Duncan Laurence - Arcade & Stars - Interval Act - Eurovision 2021

Eurovision 2019 winner Duncan Laurence earlier recorded his performances of Arcade and Stars
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100+ komentarze:

Jofer Lança
Jofer Lança:
He could win again with this new song.
Doctor Peanut
Doctor Peanut:
This man doesn't get bored
Patrycja Ogórek
Patrycja Ogórek:
If he took part in Eurovision this year he would be the winner again. The new song is so beautiful. 😭
Dtk Fragmenten
Dtk Fragmenten:
One of the best eurovision winners ever
Michelangelo Baradel
Michelangelo Baradel:
I'm italian, but if he had participated again this year, he would have won again. An artist like few exist. Goose bumps every time
T. Stark
T. Stark:
Why is no one talking about the absolutely stunning underwater visuals??
It blew my mind mind seeing this performance of Arcade - just like the first time!
Kristin Atanasova
Kristin Atanasova:
Arcade is the best song that has ever won Eurovision
Congratulations to Italy, but this was the most magical moment in Eurovision for me. What a beautfiul songs Arcade and Stars are, and those visuals are out of this world too. Wow, good job The Netherlands for this amazing Eurovision! Greets from France!
Alicja Kola
Alicja Kola:
Such a worthy winner in my opinion 💜
Tom van Uffelen
Tom van Uffelen:
Why did he have to get covid at the worst possible timing ever
Joshua Santiago
Joshua Santiago:
Stars hits so hard for me. It’s so relatable knowing that I’m soon moving away from my homeland too to be an immigrant to another land even though I’m still young. I’ll be leaving my friends behind, and I won’t even be able to personally say goodbye to them due to the current situation.

damn Duncan, you’re still my favorite winner of all time
Daniël Z.
Daniël Z.:
Happy to still see Duncan performing in the Grand Final, even if it wasn’t live he deserved to be there ❤️
The Anime Girl
The Anime Girl:
Duncan will always be the biggest STAR ❤
merty oi
merty oi:
он потрясающий. невероятный. нежный. его голос восхитительно прекрасный.
Indrani Das
Indrani Das:
best performance of the night. Stars is such a beautiful song. it reminded me what I felt when he performed Arcade for the first time in the semis. It just fills up your hearts and minds❤
he will be my favorite winner for a long time to come
This man deserved the number one title....
Im still freaking out about the water and Stars on stage.

Billy's journals
Billy's journals:
If he went again to Eurovision this year with this song, he would win.

Also hope he recovers quickly!
Ngl, I cried with "Stars." Incredible. I hadn't watched Eurovision in about 4-5 years because I was disappointed with the songs so I misses Duncan's victory. Glad to know that people can still recognise true talent and art.
Aurela Osmani
Aurela Osmani:
What an emotion to hear his great voice again 😍 and the song "Arcade"...it gives me chills everytime I listen to it 😩

Mario Antoniou
Mario Antoniou:
Would have won twice if people loved this song.
Tema Hrusckov
Tema Hrusckov:
"Stars" is amazing, makes me cry sm.
Mariyna Krolenko
Mariyna Krolenko:
I am glad this song all over tiktok he really deserves it.
Rodrigo Caetano
Rodrigo Caetano:
"Stars" is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. That’s it. It’s like we get caught in a whole new world where you remind your childhood and best memories, absolutely incredible.
RUFET Hidayetov
RUFET Hidayetov:
Duncan is the best best best person who is song music in eurovison.
Arcade is special sing in my life. I am so happy to hear this song and you will be in our heart forever.
One of the best ever winners simply amazing this song never gets boring his vocals are incredible
Garcia Isabel
Garcia Isabel:
God 2019 I fell in love with Arcade and now I had the same feeling with his new song. It felt like I was taken from reality for a moment and just listened to the song🥰❤️ I love this magic feeling
Alys Hightower
Alys Hightower:
Почему нельзя было голосовать за него?😅
Kyle Joe
Kyle Joe:
I did not think it would be possible but I like the new song even more... Wow.. just wow.
Juan Kristo
Juan Kristo:
Arcade still the best song I’ve heard from Eurovision. 💙💙💙
Аксиния Джурко
Аксиния Джурко:
До сих пор мураши по коже от его выступления
Jakob Klavier
Jakob Klavier:
The first song was just amazing. But the new one moved me to tears. One of the most beautiful, wonderful and touching songs on this planet. Please keep on, you leave me speechless! ❣️
Rens Latta
Rens Latta:
That new song was amazing omg. This man is a legend.
Kaan Ünsal Alphan
Kaan Ünsal Alphan:
Azerbaycan, sen bu seneki Eurovision için fazla güzeldin. Çekilme zamanı. Hayatımda izlediğim en boş, en soğuk Eurovision akşamıydı...
Üzülme Samire, biz anladık olayı.
Floris Van Egmond
Floris Van Egmond:
I am flying through the Universe again after Arcade with this song it is enchanting. I say this is one of the best singers in the whole wide world !
Duncan really deserves the recognition in the world. In my opinion it was the best performance of the night. No pyros, no fireworks. Because music first - always.
mestnaya kardashian
mestnaya kardashian:
лучшее что было на евро если честно,он и Лорин.мощные песни,мощные голоса
(Lyrics) If this is home
Then what do I call where I came from?
I haven't seen the coast for so long
They got 'em here, but they're not the same
I never know
Know if I left too soon and too young
The people there who taught me so much
Did they get old?
Would they know this face?

Oh, it would have been selfless if I stayed
Oh, but I'm living here selfish in LA

There are no stars in The Hills
But still I find myself reaching for them
Fighting for them
Dying for them
Still, there are no stars in The Hills

Miss dad and mom
And laughing with my little brothers
They're the ones who keep me humble
I'm not there to see them growing up

Oh, it would have been selfless if I stayed
Oh, but I'm living here selfish in LA

There are no stars in The Hills
But still I find myself reaching for them
Fighting for them
Dying for them
Still, there are no stars in The Hills

No place like home here in Hollywood
No place like home here in Hollywood
No place like home here in Hollywood

There are no stars in The Hills
But still I find myself reaching for them
Fighting for them
Dying for them
Knowing they're not real
There are no stars in The Hills
His new song is so beautiful. He really makes art every time. Loves From Me 🤍
How unlucky Duncan was to get Covid19 right before the Grand Finale, the show he so longed to perform in front of a live audience. The show that was there because of his win in 2019. It's like not be able to be at your own birth day party.
It's official. I have fallen in love with Duncan. Hopefully one day my path will cross a person like him.
Abraxas 81
Abraxas 81:
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻...CHEERS from Italy 😉
Håkon Willumstad
Håkon Willumstad:
Arcade is my favourite Eurovision song ever!!!! 🇳🇴❤️🇳🇱 his new song is also very beautiful
Thanks again Duncan for bringing Eurovision to the Netherlands who did an amazing job with this edition. Top top class!
This new song Stars talks about how he went to live in the United States to be with his boyfriend, leaving behind him family and friends who are in the Netherlands. True?
i get goosebumps every time i hear this man’s voice🥰.
Loved his performance tonight with his songs 'Arcade' and 'Stars'. Lovely tones to his voice.
La Vane
La Vane:
This is magic...
k a i
k a i:
i cried so much.he is so talented and the performance was magical!
Xəyalə Məmmədova
Xəyalə Məmmədova:
This song so beautiful~💜
Love from Azerbaijan🇦🇿
Ilshat Ismagilov
Ilshat Ismagilov:
stars is only the song i'll rehear from this esc
Cv S
Cv S:
What an artist and a fantastic new song. Proud of you Duncan!
Aji Bagus Rio P
Aji Bagus Rio P:
He will be a legend❤️🔥
For me Stars is a PED song, when I listen to it, it reminds my that eurovision 2021 has come to end. It was an amazing show and it's sad that it's over but end is always a start of a new beginning. Here's to Italy 2022 ❤
Best singer of the night, stars is absolutely beautiful! One of the best winners in the last few years
mireia carrasco
mireia carrasco:
I LOVE Duncan!🤩 OMG his beautiful voice is so emotional. One of the best winners of Eurovision!❤
Mc Venti
Mc Venti:
Love from the UK 🇬🇧
We got no points tho lol
for me duncan one of the best winner of eurovision 💓💓 each of his songs can take a trophy just fact 🙄 very kind and sympathetic guy, hopefully he'll get better soon
Darius andrei
Darius andrei:
Maybe the most touched performance for the night 👏❤️
Highlights of the show overall from Dutch side: Duncan, davina, afrojack. Man... the scores could have been so different!
Martal 09
Martal 09:
Better than Italy winner. This guy could win every year. He really sings like playing games
Mehemmed Necefzade
Mehemmed Necefzade:
Hani qardas turkler 33 xal ele bu?!!
I just love Duncan. What a beautiful performance, again.
jaska man
jaska man:
This made me cry during the show😭😭😭
Rad Draaier
Rad Draaier:
It is a shame that the videos are not uploaded in 4k! Come on! It is 2021!!! Please re-upload everything in 4k!!!
Magnificent Duncan Laurence 👏👏👏
Cupcake Without The Icing
Cupcake Without The Icing:
I ADOOORRREEEDDD these performances. Amongst the best of the night. Wish he'd been able to be there in person and feel the energy in the room. Seriously, only love for Duncan. This was my favourite winner performance since Måns'
Patrick Jung
Patrick Jung:
Stars is an Winner Song. With this Song you could win the next ESC :)
Roni A
Roni A:
1:00 did a stage ever look this good? 🤩
Anca Busca
Anca Busca:
I never heard anything more beautiful, u re amazing ♥️♥️♥️
Danny Oliver
Danny Oliver:
Please post his semi one performance of ‘Feel something’! Such a banger! X
Stars is so magical and really touches me. Is so beautiful! 😢❤️❤️⭐️✨
Learn Serbian Online
Learn Serbian Online:
Well done Duncan, great performance! Love from Serbia! 💙
Best act of the whole show
Absolutely fantastic, he'd win again! And those water visuals, omg.
Teja Klanjšek
Teja Klanjšek:
the song stars could easily be in a trailer for a drama movie or a christmas commercial...
Merja Ahtiainen
Merja Ahtiainen:
I’m crying😢 this man is amazing❤️
piece of crap
piece of crap:
that staging and song is so beautiful oh my goddd
Wao Min
Wao Min:
Hes becoming my fave eurovision winner ever. He and Loreen. Love you duncan
Mariyna Krolenko
Mariyna Krolenko:
The moment of " Aaaa" on 53 sec and 1.03 min just 🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯🤯🤯
Greet van Dam
Greet van Dam:
Just magic......❤
Niels Van dal
Niels Van dal:
The best winner ever 🔥♥️
His voice is so beautiful ✨ he is a STAR
Marie DBk
Marie DBk:
Almost in tears. Absolutely beautiful 💖
Hey You
Hey You:
Wonderful, get well soon and lots of love from germany ❤
Chloé Barrett
Chloé Barrett:
Stars is such a beautiful song.
Filukkas univers
Filukkas univers:
wauw arcade with the water, was SO beautiful
la patate_magique
la patate_magique :
you're voice is beautiful (sorry i'm french, my english is crappy)
Lonely Rue
Lonely Rue:
That was definitely truthful victory♥️😳
I still admire this song
wow, this new song is really good as well!
dorothy m
dorothy m:
such an amazing voice and person, greetings from poland❤️
Арина Харченко
Арина Харченко:
Та Господи скажите кто выиграл и мы все спокойно ляжем спать
Eric Andersson
Eric Andersson:
Solid 1 minute goose bumps followed by a minute of crying, this was amazing on every level.
Jess Barry
Jess Barry:
if he was on this year then the Dutch probs would have won with him singing for them
Alexandros Karvounis
Alexandros Karvounis:
Well done Duncan! That's a lovely performance! 🙂
This is so pure and deep - I love it!
He would have won again if he sang this song tonight 🥺
D M:
Those high notes ! 🙏😍🙌 Duncan's voice is pure like a water spring. Even more than a diamond or any other kind of jewel. ❤️💖
Margaret Rose Laurence
Margaret Rose Laurence:
I was on my knees throughout the whole performance. So magical, I was very sad because he couldn't be in Ahoy Arena due to covid 19. Hopefully he's fine now
milan strijder
milan strijder:
Duncan laurence. Arcade best eurovision song alltime 👍👍