Ed Sheeran’s Best Song EVER! | Birthday Watch Party | Capital

Roman Kemp brings you the very best of Ed Sheeran on his birthday as we count down his top 10 songs. Including some of his interviews and most entertaining moments with Capital, including performances from the Jingle Bell Ball, Summertime Ball and Capital Up Close.

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67 komentarze:

Life is too short to pretend you don't like Ed Sheeran
He's just a LEGEND
anonymous x
anonymous x:
*Can* *we* *all* *just* *agree* *Roman* *Kemp* *is* *a* *legend* *no* *matter* *what* *fandom* *you’re* *in* 😌💗
Fun fact: everyone is a Sheerio, the haters are just in denial.
Nandini Dutta Mandal
Nandini Dutta Mandal:
I just read best song ever n I thought it was some kind of onedirection cover😂💚💙
Eds a legenddd!!!
lemon tree
lemon tree:
ed is just a legend and everyone knows it. can‘t change my mind.
Spread Love
Spread Love:
A lot changed in past 5 years but I never stoped listening to this legend. Ed has always been my favorite singer and will always be I just know it.
Asia Jervis
Asia Jervis:
All I want out of life is to meet Ed Sheeran
Ina Suheela Linke
Ina Suheela Linke:
6 MINUTES TO LATE😭😂Happy birthday Ed🎊🎉❤️
Teddy Is the only one
Teddy Is the only one:
The perfect way to celebrate Ed 😍
Emily Tham
Emily Tham:
happy 30th legend x
Andrea Marcos
Andrea Marcos:
Edsheeran Wonderful perfect my love
Navien Khangura
Navien Khangura:
Hi Everyone,

I was watching this on YouTube but on my TV so I never got the chance to say this:

Happy birthday 30th Edward Christopher Sheeran (aka Ed Sheeran).

I love the top 3: Perfect, Castle on the Hill and Photograph.

Thanks for the beautiful music Ed Sheeran.

Thanks Roman Kemp for doing this as well.

Thank you for reading everyone.
anonymous x
anonymous x:
Happy birthday Ed love youuu 💛💛💛
Marlene Sullivan
Marlene Sullivan:
Susan May
Susan May:
You got tattooed by Ed!? Wow! Regret much? I screamed the whole way through this, loved it! Such a shame I couldn't watch live. I went with my sister to one of his concerts on his Divide tour, practically lost my voice that night.
Mustika Milenia
Mustika Milenia:
7am and im already feel happy.. Happy birthday Ed 😍😍😍
Lidwin Lidwin
Lidwin Lidwin:
Roman Kemp looks ed when he's speaking about him
Looks like H when he's fangirling over them
Sunflower My Eyes
Sunflower My Eyes:
happy birthday ed!!!! 💛💛💛💛💛💛
Subhan Khan
Subhan Khan:
Happy birthday🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂 Ed Sheeran🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
Lisa O’Connor
Lisa O’Connor:
Happiest of birthdays to you Ed Sheeran!! 🥳❤️🙌🏻 we loveeeee youuuuu legend!! <<3
Maria Paula De Leon
Maria Paula De Leon:
Happy birthday legend!
Shirley Brassard
Shirley Brassard:
Happy Birthday Ed Sheeran 🎂
May you have many more.🙂❤️
I’m disappointed💔 “Give Me Love” should be number ONE
Nehir Bahadır
Nehir Bahadır:
Lindsay Renee
Lindsay Renee:
Happy Birthday Ed❤ Love you!
Gus Mansour
Gus Mansour:
Photograph is hands down his best song. and trust me, this is his best performance of it. Trust
Pedro Adriano
Pedro Adriano:
today i wanted to get a tatto cause him, i wanted make the plus, multiply, divide and five, but the tatto studio was close, next year i'll get it
Teddy Is the only one
Teddy Is the only one:
Happy Birthday Ed ❤
Mc Kritical
Mc Kritical:
Happy birthday Ed Shseran
This is done for me!
It is 8.34 pm
zoldyck 91
zoldyck 91:
hppy bdayyyy ed, lovyuuuuuu
If Ash Gamer
If Ash Gamer:
Happy Birthday Sheeran
Chocolate Uwu
Chocolate Uwu:
Happy birthday Ed! 💙
yessica romero
yessica romero:
Eyy happy brithday Ed. From Argentina 🥳
Vasquez, Chris Pauline
Vasquez, Chris Pauline:
What's wrong with the 27 dislikes?
joshua turner
joshua turner:
Never known until now ed Sheeran has the same birthday as me and same age
lilis hariyati
lilis hariyati:
Happy birthday to Ed Sheeran,enjoy your live,your career ,thank always making everyone happy with your song.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🥂🍷 And for Mr. Roman Kemp , nice to meet you, 🤗🤗🤗
Happy Birthday Ed ur the best ♥️
Thor Baracao
Thor Baracao:
Happy Birthday Ed!
Krisha Lamas
Krisha Lamas:
Happybirthday Ed Sheeran
Happy Birthday Ronald Weasley 😂😂
Angel Santos
Angel Santos:
Happy 30th, Teddy! Love you forever. 🥺🧡
Because Of You Fahri
Because Of You Fahri:
Love this <3
Aalya and Zahra
Aalya and Zahra:
We need a Shawn mendes one in august tho 🥺❤️
Ed Sheeran Fan
Ed Sheeran Fan:
Happy birthday to the best singer and a nice person Ed !!
Asmi Anand
Asmi Anand:
hes beautiful
Alexandre Candido
Alexandre Candido:
Um ótimo show parabéns aqui é brasil
Imogen Lewis
Imogen Lewis:
Happy birthday Ed Sheeran
asfamim ovi
asfamim ovi:
Happy birthday ed❤🎂🎂
None Production
None Production:
Happy Birthday
Luna Benitez
Luna Benitez:
Happy birthday Ed !!!
Orange Zitrone
Orange Zitrone:
Happy Birthday 💗💗💗
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex:
The moment I see best song ever I thought of One direction
Zeno Zaoldyeck
Zeno Zaoldyeck:
I love you ♡
Karolina Radko
Karolina Radko:
Oliwia Mackiewicz
Oliwia Mackiewicz:
Roman's dedication to his job is INSANE
Yusuf Kesen
Yusuf Kesen:
Can you listen and comment on the song on my profile😇😇
Yusuf Kesen
Yusuf Kesen:
Can you listen and comment on the song on my profile😇😇
Yusuf Kesen
Yusuf Kesen:
Can you listen and comment on the song on my profile😇😇
Tanishq Gaur
Tanishq Gaur:
All the toxic directioners, Harry wouldn't be proud of you
Little Mix
Little Mix:
March 1 Justin Bieber And Kesha
March 3 Camila Cabello
March 5 Madison Beer
March 27 Mariah Carey And Fergie
March 28 Lady Gaga
Dominique Doue
Dominique Doue:
San ta
San ta:
Ini baru karya
Irena Zhezheva
Irena Zhezheva:
nice Sara Antonia
Oliwia Mackiewicz
Oliwia Mackiewicz:
I'm so happy so many Larries are here