Dr Mundo Rework - All his new abilities, gameplay and skins

A rundown on Dr Mundo's rework, and all his new abilities, skins and gameplay
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Passive - Goes Where He Pleases
Dr. Mundo resists the next immobilizing effect that hits him, instead losing current health and dropping a chemical cannister nearby. Dr. Mundo can pick it up by walking over it, restoring a portion of maximum health and reducing this passive's cooldown. Enemies moving over the cannister destroy it.

Dr. Mundo also has increased health regeneration based on his maximum health.

Q - Infected Bonesaw
Dr. Mundo throws an infected bonesaw, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit based on their current health and slowing them.

W - Heart Zapper
Dr. Mundo electrocutes himself for a few seconds, dealing persistent magic damage to nearby enemies and storing a portion of damage he takes as grey health. At the end of the duration, Dr. Mundo deals a burst of magic damage to nearby enemies and heals his grey health if an enemy is hit (heal reduced if only minions or monsters are hit). Dr. Mundo can recast Heart Zapper to end its effects early.

E - Blunt Force Trauma
Passive - Dr. Mundo has bonus attack damage, increasing based on his missing health.

Active - Dr. Mundo slams his “medical” bag into an enemy, dealing physical damage based on his missing health. If the enemy dies they are swatted away, dealing this ability's minimum damage to enemies they pass through.

R - Maximum Dosage
Dr. Mundo pumps himself with chemicals, instantly healing a percent of his missing health. He then heals a portion of his maximum health over a long duration, gaining bonus movement speed and attack damage while healing.

100+ komentarze:

If you wanna read EXACTLY what RIOT sent me all the info is in the descriptions (didn't want to bake it into the video because last time I did with Gwen the information was incorrect and I took some heat for stuff RIOT sent me that had a typo) so check that out if you want the exact wording!
Dirge Cry
Dirge Cry:
To explain the fade, Mundo goes wher he pleases. Sometimes that's the barber's
How does he get his shirt back?
Ross and Riot: "magic."
Understandable, have a nice day.
Sunny D
Sunny D:
They should have it where if he ults and rips his shirt off, it stays off until he recalls back to fountain and gets a new one.
Astral Blaze
Astral Blaze:
Mundo goes where his passive drops the flask
First impressions: I kinda love it and cannot wait to see how Vandiril breaks it
Finally Mundo's W makes sense visually cause I have always wondered why this crazy muscley Frankenstein-monster-esque purple guy had the power to make fire orbs circle around him haha
One salty little fish
One salty little fish:
Mundo goes where he pleases
Rupok Dude
Rupok Dude:
his passive literally has the name "goes where he pleases" yet he has to go and pick up a canister
Ross: "So what are his base stats like health and damage?"
The Rioter Playing: "Grasp of Undying has dealt 147 damage. You get your magic boots at 10:30"
A Rob
A Rob:
Comparing the abilities to other abilities is a great way to explain it
9:54 literally as he is saying they show it for a fraction of a second
Twitch but he builds moonstaff because his poison fully stacks moonstone.

Day 89
Nițu Valentin
Nițu Valentin:
Damn does the river seem different? Someone should check to see if it's saltier from all the adc crying in the bushes before getting one shot by this beast
Alexi Volcav
Alexi Volcav:
He looks s hell of alot weaker for sure
Hismajesty Leonard
Hismajesty Leonard:
Riot should legitimately pay content creators to do the reveals
Foxsy Gamer
Foxsy Gamer:
I have never clicked so fast on a video. I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR OVER A YEAR!!!!
I really want a Corporate Sivir skin to go along with Mundo, since she's quite predatory with money too.
John Stewart
John Stewart:
It's always a good sign when Ross drops a video earlier in the day
when an enemy runs over his cannister and destroys it we have to call it chemical canstration
Dom C
Dom C:
Duskblade Amumu, because the sad little mummy boy already feels invisible to the people around him.

Day 86
Anub Arak
Anub Arak:
0:12 I was expecting "yes, they made him a doctor"
Sean Mains
Sean Mains:
Honestly, I didn't know that Mundo was not a "laner" already. I have spent the last couple patches getting m6 as a toplane Mundo. Buffs for me I guess.
Scythe Master
Scythe Master:
Corporate Mundo is literally senator Armstrong from metal gear rising : Revengeance
Ely Casco
Ely Casco:
ross you kinda see his starting stats when he opens shop
tbh I really like when you do the ability comparisons, it's really helpful! I'm the same way, and having some examples makes it easier to understand
NamesAreHard !
NamesAreHard !:
day 9 of asking you to revisit ap ivern mid
GDI i lost again, i thought he was gonna throw paper since he did scissors on that one gwen video he did
Da Watcher
Da Watcher:
Anyone else think they made him look too threatening in his main splash art?

Like he looks less like a stupid buff guy and more like a threatening super villain.
Jason Bullock Jr
Jason Bullock Jr:
Ironically when I heard his rework was coming out I wanted to get at least Mastery 6 with him before he came out. I’m Mastery 7 with him
Meh Meh
Meh Meh:
Im not disappointed, but for how long we waited for this i expected......more
His abilities are basically exactly the same with just some new effects.
Mateo Poblete Calderón
Mateo Poblete Calderón:
I think Mundo is overcompensating for a lack in the pants 😔✨💀
Burak Ceylan
Burak Ceylan:
New Mundo looks smeksy
riot told me gwen dealt damage based on her hp so i made gwen THICC: day 54
Mundo's new lore is that he's a part time barber just trying to survive in Zaun
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Matthew Fitzpatrick:
"Everyone's least favorite sound effect?"

What are you on, mate?
You're literally one of the 3 league youtubers I watch now, of course I'll pick you for the updates
Josh mucci
Josh mucci:
Day 100: river ivern because plants need water to grow.
MekPriest Chris
MekPriest Chris:
Love how the third time Ross complains he couldn’t see the stats, the rioter opens the shop and you can see the stats on screen. Still wouldn’t have helped him to see the difference each ability makes.
But the timing is just funny.
Theodore Taylor
Theodore Taylor:
"You threw paper or rock at a guy on a screen, so let's be honest you're my kinda person" That was quite nice :), made me double check I was subbed :D (Also I threw scissors)
Honestly, if they just had his cleaver closer to the old size, I would be fine with the new model
Christian Doherty
Christian Doherty:
This Monokuma theme is giving me flashbacks. Lmao.
Tim Zoobidibop
Tim Zoobidibop:
"Thanks for picking me" bruh you, skooch and rav are the only league youtubers I watch, love your stuff!
niel nielsen
niel nielsen:
have to see of spell shield stack with his passive and if so what order they get use.
Maddox Xkipxky
Maddox Xkipxky:
new dr.mundo rework came out

me: yes yes yes. now I wait for illustrators on making a bara of him.
Terra Plum
Terra Plum:
I knew they were trying to push him into the top lane for this rework, when they gave a thumbs up to morg jungle a bit ago, so it would feel normal to the community 😔 it's time to bury my mundo jungle main and move up to the top lane
Андрей Иванов
Андрей Иванов:
I remember i sold his legendary skin shard long ago...
Riley McAlvey
Riley McAlvey:
Ross you're awesome man, you're absolutly hilarious. I hope to play sometime with you :) poggers for years dude
Lina Miller
Lina Miller:
11:33 - Crazy how you can tell time without a watch
kinda excited for the rework just gonna have to wait like 2 weeks after release because everyone will either ban him. or pick him no matter the role they are. or leave if they dont get him. so I rather just wait 2 weeks or so before even attempting to play him
9:54 ".. but I didnt even know what their base armor or mr was"
**stats immediately get opened up**
Bumble Birb
Bumble Birb:
Mundo goes where he pleases. Maybe this time in a Vandiril video
lucky peanut
lucky peanut:
The first time I saw his E i was just like "awe its just sion E"
Tuuhus The Pocket Shield
Tuuhus The Pocket Shield:
I've been waiting for mundo being reworked..im so glad to be here
Patho loge
Patho loge:
Love the passive aggressive "undertone"
one important question...
Does Mundo still goes wherever he pleases?
When you need a rival to Thanos and the Hulk call rework Mundo XD
This is gonna be hype
Ser Ryan
Ser Ryan:
Never clicked so fast on a vid in my life, lol, new mundo is pog
Oliver Kluck
Oliver Kluck:
I get all of my news from Ross always
Excited for this!
I'm not exactly happy with the rework, since the thing I hated about Mundo was his ult and his Q - he perma slowed you and could heal back to full health with one button, and those are the two abilities that weren't changed much.
Cuban Cavalier
Cuban Cavalier:
I’ve been workin on a mathematically correct tahm kench for you for the last 2 days.
Chris Beis
Chris Beis:
Now we re waiting for the BUILDS Ross
Apollon Ath
Apollon Ath:
Found my new main . First rework that has me so hyped
David Ljubicic
David Ljubicic:
Mundo definitely takes 3 flintstone vitamins and it shows
Turo Bot
Turo Bot:
I hope that E bonk works well against Yorik matchups.
9:53 here, for a split second when the Rioter opens shop you can see Mundo's stats.
Damn, that Netflix movie filter working it’s magic 🪄
Jacob C
Jacob C:
I lost the rock paper scissor. I must subscribe now. Damn.
Out of the last three reworks I feel like this ones the weakest
Lord Darthus
Lord Darthus:
Now I just wonder if they are gonna rework mundo on wild rift as well
Ross commenting on how he cannot see the base stats on mundo while in the background you can see them, when he shops xD min 9:52
so, based on just your video, it sounds like riot went
"let's make this unkillable, one-hitting, already way too op chunk of purple flesh even more op and unkillable, but we'll at least remove him from the jungle so people will only bite off our ears and not our entire faces"
I mean let's be honest: he hasn't changed too much (was honestly expecting more there, riot) and the changes that they made sound to me like they make him more op (though it remainms to be seen if this does actually turn out to be the case)
cant wait for the veigar rework where he gets killer abs and a fade and a massive bulge
Ari Ari Ari Viderci
Ari Ari Ari Viderci:
You can see the base stats when he shops
rib cage
rib cage:
wow mundo really was just thrown out into pbe like no warning, rito hitting hard
God damn, I’ve lost to R,P,S so many times I’ve run out of things to sub to you with.
Hmm I don't like the first impression, he somehow looks weaker than the original

Idk if it's the overly fluid animations making the cleaver throw feel weak and slow or if it's the fact he looks like a normie fuckboy and as a girl I'm bored of normies but yeah there's something wrong with Mundo, I'll give him a chance when he comes out but first impression is lacking
Manoel Leonardo Feitosa Neto
Manoel Leonardo Feitosa Neto:
Man, the rock paper sxcizror game always gets me
Early upload - glad I waited
Math build for this plz! It must be sent!
Zixi Jr
Zixi Jr:
Dammmmm you got me Ross, you earned the sub, should a known your throw rock
Okay,so his passive is called "goes where he pleases" ... and it basically forces him to go to a specific spot
Alpha Male
Alpha Male:
I didn’t see him drop a potion once or pick it up?
Ayy Mundo was the first champ I mained when I first started playing league
Jayden Chow
Jayden Chow:
I realised that Ross doesn't need any editing in his videos, he's just that entertaining
Adrian Sajecki
Adrian Sajecki:
I dont know what to think about those new abilities, I guess its a new challenge especially since I prefer old mundo all the way 😅
WhiteG3cko 1776
WhiteG3cko 1776:
Ross after 3 months of watching your videos you have finally beat me at Rock Paper sizzors and got such have earned your sub
Dominic Francis
Dominic Francis:
I love you ross haha "if you won you just threw paper or rock at a screen and your my kind of person"
Mathieu Fredette
Mathieu Fredette:
8:56 at the end of the duration he magically grows another shirt and nobody comments about it ! I mean he always produced a thousand cleavers per game from outta nowhere and nobody ever commented also !
Exciting to see if he is still going to be an unkillable late game tank.
i have never really played mundo jungle, i have always just played him top and still do, lotsa fun to this day and i am eager to see people play him and immediately lose interest in him after 8 games so i can be an obscure pick again where nobody knows how the fuck my abilities work so i just kinda win
The Tao of Gaming
The Tao of Gaming:
4:30 that Lux used ult on Ross a split second too late xD
Key Man
Key Man:
Mundo! He definitely deserves a rework
Stef du Toit
Stef du Toit:
I'm on a 3 winning streak against Ross in Rock Paper Scissors. This brings my score up to 5-17
I threw scissors, damnit.
Archie Muter
Archie Muter:
Can't wait for my mundo, malphite bot again with this patch
Alex Guadalupe
Alex Guadalupe:
Ok so when this gets released I'm doing what Dyrus and Quas did back in like season 4 I believe on Mundo that the sum choice for top lane Mundo would be TP & Heal for extra Healy heals of fuck you.
Witch Coven
Witch Coven: