Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern München I 5-1 I Highlights I The Final Game for Bayern Coach Kovac

Eintracht Frankfurt with sensational 5-1 win against Bayern München - All Goals
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Niko Kovac returned to face his old club in this match, and it was an important one. After the early dismissal of Jerome Boateng it was an uphill struggle for Bayern. Frankfurt took advantage thanks to a very strong performance by Filip Kostic. Goncalo Paciencia scored once again to pick up his sixth goal of the season. In the end Munich had no chance, even though Robert Lewandowski scored to further extend his record to at least one goal in the first ten matchdays of the season.
The day after the game Bayern München parted company with coach Niko Kovac. Assistant coach Hansi Flick takes over for the time being.
What do you think? Who is going to win 'Der Klassiker'? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ komentarze:

Wow! 💥 Did you expect after this game that Bayern will finish the 2019/20 season with the Treble? 🏆🏆🏆
Mayureshan Muhunthan
Mayureshan Muhunthan:
9 months later: Bayern Munich are Champions League winners!!! Hansi Flick is an amazing manager🔥🔥🔥
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
Bayern Fans : Thank you frankfurt
Vincent Hung
Vincent Hung:
Kovac was sacked by his former team Frankfurt😂
Ethan Richards 2002
Ethan Richards 2002:
Neuer after he concedes: 🙋‍♂️
Alex Gallifa
Alex Gallifa:
Who’s here after Bayern Munich won the TREBLE?
Matthew Boyne
Matthew Boyne:
Win 7-2 Vs Tottenham lose 5-1 Vs Frankfurt...
Oh wait it was only Tottenham
RG Bro
RG Bro:
November 2019: Lost 5-1 to Frankfurt, 4th in the table
August 2020: Beat PSG in ucl final to win the treble

What a journey!
Hardycovers vevo
Hardycovers vevo:
This is the match that made Bayern what they are currently.
Kudos to Hansi Flick
We should thank Frankfurt for this game
Mia san mia
Kovac looking to see how much time he's got left coaching the club
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller:
Crazy how much of a difference changing coaches can make
Elliott Wong
Elliott Wong:
May 2019 - Bayern 5-1 Frankfurt
November 2019 - Frankfurt 5-1 Bayern
Arsenal: It's good to be part of the 5-1 gang!!!!
When you play a game in FIFA in world class mode
B the Best 14
B the Best 14:
Wow... Just wow how did Bayern manage to lose
Tu Ho
Tu Ho:
Welcome Hansi Flick, a new legend coach of Bayern Munich 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Desciples Of Thomas Sankara
Desciples Of Thomas Sankara:
This was a hard reality check for the German giants.
Thanks Frankfurt for sending Niko Kovac off .
In retrospect not a defeat; a catalyst for the continental treble!! Bayern -- champions of Europe
Vince The Bince
Vince The Bince:
Funny Thing Is, Bayern Munchen Stole Kovac From Eintracht Frankfurt. Then Kovac's Former Team Eintracht Beat Bayern 5-1 Which Fired Kovac.
Daniel Upchurch
Daniel Upchurch:
2:46 rare footage of a goalkeeper apeeling for offside from a corner🤣🤣🤣
TDSM 99:
Im a porto fan, I miss him dearly. Can anyone tell me how paciência has been for Frankfurt?
Lewandowski is the only one that gets the job done.
Samin Yead
Samin Yead:
I think Bayern's problem started the day when they decided to let go off Jupp Heynckes in favor of Pep Guardiola. That also after Heynckes won the treble that season! Kovac is not the problem, it is the lack of Bayern board's vision. Hope Oliver Kahn can come and change this.
Jacky Yen Cheat Tan
Jacky Yen Cheat Tan:
Niko isnt a bad manager, but he cant contain the stars of bayern.
Wish you good luck Niko
Thiên Phúc Trần Viết
Thiên Phúc Trần Viết:
And now all Bayern's fans thanks Boateng for getting the red card to help them fired Kovac and get Hansi Flick as our head coach
Geo The Uncle
Geo The Uncle:
When you sim an away game in career mode
The Table
The Table:
Who's here after that Bayern trashed Barcelona?
Dwiky 33
Dwiky 33:
The most active social media official European league, I like it
Aaron Nerella
Aaron Nerella:
Niko Kovac didn't fully leave Frankfurt as yet
Mothekgi Thoka
Mothekgi Thoka:
nico kovac is an extraordinary attractive man
Football zone
Football zone:
Still can't get over this
etele lionheart
etele lionheart:
the red card decided this match
I think this was actually a good game for Bayern. Kovac got sacked and in came Flick and he won basically everything with Bayern.
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma:
A big thanks from the bottom of my heart to you Eintracht Frankfurt.Without you it would not have been possible.

-Bayern Fan
Justin Koesel
Justin Koesel:
who's here after Bayern won the tremble?
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia:
This was actually Bayern's best game of the season
Hadi Ismail
Hadi Ismail:
Fly fly fly Gladbach 💚
Kevin Vazquez
Kevin Vazquez:
I feel like Bayern did this on purpose to get kovac fired for changing the whole team I mean the man did get rid of the OG players
Maxine Hickey
Maxine Hickey:
Omg that was a crazy game
Sam Tong
Sam Tong:
No one :
Neuer : *complains about offside*
442oons needs to make a song on this the #5 mambo the #5 - 1 Mambo, I'm just suggesting cause last time FCB are always doing the #5 - 1 mambo
Alexini 007
Alexini 007:
best match ever
Arnold Irungu
Arnold Irungu:
And why barca haven't sacked Valverde I will never understand
Winners Solutions : Tuto Pedia
Winners Solutions : Tuto Pedia:
Thanks to this match, hansi came and brought triple winner. King of Europe.
Gabriel Alamo
Gabriel Alamo:
One year later.... 6 title 🔥💪🏻
Evolved Copper
Evolved Copper:
So... admin... is there a compilation of managers being beaten by their ex teams video coming? For... I don't know, the Christmas calendar advent? 👀
First Frankfurt loss 1-5 to Bayern then Frankfurt beat Bayern 5-1
marc saliba
marc saliba:
Paciencia is amazing
onninecheuk yam
onninecheuk yam:
Thank you frankfurt!
purushtottam tandon
purushtottam tandon:
Amazing💕😍 teamwork
the game that changed everything XD
Zorro Morocco
Zorro Morocco:
That was a awesome match
As painful as Bayern's temporary troubles are for we Bayern fans, I think they might actually be good for the Bundesliga as a whole.
Bra Elk
Bra Elk:
Thank you frankfurt
Jadu 477
Jadu 477:
And People say Bundesliga is a farmer league. Go and check the points table. 1 point difference between third and 9th past week
JasnooR Singh
JasnooR Singh:
Kostic is just phenomenal 😍
영상 존나 잘만드네 굿굿
Muhd Ekmal
Muhd Ekmal:
even i use bayern in fifa, i still lose with frankfurt 🥶😤
hadi naserdin
hadi naserdin:
thank you frankfurt
Bayern's Winning Run Ends Thanks To Frankfurt
Orgil Orgildinho
Orgil Orgildinho:
Lewandowski goal tho
David Damm
David Damm:
Quien esta aquí para ver qué Tigres tiene esperanza🐯💙
Rashid Yasin
Rashid Yasin:
If Kovac would've subbed in Martinez to play cb he could've saved his job
Nesrine Rahmani
Nesrine Rahmani:
7 Bundesliga 💖👊
Rizky Nugroho
Rizky Nugroho:
It wasn't Kovac's fault. We could see the players were not enthusiast at all.
Tanvir Rakan's Editing
Tanvir Rakan's Editing:
After 5-0 win again Frankfurt

I watched it in oct. 25
Klausi Juventus
Klausi Juventus:
phonzie 19
phonzie 19:
Won the treble thanks to This game
Muhamad Haris
Muhamad Haris:
Second strikernya forward
Center forward Irfan bin nur qomar
yHy Trịnh Đình Trần gnợưV 272gnoLyHyLongJ aUsTraLia
yHy Trịnh Đình Trần gnợưV 272gnoLyHyLongJ aUsTraLia:
Slim 030
Slim 030:
Try to imagine what Lewytic could achieve in a world class team
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world
Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world:
Imagine being destroyed by a small team after you destroyed a big team?
Everybody,Please be nice to Kamada.
We need a 442oons video on that
Ardhi_pengamat_ bola
Ardhi_pengamat_ bola:
Awal mula kebangkitan Bayern dari sini,gua salut amjink
langsung pecat pelatih
Rolf Ronaldo
Rolf Ronaldo:
I dont like Frankfurt but good game!!!! :D
Phuoc Tran le
Phuoc Tran le:
Sigmund Wolfgang Lancelot
Sigmund Wolfgang Lancelot:
Me encanta como hacéis el resumen del partido.
Podrían hacerlo así en España la verdad....
Tomorrow let's hope we win
Trung Nguyễn Huỳnh Quốc
Trung Nguyễn Huỳnh Quốc:
I swear to god that after Bayern dominates EU, I watch this highlight for the 1st time. Thanks Kovac, before you were sacked, you gave us a Knock on the door of the TRUE BAYERN MUNICH
Deo Lumoindong
Deo Lumoindong:
So this was how it all began
Dev Kshatriya
Dev Kshatriya:
Wasn't a good goodbye game for Kovac lol
Unfair to fire him after this. Boateng red card and multiple injuries.
Richard The toe collector
Richard The toe collector:
Andy Skillz11
Andy Skillz11:
and look where they are now: champions league champions!!!
Yasith Dayananda
Yasith Dayananda:
When u realize Boateng's red card paved the way to destruction of barca by 8 - 2 and he got his revenge for 2015. ❤
Stefan Galic
Stefan Galic:
Back after we got slapped by Frankfurt again
Coach probably didn’t run drills that week.
Ebie Yair
Ebie Yair:
Munchen number 1 in the world 💪💪💪
Owen Smith
Owen Smith:
I think the Bayern players did commence operation to sack Kovac
Frankfurt fan
Frankfurt fan:
I don't know why Hansi - Flick worked under Kovac
Thanks to Eintracht Frankfurt because of that, Niko Kovac sacked and Hansi Flick become Bayern caretaker and turn Bayern into a monster team
Christian Gultom
Christian Gultom:
They won the game like a champion
Shubh Maheshwari
Shubh Maheshwari:
*What was that defence of bayern! No marking or cover up at all!*
I want Bayern to be defeated sometimes in bundesliga so that people don't call it farmer's league
Harsha & Hari Sasi
Harsha & Hari Sasi:
Kovac at 3:19 - my clock's ticking
Gaurav poudel
Gaurav poudel:
From this to champions league trophy. Wow