Dr Disrespect - Ending of last stream.

The 8 last minutes of this last stream before the ban.
What happened?

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Felix Sosa
Felix Sosa:
0:35 - He receives some message on screen,and tries to justify as, "not being me."
0:50 - Returns to what he received, and just stares at it. (Provides 0 context)
1:00 - Turns red, and starts shaking. (starts to argue) [Shaking/ context not explained]
1:15 - Returns to post on right side. Starts to shake worse and begins random rant.
1:55 - Picks himself up, and works himself towards phone (right pocket).
2:00 - Pulls out phone and stares at it. (Immediately shows signs of defeat)
2:17 - Incoherent rambling. (starts to show signs of exasperation)
2:44 - Explains he wanted to cut stream, but decides to stay on. (rant 2 starts; more shaking, more nonsense)
2:52 - Whispers "wait."
2:56 - Cant hold thoughts and sentence together; loosing eye focus. (shakes worse)
3:40- Starts conversation of possible controversial ideas.(no context)
4:05 - Yells WAKE UP! And looks at phone again.
4:06 - Starts to shake even worse, starts to stutter, and starts to tilt head/changes field of view constantly; as if expecting something.
5:05 - Post Roblox video with an ad. (Places hands on face while shaking).
06:05 - Abruptly turns head to right; appears very confused; awkwardly works himself towards mid screen.
06:17 - Sharply turns right while sunglasses show video is out of field of view. (stays here for several seconds).
6:27: Swaps camera perspective when he notices how apparent his movements are. (still not looking at screen).
6:30: Starts to look at phone; starts looking out left and right; starts showing more signs of defeat.
7:39: " I appreciate everyone watching today." "we'll get through this champions club."
7:54: Violently faces left.
8:08: Whispers "Fuck" - cuts stream.
The Fonz
The Fonz:
You’re telling me this man’s last stream was playing Roblox. Are you deadass
Dr Disrespect will go down in history as having the last game he ever watched be Roblox. That's the ultimate disrespect.
Michael Powell
Michael Powell:
Find myself trying to CSI the reflection in his glasses.
Schizskai Rentio
Schizskai Rentio:
plot twist he actually got perma ban for watching roblox content as he is midle aged man
Casual uncasual Day
Casual uncasual Day:
Doc: Gets text dies inside and ends stream
The world: write that down write that down
Damn. His reactions there at the end. Something is not right.
I keep seeing people saying "he ends his streams like this regularly" - anyone got a clip of that? Cause I don't believe that shit for a second
If we ever get the context of WTF he saw on his phone at 2:00 then watching this will be insane. For now, I dunno what he saw there but he immediately knew he's done, it just broke him and he has a lot of experience so it must have been something crazy... I dread to think what it could be that would make him react the way he did.
I don't think there's a hidden message in his actions here, except that he learned that he was banned on stream.
Ethan Cheng
Ethan Cheng:
This really hurts to watch. He looks as if he thinks he’s about to go to jail and someone just told him it’s concrete. I’m not saying that’s what it means but it kills me and that there’s that acceptance of what’s coming
he seems like he is having a silent panic attack. Is this normal for him?
goddamnit, i was really looking forward to the roblox hide and seek stream
Joshua Wyatt
Joshua Wyatt:
I didn't usually watch him but anyone could tell he wasn't himself during the whole stream.
Looks like he's going through the same set of emotions I did years ago when I had to wait hours for management to have a meeting deciding if they planned to fire me.
i think on 2:00 he just received the banning email from twitch that's it haha
Roy Voigt
Roy Voigt:
Just after 8:05 you can hear someone say "Let's go, wrap it up"
looks like someone stands next to him, as the way he acts turns his head made it kinda obvious no?
also is he somehow giving out some cryptic speech in the vid, idk but the words he used to speek are a little bit weird? ^^
*Edit:* Looks like Danger Cop didn't send him anything but this: https://twitter.com/DangerCopTV/status/1276869084798488576 So it must have been because of whatever he saw on his phone @ 2:00. Everything after that, all the odd behavior, is just adrenaline. The shaking, being nonsensical, the quick changing of subjects - he seems like someone trying to keep it together but can't actually focus because his world is falling apart. He took the time to gather his thoughts during the Roblox video. And then he essentially said his goodbyes. Whatever it was, it was real bad and he knew what it was going to lead to.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. The way he's reacting goes to show you that something seems suspicious here.
Wajid Aziz
Wajid Aziz:
Can you believe I have just followed him a week ago and I started watching and loving his STREAM for hours. Just a while ago I again and again refreshed curious that why he isn't coming online then I googled and got to know he is being banned. That made me really sad. I hope he is ok and I wish he comes back soon more strong and more entertaining. Love you Doctor Disrespect.
He knew he was going to be banned. Talking about conspiracies is a no no :/
Nocturnal Toothbrush
Nocturnal Toothbrush:
These time stamp descriptions are a stretch to say the least.
Avengerman 260
Avengerman 260:
The greatest Sopranos episode ending ever
Mister Physics
Mister Physics:
Antisemitism will get you sacked from most jobs these days.
The silence says it all.
I really hope everything is alright with Doc... Man, this is crazy.
Dragic Magic
Dragic Magic:
I'm guessing this might have something to do with the whole David Icke covid-19 5G conspiracy
I wonder if he knew during the last stream that he was about to be banned.
Once he got that dono he started acting so weird. Like freaking out. Wonder what it was :o
strangest thing to me, is the look to the left as if something really scared him. Weird.
E Carlos
E Carlos:
Watching this live i didn't really think anything of it he usually ends the stream weird or just abruptly but looking back a lot of different emotions and tones.
Igor Santos
Igor Santos:
02:00 is when things start getting strange. He starts talking and looking like someone trying to dissociate and pretend that everything is fine after receiving some bad news. Also, throughout the video he seems like he's holding himself from having a breakdown, not sure if this is just how he normally acts though.
I'm really interested to know what happened.
Ryan Cross
Ryan Cross:
Here before Asmon gets told by his chat to watch this or somethin
He lost it all just like that. I know streaming is entertainment/a persona and the people can be awful in real life but I hope it won't be some shocking disgusting thing
Ambient Light Of Darknesss
Ambient Light Of Darknesss:
Why does this feel like one of those convuluted AR games on the internet and it's up to us to solve it. In the last few seconds it looked like someone was breaking into his house or something.
I literally just got into watching his streams like yesterday... wtf
Shoutout to my boys at the weest discord
6:22 "it" happens
Ezfar Afh
Ezfar Afh:
possibly was checking CCTV feed of someone arriving in studio, federal agents perhaps.
Could finding his alleged criminal charges be difficult if it's an active investigation? Could be why Twitch and Doc's past sponsors are refraining from commenting on the matter. Sponsors like GFuel are returning DrDisRespect items to him (i.e. banner).
Well he talked about David Icke twice. Maybe it has something to do with it.
This is the way you act when Lizard men is standing in front of you as you stream your last stream.
i dont understand what happend at the end
Noah Goldstein
Noah Goldstein:
To be honest, without having much experience watching twitch, it seems like he is tripping on acid and it starts to kick in when he checks his phone. As someone who has taken a lot of acid, I can say that you check your phone a lot to see how long you have been tripping (as a trip lasts 12-14 hours) and when it kicks in or when your peak hits, you can't string sentences together, you hear noises that aren't there and your head hurts, especially when it first kicks in. I honestly believe that he might have just been on acid or some similar type of drug (maybe even coke or pcp as he was very energetic and unable to sit still, although that is also common with acid; you want to "explore" the world around you) He seems like he is in pain, which is why he talks about getting through this, and you also feel very connected to other people, especially people with a positive feeling toward you, in this case his chat. I don't know much about the Doc, but I know a bit about drugs and he was definitely on something.
Bent Neatly
Bent Neatly:
Hes trying to stay in stream mode but he can barely finish that one sentence, you can see his brain working...
I myself never watched Doc but always saw him in clips. You cannot tell me the man was ok here... the signs are too blatant. Hope you are ok Doc
Korporal K. Reep
Korporal K. Reep:
And then afterwards he sadly got punished for faking a PhD
Where can I find the video of WHAT he did WRONG?!?! That's all I wanna see/know
I know this isn’t the point of the video, but what is the song playing in the background at the start of the video?
I wonder what link "dangercop" sent dr.disrespect at the 23 sec mark.....thats when everything about him got scared.......
He started outwardly acting off at 3 minutes when he started talking about "Icke"
Suh Cheuy
Suh Cheuy:
Guys I just want to say that nobody that claims they know that rent directly connected to doc or the bunch of simps that is twitch actually knows what they are talking about. Wait until something official is released
Ben Janske
Ben Janske:
Maybe he got caught cheating again on his wife? The look of panic and the pauses he takes is the look of a man who got busted.
Floor Gang AOUGH!
Novacaine 93
Novacaine 93:
Probably soliciting twitch e-girls for clout in 2017.
He getting banned on roblox so twitch canceled him
M B:
I think it's a promo move in cooperation with twitch
When I was younger during school whenever I did something bad and the teacher got a call and told me to go down to the principals office I acted the exact same way. Frightened, anxious, scared and lost. Whatever happened was not good.
Wyatt Brunkow
Wyatt Brunkow:
Feds are onto him. Gg no re. End of an era.
Gabriel Issa
Gabriel Issa:
anyone know the music in the start?
Glowie-Agency 2
Glowie-Agency 2:
The Globalists got him, boys. It's time to Wake Up!
He gets the YOURE BANNED text at 2 minutes. Mood changes immediately.
Yooo... who was he gesturing to at 4:26 ? That was so weird. Like someone came in and it's definitely trouble.
Kim Jong-Liu
Kim Jong-Liu:
the way he just stares at that roblox video sticks with me
Hector Grimm
Hector Grimm "Reaper":
As soon as he mention danger cop, it went down hill. I think the link he clicked went to something else. Click bait
Does anyone know the time his stream ended? Like what time on the 25th did the stream end?
i think twitch found out he wasnt a real docter
wade cochrane
wade cochrane:
well damn badassgameing is guna get his game face on now
I don't follow this guy at all, but if he was perma-booted from Twitch and dropped from a contract he had so suddenly, it had to be some big stuff. Apparently this guy was a moneymaker, and businesses (like Twitch) like making money; and even people with accusations against them usually need to get some pretty bad publicity before being fired (or "fired" as it applys to this). I'm not gonna make any guesses at it, but I'd recommend waiting to see what happened (it has to come out eventually) before siding with him on this issue.
Danishta Steele
Danishta Steele:
Keep us posted internet warriors
anyone else notice the shudder @7:53?
Rich S
Rich S:
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott:
What pic did dangercop sent????
what is the background music
Maximus Joseppi
Maximus Joseppi:
this is sad... he was a great entertainer.
He was banned for propaganda messages in his streams. He revealed it the moment when mentioned David Icke in his last stream. The Big guns don't want their public servants controlling the minds of his viewers with his status.
demfak •
demfak •:
jezz, he looked like he owned the mafia a big buck.
Man. It’s bad. Has to be. His reaction at the end it hard to see. I’m not saying free Doc because idk what he did yet. But twitch didn’t ban him for a small thing. This is a big thing.
what worried me is that when he said his wife had a knife in her hand saying nuh uh. What was that about?
Harrison Sabean
Harrison Sabean:
Dude did he kill someone?
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott:
Maybe dangercop tried to bribe him with a photo
Brenda Ho Gutierrez
Brenda Ho Gutierrez:
The cocky- ness got to him
uwot pleb
uwot pleb:
its almost like someone messaged him at 2:00 with evidence of something horribly fucked up that he did, saying cops are on their way or something, and at 4:27 its like someone is there holding him at gunpoint or something, he acts askew for the rest of the video, kind of chilling to watch, hopefully its a publicity stunt for that platform theory
Calbelly Studios
Calbelly Studios:
Is it only me that thinks he has done something really bad and feels guilty about it and he knows what he has done and he is telling him self to wake up and realise 4:05
Xavier Yousef
Xavier Yousef:
He is still acting at the end
culture _701
culture _701:
matt qane
matt qane:
wake up !
Noah Perez-Cruz
Noah Perez-Cruz:
ngl he kinda looks like oompavile
When you watch the new rules Twitch put out, you can make your own thoughts !
Mrs. Weaver
Mrs. Weaver:
With as big a following as he has.... ya just don't get to mention David Ike without severe consequences.
It's not allowed.
Me Likes to Games
Me Likes to Games:
I have no idea what he read

But I can guess by the way he was acting, and the fact twitch announced his termination.

It's pretty obvious that this is twitch telling him that they are going to ban him, and telling him what he did (him saying that's not me would justify that part) but the question is whether or not its true, and whether or not twitch will will ever give him his account back.
A lot of weird stuff happening these days, maybe its the same kinda shit that happend with Methodjosh in the WoW community?
Kane Williams
Kane Williams:
I feel like the Roblox video was a message. The way the question was asked and the topic of the video just screams it to me.
Batt Damon
Batt Damon:
So the Doc as a character is owned and under contract. If the ‘doc’ has breached his contract they can ban him, refund his customers, and keep him ‘the character’ locked away until a legal process has completed.
I just want to know why he was watching Roblox videos
Sretnik Dolaznik
Sretnik Dolaznik:
Why was he banned? I can't put my finger on it
Prome Thesis
Prome Thesis:
he looks so sad
Jared Illg
Jared Illg:
The last time I remember him truly this emotional was when his wife had the miscarriage. It truly affected him deeply as it would me or really anyone. Hopefully everything is all right on his side of the screen and whatever occurred there is/was a temporary event he can work through. Doc truly brings joy to so many people and streaming is just one of the many ways he is needed at times like this. Come back soon Doc/Guy.