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Injuries are normal. Career-ending injuries in every single one of her skaters by 18 is not.
Linda Leighton
Linda Leighton:
Someone should make a spreadsheet of all of her former students in the last 10 years, what injuries they sustained, and what age they retired at. I'd like to know the excuses given by Eteri (totally their fault, I'm sure 🙄). I want stats!
Susan Lange
Susan Lange:
There is a reason why everyone is rooting for Tuktamysheva . It’s not just that we are all in love with Tuktamysheva’s skating. She is our hope that women’s figure skating will have women in it.
Most disturbing is that she talks about all this publicly. Imagine the extent of what is going on without anyone knowing.
15-year girls don't break their hips unless they have a severe lack of calcium in their bodies. And such a severe lack of calcium means a) the lack of food b) the lack of ladies hormones. Yes, Alyona's injury can be just an accident - Daria's can not, she is not an old lady in her menopause.

And yes: when her sportsmen lose - it's their fault, when they win - it's all thanks to Eteri. She never makes mistakes according to her.
I always thought Evgenia was extremely slim, I'm shocked she was told to lose weight at any point. Also I remember Alina crying in an interview that she would have been so happy if her mom was there when she was injured, I thought her mom wasn't there due to financial reasons, I didn't know it was because of Eteri, this is crazy and so infuriating.
Jacob R
Jacob R:
I've always been a casual fan of figure skating and the Olympics in general. It was in the 2018 Pyeongchang games that I really noticed something was odd about the Russian system, but I never started researching the issue until this whole Valiyeva doping scandal. Thank you for these videos. They're enlightening.
Eteri has never been shy in interviews about her method, heck even Dani G ran his mouth many times about the abuse happening in that camp. Many of the students have also given disturbing interviews. At this point I don't believe Russia as a country keeping safe of her citizen will act. As long as Eteri brings medal, Rusfed won't care. ISU is the ome that disgust me the most when they're giving the best coach award to Eteri. They're enabling and acknowledging her method by giving her the title.

Also many fans who defend Eteri because "of course this is a sport, there will be blood, tears, and pain for glory", for that I say no you're wrong. There's a fine line between dedication for the sport and abuse. Clearly this lady and her team don't understand the responsibility of being a coach. Clearly they still blame the injuries to their teenage students. Just blame it all to the children, the adults are never wrong right?
Amy G
Amy G:
I recall Zagitova also saying she didn’t drink water or eat much at the Olympics. Add that the training increased for Euros and Olympics, and it’s no wonder she fell apart for Worlds! Also, post World’s and full blown puberty, she developed Osgood Schlatter’s disease in her knees and was told by Eteri that the pain was normal and she needed to push through it because she’d be in pain no matter what, competing or no, so train and compete, and then at Russian Nats where she had her worst performance,had a severe blistering burn on her ankle from a salve and compress used for the ankle she hurt at GPF-the photo leaked showed layers of skin gone and a raw painful burn that watching the performance after put it in perspective-flinching and falling out of a choreographic spiral where she grabs her ankle behind her and pain upon landings after being pushed to compete through it and still perform her highest. Yet, each of those things were learned later by others because Zagitova never once blamed the injuries and pain she was dealing with in her knees and ankle, but blamed it on a moral flaw in herself, and being weak. Same with breaking her arm and leg after first starting with Eteri, and relearning to walk and skate, yet she was kicked out for being too lazy and not knowing how to work,coming back to learn to work through pain and injury without mom close by for 12 hours a day and resting in a lobby chair and restricting her water and food and being monitored on a scale in front of the other girls doing the same and buying in from then on that any failure or shortcoming or injuries or pain or knee disease or burned off skin layers was caused by her own shortcomings, laziness, excessive weight Gain and body changes were always the result of her own doing due to stubbornness, character flaws, weaknesses, laziness and being unwilling to work hard enough….pretty sick
Eteri full on isolated Alina from her mom so she would have full control of her. Also, the fact that her girls simultaneously want to stay with her and leave her. They DO leave but then they also go back to her at some point, that too is a major red flag. Someone who knows about abuse, knows how likely it is for victims to go back to their abusers due to trauma bonding.
Thank you for shedding light on it! And you’re absolutely right....It is abuse. Separating children from their mothers is just plain cruel. This absolutely breaks my heart to hear....these girls are so incredibly talented but NOTHING is worth them sacrificing their physical and mental health for medals. The fact that these kids are cranked out and refereed to as products, states where their true motivations lie... The egotism behind all this is just heart breaking....I never knew so many of these girls had severe injuries. I wonder what will happen with Kamila. I hope and pray she doesn’t injure herself. It’s truly sad because so many of them may end up hating the entire sport because of the significant pain suffered at the hand of their coach. Also, its insanity because Evgenia is tiny!!
Eteri is a texbook case of narcissisms. She can never take responsibility for anything. Contrary to people's beliefs, narcissists have very low self esteem & admitting to themselves they made a mistake would crush them, so their defense mechanism is "never admit you were wrong. Make up whatever lie you need to to stay on top. " Eteri is an abuser but the system & the parents indulge this self serving behavior. If my mom had the possibility to live with me at 13-15 years old & my coach would've told her "no you can't live with your child because I need to psychologically manipulate her & you living here would get in the way of that", the coach would live to regret it. No medals in this world should be more important than your child. There are bad people in this world but your responsibility as a parent is to protect your child at all costs & these parents failed to do so because they're greedy & put medals ahead of the well being of their kid. Also idc how her parents treated Eteri is her responsibility as 40 something yr old women to correct her behavior. She has the financial means to do so but she refuses so there's no excuse.
Skaters walking out during training and not coming back is a pattern with Eteri. Polina Tsurskaya, Murad Kurbanov, Aliona Kostornaia off the top of my head. That's in addition to skaters who simply stop showing up to training, from Medvedeva to Mark Lukin, with the usual litany of "they didn't pick up the phone and didn't reply to SMS" from Eteri's camp. That's just not how you leave a healthy training environment. One stroppy teenager I could believe but not that many.
Haineko Mikemalcom
Haineko Mikemalcom:
Daria is extremely thin and still she fractured her hip, yet Eteri is trying to blame Zhenya for having gained weight and getting a fracture? As if we were actually going to believe it's a matter of weight? This is a matter of technique and nothing else, and hers is HORRIBLE and extremely damaging to the body. Extremely low weight, to the point of being anorexic (Zhenya said she didn't get there, but she was very close and couldn't sustain it), and 0 muscles. Poor bones, poor joints, poor bodies.
This woman is really something else, I cannot even put into words how furious I am right now.
This whole interview is just shocking… but the Alina part. wtf. Obviously Alina being 14-15 at the time of the olympics, eteri knew that without her mother living in Moscow she could make Alina do anything she wanted, force her to train too intensely and if she said no she would kick her out. No matter what people say Alina was a CHILD and even after the Olympics when her mother came she was still A CHILD. that is just unnecessary and BEYOND crazy. What an easier way to abuse a child by separating them from their own PARENTS.
Laura Andrea Rosales
Laura Andrea Rosales:
Can't believe this person is considered THE BEST coach of the year
Arina Kozlovskaia
Arina Kozlovskaia:
Unfortunately it really is a culture thing (that's still an abuse though, but some sort of a culturally accepted abuse). There is a thing in many post Soviet countries: if they sense a shred of talent in a child, by them I mean teachers, coaches, quite often family members, they are gonna squeeze it dry because it's thought to be the only way to reach full potential. Like, my mom, who is a VERY gifted musician was screamed at by her music teacher, humiliated when she hit puberty for being "too beatiful", and even phisycally abused (her teacher literally hit her fingers with a piano cover O_O). I was talked down all my school years, especially in the areas where I am the most succesfull; my family always had a rather laidback attitude about my academic perfomance and that really was a lifesaver beacuse teachers straightforwardly told me that they would treat me differently than others since I'm smarter. This thing is soooo deeply enrooted in our culture that there is no way to avoid it: all top schools are like that, if you don't want abuse you'll have to sacrifice your education. The principle "what doesn't break you, makes you stronger" and if it did break you, that's only your problem, you weren't strong enough. Of course there is a chance to find a non-abusive environment but, trust me, it's ridiculously slim. Also, if you happen to be a GIRL your chances are even slimmer.
To sum up, there was nothing surprising in this Eteri interview. It's not just her who is the devil here, it's the whole system which has been like this for generations. For so long that it's considered a norm by the majority.
L Jean
L Jean:
"se became a child, a mommy's daughter" almost like she literally was a child and that was her mother lmao? This woman is sick.
Katja Ivanova
Katja Ivanova:
I think a lot of it has to do with the culture in (Russian?) sport, more than with this particular coach. Giving away your health, undereating, starving yourself are not considered child abuse, causing anorexia etc. - they are considered a ‘necessary sacrifice’. You are supposed to give away EVERYTHING for victory. There are a lot of metaphors with war, soldiers etc. A child is not considered a child there, but a professional athlete who (I quote T-dze from this interview) ‘has a goal more important than self-love’. Only recently I read about a female teenage pair skater whose ‘diet’ consisted of 1 egg per day (and that’s all), to ‘combat puberty’. Another person from team mozer published a lengthy article advocating keeping little girls weight ‘below the menstrual one’ to keep them thin, no matter the health issues. She says a teenage skater should just stop eating almost at all. This is ‘common knowledge’ there, it’s another coaching team. And parents know about this...
Thank you for putting this content out there. Hopefully the international community can put an end to these abusive practices.
Rocío Daivez
Rocío Daivez:
As a basketball player, this seems like a huge abuse to me. I started at 8, and currently I have been practicing and competing for 9 years. While these girls are already seeing the end of their careers, I feel that the real challenges are just beginning for me. Forcing them to train with injuries, wrongly indoctrinating them about their weight and keeping them away from their families is pure torture. I find it hard to believe this is real. Since I started I only injured my ankle once at 12, but I respected his recovery time and currently my body is in perfect condition to continue for many more years. It's just shocking.
Linda Tannock
Linda Tannock:
It's not child exploitation, it's child abuse! Starving them and stressing young girls out about their weight. Training 12 hours a day? WTH?! No wonder they have short careers!
Encouraging skaters not to drink fluids is hugely dangerous for your body. It puts strain on your organs.
I can't believe she said that about Zagitova. Of course she was close to her mum. She was a young kid! 🙄 These kids get taken away from home. They have no home life, and nowhere to relax and escape from skating for a while. No parent to hug them when they have a bad day etc, and sit and chat.
Training 12 hours a day is bound to take its toll on them. If they're eating and drinking very little, and doing high impact sport that burns thousands of calories per day, they must be constantly training in a calorie deficit 😥
Wow.....just, wow SMH
Inge Tamm
Inge Tamm:
I'm just gonna say that the part about Medvedeva deliberately not controlling her weight in the Olympic year because of someone's comments about her being anorexic is such nonsense to me. What Russian athlete would do that knowing how much is at stake, and most importantly, knowing what Medvedeva was ready to risk for that gold and her mindset at the time? She's the type of person who clearly doesn't give a damn about others' opinions when it comes to her career and she is also sadly the type of person to work even when her body is collapsing. I will never believe that she let herself go just before the Olympics, and ESPECIALLY knowing that in Eteri's rink you don't do whatever you want - you listen to what they tell you or you go, that specifically was discussed in several interviews in regards of Aliona Kostornaia, remember? She returned because she needed the discipline that she apparently lacks and that Eteri gives. So even if Zhenya, theoretically (and this here very theoretically), started to gain weight, I'll never believe that Eteri just let her do it. This was obviously said just to clear her own name
Heather Z
Heather Z:
Gym coach here… it seems as if Eteri is the Karolyi of the womens ice skating community.
One of the major changes that could be put into place to safe guard some of these athletes is to raise the senior age for competition to either 16 or 17. It was disgusting hearing commentators say gymnastics was a sport for “little girls” when obviously most of the girls we see now are very healthy and in shape.
I believe those quad jumps could possibly be competed if athletes had the leg strength to lift their bodies high enough off the ice. There are many male and female cheerleaders and gymnasts that twist many times in the air, but I know figure skating is a different game.
This woman sickens me and if anything, it’s a huge red flag for the governing body for figure skating to take a deep dive into their coaches, techniques, etc. Is there no safe sport for them? That would be a start.
I was about to mention Bela and Martha, then u took the words outta my mouth. Thanks Fran for being such a positive light in this sometimes dark sport!
I’m a WAG watcher that found your channel because of all the recent controversies and comparisons between Eteri and Marta feel so accurate that I’m horrified. These young girls need people to actually protect them and foster their talent, not use them and then replace them like objects.
I'm not a skater but I want to throw my hat in the ring. One way to avoid this whole thing, which I know will never be done, is to change the women's skating age to 18. By having prepubescent children competing, and doing programs that a woman can't do, this hurts not only anyone over the age of 18, but the child skaters themselves because they are spending years in practice, and yet will never be a Dorothy Hamill or any other adult female skater. They will push their bodies to win every competition they can while they still have a career. The minute puberty starts looming, it will get harder and harder to skate because they have only been taught to skate like children, and do tricks only children can accomplish. The minute they either weigh too much or are too injured it's over.

The second thing I want to point out, I realize may be controversial, and may point to the reason the Russians are dominating this field. A skater must have intensive resources, coaching and a program which the Russians have, and which other countries will try to copy. Here's the controversial part: genetically, only certain ethnicities will be able to delay puberty long enough, and have enough years of training and performing at a low body weight to be able to compete. I myself was just like these girls. I am not Russian but because my ancestors come from a cold climate, puberty is delayed. I did not go through puberty until 2 months before I was 16. I went from 74 to 100 pounds in about 18 months when that happened. My friends who were Hispanic, Italian, Greek, Syrian, etc. {all hot countries} went through puberty by 12. This is why you will not see these kinds of skaters in these competitions, and why the Americans are struggling as well. An American could only win now if they had ancestry like mine which delayed puberty AS WELL AS an intense coaching system, and resources.

The more that skating depends on tricks only prepubescent children can do, there will be almost NO way for any other countries to compete, unless they have delayed puberty and a system like the Russians. By raising the age on Juniors, putting in an Intermediate category for teens, or raising the entry into Women's competition to 18, it will even the playing field. Provided they have good coaches and training, any woman of any country will have equal chance, including America which is multi ethnic. Here in the U.S., we have girls hit puberty as low as 9 and as high as 17, like my grandmother. If this was done, skaters could have long careers, as they should, and get a chance to enjoy their hard work, instead of retiring as soon as they hit puberty.
T. L.
T. L.:
The one silver lining of the ‘22 Olympic FS debacles is Eteri’s training methods & the girls’ well-being is being discussed widely. Even casual observers are paying attention/researching.
Anne Ramones
Anne Ramones:
Tutberidze: oh well Zhenya deliberately chose to get thinner and thinner, her fault she weak, the fracture is her fault.
Also Tutberidze: admits taking away Shelepen’s food from her plate.
What a pathological liar, I really really hope her daughter doesn’t see the hint of a medal at the Olympics. She doesn’t deserve to be there in the first place.
Lidia Wolanskyj
Lidia Wolanskyj:
Thank you for bringing all this abuse out into the open. As long as Russia continues to compete in the Olympics and there is no lower age limit on "women" competing (it should be 16 imo, even if that would have eliminated my favorite gymnast, Nadia Comaneci), the awful abuse and Russia's dominance with twinkies will continue.
Marie_ de_Russie
Marie_ de_Russie:
I think the main problem is that Eteri thinks she is doing alright and she doesn't want to understand the critics because she takes all for the hate and she thinks that everybody just don't want the good results for her girls. She is obviously not so bad person but she does a lot of faults and I can see the lack of professionalism (with not bad professional knowledge at the same time). I really think she needs to go to a therapy and review her training methods. Because she like her girls has also a big potential and she can be a better coach BUT she needs to understand that she can do faults too and not everything she does is okay (a lot of things are not okay) and even that the pressure on her and her students exist ( everybody want to see good results) it doesn't mean that it's time to ignore everything else (like the health of everyone) and focus just on results. Maybe she thinks that if she changes her methods the results will not be so good at the beginning, girls ( or women) can lose and she will pull the rug out from under the country. But I don't really think that take responsibility for her students and still hard-working means not to be responsible before the country. I fear that Eteri will continue to be so obstinate and will do still more damage to her students and to understanding what is good training really is. Because it is highly likely that will happen. And nobody will not be able to stop this because everyone is still wanting good results not understanding that the good result is also about the physical and psychological conditions of the athletes.

( I really hope it's possible to understand what I wrote. Unfortunately though my English is not so good at the moment, but I'm working on it)

And thank you for this video !
Victoria Georgopoulou
Victoria Georgopoulou:
Hello Fran, the reason I understand what you are talking about is because I read this book 20 yeats ago.... it highlights the dangers of competing while injured...

Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters
by Joan Ryan (Goodreads Author)

From starvation diets and debilitating injuries to the brutal tactics of tyrannical gymnastics guru Bela Karolyi, Little Girls in Pretty Boxes portrays the horrors endured by girls at the hands of their coaches and sometimes their own families. An acclaimed expose that has already helped reform Olympic sports—now updated to reflect the latest developments in women's gymnastics and figure skating—it continues to plead for sanity, safety, and an end to our national obsession: winning at any cost.
Shlomo David
Shlomo David:
Thank you for these videos, which are truly disturbing. I was wondering if you could explain how ice skating differs from Ballet. I assume the Russian training at Bolshoi and Vaganova is just as brutal and harsh. What is different about ice skating that the girls have to be young teenagers, but not so for ballet? Is it because skating has become all about jumps and rotations, as opposed to graceful movement, like ballet is now and how skating used to be?
Runfree Blackwolf
Runfree Blackwolf:
I think sports should make one stronger and healthier, if an athlete is instead becoming weaker, sicker and even disabled you know something is very very wrong
The Olympic result 2022/ This is well deservered for Sherbakowa. A very very good scating. It was a masterpiece
between sport and art and the ability to transport feelings. And she is able to bring this all to the peaple, to the spectators. She had a real
great day, she can be very lucky- not only gold, but gold with a superb performance. Congratulation. ....Trussowa silver, congratulation too.
Unbeleavable sport- but I miss the complexity. We have not Ice jumping- but it was in the kind of sport absolutely great. .....And Kamila-
heartbreaking, but it was to expect. This all was too much for a little girl- the team is guilty - no doubt. It was the false decision to
start. Her parents should have not let her in Peking, her father, her mother had her bring home immediately and protect. In this case- the
whole team is gulity- no hug from this awful women Tutberidze. They all have this little girl (the Russians government, the team with the
doping..and the CAS) this high talented child burned publicly, they throw her to the lions. She could not win/ only loose. My opinion is not
changed/ doping is forbidden. THis was children|s abuse and has to be stopped. She must come through this all and came back clean/ far awaz
from this Dr. Shivetykzy. All the best fo Kamilas future. I hope, that the age rising will take place, then will Kamila be the first....And Anna/ stop this sport immediately because of health reasons. You want to have still a life later
thanks for the great video. i understand you're not an anatomy specialist per se, but would you consider doing a video explaining the connection between back injuries and the poor technique promoted by eteri. i assume this refers to the pre-rotation, but what about pre-rotation is causing these back injuries over and over? (it's not that i doubt, by the way! i'm just really curious about correlation between technique and anatomy). thanks!
Anna Rogers
Anna Rogers:
I listen to her interview in Russian and have to admit Eteri is extremely charismatic. I think we will be watching Zhenya/ Eteri interpretation of the Olympic story for years to come. It is interesting that after the games Zhenya said in her interview to Yagudin that she lost because she was weaker, but now her story changed and she insists that she was given weaker program. As for Alina, Eteri’s words are consistent with what Alina said in her recent interview, Alina did not mention her mom though.
" Imagine what happens behind the scenes"..
This is the most telling sentence for what has now transpired !!!
I don’t think we will ever see the day when Eteri takes any kind of responsibility
Chat 2000
Chat 2000:
When I have read these words this morning on Twitter, I was just... disgusted. But with this video, the details, etc... Honestly some tears almost came to my eyes. This is just hell. And ISU rewards these crimes. This is just... I don't find words. It almost makes me want to stop watching this sport.
Andrada Balan
Andrada Balan:
Unfortunately, there is a reason why Russian figure skaters have a very short career, ending it at 17, 18 years old, and all the other figure skaters around the world, who do get to still to very very well in their 20s and long after, and it has to do with the extreme trainings and bad techniques they work with because of couches like this lady. Techniques that work when you are 14, 15, but not beyond that age. This should really be looked into by the COR and banned. It's a pity first for the skaters, because they could enjoy a much longer career....
What’s happening to Kamila Valieva at this moment is putting Team Tutberidze in the spotlight and it’s not a good look. I really hope this scandal will lead to change and new rules to stop the abuse of these minors.
Pasha V.
Pasha V.:
Honestly Fran, your videos are so interesting that i would love to have some tea with you and just talk about skating
Rick Collier
Rick Collier:
I've never liked the current scoring system as it rewards jumping above other elements! Nowadays it's about just putting some music on and perform as many quads as possible! I know it's an athletic sport but I miss the days of complete performances and elegance! When you watch the sport today you don't see transitions, quality spins or footwork, all you see is jumping and arm flailing which I suppose replaces transitioning! And these poor athletes whose health is placed in jeopardy for results! Eteri may be getting results at the price of integrity and ruined bodies but hopefully it'll catch up to her!
I believe this is the Soviet form of training athletes in all the types of sports they compete in
Sara Kathryn
Sara Kathryn:
The more I hear about Eteri, the more I am disturbed. Thank you though for highlighting such an important issues that often seems to be overlooked.
Tabitha Stevens
Tabitha Stevens:
Her techniques are so damaging, both physically & mentally, to her students. She should be banned for her continuing abuse .😠🤬
Kim Brown
Kim Brown:
After reading about Eteri and her treatment and coaching of the girls, it's obvious to me that she pretty much only cares about the girls "winning" at the expense of their health ... but I would also say that maybe the parents have that mindset also.. It's a mix up of priorities and values. Eteri seems to be on the narcissistic side and her whole being is tied up with the notion of being a successful coach with winning girls. She was never a metalist herself, and she is living vicariously through these girls. The Moms might be doing the same thing, hard to say ... But perhaps, they all value the glory of winning over the health & future health/happiness of these girls. Sad!
Anthony DOlio
Anthony DOlio:
Again, thank you for this content. You are right; it is disturbing. It is amazing to me how so many parents surrender their children to this type of treatment. I guess they are hoping for a better life for their children? For themselves?
Chill With Sil
Chill With Sil:
They need to move up the age requirement to compete at senior level. I would say 18 and up. Let the juniors be juniors and the seniors be seniors. Also they need to ban this coach for causing emotional and physical damage. This is all bullshit.
DM McHugh
DM McHugh:
Why does the ISU not investigate Eteri ?
If these issues are being openly discussed, why is no one sanctioning the coach ? Does a skater have to die before reforms come about ?
I am recalling that Russian gymnast who was pushed too quickly back into action and died on a vault.
Did the ISU decline to raise the senior age ? Why are they taking no action ? Just looking the other way only enables such abusive coaching.
I wonder how this whole bussiness will seem in 50 years. Barbaric to say the least and it's accepted like it's completely normal to abuse children for supposed glory. The fact that her technic cannot ''produce'' as she likes to say a long-lasting career makes it defacto wrong. If you have to destroy young girls bodies to be considered the ''greatest coach'' and recognised as such by official organisations then this is no longer a sport, it's a slaughterhouse and you're the head-butcher.
I couldn’t even imagine an elite athlete not being allowed to DRINK WATER during competition!
Gulsha Yemis
Gulsha Yemis:
They should have girls skating up to 17 and women's skating 18+. Let's see how many of Eteri's athletes make it to women's
Chip Hale
Chip Hale:
I wish Eteri would employ state of the art recovery and injury prevention programs for the age range of her athletes.
The moment that I looked in this coach's eyes I could see that she is a vain, manipulative, abusive, exploitive person. God help the skaters she coaches.
Maytal Acedo
Maytal Acedo:
What a way to victim blame her students and gaslight them when they were going to questioned her. And saying her parents are there like it's a bad thing or a burden sounds like a red flag. I don't have a problem with at least one parent to be there to see their kid since they haven't seen them in years.
My mom was working with pro figure skaters and the thing is - any professional sport is really bad for you. It is not normal for your body to do those things….same as ballet. So, if you cannot train for 12 hours a day you should not do it. That’s a choice.
What makes me want to throw things at them it's not even her and her camp and her federation's methods, they're proud of them and would never regard any of it as abuse or mistreatment. It's the f%cking ISU backing and rewarding all of this shit what makes me so angry. You can't change the values of a federation or a country even, but you should never EVER friking reward it. Disgusting.
Well i doubt anyone is surprised that eteri in her interview again placed the blame for students eating habits, injury and not lasting past 18 either on said skater or there familys , really sorry to say but seperating an underaged child from her mother and saying it was an agreement and the basically saying and look what happened after her mother moved to the same city is such a red flag in my Opinion. Saying that the injury from another student came because she let go of her weight controll? When we knwo that that isnt even true, since said student was as thin as always and openly admitted that she was weighwise at her lowest in said season? Where in this is she actually acting like a responsible adult trainer? Where did she help these students ? Instead she talks about another student and taking away food from her? Like its completely ok?. . Yes the situation with sasha and the dog was funny and cute but really she shoud know better than again talk in that way about past students . You can like eteri all you want but she just keeps putting the blame on the skaters instead of also as their trainer taking a huge part of this blame , she is responsible for the children in her care, exspecially if he parents arent even living in the same city as their child and have to place their complete trust into her . th fact that she even dared to talk like this about alinas mother? I was shocked because literally Alina has never said a bad word about her and eteri does this? She might just make alina angry with that. Because if i was alina and my extrainer said this about the fact that my mother is at fault for my career ending far too soon? Instead of looking at the fact that the trainers method is not made for girls past the age of 18 up to thenpresent at least. (Mabye it will change with anna or sasha but at this point she doesnt have a female skater that is older then 18) . I would be more than angry .how can she talk about it like everything she just said is totally normal and great?
Anouk Amina
Anouk Amina:
Eteri Tutberidze shows almost all signs of narcissistic personality traits. I really wonder why this is not clearly talked about in media!
T C:
Back injuries last for life, they worsen over time and when operated on your back is never the same again. I speak from experience, they are suffering permanent damage for life, age limit for seniors needs to be raised to 18 years old and they can have a middle category for 16 to 18 year olds but a limit on quads in the middle category , maybe two at most. There should be one programme for artistry and one for technical , and a standard meal plan for all competitors comprising of salads , vegetables and fruit daily, without feeding the muscles they weaken , the take offs should be from their muscles not lack off , no doubt these girls have low bone density because of this, meaning they will all end up with osteoporosis which kills, a bone breaks near a major organ spears into it and by the time the ambulance gets there there is little they can do, this are serious ongoing health problems that could also shorten their life span. How can adults in charge of this young gorgeous girls not be concerned about that, it is child abuse in both ways , mentally and physically yet adults are turning a blind eye for a shiny piece of gold, disgraceful and heinous
patrick ibens
patrick ibens:
Weight problems are a known fact in most acrobatic sports not to mention in ballet. They have some kind of an eating disorder with Eteri but also a lot of American skaters talked about it and they didn't train in Russia. Even the country where I'm from had some skaters with anorexia in the past. Back and hip injuries are also well know injuries among skaters. Every skater over 40 will tell you they have a weak back. Eteri is blaming her students and vice versa. This is again normal practice in every country. Nobody will admit they made the mistake. It's always easier to blame it on somebody else. However, with that said, Eteri makes a lot of top-skaters but they expire before they can make a name for themselves. They will never rise to a status like a Katarina Witt, Michelle Kwan, etc... have, cause they're here today gone, and forgotten tomorrow.
Also the sick thing is the russian comments all defend her and say how amazing and candid she is. And obviously she's right and honest & everyone else is lying. It's terrifying how much russian encourage this abuse.
John Liu
John Liu:
Recovery process is more important than the intense drill session. Athletes often push too hard that a night of rest they cannot fully recover, so they daily break down their body, muscles, joints, that become a long term injury. Also, if they cannot fully recover , not fully rested, they don't perform well in the next day intense drill session. They work like boatmen, coolies, pulling the dead weight daily, and burn out young.
Many athletes rest three month and come back stronger faster and with much faster reaction speed and muscle reflex time. Because they fully rested. That's brain and nerves resting period. But they have muscle injury, they might need half year not to repeat all the specific sport routine. And we all know that's just impossible to follow in the sport competition market. Balance is most difficult part of sport and learning science.
Winning at all costs...skate no matter how much you hurt. Children need emotional support. Typical abusive red flags that every Olympic athlete from Russia goes through. It's Etrinas ego that's being fulfilled.
I think The Eteri method works on prepubescent girls under 18 before they attain injuries they can’t recover from. These current skates can’t support quads safely hence the numerous injuries in both womens and mens figure skating. I would’ve preferred if Evgenia didn’t compete in the last Olympics and instead recovered fully for one year before coming back for this year’s Olympics and had a longer career but in this new evolution of her, I think she’ll be happier as a media personality and artist.

Olympic athletes are often abused, that’s the thing about competitive sports. Eteri has a good team and method that is good at getting medals at the prepubescent age but no one over 18. If the womens skating age was raised to 18, I’m not sure Russians would win any medals. There are many beautiful skaters who have come out of sambo 70 such as yuliya lipnitskaya, evgenia, Alina, and Kamilla but their time Is short and ephemeral.

I personally think it would be interesting to develop older skaters which Americans seem to do better but Russians have a clear advantage with the current lower age limit and their all in one training and choreographer on the ice with them in practice everyday.
Clearly Eteri was freaked out by Kamila's poor Performance as it created a DAMNING CONTRAST. Had Kamila delivered a clean and Gold Performance that she is totally capable of doing, it would have lessened the impact of the Performance Enhancing Drugs. Her LIE about how they got into K's system would have seen more credible.
We need a "Surviving Eteri Tutberizi" special ASAP.
Expose herrrr!
Luisa B
Luisa B:
As you said, all of this sadly isn't very surprising and what many have suspected already, but it's still shocking to hear about specific instances so directly.
The problem isn't the girls growing and gaining weight. That's natural. The problem is her training regimen being designed to only work for prepubescent girls.
Cette femme est abominable ! Pourquoi faire endurer de telles tortures à ces jeunes filles si ce n'est que pour son propre intérêt et sa gloire personnelle ! Honte à elle !
Gerard Vinet
Gerard Vinet:
Unfortunately for some coaches , being patriotic & money driven for your country , undermines the health of their students , it's abusive psychologically & physically !!!!
I've lost all interest in the Olympics. It started with the Harding/Kerrigan drama and the endless commercialism of it in the US. The older I get, the less I care about any of this "competition".
Julie Sophia
Julie Sophia:
I feel bad that these girls have such short careers. Can they still earn a living as a coach after? Do they make enough money to last for many years? It’s a real sacrifice to end up with chronic back problems at such a young age.
Simone Schultz
Simone Schultz:
The extent to which olympic hopefuls go through intense training, severe diets and intense punishment. The pressure has always been immense.
The trainers seem to know NO BOUNDS. They are treated like commodities and NOT human children.
Soul Navigation Astrology & Tarot
Soul Navigation Astrology & Tarot:
Thank you for this exposure! Omg! I love your truth!
“In the name of all the competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams."
Jacquelyn Gravina
Jacquelyn Gravina:
For such a beautiful woman, there is so much ugliness inside. I hope the investigation reveals that, she doesn’t coach anymore and her skaters can go to someone good. It’s always easier to blame someone else for errors, not yourself.
TWELVE HOURS?!?! Adults aren't forced to work that much. That isn't rumour, this is out of Eteri's mouth.
Iva Buchalova
Iva Buchalova:
Why do we have to see such a coach in international competitions and support this sick behavior? If Russia tolerates and appreciates her ,briliant' coaching techniques - okay lets do it - in Russia. But not in civilized countries with respected human values such as protecting children. It is like tolerating a crime by watching it on TV and applaud it. Why is she allowed to participate in International competition as a coach ???? I really dont understand and never will as well as I dont understand why ancient olympic games are held in China - where freedome is a crime...Sick.
Baba Tanga
Baba Tanga:
Eteri is great❤❤❤
Aracely Ramirez Flores
Aracely Ramirez Flores:
Insane that Eteri criticizes Alina for wanting to be with her mom while Eteri and Diana Davis spend literally every single day together 🙄
Inge Tamm
Inge Tamm:
The saddest part for me is that even when you throw facts like this about the long list of Eteri's injured athletes to the face of the Russians, many just casually respond: well, this is sport, they knew where they were going... Sorry, but I'll never understand this, for me sport isn't worth it and I'll never understand people and especially parents who think otherwise
Aurinko Bay
Aurinko Bay:
I wonder what would Nikolay Tsiskaridze say about this? I have to say this. This DOESNT shock me at all. she is running her "shop" as it is a ballet school. problem is figure skating has more injuries than ballet.
Alla Dukova
Alla Dukova:
She's been able to manipulate the easily duped into going along with this. I remember once M. did an invalid 3-3-3 combination at Nat's just to show off. She was very proud of herself. SMH. I agree with what you're saying.
On an unrelated (?) note, who's that shady character who was carrying Daria? I've seen him in the background. Gives me bad vibes.
Leonardo Sulit Aranton
Leonardo Sulit Aranton:
I hope they limit the age when competing with senior ladies. Unfortunately, children are crippled at an early age. or just separate the teeneger from the senior ladies, because the elderly are also poor! The children are really stronger than the adults
vor 0 Sekunden
Don't hate the players, hate the game. Eteri Tutberidze is (like me, like my sad ambitious parents, like competitors of all kinds, like failing children in school, like almost everyone I know) just brainwashed by the big abusive (capitalistic) games' global thought: "Success is the most important thing in life. You will never be safe without success." After years of suffering and learning I know this thought is not true. But a part of me is still a believer.
Her methods are insane and maybe over the top but the results are there. Can’t fault her for that…
Cezar Rizea
Cezar Rizea:
This is how you make ruthless champions, look at the Romanian Gymnastics and Nadia Comaneci, it happened in all Eastern European nations and it was carried over to the USA with the Karolyi’s when they started training the US squads. Guess what happened in the US? They started winning Gold…weird.
Cameron B.
Cameron B.:
yesss, thank you for making a video about this fran!
Joelle Schachter
Joelle Schachter:
Yes I know all of this but thank you so much for making it public
Sun Set
Sun Set:
Perhaps I’m misinformed or missed a change but I thought the Olympics were for amateur athletes,meaning they can not get paid.
Crystal Shen
Crystal Shen:
After seeing this, I feel Tara Lipinski should be kinder about Valyeva with the Beijing Olympic doping scandal. Also, this whole thing makes Trusova's outburst at Tutberidze the other day when she was disappointed over getting silver make sense. I wonder what exactly Trusova was referring to with her words.
Can someone explain if it’s the constant run-throughs of programmes that are causing the back injuries, or is it a specific element or exercise she is making them do? Also, I didn’t realise her face had changed so much in that last photo?! Did she have cheek implants or something 👀👀
Vik Toria
Vik Toria:
Eteri kept the silence for too long so it felt like explosion. I only read some parts and they were quite questionable too, from my point of view. I do not get why she always blames the skaters. I also do not understand why they would show it before the nationals - especially with Trusova around in there. People did write that in video it sounds better than in the text, because smth is sarcasm and so on but I didn't have the time and will to watch..
Sandi McNaught
Sandi McNaught:
She seems terrible. Never hugs or even smiles when her girls get done w a routine. She is abusive. Then after a poor performance in the Olympics she treated her skater even worse and made her feel worse by adding to her pain and not comforting her. That is not a loving coach.
So Eteri is abusing her students and can get away with it .. so sad for the students
I watched the whole interview, as a Russian there was no mistranslation issues so... andI didn't find anything disturbing in that interview, quite the opposite it was very impressive
oana gabriela
oana gabriela:
As an eastern European I know unfortunately this is the culture here but yes I understand how for western people it is like wtf