Donald Trump found not guilty at impeachment trial

Former US President Donald Trump has been found not guilty in his impeachment trial.

Although the final vote came in as 57 "guilty" and 43 "not guilty", the Democrats did not reach the two-thirds majority they needed to secure a conviction.

Seven members of Mr Trump's own party (Senators Sasse, Romney, Burr, Collins, Murkowski, Toomey and Cassidy) joined Democrats on the charge of incitement.

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100+ komentarze:

What a shock.....
Sports Media
Sports Media:
What a complete waste of tax dollars.
Randell Hendley
Randell Hendley:
This was just silly and this entire event demonstrates why we need term limits for Congress ASAP.
Village FishingTube
Village FishingTube:
"Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reasons." - Mark Twain
love all the media sounding like someone's just died
Pelosi must be foaming at the mouth 😂😂
Scott Woolley
Scott Woolley:
WE need term limits to clean house of corruption.
GT Content
GT Content:
We live in a society where delusions, emotions and hate carry more weight than logic and facts. Term limits, reduced pay/benefits, investigations, prison time fines and psychological exams need to be implemented to bring government employees back to reality.
CNN is already talking and pushing about other charges that can be brought up against him..they dont report the news, they try and create it!! Absolute biased joke of a tv network
No Name
No Name:
7 republicans are gonna get thrashed at the next primary 😂
I would say Pelosis going to get drunk to cope with the loss but when isn't she already drunk
Sly news must be so depressed right now
dell cargill
dell cargill:
What a waste of $ and time that the demorats could have spent focusing on covid relief, gov. Security workers, and medical personnel.
Chris Bridges
Chris Bridges:
Watched the entire impeachment this week. An abomination of a trial - a kangaroo court, that does a disservice to kangaroos.
It's an opinion vote, not whether or not he actually did anything. The fact the US allows this shows the government should be torn down
Honestly he should run for Senate or house or something like that and say "I'm back!" Pelosi might die right there cuz she's so scared.
Brent Tuttle
Brent Tuttle:
The salt must flow 🧂🧂 🧂
one2 3four
one2 3four:
just show me the 'republican' traitors
Max Ferguson
Max Ferguson:
They mock him for being impeached twice. Now he's being acquitted twice. 😂😂😂
strange lee
strange lee:
The Democrats spend so long throwing manure at Trump in the hope that some of it would stick.
They forgot that it sticks to the thrower as well.
Hal Harris
Hal Harris:
Trump's out of office over a corrupt election and he's still beating the socialists in washington.
hydra s
hydra s:
just here to see the salt flow LOL
hector rivera
hector rivera:
Now impeach Cuomo for the nursing home debacle.
Mr ME:
I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life.
Earl Mcraw
Earl Mcraw:
Oh that feeling of democracy slipping away.
jacques mesrine
jacques mesrine:
Need to recall all those traitorous GOP senators who voted to impeach.
Daniela Mallette
Daniela Mallette:
Glad this witch "Impeachment" trial is over. We shall meet here yet again in the next one.
Domocrats are the most upset people when democracy works.
Grimm Viper
Grimm Viper:
hahahahahahahahaha the disappointment in the reporters voice! I knew he would be acquitted! Nancy and her RATS thinking they can get 18 Republican votes is just pure lunacy! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!
oscar meraz 915
oscar meraz 915:
Like they said in the movie "lets go to prison"
-Not quilty🤣
Caspar Prosser
Caspar Prosser:
What a waste of time.
The Dems literally edited Trump's speech to make him look bad. They really didn't think nobody would play the whole clip they did this to themselves
Even after he's out of office and censored, he makes news. Both parties are just adding fuel to the fire by giving him more publicity.
Sh Cr
Sh Cr:
Hope when he comes back he'll bring enough mousetraps for these swamp rats.
Marita Datijan
Marita Datijan:
I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for GOD uplift the righteous
Richy McNally
Richy McNally:
Everyone who doesn't suffer from tds already knew this already 😂
Everette Clark
Everette Clark:
“The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results,” - 1981 Narcotics Anonymous
DL sickofit
DL sickofit:
All the house managers should be forced to resign after this witch hunt .
Kah Ho Wong
Kah Ho Wong:
The margins of the Swamp & RHINOs is clearly defined.
Spy Retto
Spy Retto:
There was even an interest in this nonsense?
Greg Hunder
Greg Hunder:
Most democrats who read the story, "The Boy who cried Wolf", don't understand the story.
M Bison: This is delicious!
Dandy TV
Dandy TV:
Almost like he was innocent or something lol. Craaaaaaaaaaaaazy concept. At least to America's left. 🙄
rodney carmichael
rodney carmichael:
so proceedings began with yes a vote on the constitutional grounds of this impeachment being valid and ended with mitch mcconnell saying no, it’s not constitutional, but it would have been when he chose to delay it.
Legendary Dr Rackpull
Legendary Dr Rackpull:
I bet sky news hated reporting that
Sekiro Wolf
Sekiro Wolf:
Excellent! He will be back. ☺
Kevin Frampton
Kevin Frampton:
Great news
Michael Regis
Michael Regis:
Well, imagine my shock😐
Betty Rose
Betty Rose:
The democrats were caught when they edited a HUGE lie!
It's public theatre for the ignorant and the hypnotised
P Ch
P Ch:
love to see it free my boy
P Dizzle
P Dizzle:
I wish Sky News was an actual news channel instead of a left wing Trump derangement syndrome propaganda channel. It's a massive victory for Trump.
Robert Jones
Robert Jones:
Can we move on now. Or go for another?
Rai Linly
Rai Linly:
Great news, but we knew it would go this way.
Imagine my shock, no joke this was an absolute farce and everyone knew it!
Angie Metcalfe
Angie Metcalfe:
It was a ridiculous charade anyway. It's the first trial I've ever seen where everybody knew he would be aquitted before it even began
Peace Love
Peace Love:
Love to see Republicans, hunted, stuffed, and mounted! But done peacefully...
Riccardo Baschetti
Riccardo Baschetti:
"Americans have never been more divided, and we're ripe for a breakup ... we'd happier were we two different countries". Professor F.H. Buckley, author of "American Secession".
Sky sound so disappointed 🤣🤣
Why are they upset with the results? Wasn't all to "protect" democracy? Lol
Vee Williams
Vee Williams:
Thank goodness good reason has prevailed, the trump show will roll on, the swamp will continue to be drained even though it's more like an ocean in size
Still walk out looking peachy LMAO
Breaking news: House democrats will introduce the articles of impeachment against Trump this Monday for “still being able to run for office in 2024”.
Daniel Lindholm
Daniel Lindholm:
So, majority is not enough!? Why 17? Your system is broken!
edward houlton
edward houlton:
Gee, what a shock that was.
Sadly even with layers that made Jar Jar Binks look like an intellectual he still got declaired "innocent". What a miscarriage of justice.
Sergio Scarponi
Sergio Scarponi:
The GOP has lost 40% of it's base at this point. I'm good with that. History has recorded which politicians are cowards. Time to deal with today.
Its a dame Reality show in Washington HahHaHa!
Seann Black
Seann Black:
fantastic. the dems have been vile on this issue.
H Miah
H Miah:
USA democracy is a clown show!
Roger Wytovich
Roger Wytovich:
Your gonna have to impeach him three times to get beatlejuice lol
John Ritchie
John Ritchie:
Hell yeah...glad he was aquitted
Tom Klimenz
Tom Klimenz:
Investigating Russian collusion in 3, 2, 1 ... Lol
Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong
Alphabetical civic soup sauce Ching chong bing bong:
I love seeing all the people wanting term limits, its great
Dems PLEASE, its probably TIME to MOVE ON.
Paul Folan
Paul Folan:
Pelosi will have lost her falsies at this result.
D Army
D Army:
Trail by media.. just shows even the elite are easily swayed.
Ginger Legend
Ginger Legend:
Well I think everyone new he was not getting impeached from both side but I have to say this 2024 here we come 😁
Tobias Birmingham
Tobias Birmingham:
We all knew this would end this way!!!
Philip Howard
Philip Howard:
🕉 Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment. ~Lao Tzu
Ancient Chinese Philosopher. ☸
Let me quote Charlie Sheen: *Winning*
Creed S.
Creed S.:
Can't believe he hasn't said anything on Twitter about this. Oh...Wait. LUL
Thereaa Walker
Thereaa Walker:
Great news 🙂
Marlene Trainor
Marlene Trainor:
Oh, the TDS is real!
Phuck Cough
Phuck Cough:
😅 I knew it!
joe smith
joe smith:
This is the OJ thing all over again an impeachment would have brought riots as would the OJ trial if convicted!
Hows the staff at sky dealing with this, bet half of em phoned in sick as they needed there safe space!
Gza Ob1
Gza Ob1:
Sky news spinning it and telling lies.

He never lost.

Every single person who voted for his impeachment had already made their minds up before the evidence was even heard.

Congress lost.

They lost their credibility.

Darth Vader's Dad
Darth Vader's Dad:
*Maybe If the Democrats had used Dominion voting machines or mail in votes maybe they would of got the result they wanted.* 😂
jag sc
jag sc:
I’m surprised 😱
Tracey Murray
Tracey Murray:
Brilliant justice prevailed.
MY Games
MY Games:
Can anyone explain me what happened
I saw in Twitter # trending
A C:
A TOTAL waste of time and money, when they could have directed energy and effort towards actually HELPING people who need it.
Emile Belanger
Emile Belanger:
Is anyone genuinely surprised? Like imagine the people that were really thinking this was gonna lead to anything. Waste of time, money, and resources. Time better spent fixing potholes on a dirt road😂
M K:
Historical shame on Republicans that voted against their party and 75 millions of US people.
They would not be elected anymore.
Peace Lover
Peace Lover:
damm! leave this country! no more justice!
Cant Believe
Cant Believe:
As was always going to happen
Ashley Griggs
Ashley Griggs:
Wait for it!
So we get another mob in four years and some catastrophic 4 years for the democratic representation. great. I better start learning chinese.