Hello friends! In this video, we decided to show the funniest dives in Raheem Sterling's career! Enjoy! 😆

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Avishkar Pagare
Avishkar Pagare:
Raheem sterling against Italy
0 shots attempted
0 shots on target
4 dives attempted
What a great performance last night by Raheem Sterling. Not like a Ballon d'Or worthy kind of performance more like an Oscar performance...
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari:
Refs should give a straight red card for diving, no less.
Jonas Loges
Jonas Loges:
Imagine being a grown "man" - spending so many hours, days and years practising and perfecting your craft in the rain, snow and whatnot, just to end up being a freakin' guy who dives everytime he's in a potential penalty situation. Over half the times, Sterling could EASILY have continued, yet he goes for the penalty.
Every person not from England wants Italy to win
Ah I see this guy is doing this all the time . He even has a dive style lol
Jens Jakobsen
Jens Jakobsen:
A disgrace. This fraudster should be banned for life. Says a lot of the national team that embraces him. The smell is pungent.
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea:
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter:
Neymar actually gets fouled most of the time, he just exagerrates it. Stirling is just straight up diving, he doesnt get contacted.
The way he lies on the ground and immediately turns his head and looks out for the ref. The sheer entitlement is disgusting. As if the world owes him something for his cheating. At least Kuipers didn't fall for it today and was like: "Bitch, please."
Bts Love
Bts Love:
Italy won despite it was raining and we are not used to rain. We had 10k Italian fans in the stadium while there were 60k English fans. English radical fans went out of the hotel of Italian players with fireworks to not let them sleep. And they also burnt our flags and made hilarious racist clips about us. Despite all this, we won. And we were in Wembley, not in our home. Well deserved Victory. Karma is a bitch 🔁❤️
Elisa Elisa
Elisa Elisa:
What a diving performance from raheem sterling I'm sure his diving brother neymar will be proud
Quan TM
Quan TM:
Thanks God sterling plays football he would beat me on his worst day - Michael Phelps
When Sterling gets the ball he literally stops and let the other player run into him for a free kick 🤦🏻‍♂️diving needs to be addressed in football for everyone
Mitu Raj
Mitu Raj:
Karma hits
Pete Hill
Pete Hill:
an embarrassing moment for English football/sport.
Eamon Hannon
Eamon Hannon:
He is really very talented - at cheating . This is tolerated by officials , this is the problem . He should be given the red card instead of being awarded a penalty .
Fiore Ruffino
Fiore Ruffino:
I can't understand how he can be so unsportsmanlike. A person who behaves like this does not deserve to be called an athlete but must be called a cheater. As an athlete if I won like this I wouldn't be proud of myself. Shame
Neymar: Finally a worthy opponent
Simon Baker
Simon Baker:
A top player but no respect for him cause he clearly dives on purpose..
Sterling is the most horrible litte 💩 to play in the Premier League.
This is just one of the reasons he's widely disliked
vinay ikkaraparambil
vinay ikkaraparambil:
Great diving skills, Kane and Sterling. Shameless.
o o
o o:
Diving king is understatement diving master is the one
Siyagcinwa Matsenjwa
Siyagcinwa Matsenjwa:
Neymar: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
Philip Garnett
Philip Garnett:
Sterling tried to milk a penalty with a filthy dive inside the box in the EURO 2020 final against Italy. The ref was wise to his ways and didn't budge.
Raul kneb
Raul kneb:
This kind of players are really killing this beautiful game , Denmark was Rob yesterday,as a German it makes me really mad , semifinals of such competition , such calls should not be allowed my officials.i rest my case !!
Diving has to be adressed in modern football
Daniel Uccheddu
Daniel Uccheddu:
Corrupt, absolutely appauling. People took the piss out of Imobile, I wander what Linekar thinks now!
A disgrace and FIFA just gave a find to England due to fans pointing a laser at the Danish keeper.
Dhzuga Dhzent
Dhzuga Dhzent:
Growing up I loved watching Ronaldo Nazario breaking through defenses like it's a walk in the park; they'd tackle him heavily, sometimes clearly outside the rules but he just wiped them off like flies, kept going and eventually scored a screamer.

Nowadays i sit in front of the screen in disgust, fearing a bad penalty call whenever the ball gets close to Sterling.
I need a Life
I need a Life:
"Finally,a worthy opponent.Our Battle will be Legendary!!!!!"

-Neymar Jr.
Imagine cheating for a country that doesn't even want you. Pathetic.
1602 • ΣaяᴎesT J๏sE
1602 • ΣaяᴎesT J๏sE:
100th like by me .... And liked this diving tutorial , hope i can win more penalties during my next games 😎
Depp Deppi
Depp Deppi:
No respect for this player. Feel bad for Denmark
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly:
Take a look at the first goal from the semifinals. Even though Simon Kjær is making a own goal. Sterling is still making his dive special just behind him. Hilarious😂
He is a complete disgrace for football!
Is it possible to nominate him for a BAFTA? Just trying to work out which category - Best Actor in a Drama? Or Best Actor in a Comedy
I hope Italy is practicing the defence against the dark arts
Somebody buy this man a scuba gear. He is a natural talent!
Boruto Shippuden
Boruto Shippuden:
its amazing how both his legs just fail as soon as hes touched
Marco Napoli
Marco Napoli:
UEFA just assigned another Dutch referee for the final... imagine how much the English paid for this trophy
people in the stands and in the surrounding areas around the stadium are always asked to not cough in his general direction so he doesnt randomly fall down
Schwagger Dagger
Schwagger Dagger:
Dude your editing is incredible the guy diving and the sniper was so funny
Reno Michigan
Reno Michigan:
He dived 4-5 times also vs Italy
Warrior Hi
Warrior Hi:
3:00 that’s 100% dive, I watched it live and I feel mad.
Yura Shapoval
Yura Shapoval:
If he met ibrahimovic, he would fly for real
LOL. He attempted that twice or thrice in Sunday's Euro2020 final vs Italy, but the referee was already on the look for him and called his bluffs… Sterling had already given himself away in the semifinals, in order to unfairly obtain the 2-1 penalty kick against Denmark.
Ok'darlain Arizona
Ok'darlain Arizona:
VAR and its controversial calls...
Harold & Coomer
Harold & Coomer:
A disgrace to modern football. As a ref I would give him a yellow card each and every time he tries this. Do it 2 times in a match and you're out... I wonder if this is the norm in Africa, because they sure as hell don't learn that over here.
Kurt Chester
Kurt Chester:
My respect and admiration for Messi grew massively after seeing this.😂
Jay lucas
Jay lucas:
He’s really talented and deserves more respect

As a member of the Olympic diving team. Gold medal incoming.
He’s gonna have a hard time getting pens after that Denmark dive
Peter Kotar
Peter Kotar:
It's diving home, guys!
David Hlaváček
David Hlaváček:
We need rules about diving....stop for 10 matches for diving...
M I T S U Y A:
New Oscar winner 🏆🏆
Filip Jovanovic
Filip Jovanovic:
Why is there var if they dont see that he dives
Slawomir Kropielnicki
Slawomir Kropielnicki:
Wow! The sterling is doing this on purpose. I thought it was an isolated incident but he is a PROFESSIONAL DIVER. He goes into the history of football as DIVING KING !!!
Hopefully the fraudulent English get a sack full of goals in the finals ... I'm for it.
Palle Langsted
Palle Langsted:
Mr R Sterling would do well as an amateur actor.
He will in all probability never win either the European Championships or the World Cup in football for his country 🤣
Mick Regan
Mick Regan:
It was diving like this that stopped me watching football almost 20 years ago now. Made me realise it wasn't really sport anymore, not to be taken seriously, and more just a money game for those that can capitalise on it.

I can still enjoy Youtube videos with clips of players such as Ronaldinho where, no matter how much they're tackled, can take the knocks and do their utmost to stay on their feet and go for goal. Unfortunately the cheaters all undermine this and make football somewhat irrelevant IMO.

I definitely wouldn't spend a penny on following football again, and I'd be embarrassed to big it up for players who compensate for lack of skills by trying to deceive the referee.
Elusive Eagle
Elusive Eagle:
Gosh, Sterling is a dive expert,
Didn't know that !
M. A.
M. A.:
Football´s diving home ;-)))))
"If someone asks you what you're made of. Don't just tell them. Show them."
quantum love
quantum love:
He’s arguably the greatest diver of all time.
I’m sorry for him bc he cannot even walk with such fragile legs, I’m guessing
Artem Panchuk
Artem Panchuk:
Hah, when England played with Ukraine I was thinking "why he all time just falls, when no one touching him?"
That's the answer.😆
Maybe he always want to be a diver, but life sad "Nope".
You can also injure the goalkeeper diving and seeking the physical contact that way.
Relenter O
Relenter O:
Sterling and Kane put on a masterclass in diving in the final 😂
Koba Sakim
Koba Sakim:
Maybe he should choose another sport. Like pool diving.
surya shibu
surya shibu:
Just give this man a Oscar award already.. 😂😂
LandingGear 001
LandingGear 001:
2:18 The sad thing is that he could have easily scored there
Sterling would get rolled playing in the 90s
Sakthi Dharan
Sakthi Dharan:
As messi fan I m so proud that messi never do this pathetic shit
Just4 FUN
Just4 FUN:
There s a place for him on the next Olympics game ! DIVING.
Marko Mircea
Marko Mircea:
Ah! The greatest ballerina ever 😆👍
m Nielsen
m Nielsen:
More of this!
Wojciech Michael
Wojciech Michael:
Proper master of diving!! Big talent👏👏👏
the best diving of the year goes to........
B K:
Give this baby a red card next season when he slips!
how can he even live with himself. just because you have taken efforts to come to the top level from a harsh and hard background doesnt give him the right to cheat
It's diving home boys !!!
adolfus golfus
adolfus golfus:
Its kind of screwed up that he somehow gets away with this every time
I’m so glad he is not playing for Liverpool anymore.
You can dive alone!
SaintLaurent. B.
SaintLaurent. B.:
He’s the James Harden of football
pavan hareesh
pavan hareesh:
Man! The music the edit everything is perfect. So funny. Good job
Sterling should retire football and participate on diving sports
Patrik Ricci
Patrik Ricci:
May the VAR be with you Italy !! it’s your only hope
Giltedged :
Sterling's dives are the stuff of legends. Or comedy since only referees are taken in by his dives
Skate Plays
Skate Plays:
2:18 lol I genuinely don’t think that he dived there, man just straight up tripped🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Can't believe this guy, who is so wellknown for his dives, 'tricked' the referee. I say the referee was in on it.
Fran Tot
Fran Tot:
Sterling actually got him self in a 1 on 1 w the keeper and then tripped xD
Kenneth Skovhus Jørgensen
Kenneth Skovhus Jørgensen:
England: Masters of dives and lasers. 😂
Piotr Nierobis
Piotr Nierobis:
TOP Moovie, thank's for that!
I been explaining to all my Frriend's Karma is coming back - NOT "Is comming home..." to England, and Italy to win it. In PL R. Sterling is a diver often booked for his acting... Unfortunetly he took adv of foriner ref🤮🤮🤮
Italy, because we do not want cheaters to win
Katrin Tamborrini
Katrin Tamborrini:
its so funny when hes too far away from the player but still dives and its laughable
I actually rate sterling for doing that England god cyamon make our country proud
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
After seeing that dive live by Sterling, I knew England was going to get it and switched channels. Couldn't even beat Denmark fairly with 10 men. Laser eyed on the keeper, booing another team national anthem etc.. finals should be moved.
Damn, you should havr use "Dio-holy diver" as soundtrack
Bed of rose Fun
Bed of rose Fun:
Winning a match through penalty attained by diving spoil the beauty of football sports....
yeeaaah boooy
yeeaaah boooy:
Im sure if pepe was playing against him he will make sure the penalty had a reason to be given
Nick Bamber
Nick Bamber:
Even funnier at x0.25 speed.
Baggio 10
Baggio 10:
Sterling has had more dives than the english swiming tream. Forzaaaaa 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 .
Now everyone will laugh at diveling as we laughed at Neymar rolling, just newborn football meme
If this is how you play for Man City and earn Millions each year , I would be the goat 🐐