Easy Virtue - Colin Firth & Jessica Biel Tango Scene

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Janet Berry
Janet Berry:
Is it just me or did Colin Firth just get sexier with that tango?
P Arte
P Arte:
He is from the kind of men who are becoming extinct
SoftMoxyMuffin 23
SoftMoxyMuffin 23:
When Prince Caspian rejects you Mr. Darcy is there to save you..hehe
eR Be
eR Be:
if boy doesn't want you, man will lust you ;)
Aline Teissier
Aline Teissier:
I'm inlove with Collin Firth even more now *-*
T Lee
T Lee:
who cares if this is real tango or not. great scene anyway.
Paula Martínez
Paula Martínez:
I think the confussion is between the tango styles... this is Salon tango, that doesn't have all the passion and "cool" moves from other movies... That's because tango wants to express sensuality and not sexuality.
gigi Bakir
gigi Bakir:
I'm a straight woman, but I couldn't take my eyes off Jessica Biel here, she looks stunning!!
Jhyohagp Gp
Jhyohagp Gp:
What is about this man that have me crazy ... this man is my dream man
Two beautiful people dancing together... What a wonderful scene.
It's not classic Argentinian tango (if that's the term), but so what? People work for years, for decades, to get that form right and have it flow properly; Firth and Biel aren't "tango dancers", they're actors. Somebody worked out some choreography that looked good for the purposes of the scene, and taught the two actors to do that bit, and off they went. It's *the movies*, and these people are *movie stars*, not trained dancers (though actors do get dance coaching, of course, when they need it for a part). And several films about the full-on style have come out in recent years, not to mention many clips from dance competitions, so anybody who wants "authenticity" of form can go look at those. The downside is: no Jessica Biel, and -- no Colin Firth. "Nuff said, IMO.
Glamorous! The music, the scene, and Colin Firth! Cannot stop watching it!
Second one comment below: "if boy doesn't want you, man will lust you ;)"
I loved the movie, but anything is worth watching with this dance scene in it. There are no limits to the talents of Colin Firth!
pam wicks
pam wicks:
fabulous  colin does such a good job of this dance  both are very elegant
ana villa
ana villa:
They irradiate sensuality, whether is a tango or not, no, itsn't, is the european version, but the essence the communion between the couple to dance it, it's shown.
theresa bollman
theresa bollman:
LOl...My son just walked in and said: "Why are we watching her feet...the woman is gorgeous!" Hahaha!
R R:
Oh colin firth you'll always be mr darcy to me 😍😍
Two greatest romantic movie stars of all time: Clark Gable and Colin Firth.
So this is what he meant by 'hearthrob'
oh yes!I want to dance tango with him, at once!
Wonderful scene, wonderful movie <3
Ezequiel Falcon
Ezequiel Falcon:
Congrats! love this! and I am from Buenos Aires... go Colin go!
Mr. Darcey is here!
marta meek
marta meek:
The most Sexist scene in movie history. Love It. Great of Greatest actors.
Thanks for sharing this beautyColin is such a perfect gent.
Вера Борисовна Кашицына
Вера Борисовна Кашицына:
Танго страсти- танец счастья и любви !
Lan Anh Trần
Lan Anh Trần:
Perfect! Both music and scene
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans:
So much fun to dance ! I hope they enjoyed doing the dancing when they made this film.
hx huong
hx huong:
perfect couple, she is so beautiful, and he is gentlment as Mr Darcy. .... i adored you all
live oak
live oak:
very romantic; I find the tune to be quite sweet and poignant. lovely, thank you for this upload.
Peggy Graham
Peggy Graham:
I love Colin Firth!
Ming Wu
Ming Wu:
Incredible... It's amazing!
Legolas Greenleaf
Legolas Greenleaf:
....In love.... for god's sake ==''''
Bette Gregory
Bette Gregory:
Love it❤️❤️❤️
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones:
Where are men like this oh lordy lord..........heaven!
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones:
Where are men like this oh lordy lord..........heaven!
BelindaNERY Takada
BelindaNERY Takada:
Please dance with me too Colin!!! i luv you
Catherine Jetter
Catherine Jetter:
They're back!!! LOL
Eclectic Interests
Eclectic Interests:
Oooh! Say manifique'
5.03.2018 10:53 p.m. EST. 💜💋
Katalin Bachmann
Katalin Bachmann:
Cathy Wu
Cathy Wu:
fabulous !
Jessica Biel is stunning.
Catherine Jetter
Catherine Jetter:
Rather be doing this other than having to run some errands when I leave the house that are necessary
Susie English
Susie English:
the movie might be good but this tango scene is really bad..this is definitely not tango!!
Hasson Mtz
Hasson Mtz:
Ni idea... pero suena como a Gotan Project...
Dominik Kowalski
Dominik Kowalski:
sombody can halp me and give me a name of this music (tango)- who is a writter and how is official title?
Sarah Leach
Sarah Leach:
Mr darcy daying with the stars
Ultraviolet Research
Ultraviolet Research:
Sign me up !
Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell:
Colin Firth: all the grace of a water buffalo!
Ian Hawke
Ian Hawke:
Harry! Harry what the hell is going on?
Yes it is, it's just not SUPER sexy and passionate. I believe, please correct me politely if I'm wrong, you are thinking of the Argentine Tango. Made for lust, desire, and love.
Nadezhda N
Nadezhda N:
That's not even Tango Music :D
Cecilia Redaelli
Cecilia Redaelli:
tango da sogno
Nachos Papas
Nachos Papas:
ini mini myni moe... just a dance in my solitude.
I have a clip called TANGO CHURCH just made in Arles, France. YT had a problem with the music so I might put it on Dailymotion under "LisaFalour." I stumbled upon a weekend-long tango DJ competition in an ancient church, and it was incredible! This is a great clip, thank you.
marta meek
marta meek:
Best thing J Biel ever did.
Elizabete Marques
Elizabete Marques:
Gente que filme é esse?
Helly Zanuff
Helly Zanuff:
I'm watching this movie tonight
tony Parker
tony Parker:
what is the name of this song?
...chissà se riuscirò mai ad incontrarti una volta nella vita caro Colin!? Dopo aver visto questo tango e tutta la tua filmografia...e tutti i tuoi video su YouTube sono rimasta incantata dalla tua eleganza, bellezza, ironia e taaaaaaaaaaaanto altro!
Semplicemente incantevole!
Paulette Cazares
Paulette Cazares:
Screams in bisexual
Paola Crainz
Paola Crainz:
Mitchiru Nagashigeh 永重 満
Mitchiru Nagashigeh 永重 満:
What movie was this from?
You definitely don't know or haven't tried tango before.
Fernandomayami Selastraga
Fernandomayami Selastraga:
Alguien me puede decir que película es por favor gracias
I found a scene on youtube where they danced to Carlos Gardel - Por una Cabeza. Wasn't it the original scene?
Heike Jung
Heike Jung:
Da können zwei nicht tanzen, langweilig.
Morgan le Fay
Morgan le Fay:
Is there anything that Colin cannot do? This is a marvelous film and sexy, awesome dance scene.
BelindaNERY Takada
BelindaNERY Takada:
i luv you Colin
Jumani M
Jumani M:
👍😃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏mecencanta esta escena!!!!!
Eleanor 2004
Eleanor 2004:
So soft
Gary Mcatear
Gary Mcatear:
My uncle jimmy and auntie betty where the 1956 British latin American dance champions and they won it with the tango but that is not the original tango in this clip. It was televised when they won it and they still do the tango to this day at family weddings and birthday parties and they are well into their 80's now and still do it perfectly.
Stephanie Murray
Stephanie Murray:
Jessica is a goddess surely ,,
Luigi By House
Luigi By House:
Leigh Stevens
Leigh Stevens:
😕perhaps im the only one that thought the dance was unimpressive
Eugene Catalan
Eugene Catalan:
The only thing i don't like is the music.
Yes, she is pretty. Talentless, but pretty.
Xo Amor
Xo Amor:
This not strictly tango, 1 Colin put out the wrong hand 2.Men displace the woman's foot not the other way around 3 She is leading during the middle and the last of the song.
This isn't any kind of tango. Why is she bouncing or skipping up and down like that? They aren't even dancing really. Just walking.
Dimitra Theodoridou
Dimitra Theodoridou:
One of the boring movie tango...not even trying to look like dancing.