Dubois v Joyce official weigh-in results show with Ben Davison and David Haye

Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce weigh-in and face off ahead of their highly-anticipated British, Commonwealth and European title fight on Saturday, November 28th live on BT Sport 1 HD. #DuboisJoyce

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100+ komentarze:

Cooking with Chef Dai
Cooking with Chef Dai:
They’re speaking into mics that are switched off 🤔
If sound quality could describe the year 2020? This would be it.
Is this the sort of professionalism BT sport should sack some people sleeping on the job.
Joseph Flynn
Joseph Flynn:
Ben "Chris Jericho" Davison
James Gonzalez
James Gonzalez:
Crazy, I just saw David Haye just before this streamed getting into his Phantom lol He was cool enough to bump fists and say whats up.
Ben Ali Alfakhri
Ben Ali Alfakhri:
Haye goes for Joyce.

Damn. He's finished, then.
Ben “Harry Kane Knock Off” Davidson
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman:
Is David on TRT with different doses every week. Every time we see him, he's a different size?
Zoltán Horváth
Zoltán Horváth:
Joyce just won by stoppage, but listing this fight as a KO (by boxrec) when the whyte - povetkin fight is listed as a TKO on all platforms is a joke...
Mr Moon
Mr Moon:
Well my prediction was right, I said Joyce would stop. Him lol,
Nice payout for me,
Happy days 😁😁😁
J K:
Sound man's on furlough
Byrom Taylor
Byrom Taylor:
I have a betting stratergy that has made me a few quid ....whoever David Haye picks bet on the other fella - he says Joe Joyce on points so I'm going early DDD KO
David Bell
David Bell:
Reminds me of the time i listened to a neighbor's argument by holding a glass to a wall.
Nathan James
Nathan James:
Haye's analysis is great here. It's easy to forget how much someone must understand about something such as Haye with boxing. His celebrity, tv and media presence has almost overtaken his sporting achievements.
Cant see many “Possie & Views” be gained here mate. Kugz must be loving it !!! 😊
K ins
K ins:
Gonna be a great fight good luck to both men 🥊
G T:
who'd of thought Kevin Costner from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves knew so much about boxing?
Ian Worsfold
Ian Worsfold:
if Haye says Joyce, gotta be putting bets on Dubois 😂
Silver Back
Silver Back:
Joe Joyce is so slow, he had to start his ring walk this morning.
Ben Davison talks like he's chewing on a flip flop in his mouth
christophe claus
christophe claus:
im saying dubois wins by KO in round 5-8
liam hud
liam hud:
David Haye says Joe Joyce will win so that means Daniel Dubois will win :)
dale1987 goosed
dale1987 goosed:
Could not hear the weights just talked over them.
Dan Keenan
Dan Keenan:
Ben Davidson trying to look like mgs2 snake.
Stu Brown
Stu Brown:
There is no way Joyce is getting stopped
Femi Daramola
Femi Daramola:
Its going to be a good one !!!
Al Dunford
Al Dunford:
Needs subtitles. Shocking
Pius M.D
Pius M.D:
One prediction David Haye got accurately 🤣🤣🤣🤣Who is here after Joyce won
Plug the mics in then lads 😂
1:52 sound gets better
Matthew Armitage
Matthew Armitage:
If joyce wins then I worry about Britain's future heavy weights, he is so slow
Boardertrash TV
Boardertrash TV:
Lets just say they start swinging at each other, DDD is going to beat Joe to the punch every time so I can only see DDD lose if he allows himself to get ground down. Reckon Joe is going to stand off DDD and try and time him coming in.
sayang kelinci
sayang kelinci:
看好Joe Joyce贏!Dubois大賽經驗不足!
These two are gonna be great mates after tomorrow night. May the best man win
The Black Knight
The Black Knight:
Thankfully the sound improved
lowell stacy
lowell stacy:
They’re speaking into mics that are switched off 🤔
Graham Paterson
Graham Paterson:
Betamax video sound quality !!! 👍
the live chats on these live streams are so tainted lmao
Dubois all day long... inside 5
Retro Man
Retro Man:
2020 and we are watching an interlaced video :-/
mark irvine
mark irvine:
Sound recorded on a homeless man's beard... Filmed in John furys shed/bar combo
Baz Dougall
Baz Dougall:
lovey... sky bet had a boost on joe winning by ko/tko after round 7 ,slapped a tenner on it
Greg Lewis
Greg Lewis:
Forgot to turn the mics on 😀
lil bahadur chetri
lil bahadur chetri:
I thought David Haye was having a cup of tea.
Dan Bap
Dan Bap:
Mic man had one job..... sigh 🙄
if I did have a good head of hair..which clearly I don’t I wouldn’t go for the coach driver to Blackpool look like Ben D 😆😆
The sound guy needs a memo
DAVID46816 martin
DAVID46816 martin:
At first I favoured dubois,but having seen Joyce today I favour Joyce,he is in proper shape
Marc Wiseman
Marc Wiseman:
Your 🎤 ain’t on..... basic stuff chaps. Come on now.
Dj Frisky D
Dj Frisky D:
So unprofessional mics being switched off at the start. BT sound people sleeping 😴
Youngsters be like wtf is rock'em sock'em robots?!?!
Mark Brewer
Mark Brewer:
They're holding mics and yet the engineer went with the room mic... Interesting choice.
top gun
top gun:
Daniel looks a bit to beefy more like a bodybuilder hopefully brings a great fight
Osh Official
Osh Official:
Look forward to this fight 👊
Charlie Vance
Charlie Vance:
Unwatchable intro. Sound kicks in 1:52
Александр Коротаев
Александр Коротаев:
Джо удачи 🤛💪
The 5g kick in after 2 min
Tica Time
Tica Time:
Is cleaner hoovering up
Joeysosa Sayjin
Joeysosa Sayjin:
Should be a good fight 🥊want joyce but gotta feeling DDD we get it done tho
Lyndon Griffiths
Lyndon Griffiths:
I was going for Joyce but Haye just cursed it for me ! ☹
Duchovny Vlad
Duchovny Vlad:
chepest volume quality for a big fignht i have ever seen, disgrace for the fighters!
Victor mowla
Victor mowla:
somebody switch the mics on.
John Schnelting
John Schnelting:
Think i must be one of the very few who think this fight could easily go the distance and be decided by the scorecards
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Alexander:
" Break the walls doooowwwwwn!"
Are the microphones turned off? Sorry they've just been turned on after a few minutes :-)
Jude Servina
Jude Servina:
BT.. Production Quality of Rookie YouTuber
Ze Bud
Ze Bud:
Well Joyce looks fit ripped an ready to go
Ifl doing the audio?
DeliciousSide FX
DeliciousSide FX:
Could’ve asked somebody else?!
Martin Foster
Martin Foster:
Who was responsible for sound mix on this? Please tell me it is a student in his final year or something. BT Sport sort that out.
Was really looking forward to this complete weigh in
These 3 guys commentating wouldnt STFU for the whole show Haye has to mention he was the world heavyweight champion Boris Johnson was more of a Heavyweight champ as him!!!!!
Keith Mcloughlin
Keith Mcloughlin:
DDD by Bazooka K.O .
Mark Evans
Mark Evans:
Why is david haye stood in a glass
Looks good holding a mic and all but would help if they was on 🤣
Robert Saunders
Robert Saunders:
After 2 min the sound gets sorted btw
Matthew Hurst
Matthew Hurst:
Dubois win by knockout 👊👊
Ifthagar Ashraf
Ifthagar Ashraf:
Joe is a big strong lad ,I think he derails DDD TKO
Richard Bilyansky
Richard Bilyansky:
At 35 and plenty of miles on the clock Joe could age over night. We will see
Ben Lucas
Ben Lucas:
Sound quality of a iPhone 3
Baljit Johal
Baljit Johal:
D.D to win between 7 and 12
David Hoovan
David Hoovan:
Joseph Joyce i believe takes it nice call David
Oily Rag
Oily Rag:
Strong in the arm, thick in the head , watch out juggernaut cause your brown bread😉
finally the audio kicked in
Andrew Alexander
Andrew Alexander:
I didn't know Chris Jericho was a boxing Trainer/pundit!😜
good joblads sound quality vgood
Mr Mola
Mr Mola:
Slow joe ko'ed early
Lee Sharp
Lee Sharp:
Dubois stoppage
Dean Kerrigan
Dean Kerrigan:
Forgot to switch your mic’s on!!
Joseph Bacon
Joseph Bacon:
Recorded on a calculator
A O:
Always bet against who David Haye favours to win he always favours the wrong fighter
Ben who?
Dean Penn
Dean Penn:
I wish u wouldn't talk wen the weights are being read out. That's all I tuned in for but I can't hear a thing cuz ov u lottalki g 😒🤛
G R:
Any need for the microphones in their hands when the pocket calculator is picking the sound up?
J K:
Oh sorry he's back from 2:00 onward
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis:
Dubois win by knockout early rounds
Jim McClarin
Jim McClarin:
I like Dubois but usually root for the underdog so am pulling for Joyce.
K B87
K B87:
Joyce gets chinned in round 3
does joyce have a chance of winning?
rory macpherson
rory macpherson:
Was this filmed on a phone