Duchess of Sussex questions empty UN seats | Sunrise

Meghan Markle is questioning the empty seats at the UN, which Prince Harry addressed at. Meghan is demadning answers of how the empty seats could've even happened. Today is also Meghan's 41st birthday today.

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Gisele .
Gisele .:
An empty auditorium at the UN when giving a much publicised speech, is a dose of ‘reality.’ It was open to the public too.
Funny how she believes she's so important that she can demand answers from the United Nations!! Guess she found out her and her husband aren't as important as she believes they are!!
Fatima Myburgh
Fatima Myburgh:
It was the me me show. Its was such a huge comedy that even Mandelas grandson laughed at them.
JL Berkshire
JL Berkshire:
The event was free and open to public Considering how much PR they spun tells you something.Their fans didn't even show up
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing:
What part of empty seats doesn't she understand? It's summer recess and Harry isn't a first class draw...and neither is she.
Leave me to my fate 👋
Leave me to my fate 👋:
Meghan is acting like Harry’s stage mom
Linda Rose
Linda Rose:
The audacity of that gold digger and ruthless social-climber to demand anything is a joke!😂
Gotta love how PEOPLE magazine featured gorgeous, adorable KATE on their COVER on Methane's birthday! 😱🤭😁🤣🤣
I love it that the Royals chose a picture from the day she and Harry were demoted, the day the Brits booed them and the day when the wires she was wearing were obvious to the whole world.. I don't think they chose this photo by accident and I love the choice.
Lynn D
Lynn D:
The best, and only relevant, response was from Mandela’s grandson. He got a good laugh out of those two.
Courtney McGregor
Courtney McGregor:
I'm a member of the United Nations Academic Network and the United Nations (AAQ) and we get more people at our meetings. It must be said that this was a ticketed event, not a UNGA run by the UN as I've seen reported on. I am at a loss to see why the UN would ever invite them to speak, and why anyone would think that they could sell out one of the UN rooms.
Wasteful trip and damaging to the environment with their private jet
Elizabeth Pengson
Elizabeth Pengson:
She wants answers?? SIMPLE.. people weren't interested.. duh..
One glaring miss.. No greetings from Her Majesty.. ole'.. don't mess with the Real genuine Lilibet..
Ralph O
Ralph O:
I love how the royal family used photo's of Meghan Markle when she was in the UK for the Queen's platinum Jubilee celebration's, when she was heavily booed in that outfit..As Harry and Megan left St Paul's cathedral 🤭 awkward
Bee 🐝
Bee 🐝:
I thought he wasn’t invited and she wanted him there, knowing UN was closed for the summer, this was a open mic type deal. She signed Harry up for. So he could talk about her and her ideas and not Nelson Mandela
A nearly empty auditorium with many of them playing with their phone or reading something, totally ignoring him. H&M have a highly inflated opinion of themselves and insist that they need high level security but nobody gives them the time of day. One would think that those who are enamored of the couple would have been clamoring to catch a glimpse or listen to more whining. I think that their shelf life is very limited. Meghan will of course blame Harry for their unpopularity and will dump him and collect spousal and child support once she sees no benefit to stay with him once she realizes that a political career isn’t possible.
Gleeful  Me
Gleeful Me:
Harry had nothing worthwhile to say during his doom & gloom 15 min talk in the UN building. He has no expertise & didn't know Mandela.
Diane Martinez
Diane Martinez:
I can’t wait for William and Catherine to come to Boston and see people lined up to see them, and that event will be filled with celebrities and the Speech William will make in front of millions. The tantrums from Montecito will be legendary…
Waggy Quack
Waggy Quack:
Well done Sunrise for wishing the Duchess of Sussex a happy 41st (?) birthday while showing footage of her leaving St Paul's Cathedral after the Queen's jubilee service, the place where she and her current husband were roundly booed and suffered her greatest ever humiliation.
Meghan has been to the United Nations before and she knows that the United Nations rents conference rooms, meeting rooms and even a theater to event organizers and charities year around, They are much smaller than the auditorium. When she spoke at the UN they had rented the Theater. We know that Meghan loves to be in control of everything to the last detail. I have a feeling that Meghan knew full well that there weren't going to be that many people at this event and she picked the auditorium on purpose to make a fool out of Harry and show him how irrelevant he really is.
If Harry had spoken at the theater or the smaller conference room, the room would have been full.
But then again we have all noticed (from the start) how Meghan has been doing everything in her power to make Harry look like a fool and erode his self-steem: interrupting his conversations, moving him out of the way, walking in front of him, making him juggle balls, publishing polo photos of him showing his butt and his tits to the whole world, etc, I think she chose the auditorium knowing full well that there weren't going to be enough people to fill it and that is why she also didn't join him at the podium or the stage like she always loves to do.
Sophy Fernandez
Sophy Fernandez:
She can’t even answer her self for her own character and demanding answers smh
Celia Gorleski
Celia Gorleski:
Maybe people wanted to stay home instead of flying their private jets and leaving a big carbon footprint.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird:
Her ego is so funny! It's so big, I'ts astonishing she can face anyone without being embarrassed!!
She's definitely nobody here in America!
I think there’s five people sleeping in the Audience😂
linda chapman
linda chapman:
She’s a “child bully “ and was nasty to little princess Charlotte 😩 I don’t like her one tiny bit 😡
secret watcher
secret watcher:
Megan Marble is 45 not 41 she put her age down like a lot of actresses do hoping to get younger rolls if they make themselves appear younger.
Marilyn Whittle
Marilyn Whittle:
I’d stay away too! He’s not exactly the happy prince he’s pretty depressing to look at But I hope she has a happy 45 th birthday!!
Stop it!! Y’all know she’s not 41, she’s 45, just like in Tom B’s book. Stop lyin’!!!🤣🤣🤣
Elrene Montanez
Elrene Montanez:
Meghan is 45 and she was born in 1977! Her dad said she was born in 1977. Meghan also confirmed her age as 44 when she had that lawsuit in Britain when she was awarded $1.00
A.H Octavius
A.H Octavius:
Diplomats don’t show up for ACTUAL reps. , why would they show up for her! She is so self involved and narcissistic
megha bisht
megha bisht:
I'll tell you how it was empty. The world leaders don't bother to listen to from an ex- 6th in line heir to the throne on a random day.
S K:
Tom Bower book REVENGE worth reading! 👏🏻👏🏻
S K:
No body is interested in them! And the speech was universally criticised allegedly! Not much about Nelson Mandela in it! Allegedly! Talking to an almost empty room!
Wow, Meghan the ageless wonder . She never goes beyond 41. Must be using 41 and 45 synonymously🙄
This is not a UN HQ event, there's no media coverage for this ( by the UN) and they were not on high alert when H&M arrived. H&M’s PR & publicists are constantly scouting for UN big events but the UN accommodates small events them.
Comtext Matters
Comtext Matters:
What is there to question? There obviously wasn’t much interest in what he had to say.
Elizabeth A. Morris
Elizabeth A. Morris:
Who is Meghan Markle to demand answers?
J Engelbrecht
J Engelbrecht:
It was their PR team trying to sell it as a big thing, it wasn’t mostly bc of them! We are tired of hearing them pitch projects that never happen, tell us to cut our carbon footprint when they don’t follow their own advice - we are sick of the endless lies, daily PR junk and most of all bashing the Royal Family. They wanted their freedom, they got it now shut up. Get a job and stop lecturing to us and putting ur hand out to finance your lifestyle.
Tulum Bordon
Tulum Bordon:
Adore the Cambridge’s, gorgeous future King & Queen 👑❤️👑
Why is everyone so afraid to piss her off??? The Tom Bower book is out… we see who she really is. She HAS to know the vast majority of well wishes will be fake and obligatory lol.
Except for the BRF, none of the A Listers worldwide wished Meghan a Happy Birthday. Poor Meghan. That's why she had to have such a low-key birthday celebration. Except for Nacho and his wife, they have no friends left.
Bronte Petropoulos
Bronte Petropoulos:
Linda Wilding
Linda Wilding:
They are empty because nobody is interested in them
Elizabeth A. Morris
Elizabeth A. Morris:
With unreasonable - high and mighty, “demands” as this, Netflix and Spotify need take note.
They try so so hard to be taken seriously and fail every time 😂
She must be thrilled it is her 45th birthday according to The Steeple Times! They reported that Joshua Silverstein was at summer camp with her when they were both 13. He was born in 1977 & 45 now. Therefore she is the same age. Allegedly!
Renee Bloggs
Renee Bloggs:
There was virtually no one there and the ones who were there looked completely disinterested. Pick up the hint, Markle!!!
Bad, the seat fillers were talking 🤳 selfies playing games on their 📱 she's 45 or 46 it was reported.
Happy 45th birthday to Harry’s wife
It's her birthday, but NOT her 41st!!! 41 in her dreams and what she sold to Harry and most of the world.
ALLEGEDLY, she's much older and closer to 50 years! 🤭😁🤣🤣
Bermondsey boy CBL
Bermondsey boy CBL:
The empty seats shows how many people are interested in them
Mary Lem
Mary Lem:
We don't always get what we want in life, no matter what social status we hold.
David Wootton
David Wootton:
This is what happens when you don't do your homework. And it might help her if she switched on her brain before planning something like this.
Gini Otway
Gini Otway:
The General Assembly convenes in mid September. The speech was given in the General Assembly Hall. The majority of the delegates are back home and shall return in September. Very poor planning by the PR team.
Diane Alden
Diane Alden:
After all Meghsn is queen of the world -- snap to - batten down the hatches - whatever Meghan wants Meghsn gets!!! ;) Meghan - grandiose and histrionic to bitter end.
Siri Anna
Siri Anna:
And why aren't the sussexes picked apart for not wishing anybody else a happy birthday? Clearly the RF are the bigger, better people.
They are arrogant and entitled because of such comments.
Jane kitenye
Jane kitenye:
Simple no one wants to listen to hypocrites ,liars ,bully ,family bashers etc.
Quick Fruits
Quick Fruits:
Haven’t got the clue yet?! Their lack of self-awareness is astonishing😅
I am glad she noticed those empty seats! LOL LOL LOL
Reva Wesson
Reva Wesson:
Everyone is so sick of M and H that’s why! H just wanted to say how wonderful M is!
Tee Mac
Tee Mac:
At the point where their warped sense of self importance vs the reality of the situation?
Note the photo by the RF is of her just after she was placed in the second row and booed by the public. A little message there me thinks 🤔
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
Better for him to stand in front of an empty room than watch a full one empty out because of his depressing speech.
Josie Quintela
Josie Quintela:
😂😂😂 She wants answers?!!! How about doing their homework or pay for people to fill up the place if they wanted a full house 😂🤦‍♀️🥴
The legit people are thanking their lucky stars, they’re back to work (😂😂😂) in September.
Teresa Carter
Teresa Carter:
Isn’t her real age 45?
Yiena Salin
Yiena Salin:
Where are all their fans at this well publicized event? As much interest as a Brandon rally!
Julianne White
Julianne White:
These 2 left the greatest opportunity to serve humanity, instead rubber stamp narcissistic behavior wherever they show up! Time to grow up.
It reminds me of the spin off series of fools and horses called ‘ the green green grass’ where the son arranges a gig for his band at university for the evening of when they all left for the summer holidays, and the only people sat watching are his parents
Melodye Grochowski
Melodye Grochowski:
So Megzy, having a happy 45th birthday? Are you OK?
Bless her ❤️
Cheryl Callahan
Cheryl Callahan:
*Sunrise Harry's NY speech Listening from Mass USA TYVM 💙*
Andrea Marquez
Andrea Marquez:
I love how the host admits Meghan gives them coverage every 2 days and when it comes to reporting about Andrew, Charles or William, all of whom have been trending recently over actual serious allegations there’s nothing to talk about other than Meghan.
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yes Meagain, demand answers!!!
Sounding like a dictator, MM.
Valerie Howard
Valerie Howard:
Who does she thinks she us demanding answers, the precence of the audience says it all. No one wanted to hear what the whinger had to say, she was more upset that there wern't many there to hear her word salad. Just goes to show how popular they both are.
Bonnie Godines
Bonnie Godines:
She's lucky that they even wished her a Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 🎊 Especially the way she treated the Royal family! I would never ever have wished her a Happy Birthday! That's just me though🤣🙌😁 if she treated me the way she treated the Royal family🤴👑👸 Our Beautiful 👑👸 HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was on the cover of people's magazine!!🤗😌👏💕💝💖 what a BURN🔥 I bet Mrs. Lucifer👹 was fuming with envy👺💯% I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL OUR BEAUTIFUL 😌LOVELY 😍CLASSY LADY LIKE🤗 CATHERINE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE BECOMES THE QUEEN 👑👸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺
Salha AbdulAziz
Salha AbdulAziz:
She's not 41. She's 46 this year. Need to update your info.😁
Linda Camacho
Linda Camacho:
It's not uncommon for there to be a lot of empty seats, especially in times of pandemic and difficult travel. Usually the seats are used by tourists.
Ketching Wind
Ketching Wind:
Obviously, they are not as important as they think they are.
N B:
I don't seem to understand that they have shunned their royal titles and royal duties... Then why they are always addressed as Duke & Duchess of Sussex and Royals. Treat them as civilians. Why do they even want the word 'Royal' but not the royal family?
Who is MM (she) to demand answers?? 🤔 hahahaha 😆 😂 🤣
Carol St. John
Carol St. John:
The Queen snubbed her and People magazine put Catherine on their cover.
Mrs. Hercule Poirot
Mrs. Hercule Poirot:
Today is Meghan's birthday. I hope Harry got her the one thing she wanted, a date with Bill Gates.
Lesley Wallace
Lesley Wallace:
They knew who was speaking ,and you were going to be there,
Ruru Nibbles
Ruru Nibbles:
She has to accept that nobody likes how she has behaved and no one what to be preached at willingly.
angela turner
angela turner:
Pity the Royals just said Happy birthday Megan Markle !!!,Titles don't matter to her she said
Blackhole Sun
Blackhole Sun:
Please tell me you're just having a laugh. She is supposed to be intelligent I've been told. Now if Harry had questioned it, that would make perfect sense because he's not the brightest bulb in the pack.
Let me guess. She will complain it has something to do with the color of her skin. 🙄
MM is 45 years old today way past 41…
Betty Amber
Betty Amber:
I"m not celebrating her birthday, she's nothing to me, not my duchess. thank you.
Chiming in
Chiming in:
Here’s your answer Meghan: no one cares what he (or you) have to say 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ana Barjona de Freitas
Ana Barjona de Freitas:
How dare the world not gather under excitement to hear Harry!
Harry how did u end up like this, Princess Diana in heaven def isn’t happy seeing him like this 😢
Darren S
Darren S:
Maybe ppl don’t like being preached to about climate change from someone who flew in on a private jet
Hello 29
Hello 29:
She needs to question herself
Mama Tee
Mama Tee:
Awwww, poor Rachel.
Sibella Kingston
Sibella Kingston:
I'd listen to a speech by Samantha Markle.
Marina Perkins
Marina Perkins:
The United Nations General Assembly would NEVER invite Harry or his wife to speak at their meeting simply because they are non-entities (without the royal connection) and professionals in nothing. I am rather intrigued why would this channel wish a 'happy birthday ' to the Markle grifter... 🤔
rm p
rm p:
41 years old? Are you sure?
I think Meghan should build another U.N. building on the property of her mansion and write weekly speeches for Harry.

Read the room, Me-gain! Oops no one was there 🤭