Edgar Berlanga makes it 14 fights, 14 1st round knockouts, destroying Eric Moon in 62 seconds

Watch #highlights from todays #edgarberlanga vs Eric Moon on the main card of #ValdezVelez.

In the fight Berlanga made it 14 fights, 14 1st round knockouts, destroying Eric Moon for the TKO victory

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100+ komentarze:

Michael DiAngelo
Michael DiAngelo:
Love to the Puerto Rican’s out there, you guys have something special in this fighter, his going to be a all time great if he remains focused.
Richard Khusial
Richard Khusial:
It's about time Puerto Rican boxers show out. There has a been a serious drought since Cotto retired
Get On My Level
Get On My Level:
If you could walk on water , haters are going to say “bet he can’t swim” . Everyone always has something to say . Keep doing your thang Berlanga 💪🏻💯
Xavier Gautier
Xavier Gautier:
The guy is a monster.He is probably one of the hardest punchers p4p.
Luis Berlang
Luis Berlang:
Wow 🇵🇷🤛😆🤜🇵🇷 wow pow💥 💥💥
Riccy Bobby
Riccy Bobby:
Time to see him vs another top prospect
Lewis Velarde
Lewis Velarde:
Do I have to say that Edgar Berlanga is a badass because I never heard of having a undefeated streak with multiple wins by knockout in the first round. That's unstoppable
DeAndre Dunn
DeAndre Dunn:
Moon came out swinging but soon as he felt that left hook he went into an instant shell
Checoboy Ced
Checoboy Ced:
Reminds me when Cotto was coming out , gotta follow this guy til he becomes a champ like Cotto
bro came out strong till he felt that first punch lmao
GI Levi
GI Levi:
Power=The GREAT Equalizer 💪🏾🥊😵
Dude did a whole ass combat roll, he thought he was dodging bullets 😂 😂
Kevin Rafael
Kevin Rafael:
🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 ese hombre pega como mula 🔥🔥🔥
keiphy sheeg
keiphy sheeg:
He should just fight every week, until he meets someone who can last round
Shan said Shush eve
Shan said Shush eve:
I remember watching Tank on Ig live sparring and completely beating up Eric Moon😂 Tank and Edgar are special fighters.
Edward Reyes
Edward Reyes:
Edgar "Mule-Kick" Berlanga...Wowwww .....Monster right here ....
c los
c los:
This guy is going to definitely give Canelo a around for his money in the future
good anytime j
good anytime j:
All I hear during the first fight is "Puerto ricooooooooooooo Puerto ricooooooooooooo Puerto ricooooooooooooo" lol
Dey See Me Trollin
Dey See Me Trollin:
If I ever get knocked out like that I'm gonna retire, go home and hide under my blanket
I went to have a smoke just before this fight started, came back upstairs and it was all over lmao
Rusda Yati
Rusda Yati:
stop comparing this dude to Tyson. I dont see any decent opponents in his stats. most of them are taxi driver calibre.
Eric Moon is a decent fighter also Berlanga just put him in his streak!
Crazy power.
Corey Polk
Corey Polk:
Make it 15 straight first round KO's. The next Tyson.
ikkaku madarame
ikkaku madarame:
He's smart even though his a monster and skilled he still respect the Top fighters skills, he's not rushing he wants to improve more and learn more. He is a champion in the making.
How many fighters are that good an say im not concerned with a title right now, i wanna grow an get the rounds in. That's real shit
Angel Ocasio
Angel Ocasio:
humble Kid good to see, stay that way 💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇵🇷🇵🇷
Hakeem Martinez
Hakeem Martinez:
The truth right here love watching his fights and also wanna see the growth man
Real Mexican American
Real Mexican American:
Burlinga might be another Omar Sheika. My issue with what I see so far is his speed and defense, or lack of.
New fan of Edgar Berlanga !💪🏽🇵🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Skull boy TTV
Skull boy TTV:
He my cousin lol
David Maldonado
David Maldonado:
Berlanga reminds me of a young Gerald McClellan
lol, I thought, "what a bunch of hype" but the dude is someone to watch. Bring him along slowly!!
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez:
Puerto rico tendrá nuevo campeón pronto
Kota Kidd
Kota Kidd:
Damn it‼️
suave cashmere
suave cashmere:
Damn homie came out strong too I smelled a bit of danger. 😂😂🤕🤕🤕
How Delightful
How Delightful:
he's good but he's been fighting dudes not even in the top 100? now fight a top tenner, i want to see how good he really is!
CasperPh Tv
CasperPh Tv:
I'd like to see berlanga vs mungia
Moon has seen Stars in 62 seconds.
Love when they peel the gloves and and hit the opponent with bombsc
Chris P
Chris P:
Puerto Rico needed this..
Jack Woods
Jack Woods:
More like 42 seconds including the 10 count that the ref seemed to forget to do. He probably should have stopped it after a 3 count. The additional 20 seconds shouldn't have occurred.
Just seen my first Edgar fight. This man has some serious power and accuracy. Can't wait to see him against some world class fighters.
I knew 1s he got the exposure it was gonna take off
Santiago Loaiza
Santiago Loaiza:
looks solid. just gotta keep feeding him and see what happens.
Ohhh what a knock out...he has crushing power.
The power is not a lie.
Berlanga will be a superstar!!!🤗
Let's hope he doesn't ruin himself like Macho Camacho. He had all the tools to be one of the greatest but he let drugs and crime get in the way. 😔
Oscar Tirado
Oscar Tirado:
Tremendo procpecto,Dios lo bendiga y lo cuide.Tiene potencial para ser un buen campeón.Humilde sobre todo.
Saludos desde PR Isla del encanto💪🔥
Give Edgar some real opponents now
Zavik 424
Zavik 424:
Right on the temple 😬
Josue Melena
Josue Melena:
Moon was good man he even did a front flip roll
Checoboy Ced
Checoboy Ced:
You know what I’m saying 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.....
It’s interesting how so many Puerto Ricans on the east coast shout out Puerto Rico but choose not to live there.
Loko alvarez
Loko alvarez:
Lol verdejo was the same but look at him now. 🤣
Central Supply Room Batangas Medical Center
Central Supply Room Batangas Medical Center:
tremendous power no doubt should fight contenders or anyone in top 15-20 guy needs some rounds one with good chin and punching power see how it goes
Jak Barker
Jak Barker:
Eric Moon Will Be Back 💪🏽💯
Sonia Chesnut-Meléndez
Sonia Chesnut-Meléndez:
Tremendo 62 seconds !!! Dios te cuide Edgar!!!
Luiz Rosario
Luiz Rosario:
MSM Boom
MSM Boom:
Alguien save si el puede llegar a pelear con López o lomachenko??
I wish I could say we're distant cousins but he is Puerto Rican, great fighter though.
Juan Miguel Delgado Ayala
Juan Miguel Delgado Ayala:
Este si!!!Tiene poder y caracter!!!!
KingRolex Caceus
KingRolex Caceus:
Good fight family!!!$$$🌟
Moms always need to get a shout out if not you catching a pela with the chancla LMFAO.😭😝🤣
Antonio Pacheco
Antonio Pacheco:
Enry Cabello
Enry Cabello:
With 14 Taxi Drivers!!😂😂. Just joking. He is the real deal.
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez:
Glad he showed respect to the 168 division and realized thier is some killers in thier! Respect 💪
What's the record? 18?
mohamed lavara
mohamed lavara:
Jorge kahwagi vs Edgar berlanga 💪💪💪
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez:
He should fight to fighters at the same time.
Hugo Osornio
Hugo Osornio:
Jajaja no ma el primer volado de derecha ni siquiera entro , no entiendo cómo lo puso mal y bajo la guardia
terrence samps
terrence samps:
What kind of power does he have
Mar Lopez
Mar Lopez:
Andre sick666ness
Andre sick666ness:
Illegal pulling hand down fight in rulles
Hydroh Tarantino
Hydroh Tarantino:
Nada más dejen que lo pongan con alguien bueno y van ver como le.meten la Berlanga
You better not let us down brother!
We need another Puerto Rican hero ✊🏻
Khmer Apsara
Khmer Apsara:
Omg...He is a beast
Afrorican G
Afrorican G:
We need to see better competition with this dude. I’m rooting for you! 💪🏾🔥
p dwyur
p dwyur:
new yorkkkkkk
big up g
Camilo Arellano
Camilo Arellano:
I like berlanga but in this fight he looks bigger than his opponent
KingRolex Caceus
KingRolex Caceus:
Let's go Champ!!!$$$$🌟
chi town
chi town:
He hasnt fought anybody yet
José Navarro
José Navarro:
Nena tu eres especial. Dónde vives
His last two opponents were not so bad but he made easy work of them......i can't wait to see him in the future!!!
CholoPip Adventures
CholoPip Adventures:
The next Edwin Valero
Robin Torres
Robin Torres:
Uuufff 💪💪💪🇵🇷
Martin Paul
Martin Paul:
Wish he'd drop weight and beat Canelo
Lucas Eero
Lucas Eero:
he's really impressive but time to put real competition in front of him Bob, Eric Moon is the best he's faced on paper and he's 11-2 something like that...
Warren Tv
Warren Tv:
what a humble beast
Javier Negron
Javier Negron:
Lace'm Up Boxing
Lace'm Up Boxing:
Benavidez vs Berlenga 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 🇵🇷 🔥 💨
mr j lop
mr j lop:
ok i like this young boxer... i hope edger berlanga more shine then other star boxer like loma or lopez... and this young boxer no big mouth or trush talk... i will be her fan...
Rennard Henry
Rennard Henry:
One more tomato can. Berlanga has incredible talent and power but it's time to take the next level. I'm watching this young man and I see a lot of positives but it's time to move up. He shows intellect by knowing that it's not time for champ talk AND by saying he still has more growing to do. So far, He's getting very good guidance from his team and I Pray it continues. Bright future. Solid prospect.
Diaz Connor
Diaz Connor:
J V:
This kid gonna be an all time great
Bansolitoy X
Bansolitoy X:
Puerto Rico is back on the scene.👏👏👏💪
Marcus R
Marcus R:
Coronavirus got boxers gettin ring rust like a mofo. They dropping like flies.
Enry Cabello
Enry Cabello:
Canelo vs Berlanga 2021!!!