Eileen Gu The Teenager That Will Change The Sport of Skiing Forever | Everyday Eileen Episode 1

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Eileen Gu is a professional athlete, fashion model, Stanford student, and teenager. She competes in 3 different freeskiing disciplines: big air, slopestyle and halfpipe, is fluent in Mandarin, and 110% badass.

In the first episode of 'Everyday Eileen' we visit Eileen at her stomping grounds in San Francisco and explore the secret of the 18-year-old teenager to be able to fit 4 different lives into one. Press play and get to know the one and only Eileen Gu.

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100+ komentarze:

Live Deliciously
Live Deliciously:
She is like every parent's dream. The resume she has at her age is beyond what most people have in an entire lifetime if at all.
Ed Louchard
Ed Louchard:
Watching her at home with her Grandma, photos on the walls, so positively supported by her caregivers. That I am sure has contributed to her confidence and success.
J H:
Best thing about Gu is that her mom thought ski racing sounded too dangerous and "freeskiing" sounded safer....🤣

Incredible talent
Kathri 100
Kathri 100:
Her single parent mum has done a tremendous job, and the support of the extended family. Well done, future citizen of the world .
You win I win
You win I win:
Congratulations and well done Eileen! You're a breath of fresh air to watch and an inspiration for many future winter sports talents including non Chinese heritage people. Keep up the good work Eileen and looking forward to see you winning more medals. Jia Yu! xxx
For those haters condemning Eileen, in case you don't know, Seamus O'Connor is also an American-born snowboarder from Ramona, Carlifornia. He competed for team IRELAND at the 2014 Winter Olympics and still doing the same in 2022! How come the western media hardly gave him any headline news attention??? C'mon guys pull up your socks, don't be brainwashed by the western anti China narrative. Come away from the hypocrite corner and be happy! Otherwise you can stay there and "Cry abt it..." Quote from Eileen.
The Oracle
The Oracle:
Eileen Gu is a natural champion. She saw the vision & bigger picture in representing 1.5 bil of grateful humanity in contrast to 300mil of unappreciative wet blankets nitpicking on her aspiration of a life time on national mainstream TV.
Go Eileen, Go! It takes a winner to see another greater winner - one that is taking the world by storm!
I like how eager she is about school and I hope the same positive attitude is transferred to other younger people! Of course you can make a living through sports, but most universities are very flexible with professional sportspersons and who knows, maybe she can one day incorporate her university knowledge with skiing!
Amazing sport, she makes it look so easy. God bless you for the future.
She is so mature for her age. She has already achieved more than what most of us ever will in our whole lives.
ggs 220
ggs 220:
I love how down to earth she is. Such a fun, bubbly personality on top of talent, beauty and brains.
Luna Raffel
Luna Raffel:
Such a great person. She has everything ♥️ Good luck for the Olympics from Europe!!
Darren Arni
Darren Arni:
that air time and how comfortable she looks in the air is simply amazing.
Wow! She is a perfect a combination of brain, beauty and athleticism....
HungmanX XXX
HungmanX XXX:
That’s insane …… so talented
Sik Skillz
Sik Skillz:
awesome, this was really cool, i thought the personal view into her life, and mindset was cool. we got to know her a little, her bond with her family, and struggles in what’s she doing. really strong woman in all aspects. red bull always bring innovative ways to make things exiting but also brings the human side to what is happening, kind of showing the audience that’s anyone willing can enjoy this kind of success. role models, but also shown as real nice and good people that put the work in.
What an incredible absolute Wonder Woman balance of intellect beauty (inside and out) and talent
Role Model for girls like none other
Manuel Wow Chow
Manuel Wow Chow:
That 3rd dropped nearly made me drop watching how she survived it without twisting any ankles or falling down when she came down on the ice.
pretty amazing how she got the best of both east and west, she has the work ethic, hardwork, humble, good at school, she is also well built as an athlete, outgoing and confident.
darko forest
darko forest:
Eileen Gu Olympic champion, congratulations!
A Z:
Her final run in the game is legendary.
*She did it!*
She won the olympics in Big Air 🥇
Congrats Eileen. You really change the sport 🎉
Steven Hartono
Steven Hartono:
She is literally GOALS in a human being! If I even had half of her drive and talent, i dont even know what i'd do with myself! and she thinks freestyle skiing is easier than running 🤣 im sure she wouldve been a world champion at that too!
Winter sports equipment and apparel makers will be glad Eileen is competing for China. Imagine all the millions of people she'll inspire to take up the sports.
If she can inspire just 0.5% of China population thats already a whopping 70 million people.
Melvin Udall
Melvin Udall:
Very accomplished young person with a clear vision. Bravo!
Grahzzy ......
Grahzzy ......:
She is still humble and it hasn’t gone to her head
Eileen Gu is awesome.
Raymond Szeto
Raymond Szeto:
- keep going eileen, you're killin' it!! -
Jake Si
Jake Si:
Awesome girl, I am a fan now. She will have my support.
Zoe Cui
Zoe Cui:
Is she like the pinnacle of human being? So much accomplishments at such young age. Such a great personality combined with such uniquely beautiful look. OMG.
John Paritsky
John Paritsky:
Good luck representing China! Hope she gets the gold she deserves
melting iguana
melting iguana:
She’s so down to earth!
Michael P
Michael P:
she is the most beautiful skier I have ever seen. Hope she gets better and better to become the top athlete she always strived for.
she is good at EVERYTHING
Its insane how good her Chinese is. You can literally look through 1000 ABCs and not find one with Chinese this proper. Ultimate realization of Asian goals. Overachieving, insanely talented and brilliant, and not just beautiful but half white too so she naturally has the features that so many self loathing Asians go under the knife to try to get
Fay Chen
Fay Chen:
Eileen Gu, you are awesome!
Lyn Young
Lyn Young:
Perfect combination of all the bests of both the west and the east culture
Boris Lee
Boris Lee:
her positivity and spirit feels really infectious lol.
Xinwen Liang
Xinwen Liang:
Woman making history 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
John Ng
John Ng:
She is an angel from heaven.
just discovered about eileen!! love her already. Go girl!!!!!
Gijs Savelkouls
Gijs Savelkouls:
Again a epic series 😍😍💪 love it
Kim Tan
Kim Tan:
Smart, beautiful, and talented , what's not to love !
voky sugar
voky sugar:
Bruce Lee is mixed race and was born in San Francisco. Eileen Gu is kind of like Bruce Lee of the old days. Her achievements and performance is one of a kind. 👏
None Nothing
None Nothing:
We only live once. Do your best. I wasted mine with alcohol. But after i got over with it, my life flew and unstoppable.
She most likely knows kungfu and will become the next action movie star
Truth Sower
Truth Sower:
That's my girl! Go Eileen!
Ira Lee
Ira Lee:
Eileen will be attending Stanford. Elite school for an exceptional young woman. Ira Lee Ph.D.
Level1 Selamat1
Level1 Selamat1:
There have been many world class athletes of Chinese decendants in Indonesia and Malaysia...goat Rudy Hartono, Michael John and Daud Chino Yordan, goat LCW including many half Chinese like squash world champ Nicol David etc
The Tinker Cook
The Tinker Cook:
Eileen is just full of class!!! I wish I had her level of awareness. Wǒ wèi nǐ jiāyóu! ! !
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton:
When she talks you instantly know she's from California.
Vanda Lecchino
Vanda Lecchino:
Olympic CHAMPION 🥇
A little bit more background wouldve been cool, it just sounds like she learned riding like that in a day or so
Snesha Bloom
Snesha Bloom:
Outstanding and wonderful person🥁
She made skiing a marketable commodity that can be sold to the highest bidder.
Richard Makiya
Richard Makiya:
Atleta olímpica, modelo, universitaria y abocada a resaltar el orgullo de toda una nación por el amor a su madre mmmm.... Puedes pedir más?
Cyclingnerd Delux
Cyclingnerd Delux:
Here is what I am reading. Gu=Hero. Zhu Yi=Embarrassment. Nathan Chen= Traitor. Odd isn't it?
Eileen Gu to all haters “Cry about it!” 😭 😭 😭
Anne Tsai
Anne Tsai:
Her statement was stunning and amazing ! She only needs to be a permanent resident of china to represent china! She is perfectly legal to hold a us passport and be an PR in china!
Yingkun Wang
Yingkun Wang:
Amazing Gu! 💐
Good Vibe Channel
Good Vibe Channel:
How does she do it? SAT score 1580, Olympic gold and silver, Stanford bound, modeling career, etc etc. She must be an android 😁😆
Daniel Preston
Daniel Preston:
The octo grab!! An X games classic
Go get ‘em Eileen!!!!!
God'sNotDead 00
God'sNotDead 00:
Amazing that's the only thing I see in this video. Wow... Keep it up and Gu you are the total package!
Hugh Jackson
Hugh Jackson:
I would also compete for China if I were her. It was the decision that made Bruce Lee an international star 50 years ago. In the U.S., people always call you Asian or Asian-American, but never call anyone English-American or Scottish-American.
I wonder if there gonna be videogames of her in future
G Angelov
G Angelov:
Well done gal
El Jefe
El Jefe:
Her mandarin is native Beijing level
Ricelife Production
Ricelife Production:
Are we just not going to talk about the production in this video? Good shit!!
dyrectory com
dyrectory com:
GO(LD) Eileen! Winter Olympics 2022! 👏🏻
Who cares what country she chooses to represent... at the end of the day we are all human.. She worked her ass off to get there, she can represent Mars for all I care as she's more then earned the right to do so. Good for her!
Juanindo Jorgi Janad
Juanindo Jorgi Janad:
It's #EileenGu, an #AAPI #teenager and a #skier who represents #China at the #Olympics.
William Chao
William Chao:
At least she does not have to worry about getting push down to subway tracks in China. I am afraid of going to subway. I have to watch my surroundings and stay away from the tracks and push my back against the wall.
nian wan
nian wan:
太精彩了!超级厉害! SUPER NICE !
Sushi Ray
Sushi Ray:
O M G...
Just amazing...!!!
Congrats n Besr Wishes...
C Ang
C Ang:
Awesome vid. Cam crew is fantastic too.
Trygve Veslum
Trygve Veslum:
Such a boss! Just be careful with the intake of Red Bull…its not healthy at all.
Dono Oetomo
Dono Oetomo:
A M A I Z I N G ....
They're both beautiful talented.
Dank wish i had that much fun at 18, if only i can ski & not afraid of height....😂
Her affect on winter sports in China could be compared to Yao Ming to basketball
Lee Lantern
Lee Lantern:
Wow just wow, so smart and talented
Abandoning the US and skiing for China. Excellent !!
Raw Potato
Raw Potato:
What’s her citizenship? China doesn’t allow for dual citizens, so assuming she renounced her US one?

She seems to be an Icarus, flying too close to the sun with the geopolitical tussle between the US and China and will get burnt.
Fantastic role model (oops no pun intended). But let's be honest, a lot of publicity is because she is beautiful. If she can capitalize on that and use that attention in a fruitful way that's awesome.
B=D Bangkok=Drift
B=D Bangkok=Drift:
I want to breakdance for gold medal in France 2024.
Starting at Stanford in fall, Chinese American moms expect pre med
Ss H.
Ss H.:
Making dumpling is indeed a good family-bonding time.
M Kbrew
M Kbrew:
Thank you for showing me a girl that’s so out of my league I’ll never get to meet her
That "Certificate of Participation :))
Yong Choe
Yong Choe:
Her big smiles give deep heartaches to Americans.
Steven Lotz
Steven Lotz:
ok she is young, drop dead gorgeous, is a model, smart, goes to the top university in the country, and most likely affluent. She most likely has the financial support that it takes to become a professional skier which usually takes thousands of dollars a year and lots of time. My question is she is obviously an American and why did she not represent the USA instead of Communist China. She needs to be proud of being an American and represent her country. I call her a traitor.
John DiMarcio
John DiMarcio:
My son was born in France, his father (me) was born in Sweden, his mother in China. He has dual nationality, Australian and Swedish. If he was a great athlete (unfortunately, he is not😉), would it matter what country he would choose to compete for?
Red Bull's always right, she just did
j bland
j bland:
It’s insane these filmers get paid good money for this footage
Brad Golding
Brad Golding:
Eileen Gu: The Teenager "WHO", (not "That"), Will Change The Sport of Skiing Forever. Get it right you lot!
On the other hand, Go Eileen!!!
Danijel Android
Danijel Android:
9:45 I thought, I wanted to see her fall to know for sure that she isn't perfect. 9:50 I'm sorry for thinking it. 😞
eileen should start a cosmetics brand. billionare by 25.
kbm blizz
kbm blizz:
Respect. Gold. 🥇 , 🌏 not just the USA. There are 7.5Bilions overdeveloped primates
Lawrence KS Ho
Lawrence KS Ho:
It's good to have option for representation openly to the world....Freedom is what matters....