Documentary on Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko: A martyr who fought against communism During the 1970's when the communist regime was in full swing in Poland, a priest decided to speak out for freedom, democracy and human rights. He became a sort of spiritual director for many workers and eventually became one of the leaders of a workers union called 'Solidarity.' He was so outspoken that his homilies were even transmitted on a radio station that opposed the communist regime. His name was Jerzy Popieluszko. .


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JohnPaul Dixon
JohnPaul Dixon:
I await the English version of this fascinating film with interest.
...a jakzeby inaczej! ( : /..."JERSEY POPIEELUSSKOU"!...  :D
When does this documentary come out ?
Michael McGarry
Michael McGarry:
A true martyr
Christian Brother
Christian Brother:
So sad.
In Warsaw (Poland) There is a museum about his life.There you could see his toys and stuff from his childhood and his adulthood.And all the letters she wrote to people and about how much he wanted the freedom.One of the last rooms was “The Red Room” (czerwony pokuj) in polish.The red room which had all red lights and trees on the walls it waż very dark and there was a lake a tiny lake in the museum (in the red room) which had gruesome photos of his death.and outside of the museum was his grave:( my heart hurts
Condemn Communism everywhere
Patty Figueroa
Patty Figueroa:
Me gustó el documental de Jersey popielusco está muy bonito
He went to hell
On July 4th 1976 in San Patricio Church in Buenos Aires Police representing capitalist government killed three priests and two seminaries...Father Popieluszko has been beatified but these poor priest have not...the lesson: to become saint you better fight the communist regime otherwise you will be forgotten even in Heaven... btw: did Rome Reports create at least a short film about these three priests and two seminaries or is it just a capitalist mouthpiece?:)
Schlomo Ubermann
Schlomo Ubermann:
A true loser. A good priest is a dead priest.