EA Announces Star Wars: Squadrons

EA has officially announced Star Wars: Squadrons. The new game from Motive Studios is an “immersive, first-person space dog fighting experience” that follows an original story with a new cast of characters, plus cameos from characters like Wedge Antilles and Hera Syndulla.

PlayStation 5 was announced last week, and we still have no idea what it's going to cost. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said, however, that Sony is focused on "value opposed to price." Speaking of next gen, there's more details on Xbox Series X's Smart Delivery initiative.

Here's how much we think the PlayStation 5 will cost: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps5-price-heres-how-much-we-think-sonys-latest-con/1100-6477901/

Here's a list of Xbox games with Smart Delivery: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-series-x-smart-delivery-games-features-detail/1100-6478490/

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Davey Jones
Davey Jones:
If you’re sad this isn’t an open world shooter/saber game, I understand, I want that game too... but this ones for us. Let’s fly squad.
“For every Star Wars fan” switch players: LIAR
If anyone's interested I make a bunch of star wars edits: fallen order etc...
XZordium Kalen Tomlinson
XZordium Kalen Tomlinson:
I really hope they add Otis flight simulator support as an add addition to VR.
Star Wars as a fully thought out flight combat game could be a really cool immersive experience if they took this seriously!
Honestly by the looks of it and judging by the last Star Wars game EA has made, it looks like they are. time will tell.
I hope it will be fun as the space battles in the original battle front games
I want extremely advanced customization like sticking your own logos on the side of a tie fighter or choosing to make it look slightly damaged id also like to have much more customization of the character like battlefield 5 but slightly more
Jack B
Jack B:
The excited child in me is ecstatic about a pure Star Wars dogfight game, and with freakin' VR support no less
The cynical adult in me is wondering how EA is gonna eff this up
Jordan Sorensen
Jordan Sorensen:
The way he said Hera hurt my ears
The Heiky11
The Heiky11:
Hope that Albert Penello would be right on PS5 price. Also, when would release the international version of Yakuza 7?
wilhuf tarken
wilhuf tarken:
SWBF2 DLC that was repurposed into a standalone game.
Biel _
Biel _:
1 minute, is my record...
Erik Lamoureux
Erik Lamoureux:
Someone tell me cause I don't feel like cutting my ears off, I have work tomorrow.. but does he say how much of this game will be in VR?? cause so far the only star wars VR experience on PSVR so far is that little X-wing mission dlc from the first battlefront, which is absolutely incredible.
I think EA is finally learning there lesson. Although this could only be for this game. If future games don't have microtransactions and lootboxes I may try the next bioware dragon age game. But only if they don't involve microtransactions and lootboxes
John Doe
John Doe:
I, too, am excited for Hurrah Syndulla!
tombstone Gaming
tombstone Gaming:
I am excited for Star Wars squadron and the full gameplay
Sony is waiting for the xbox price announcement to then undercut by 100 usd. There you go!
My prediction: xbox 499 / ps5 399
Which makes sense knowing the new xbox will be more powerful and more expensive than last generations.
$2.99 microtransaction for the ships to actually fly not included...
Nunya business
Nunya business:
I noticed you said you were doing something daily to raise money for BLM?? why are you promoting rioters and lotters and angry unAmerican citizens?? Additionally, will you be having fund drives for Blue Lives Matter?? you can consider ME a protester or your platform going forward, and not only will you never ever get another dime from me, I will spread the word about your love of violent racist blm protesters..
1:00 No M$...
...but what we do have is this very lovely subscription battle pass!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla:
There's a channel using ur name/, it's called aci GameSpot
I thought this was going to trailer video
Rubic Cube
Rubic Cube:
Bring Back Republic Commando. We need a Star Wars story that focuses on brotherhood and what ACTUAL soldiers face when on the battlefield or on a mission thats what we need. An ACTUAL STORY
Dinkan Hsing
Dinkan Hsing:
Let’s hope EA won’t screw this up and make it like fallen order in where they made it good with barely any type of micro transactions and have it be a play to win not pay to win. If you say that EA stated that it won’t have any, remember payday 2
Victor E. Caplon
Victor E. Caplon:
100% a battlefront spinoff. If it is something more than that then it will get canceled, not the first time they announce a game and don’t deliver. Respawn is the only one I trust from EA.
This guys sounds a bit like JayzTwoCents
Nope, sorry, i'm sticking to battlefront. it actually has the republic
Plo Koon
Plo Koon:
Pls dont tell me I'll get shot down by a clone again
Don't do that, don't give me hope
will it be on VR also ?
Kneel totheking
Kneel totheking:
X wing vs tie 2020?
Da_HiGh_MaNz_ _
Da_HiGh_MaNz_ _:
Im a huge star wars fan yhis looks good hope it wont be a disapointmeant like battle front 2
Darbo Boyle
Darbo Boyle:
Stay on target
Ben Temple
Ben Temple:
I want to see this game but I will be very disappointed if it doesn't have atleast proper single player gameplay or coop I can do without coop but it would be awesome to face of in a story with a few friends instead of pvp. The VR is awesome to see though.
Boris Müller
Boris Müller:
So that’s what Ace Ventura’s son looks like.
the star wars is meh....
EA confirmed no micro transactions. Just surprise mechanics.
Ash Meredith
Ash Meredith:
VR, VR, want VR, make it VR....
David GT
David GT:
Is amazing
Resident NotEvil
Resident NotEvil:
Idc about this game
loved it
loved it
Poetically So
Poetically So:
EARTH - In conflict 😞

EA - "You wanna leave Earth!" 🙌🙌🙌
A b0te
A b0te:
HOTAS support?
Sweet Girl***
Sweet Girl***:
cool 👌 🌶
КПТ. Александра Ростиславна-Романова
КПТ. Александра Ростиславна-Романова:
EA vaporware 2021
"Hurrah Syndulla" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jesus christ
Elite Spanker
Elite Spanker:
Why not just make Battle Front 3?
“We created this game for every Star Wars fan who has ever dreamt about soaring across the galaxy in their favorite starfighter.” ....those games were already made. They’re called X-Wing and Tie Fighter.
Historically, families are willing to spend $500 ($499) for a console. This is why the PS3 stumbled when it was announced at $600. If either the XBSX, or PS5 start approaching $700, they won't sell. Period. Especially, in a global depression. Consumers (Gen Y; Millennials) are more tech savvy than in the past and know you can buy/build a PC for that much that's more powerful. So, it's not just the exclusives that determine the price. It's the overall package and the perceived value. This includes exclusive games, subscription services and backwards compatibility.