Dying Light 2 First Look! EVENT Dying Light 2 Gameplay, News, Reveal Day! Livestream (Stay Human)

Dying Light 2 First Look! Dying Light 2 Gameplay, News, Story Reveal Day! Livestream (Stay Human)

This Dying Light 2 video will discuss a NEW UPDATE Dying Light 2 update. You can also expect me to talk about Dying Light 2 Leaks, Dying Light 2 Ps4, Dying Light 2 Xbox, and more. I will also discuss that Dying Light 2 for PS5 and Xbox Series X is not happening at launch. Additionally, subscribe for more Dying Light 2 content, I cover Dying Light 2 every week on this channel. When Dying Light 2 is released, or a release date is announced I will be sure to cover it. Stay tuned. Good Night and Good luck!

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Dying Light 2 First Look! Dying Light 2 Gameplay, News, Story Reveal Day! Livestream (Stay Human)
Dying Light 2 First Look! Dying Light 2 Gameplay, News, Story Reveal Day! Livestream (Stay Human)

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19 komentarze:

lessss go
lessss go:
It starts at 1:23:15
Anthony A
Anthony A:
Wait so what happens if you don't stay human? How early on do I have a chance to turn? And what happens when I turn? Game over? Restart from the beginning? Simple, no-stakes respawn to my last checkpoint in the game, but I get to see a really cool "zombifying" sequence that gets old after the 3rd time lol? What happens?!! I Want to knowwww 1:40:11
Omg leah leah leah leah im in love with her voice
RegentOG OG Clan leader
RegentOG OG Clan leader:
Bro I’m so hyped i know techland was happy when they saw the smile on your face we finally got a release date I can’t wait bro keep up the great work don’t stop the grind
The lone samurai
The lone samurai:
I did it I smashed the glass over my head currently aging dl 1 while trying to preorder dl2 ultimate edition on my ps4 so I can play with the community
Twanto Uzamaki
Twanto Uzamaki:
What if Adin is duwud’s son. 🤯😂
Passion 4 Station
Passion 4 Station:
Actually I'm on that journey since first Dead Island showed up. That was the beginning. Can't wait for DL2. Cheers
Livestream was crazy bro
Brennan Ellis
Brennan Ellis:
That was crazy
Carl Invoker
Carl Invoker:
Yes I am very disappointed

Mr. CT
Mr. CT:
Nice stream watched it but needed to go to bed
Dying light 2 Cross play possible?
I wish it released in August or September
Boah wenn ich nur überlege, wie es wäre, wenn man mit 120 FPS auf der PS$ zocken könnte hahahaha
Thanks for the live oni
a walker in vr
a walker in vr:
It's acid but there is a way to drain it
Mr. CT
Mr. CT:
Is it going to be om steam
Chris Pilkington
Chris Pilkington:
Guys does anyone if I buy ps4 disc edition can i upgrade to ps5? Or is that not possible as I have a ps5 and currently no UK stores have the ps5 games of it
Johny Beanos
Johny Beanos: