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If you have a president who wants to slow down testing, he shouldn't be president.
Running Into Myself
Running Into Myself:
Well, the last four years have definitely felt like a sick joke.
G. Cosper
G. Cosper:
"I don't kid" "I'm not responsible "
Did he just say “ I don’t kid”? I believe that was also another joke.
Julie Giroux
Julie Giroux:
As Ellen succinctly explained it: "If it's a joke, why aren't we both laughing?"
Agent P
Agent P:
Donald Trump is nothing more than an absolute laughing stock in my country.
Yen Dang
Yen Dang:
I'm not even American, but Jeez, it's scaring me.
C J:
“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
- Maya Angelou
Tom G.
Tom G.:
He's not fooling, he is a phycopath. Trump signed order to protect racist statues, while Joe Biden talks about saving lives by wearing a mask. Trump's adjenda, saving racism.
Imagine going down in history as the most ridiculous president ever
Jett Dominick
Jett Dominick:
He's schrodinger's joker: he decides if hes joking or not depending on the reaction of everyone else
Diane Wiegel
Diane Wiegel:
Well November just can't come soon enough to get this man out of office, a position he was never qualified for or worthy to hold the title of President.
James Daniels
James Daniels:
It's like somebody took that pervy guy at every party: the one who makes outrageously bold sexual advances to women he doesn't know--and then insists he was joking when he gets shot down...and made him President.
This needs to be made into an ad
Elaine MWF
Elaine MWF:
Let’s slow down testing in the White House. People there “get tested all the time.” That why Trump doesn’t wear a mask. He’s a joke haha!
Bro Trever Noah is the only thing keeping me sane rn
I remember making a joke like this in middle school. Our teacher asked us how does someone with HIV prevent getting aids and I replied with not going to the doctor because you technically can't get aids unless a doctor diagnosis you with it. I never thought our president would use the same logic I used in a stupid joke in middle school.
Need I remind everyone that Trump is not smart enough to be sarcastic?
Berk Sarioz
Berk Sarioz:
Bro, never heard another dictator or dictator wannabe with so many "jokes".
Kayleigh "mushroom-sucker" McEnany: "He was kidding when saying that he doesn't kid! Don't you get it??"
...and the morale: never believe ANYTHING this "Joker" says. 😁
Michelle Jackson
Michelle Jackson:
Trump thinks he’s the leader of the world
With a man who jokes this constantly, how does he not have a Netflix special
First Last
First Last:
Dont forget he wanted to leave those people trapped on that cruise ship so the numbers wouldn't go up...
"I don't kid."
Every time the WH says Trump was being sarcastic, he meant it.
Is THAT the best option the GOP has as a Presidential Candidate?
Wa Meng Xiong
Wa Meng Xiong:
"When this guy gets tossed into the back of a cop car at the end of his term(s), plz dont be too nice"
-Donald J. Trump
Rosanna McCullough
Rosanna McCullough:
The biggest joke was him becoming president 🤦🏾‍♀️
Adi Pike
Adi Pike:
I can't tell if this is a trailer for a comedy film or a horror flick.
Johnny Chen
Johnny Chen:
Here is my high school joke:
My teacher: Are you kidding?
Me: No, I’m joking.
He jokes a lot, he should be a comedian, not the president.
I was taught at 3 or 4 yrs old “just joking” isn’t funny. And it still isn’t!
And people say he's not a clown...
Cosmic Nihilist
Cosmic Nihilist:
I love how his cult makes the excuse that he was joking. It's understandable a handful of times but eventually, that excuse makes him the clown.
ALittle Tipsey
ALittle Tipsey:
Trump:*says some ridiculous claim*
Republican sheep: "YES LORD TRUMP"
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino:
Dozens of Republican former national security officials have agreed to support the Democratic presidential candidate
Hey Trevor, could you plz have some of the lesser known presidential candidates on your show? Gloria La Riva, Howie Hawkins, and Jo Jorgenson to name a few.
Juggernaut Productions
Juggernaut Productions:
Elect a clown expect the circus.
Nour Shehadeh
Nour Shehadeh:
This is so damn embarrassing...he has dragged his entire nation into the mud
Sky Lord
Sky Lord:
To the People who are going to vote for trump again, I wanna say "are you joking ????"
Freedom is a Right
Freedom is a Right:
Donnie cares about his money, not ours and certainly about our lives.
William Lu
William Lu:
We should test his IQ as quickly as possible. Oh wait a minute, we already have the score
"Test less, you get less infection cases"

The most stupid comment I have ever heard in my entire 20-year old life!!
Avneet Singh
Avneet Singh:
Schrodinger's Douchebag: One who makes douchebag statements, particularly sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted ones, then decides whether they were “just joking” or dead serious based on whether other people in the group approve or not.
Basically Donald Trump.
Yumi Meuthia
Yumi Meuthia:
Trump defenders: he was kidding when he said "I don't kid"
When you elect a TV show host as the president, expect to get premium tasteless entertainment every hour. What a joke!

The entire world who is now laughing for 'Murica
Turbo Nutter Bastard
Turbo Nutter Bastard:
The only time I’ve heard him be remotely sarcastic was when he found out Romney was in isolation and he said “Gee, that’s too bad”
good day
good day:
He's not above telling a joke, that hair is a joke he tells everyday
Amanda Leigh
Amanda Leigh:
Isn’t there some kind of rule that can remove him as president for lack of brain cells?
Mikaela Blake
Mikaela Blake:
When you see a clown

you're supposed to laugh.
"No president you can't just not test people to make it look like the cases are going dow-"
Trump: haha coronavirus go bye bye
Arefin Chowdhury
Arefin Chowdhury:
I'd vote for him. He's the only one keeping me sane during this lockdown. You guys ever thought what would you laugh your ass off or even think about if he's no longer the POTUS?
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander:
All tRump's speeches should include a laugh-track.
NOW is the time for everyone to make sure their voter registration is in order. No hiccups come November!
Ben Thomson
Ben Thomson:
Remember when the most powerful man in the world did not have the maturity of an 8 year old
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon:
The Oklahoma Rally was his best joke yet.
Annemie Nieman
Annemie Nieman:
He's always joking. I guess that makes him a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Panda Moreno
Panda Moreno:
This clown needs new material because all the crap he has said it's not making us laughed 🤪
Lorenakoran aka Lori
Lorenakoran aka Lori:
I would love to rewatch this without the music dominating it.
Iphone Sharpener
Iphone Sharpener:
Yo this dude funny as hell, he must be some sort of clown.
Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf:
Imagine your colleagues and your friends show you these clips knowing that you voted for Trump. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Or imagine you are a kid and your classmates know your parents voted form Trump. I don’t know how some people live with this shame and embarrassment.
Julia .L
Julia .L:
At this point we don’t even need to laugh at what he SAYS; he IS the joke.
Lord Thanos
Lord Thanos:
0:49 The most hilarious one 😂🤣
andinie sartika
andinie sartika:
I’m pretty sure he has dementia
Autonomous Wheel
Autonomous Wheel:
He doesn't wear a mask because it'll smear his make-up
Bodhisatwa Bhattacharya
Bodhisatwa Bhattacharya:
Literally everyone is wrong and he is right including the people who gave Barack Obama the Nobel Peace prize
It took just 1 minute and 23 seconds to explain why Trump is so dangerous and why we must all vote. Please vote!
The Dirty Camper
The Dirty Camper:
He's a contradiction literally says things then the actually officials have to constantly correct him honestly we don't need a president not if he or she gon be like this honestly rather have a board of officials that would ensure no joking in serious times
Muctarr Jallow
Muctarr Jallow:
"I don't Kid" 😂😂😂😂
‘ Roach
‘ Roach:
Some of these seem like a joke such as Obama Isis. But come onnn if u think the Disinfectant thing was a joke ur stupid.
His body Language and mannerism was so obviously serious 🤦🏾‍♂️
I’d love to be born into another life 1-5 hundred years in the future to see what they would teach in schools about our history, it would be very interesting I think.
Marie Megilligan
Marie Megilligan:
He is a joke. Unfortunately, he really has no sense of humor.
Jonas Yong
Jonas Yong:
Never forget you’re someone’s reason to smile....because you are a joke:-)
Alan Hauch
Alan Hauch:
For a guy who “don’t kid” he’s a real FN joker.....
Stavro Blofeld
Stavro Blofeld:
Trump: "I'm the judge, the jury and the joker"
Holly Varner
Holly Varner:
I love this LoL 😂....... can’t stand that man!
Daiki Cipolloni
Daiki Cipolloni:
Trump is the laughing stock of the entire world, even in his own country
D.M. Wilks
D.M. Wilks:
He's such an embarrassment 😭
Naveen 15
Naveen 15:
Can we appreciate Trevor's editors for this
Talk To Dick
Talk To Dick:
Lol... Imagine this guy running your country

...oh wait!..
He just needs to work on his delivery!
S. Leigh
S. Leigh:
This is a brilliant compilation.
Heran Semere
Heran Semere:
I can only imagine how the history books of the US in the future are going to be like because of this man. What a genius!!

I was being sarcastic about the genius part.
Magma Vol
Magma Vol:
A wise man once said "You can slow the Testing down..but u cant slow down the death rates."
Ad Ad
Ad Ad:
The real joke is how America keeps him on stage
Evelyn B
Evelyn B:
"Joking"? Then - how come they're defunding testing???
Tim Apple
Tim Apple:
Remember that time you called Tim Cook from Apple Tim Apple? Classic Trump.
Just laugh away your problems America, it's the only thing you can do now.
Except for voting ofcourse, please go vote!
John Omodi
John Omodi:
"I don't kid" Maybe not but one thing for sure he acts like one.
Hilal Younus
Hilal Younus:
When boomers ‘accidentally’ does shares something stupid on a phone :
( he was just being Sarcastic)
Gian Fu
Gian Fu:
Masterpiece :)
C J:
Was his claim about his taxes also a joke?
I’m still waiting to see how that’s funny,.. 😏

Thank you for this Trevor and team, this really hit the nail,..
Photo Addict
Photo Addict:
america, what do you have to say for yourself?
_"It's a joke! When you make that face, that means it's a joke!"_
Blxckz MaJiiik
Blxckz MaJiiik:
Let's be honest, we all want Obama back
Okay Peter Navarro and Kayleigh need to stick a foot in their mouth on live television please! 'We the People' demand the truth and an apology! PEOPLE ARE DYING!! NOT A JOKE!!
I'm so sick of the lies, cover-ups, spin sessions and straight up BS!
When does this horrible TV show of a presidency END!!!
Its like, im not doing a pregnancy test, than im not pregnant
Jonah B
Jonah B:
“He was joking” excuse is getting old anyway!
Christine Angotti
Christine Angotti:
When can we get this over with, he's FIRED
Omg THANKFULLY there's only 133 days left until we can FINALLY vote this fool OUT.
Yseson _
Yseson _:
I love how he got a standing ovation for drinking water like an adult, of course he proceeded to throw the glass to the floor like a poorly behaved child
Saket Sharma
Saket Sharma:
To my American homo sapiens, invite clowns to birthday parties not to form the government.