ:
Thank you. Good video and choice of music for our legend.
Paul Oc
Paul Oc:
Watching this man chase a football are some of the happiest memories l have thank you Diego ❤🇨🇮🇦🇷
The Jaded Wolf
The Jaded Wolf:
One ☝️ of the greatest footballers ever, RIP, love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Jaseel Cv
Jaseel Cv:
RIP.. 💔
Aaron Mendonsa
Aaron Mendonsa:
Legend left a footprint in this world 🔥RIP
I think I was lucky enough to have seen him play. RIP
Sally Martin
Sally Martin:
Love Love Love R.I.P
G . W . 1878
G . W . 1878:
The GOAT!!
Bridget Namfukwe
Bridget Namfukwe:
The legendary player indeed.Cry Argentina cry and I cry with you,cry Italy cry and m in Italy crying with you with Napoli.
When I was kid(born in Zambia),Dad had a small radio from which he listened about football and he really loved Maradona and he got so excited whenever he heard"Maradona... it's a goaaaaaaaal". Goodbye till we meet again,I will always love and remember you.RIP.😥😥😥.
Richard Reese
Richard Reese:
This is a sad day
Coral Sea
Coral Sea:
RIP. My dearest legend Diego Maradona. You have brought so many unforgettable memories to people of my generation. I still remember my whole family watched the World Cup together and we all are big fan of you. Thank you.
Hendri Kurniawan
Hendri Kurniawan:
Icon sepak bola dunia...
Gol tangan tuhan,pemain hebat di zamannya selamat jalan sang legenda ❤️❤️ from indonesia
Panupong Ngiwsuwan
Panupong Ngiwsuwan:
Brian C
Brian C:
Rip Diego maradona one of the greatest players to ever grace football
Olivier The MaD PaNdA
Olivier The MaD PaNdA:
Huron Toikiy
Huron Toikiy:
Gone not Forgotten❤
Frederick Vanhelsun
Frederick Vanhelsun:
Tears to a legend
OH my god Noooooooo DIEGO Noooooooo😭😭😭😭😭
Wallace Okobia
Wallace Okobia:
❤️ 🇬🇹 ❤️
Google Account
Google Account:
May the hand of God touch him
Niko Pin
Niko Pin:
Ciao Diego ❤️🙏😔
sari sarieddine
sari sarieddine:
Om Kelik
Om Kelik:
RIP maradona...the legend foot ball..i love you..bravo argentina
Fon Sirdanan
Fon Sirdanan:
💖💖💖 ✋ Hand of GOD
kung kung
kung kung:
He is legend
Blood stone
Blood stone:
yash A
yash A:
Rest in peace maradona🙏⚽️
Raider Leo
Raider Leo:
Rest In Peace Che!
Fadli Muhammad
Fadli Muhammad:
Prince Taz
Prince Taz:
James Marshall
James Marshall:
Any real English men out there knows what he done , just wonder did He ever feel GUILTY, Im glad hesDEAD
Shakila Sande
Shakila Sande:
Red bfia
Red bfia:
Robert Burns
Robert Burns:
BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Falklands Soldier turned Football Player dead after being cursed by Margaret Thatcher.
Infinite World
Infinite World:
60,;he was young
Well that was unexpected
Fotis Karkanis
Fotis Karkanis:
R. I. P Diego... 😞😞😞a argendinian fan from 🇬🇷A. Dios......
Partho Ghosh
Partho Ghosh:
God of football....Diego football lover's will never forget u
arinitwe kaguri lawrence
arinitwe kaguri lawrence:
RIP legend the world shall never forget.
Mohammad Sohail
Mohammad Sohail:
We love Maradona
We respect Maradona
We salute Maradona
World's greatest footballer Maradona
Greenstar TV
Greenstar TV:
*THE LEGEND OF WORLD FOOTBALL 30.10.1960 – 25.11.2020.*
Free Zone
Free Zone:
One Name
One Name:
Maradona, why didn't you live a more healthy life 😭😭😭😭😭😭
A Legend, anyways ❤️
JCrew Zack
JCrew Zack:
Descansa Diego
Daniel ATT
Daniel ATT:
I saw this man playing in 1986 World Cup
kelvin lewis
kelvin lewis:
Thank you so much Diego Maradona ..Its utterly disgraceful how the English press harp on about the "Hand of God " incident and " Flawed genius " ..He was a genius that gave so much more to football than that small incident .He was a victim of the media ..An honest guy from the Argentina that did his best for his family and his country . .God Bless you .....
Jerry Partine
Jerry Partine:
Every thing passed. All the glory and excess stay behind. We are like a doc on a radar . It comes and goes.
Camilo Garcia Benitez
Camilo Garcia Benitez:
May God have him beside. Diego gave us the best football/socker games and after gave us his heart backing up good causes all over
Linda Freeman
Linda Freeman:
So sad he was a voice for the people he left too soon. Humanity needed him now
Hoomy victim
Hoomy victim:
Salvatore Sgobbo
Salvatore Sgobbo:
Pele is the greatest ever but Maradona was the greatest I ever saw
Vaishnav patil
Vaishnav patil:
He was god
He may have died of heart attack but where as it's not only a heart breaking news instead it remains as a heart bleeding news for everyone. Knew no bounds to express our sorrows, what to express and what not to express! Greatest soccer player of all times! A true legend! We miss you soccer super 🌟 RIP - Soccer legend
paul broderick
paul broderick:
He was a great attacker/dribbler. On facing a wall of defenders modern day soccer players will 'cowardly' pass it back to their goalkeeper! Tragic that he had serious personal problems.
Lee Middleton
Lee Middleton:
RIP Diego Armando Maradona. The worlds greatest football player and always will be. Thank you for the wonderful magical entertaining football you gave us and all my childhood memories. Brings back great feelings of nostalgia, childhood, Mexico 86 and playing ball as a kid every time I think of the great man. Best times of my life, summer of 1986 aged 11. RIP I love you Diego
D10S Relish
D10S Relish:
I'm a 52 years old tennis coach... tennis is my passion.
MARADONA is the only player who made me love football as much as i love tennis. He had unparalleled pure raw skills. to me DIEGO is magic. football without DIEGO is lame.
we are all humans his personal life was like a roller coaster but that won't make me blind and deny the fact that he is the GREATEST footballer of all time.
RIP 😔😔😔.... your legacy will stay forever.
Morre MARADONA, mas ele, RONALDO E KAKÁ vestiram a camisa canarinho da seleção, NUM comercial de TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRajtLZjnhs&ab_channel=EMBUSCADEPRECIOSIDADES
quadruple treble 1888
quadruple treble 1888:
One of the greatest football players ever and even better than Pele in my opinion
victor hayden
victor hayden:
I wonder if maradona did the right thing before he died and apologised for the handball (I won't say Hand of God because God had nothing to do with it.) I bet he probably didn't did he. For me, he'll always be remembered as a cheat and would fall into the same category as c. ronaldo, both being players with alot of talent who sadly ruled themselves out of any 'Greatest Ever' list because of all the cheating/play acting/diving etc. True greats don't openly cheat and expect no one to notice or to hold it against them.. do they ?
fiat ConcesionarioOficial
fiat ConcesionarioOficial:
Se vá un grande ,
Gracias por tantas alegrías
Vé con Dios
Jesus is King
Jesus is King:
Did you know the bible says most people are going to Hell? There is a narrow road to get to Heaven and very few find it? Why is this? Because we are dead in trespasses and unable to have full revelation of the bible and God’s will for our lives. We need the merciful gift from God of regeneration. This is where God brings us to life and leads us to repentance and the turning away from a life of sin and leads us to accept him as our Lord and Savior. We become servants of Christ rather than slaves of sin. The bible says unless a man be born again he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The bible says we must examine ourselves to be sure we are in the faith! Is your eternity assured? Have you been reborn from above? I pray today that you will ask the Holy Spirit to regenerate you, teach you his word, and lead you to him if he hasn’t already. Amen Amen
Titus 3:5 - Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost
Matthew 19:28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. 30But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.
Del Trotter
Del Trotter:
Never mind
His dealer has been furloughed.
Matías Martín
Matías Martín:
What music is this?
Nicolas Giant
Nicolas Giant:
Going Viral
Going Viral:
Leonardo Di Capra
Leonardo Di Capra:
La mano de Dios
God's hand
stephen thompson
stephen thompson:
He cheated a very good England side out of the World Cup hope he goes downstairs for that one
Donald Obama
Donald Obama:
A football and volleyball legend.