Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Official Gameplay Trailer

Delve into the newest gameplay of Dying Light 2. Here, we will give you a broader look at the cruel world of the Dark Ages, fearsome enemies, and things we will talk about in the upcoming months.

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About the game:

Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.
You are a wanderer with the power to change the fate of The City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories you cannot decipher, you set out to learn the truth… and find yourself in a combat zone. Hone your skills, as to defeat your enemies and make allies, you’ll need both fists and wits. Unravel the dark secrets behind the wielders of power, choose sides and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there's one thing you can never forget—stay human

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Jeez what a well made gameplay trailer. Great job guys!
Mr J
Mr J:
This is why games need time to make. If the company behind the game truly care for their audience then they'll take the time to create an amazing game. Thank you techland
Aegis Dex
Aegis Dex:
The dropkick is still an ability. That is all I wanted
im a HUGEEE fan of assassins creed and i haven't come across a game w similar mechanics till i found dying light, the first person parkour is so much fun and i love how you can jump to just about any ledge on the first game w 0 limitations, anything that looks climbable you can climb and you can enter and explore any housing -- the fighting mechanics is super cool too i really enjoy the part when you whack and slash your enemies and there's just this slow-mo or their ribs and spine start showing as it cracks when you kick an enemy , GREAT game overall very excited for dying light 2 😋😋
These games used to be science fiction. but from the looks of it, it seems quite real to me now lol
Been a while since I’ve been this hyped... CAN’T WAIT
Percy Goodbeard
Percy Goodbeard:
I love when triple A game trailers show gameplay that actually looks fun, because it makes the devs show up as dedicated and passionate for their projects, unlike some companies which would rather make mediocre products and generate tons of hype around something that isn't even that good
Matthew Entwistle
Matthew Entwistle:
We need a Kyle Crane outfit consisting of a yellow t-shirt and cargo pants.
Colin Cromly
Colin Cromly:
This game truly looks better than I could have ever imagined originally I was a bit bummed that the release date was pushed back but now I’m happy it happened because man this game looks so good. Great Job Tech-land!
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
This is sick, Dying Light 2 is going to be really successful, I already know it
This map look like harran and old town combined together
KEEP it100
KEEP it100:
The narrator has the kind of voice that makes me feel like im watching a documentary about nature.
this's not another zombie game, this's THE zombie game!
Can't wait to make choices that will inevitably be horrible no matter what I choose!
True entertainer
True entertainer:
Holyshit this looks great
Benjamin Volesky
Benjamin Volesky:
When I first saw this game a while ago, I was worried it would turn into player vs. Npc humans. This just reassured me that zombies still rule in the apocalypse. Humans fight eachother during the day, zombies take over at night....absolutely hyped for this game.
Knowing how good Dying Light 1 was already, i know this game is gonna be amazing
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga:
I have to admit, I'm impressed. The graphics, the gameplay, everything looks amazing. I wasn't expecting this, I just thought they would do the bare minimum for a sequel, make some money and call it a day, but it looks like they're really making something special.
Sean Is Bored
Sean Is Bored:
I love dying light, This will be an amazing sequel, I’m glad they took their time with this game
Anime Sins
Anime Sins:
Looks really great, I enjoyed the first one immensely so I have high hopes for this. Gonna look amazing on my PC
Dying Light was one of those games that really surprised me. I got it because I grew up playing Mirror’s edge and, I thought it would be that plus zombies, but it was so much more. Easily one of my favorite games of all times. I just keep going back to it year after year. So excited for this sequel! Thanks for all the fun Techland, can’t wait for more
I can tell you that this game will be a masterpiece
Bob Fingerman
Bob Fingerman:
Been replaying Dying Light in anticipation of the sequel, which looks amazing. It looks like everything has been amped up and improved (and it was already pretty great). Looking forward to diving in!
That dude
That dude:
I couldn't be more excited for a release. And thank you to the Devs for not rushing it and taking their time to give us the best experience possible. 100% pre ordering this
Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott:
Battalion Corpsewalker
Battalion Corpsewalker:
The fact that they got legosi as the main character,makes you know this game will be art.
I can’t WAIT for this game dude! IM SO HYPE!
Aiden Lashbrook
Aiden Lashbrook:
I hope the combat has the same feel as in the first one. I loved the combat with scavengers in the first game.
Andy Howl
Andy Howl:
Hands down, techland is my favorite video game studio right now for just the constant show of support they've given for dying light 1 since release and for the love and attention that they give their fans!!! can't wait for this to be game of the year!!! Youd deserve it, techland, from what I've seen
Bish Bish
Bish Bish:
Just finished Dying Light 1 and The Following, and I want it more, can't wait for the release.
Finally a game I can look forward to in a long time
Suhaan Devavarapu
Suhaan Devavarapu:
Im so excited for this. The first game was amazing. I cant wait for this to come out.
Jacaranda Hilltop Adventure
Jacaranda Hilltop Adventure:
Too bad for deepsilver! They missed this gold epic zombie game ever!!
4:30 the hype is real on this one
Gideon Retherford
Gideon Retherford:
I played the living shit out of DL1, I am so fucking excited for a game worth buying again. It's been too long.
Dying Light was my my favorite game on the PS4 hands down 🙌 The storyline multiplayer was the best feature. Gold Weapons and all the people were chill with the duplication glitch haha.
Frøsted Øver
Frøsted Øver:
The nests look so cool and fun to explore, and the combat looks satisfying can’t wait to get my hands on this game!
The best combination (Reality + Zombies)
but ... this is nothing more than a dream come true. :)
Finally. The only game I'm waiting for this year! Cant wait to play it :)
piss goblin
piss goblin:
I love aidens voice. I'm sure hes gonna be a *BEAST*
Jordy Caldwell
Jordy Caldwell:
I wonder what the soundtrack will be like when you are in pursuit from volitiles:)
I only just started playing the first one. I just reached sector 0. It is so good.
The original had some of the best combat I've ever experienced. This is truly the only game i allow myself to get hyped over. Thank you for taking your time, it looks like a ton of passion and hours has been sunk into this. Can't wait to see how much you guys have improved. Day one purchase 100% and i have never purchased a season pass before but i will if this game has one. even if it's just cosmetics. in a world of CP2077's, we need to reward companies that actually deliver
6 years ago we were blessed with possibly one of the best zombie games ever made, 6 years later we get the sequal, thank you Techland!
Oh man, the combat looks so much more refined from the first game. I hope there is viability to just use your fists, brass knuckles, and so on throughout the entire game.
I loved Dying light, the world seemed very well crafted, thoughtfully put together.
Can't wait for the sequel, it seems like it's gonna live up to its older brother and then some. Good luck devs!
Devil's May
Devil's May:
I can't wait for this masterpiece ⚡🤯😍
Rodrigo Gomes
Rodrigo Gomes:
Bro, I cannot stop smilling, the first one was the best game I’ve ever played. And this one looks savage as hell wtf, I’m gonna pre-order now
I’ll need seasonal dlc to stay occupied with this one! I love games like this. So many directions they can take with storylines in these
I love that one of my favorite game series ever is releasing a new game on my birthday! :D
This game looks amazing !!! I can’t wait
fergee01 gaming
fergee01 gaming:
Just played the first game and honestly for me it was missing a lot of that character development and connection but this, this looks like it's gonna be amazing in depth character choices which actually effect the world honestly can't wait
Ive been waiting this for soo long
Brandon Connolly
Brandon Connolly:
Thanks for taking your time making this game. It’s the most realistic game I’ve ever seen Great Job Techland
Dude even the trailer makes my heart race brings back memories from dying light 1 VERY good job on the trailer.
the thing i like about dying light is. the fact that it's a game first and foremost. they're not worried about making a super deep story or extreme realism mechanics. techland is just making a fun game for people to enjoy
Captain Diabetes
Captain Diabetes:
I like how they kept some things the same from the first game, like there are still similar zombie types like Virals, same with the different factions, like one of the leaders is a warlord similar to Rais, and then there is the survivors who are on a tower
Travis Gallant
Travis Gallant:
Trailer: Shows off a variety of combat styles.
Me: Everyone is getting dropkicked.
Mr AE Y:
I like the way of creating the new monsters and talk about how they evolved in the past 15 years 🤯 I am so excited about the story and how it changes with your decisions
Aran Erem
Aran Erem:
This is going to be a real zombie game. It looks awesome
N.O.C Gaming
N.O.C Gaming:
Finally! I game that’s is sticking to its roots. Thank you Dying light 2. I will be purchasing for sure!
Mike O.
Mike O.:
Can’t wait! DL1 was amazing!
Alex Castellanos
Alex Castellanos:
We survived long enough to see a release date, now we just have to stay human to play the game.
Riel Ochoa
Riel Ochoa:
I've been waiting for so long, im excited to play this game, looking forward to your game.
Yooo imagine this was a VR game too!! That would easily top any game to ever be made in existence
Fishing Rod Failure
Fishing Rod Failure:
I was afraid to see my steam pre order go from December 7th release to February 4th release, but I understand that they need some more time.
I've already preordered the ultimate edition and Im ready to game, can't wait to see the RTX in this game with my new 3070, it's gonna be crazy :)!!!
I don't always get goosebumps, but when I do, it's because of DL2.
My god, this game just looks so fking good that it almost hurts! Well, I know my wallet will, I'll have to at the very least buy a new graphics card to play this.. But well worth it I'd assume!
Yoo that animations!! Applause Techland, can't w8 to play this game!
Flo Seventeen
Flo Seventeen:
Game looks freaking awesome, Can't wait to get to play it then go back to dying light
I miss playing the 1st one though
Jim Pickens Is Our Way of Life
Jim Pickens Is Our Way of Life:
Just bought the platinum edition of Dying Light and it's awesome and I can't wait for part 2 just pre ordered the deluxe edition
Looks so good. Can't wait! :D
Nathan Alves Fernandez dos Santos
Nathan Alves Fernandez dos Santos:
I watched this so many times that I'm sure I watched this more than drank water today I love your work guys
It’s beautiful. I’ve looked at this for 5 hours now
Miguel Angel Rangel
Miguel Angel Rangel:
You know what would be cool?

Spears (the lack of this basic armament, the king of weapons, in most zombie-related media, is boggling)

A shield would be cool too, I want to play as a junkyard Spartan.
4:40 *Yay a even more op volatile due to no Kyle crane killing the nests for 15 years* and a night hunter that hopefully shows up
Kelli Post
Kelli Post:
Finally a wall run I have been wating for this for every thank you tech land
I am crying I have never seen such a amazing trailer i am frawthing at the mouth so excited to play it
Jayrad CJ
Jayrad CJ:
YEESSS!!! Drop Kick!!🥰 Hopefully they have an event where you can drop kick them to an explosion of guts! Loved that event in the first Dying Light🔥🚀💥
Dropkick is back, that's all I needed to know to be hyped.
Literally Tuvalu
Literally Tuvalu:
Oh my god this looks amazing
Seevan Maroge
Seevan Maroge:
No game has ever put me on edge like dying light has. Over 300 hours of play and I still get chills down my spine running at night. Thank you Devs at techland for making another one.
TheTwistyGod Russian
TheTwistyGod Russian:
Bro I can’t wait to play this game over and over again for all the endings with my friends
Let's just make sure we don't get a cyberpunk hype for this one. It looks great! But be logical
MR. Oreo
MR. Oreo:
Techland should be proud of themselves. This trailer looks very promising. Take as much time as you need, I want this game to be as good as I imagine it's going to be.

Edit: Thanks for the likes everyone. 😁
I somehow read "Dead Island 2", started watching the video and I was like "This is exactly like Dying Light and then heard and saw it actually was Dying Light, 2 in this case. What a moron I am
Excited about this game! I've got some gameplay videos for DL.
SpecTrum BioHazard
SpecTrum BioHazard:
Awesome game with awesome Dev's, good job!
Really hyped for it, really outstanding job!
Crying Kitty
Crying Kitty:
I see why we didn’t get a clear date in 2019, hopefully the wait is worth it.
Welp I know I won’t be leaving my house for sure now lmaoo. The first one was dope asf and this one looks sheesh asf ‼️‼️‼️‼️
Major Tom
Major Tom:
Oh my god this game looks so good 😭
The graphics, All the new moves and animations for the player and the story🥵 great job techland, You did it again!!!
6:19 knowing me I’n probably gonna start screaming “get over here” and just drop kick infected
Barry B Benson
Barry B Benson:
I'm really happy the sound design is so similar. It's a little thing, but having the same movement sounds, ambience, and zombie sounds, will make the game so familiar. It'll feel like a true sequel hopefully
Reject Longsword Use the Bow instead
Reject Longsword Use the Bow instead:
Finally, I won't feel confused and dizzy whenever I forward roll
Dean G
Dean G: