dmitriy stuzhuk last video | dmitriy stuzhuk death video |dmitriy stuzhuk

dmitriy stuzhuk last video | dmitriy stuzhuk death video |dmitriy stuzhuk
दिमित्री स्ट्रासुक की मौत की खबर
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My Channel
My Channel:
Steroids killed him. Made his insides weak, corona just finished the job
Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor:
I hate that this happened. My heart goes out to his family and friends. May GOD be with you all in this time of grief. ( I included his ex wife in with his family.) RIP
Francisco Reinoso
Francisco Reinoso:
I think IGNORANCE killed him, before the steroids...
Sümbül Ağa
Sümbül Ağa:
Poor guy. Father of 3 children.. this is so sad.
google Vloger
google Vloger:
Super Nice
mark liquigan
mark liquigan:
Don't worry he looks good n fit on his open casket funeral. Remember this wise words of Forrest Gump stupid is stupid does n what he did was really stupid. Natural selection baby the dumb n the sick perished
Monkey Brown
Monkey Brown:
That's what he get
Baloch Info
Baloch Info:
Sad news
Shahid Jarvar
Shahid Jarvar:
Sad news
Wasaib Studio
Wasaib Studio:
Sad news
Qaisrani Info
Qaisrani Info: