Elaine Thompson On Fire, Can Christine Mboma Upset In 200m Final?

Recapping the women's 200m heats at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Fast times from Jamaican sprinters Elaine Thompson-Herah and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Could Christine Mboma pull off the upset and win a medal in the final?

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100+ komentarze:

Hileni Emvula
Hileni Emvula:
Christine and Beatrice are so brave and true to the sport. To do what they did after all the negative comments and negative coverage by the western media at their age is beyond exceptional. I’m still excited!!! Our girls
Village Girl Rita
Village Girl Rita:
Mboma and Masilingi just need advance training and mentorship, then they will FLY for sure! In other words, they are the BEST considering the little exposure, lack of professional training and resources they have compared to the rest of the other athletes.
Omaree M.
Omaree M.:
You can pronounce Aristotle, Beethoven, Einstein, get the Namibian young lady name correct & her respective country.
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos:
Let’s be real the women’s sprinter events have been loaded and exciting
Tate Shivelelwa
Tate Shivelelwa:
Namibia all the way.. Lets bring this home gal's, we deserve this cause they removed us in the 400m but God is with us.. 🇳🇦💪🏽👏🏽
Sh Hdn
Sh Hdn:
Elaine unlocked a new level🔥🔥
She's on fire right now
Ray A
Ray A:
That is why bolt looks around, you must be aware of what the competition is doing especially when you are conserving energy. Thats why bolt was able to speed up, because he saw degrasse trying to pass him in the now famous "joking around" moment
Investor Lifestyle Jamaica
Investor Lifestyle Jamaica:
Sorry for Sherika Jacko. Hopefull Elaine and Shelly can can take a 1 and 2 and set a record. Elaine looks awesome
Mostert Simasiku
Mostert Simasiku:
When my Namibian girl tops this finals, y’all had better put respect on her name

She broke her record in less than a day,that is worth praising.
Not to mention that she’s only 18 guys...
Ben Handubo
Ben Handubo:
It's N-A-M-I-B-I-A. Not Nambia
If not for the so called apparent testosterone level of Masilingi and Mboma they be tearing apart the 400m
Millicent Simmonds
Millicent Simmonds:
Thompson will be hard to beat if she gets that start. She is strong at the finish plus she is on fire. Shelly will get that start but have to find the strength to hold on.
I guess Sheicka being out is a blessing in disguise, now she can run the 4 x 100 heats and maybe even the 4x400.
JD Johannes
JD Johannes:
Mboma will take gold, Herah 2nd & Gabby 3rd
Patricia Mwinga
Patricia Mwinga:
I’m glad at how you’ve been correcting each other at pronouncing our Namibian sensation Mboma and my beautiful country Namibia…👏🏾👏🏾
InterContinental General
InterContinental General:
Many blessings to Elaine Thompson for representing for Jamaica and also the rural parish of Manchester, yam and banana power to the world.🇯🇲🏅
Max Coore
Max Coore:
Maximum LOVE, THANKS and RESPECT to who ever fixed that Achilles Tendon. The world owes you!!! Cheers
Lucky Iipumbu
Lucky Iipumbu:
Christine Mboma all the way... 🇳🇦 🇳🇦 Team Namibia. Its Namibia not Namimbia hater
Elaine ...Nothing can stop her she is all the way up 🇯🇲👊💯🔥🔥🔥#sprintdouble....
The DSD rules should apply consistently to all events.
Featring Mbedeka
Featring Mbedeka:
If Christine Mboma gets a good start, there is no chance for any of the athletes. Her slow start is the blessing of all other athletes. We not that she has not even really prepared for the 200 as her favorite was the 400.
Colin Morris
Colin Morris:
I struggling to decide what impressed me more…Elaine’s dominance or Mboma raw power finish
Barbara Glover
Barbara Glover:
so proud of all the Jamaican women runners in the Tokyo Olympic
Charly Dv
Charly Dv:
Mboma beating Gabby Thomas 2 times in a row...
She's thrown off her groove so badly. 😅
marcellus cornelius
marcellus cornelius:
Elaine, ShellyAnn and Miller-Uibo. I think Elaine most likely will win, but Fraser-Price will also want that Gold. Miller-Uibo and Ta Lou will be fighting for 3rd.
Abner Uusizi
Abner Uusizi:
Who's that ignorant fool on the left? It's Namibia and put some respect when you mention my country 🇳🇦 and our girls ✌
Chantal N6
Chantal N6:
Don’t be so hard on them. They are doing the best that they, can based on their personal assessment.
Ripton Weir
Ripton Weir:
I have Elaine to win but it's gonna be tight for the other spots. Miller Uibo gets lane 9 which is good for her because of her height so she will run a shorter turn and that should factor in the place she finishes in
Henley Taylor
Henley Taylor:
Shericka disrespected the field. The field wasn't good.
Christine's running form is literally terrifying, imagine being chased by someone running like that
Shelly hasn’t broken a sweat yet she is going to turn up in the final
Where is Gabby Thomas ,Elain thompson was jogging in the semi final and gabby thomas was blowing up .
Island Girl Ruby
Island Girl Ruby:
No matter who they are, they will have to go through the Jamaicans to win.
Calvon Bowden
Calvon Bowden:
Gabby is going to burn 🔥 them 💪🏾😆
Floyd Fidell
Floyd Fidell:
The Race Final is going be crazy phenomenally Fast.
Kontact 20
Kontact 20:
ELAINE THOMPSON IS THE OLYMPIC DOUBLE DOUBLE CHAMPION, WE NEED TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WHERE SHE RANKS ALL TIME. Also i have never seen a runner finish as well and quickly as Mbomba does and shes only 18!!!
Mboma has been dangerous, don’t why she’s just getting mentioned. If I were competing against her, I wouldn’t play any games
Lucky Iipumbu
Lucky Iipumbu:
Christine Mboma all the way... 🇳🇦 🇳🇦 Team Namibia. Its Namibia not Namimbia hater
Millicent Simmonds
Millicent Simmonds:
I don't think Uibo medal. She doesn't have that racket start. Ta Lou is the one to watch. That curve, will determine the winner
Mário Simas
Mário Simas:
Elaine Thompson will go for 21.50 in the final
If Christine Mbomba can take slight advantage at the beginning she can definitely win gold🙌🏽🇳🇦🔥
Winnett Carty
Winnett Carty:
Congrats Elaine!
Well done Shelly!
Sorry you didn't get a medal.
As a Jamaican I'm disappointed for Shericka but also good for her. Run your race as if you want to win!
You can't win tomorrow if you don't win (qualify) today!

The greatest teacher is experience.
Hopefully she learns from it, and come back harder!
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos:
I think that might be it for Dafne schippers she hasn’t been the same since that back injury. Or maybe the sport caught up to her I mean she is 29
Kuna I
Kuna I:
Her name is Christine Mboma and “that country” is Namibia !!!! Put some respect on our countries name and get it right
J 0
J 0:
Elaine Thompson is about to run a wr
Allen Adamson
Allen Adamson:
Is Jackson still entered for the 400?
Lineekela Shikwambi
Lineekela Shikwambi:
Mboma,🇳🇦i am a proud Namibian
tanja Cole
tanja Cole:
🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦Mboma Our Namibian Pride!!
Ambassador Ausar
Ambassador Ausar:
These women all want to be Usian Bolt. Too cool for school gets you eliminated. Ask Shericka and Trayvon for that matter. It's ridiculous to be eliminated that way after years of hard work. SMDH
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos:
Mboma is dangerous in the final 50. But Thompson is flying right now
A. Whyte
A. Whyte:
I hope Ta Lou can medal
Chris Willis
Chris Willis:
If Mboma get her first 100m to at least average she will break all 200m records for sure in the future
Christine Mboma is only 18 what talent she has.
Lazarus Nestor
Lazarus Nestor:
Namibians 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jamaican women's is on fire 🔥
Samuel Morrison
Samuel Morrison:
All i know, they all have to come at their very very best to beat the two Jamaican
audley mclean
audley mclean:
They're possible saving Sherika Jackson for both 4x100 and 4x400 relays..
Christopher Garwood
Christopher Garwood:
Gabby Thomas had no international experience but the American media as always kept running off their mouth. Well their it is.
Lilleath Turner
Lilleath Turner:
It’s human nature to lift u up when u are up and drop u when u fall give Sheridan a break show me which athletes doesn’t fall short at sometimes in their career
lindsey d.
lindsey d.:
It's Namibia dude, it's not even complicated to pronounce. Maybe you need a new co-host who does his research and doesn't undermine African countries
Julian nairn
Julian nairn:
All that talk about Gabby Thomas at the US fast track breaking Flo Joe's record and now it's not looking so good.
Salmi Uushona
Salmi Uushona:
Our Namibian girls are making us proud! Bring them those medals girls👏🏽👏🏽🇳🇦🇳🇦
Mark Mulcaire
Mark Mulcaire:
Can some explain why Bambi’s girl could run the 400m?
You all have to be the worst hosts I’ve ever listened to.
Martha Niitembu
Martha Niitembu:
Mboma won the silver medal, whether you like her or not, regardless of gender false information spread by some people in the comments. That must sink in. She is a star!
Charly Dv
Charly Dv:
Thompson 🥇≈ 21.50
Fraser-Price 🥈 ≈ 21.85
Mboma 🥉 ≈ 21.90
Lyle Davis
Lyle Davis:
Stop talking about Flo Jo’s record… can we get someone to beat the old world record first? With that said, I believe the winner will break .60
Elma Taylor
Elma Taylor:
Definitely Elaine Thompson and Shelly
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson:
It is going to be close between Elaine and Shelly. Speed kills, Shelly is out for revenge and she has not pressed the accelerator as yet.
Emmanuel Saliu
Emmanuel Saliu:
Gabby Thomas is going to be the dark horse
Shantel Love
Shantel Love:
Good content blessings to everyone if you haven't yet repented and accepted Christ Jesus as your lord and Savior please do so before it's too late its not God's will for none to perish.
Media Truth
Media Truth:
FloTrack Podcast: Here are the facts, Shericka instructions were to 1. Run a fast 100m 2. Paste yourself for the last 100m to conserve energy for the final. But Shericka admitted that she miscalculated the executions.
Did Randolph Ross make the same mistake— unwisely shutting it down?
H P:
M-boma, dude. It's not that hard. And you can't even pronounce Na-mi-bia?
Max Coore
Max Coore:
Lets hope the Gabby fanatics have come to their senses by now. This IS NOT Wayward Field. No Dina, Blessing or Sherika and she could only manage a q. Food for thought, isn't it?
kardon kk
kardon kk:
Shericka throw that race she have been doing this long enough to make rookie mistake. even though coach Frances which coach she and elaine told them to conserve energy that was poor and foolish must be said
Mike Baptiste LIVE
Mike Baptiste LIVE:
So a 17 year old ran 25 as a pb last year and is running 21 this year and Gordon only wants more rules repealed.
So are you telling me you couldn’t find a Better still image of Elaine ?? Try the one with her holding he flag or her on the podium. It’s disrespectful!!
N Sudatta-Roy
N Sudatta-Roy:
All the SAFP FAN BOYS/GIRLS will now have to shut up about her being the GOAT!
Ioannis Mitsis
Ioannis Mitsis:
Elaine Thompson : 21 : 20 this afternoon in final !!!!
chukwudi igwe
chukwudi igwe:
For you to be a respected pundit, you have to learn to pronounce correctly the names of individuals and their respective countries. You don't show off your ignorance.
joel patterson
joel patterson:
The same thing that as happened to gabby Thomas would have happened to miss Richardson. I like gabby tho .
Lourenzo Martin
Lourenzo Martin:
MBoma is a strong contender for 3rd 🥉 place.
The Leonard Witbeen Show
The Leonard Witbeen Show:
I pray Mboma comes through.....As a Namibian I'd be super proud
Santhana Raj
Santhana Raj:
That Namibian girl is the future star.
How do you have 2 hyper androgenous athletes not allowed to run 800 but you put them in the 200 because they are too fast? It makes no sense 🤯. You think they are going to be slower in the 200? Mboma with her lousy form is playing cat and mouse? She looks like she could be in the 20s range if she wanted. But she won't as it would draw too much attention. Sorry but this is unfair to the women with normal testosterone levels.
Bill BanDoh
Bill BanDoh:
When’s the final ?
Jared Tennant
Jared Tennant:
Jamaica will be 1 and 2....Miller Ouibo will get the bronze. Shelly-ann has never gotten bronze in an individual event while healthy and this will not change in the 200 m.
manoj kumar
manoj kumar:
World record in 200
Elvis is taller than me and we are both doing high jump.
I know it's a biological thing that he is tall and not something he takes to help increase his height but still 😭😭😭😭 He has an advantage over me, he should be withdrawn, it's not fair for me and other short men 😭😭😭 he shouldn't be allowed to participate, they should make a category for tall people. He must be alien because how can he be taller than me 😭😭😭 no no no please cancel him. World please hear my cry

🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡 don't stop running baby Christine Mboma, you still have a lot to improve and you are still young. You will eventually break that World record and haters can will live to see it.
Peace, love and light upon everybody reading this 😊 you shall heal
Pumeza Qina
Pumeza Qina:
"Okay, that country"

what kind of channel is this? I would never subscribe to this channel 🙄

It's Mboma from Namibia foolish men
Jango Unconquerable
Jango Unconquerable:
Mboma from Namibia the silver medalist is only 18 years. Look out for her in the next two Olympics she needs to get her start together. She has an ending out of this world. I was looking at some videos of her on youtube and I realized she has the speed to be the next world and Olympic champ. I hope her country will invest in her she is phenomenal. Check her out people and show her support and love. Not because she is not an American give her props
Jonas Shiwayu
Jonas Shiwayu:
Come on yeah that country
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams:
If someone has too much male harmine to run in the 400 how is this not applied to 200 and 100. I would have thought more muscle power is needed in the sprint events. I say if we are going this way, let's go all the way. We should make all the events mixed.
Brenton Taylor
Brenton Taylor:
Shericka is too idle 😡 200m final Jamaica 1 2 easy
Murda Muzik
Murda Muzik:
Once the Jamaican women doing good everyone want to see them lose 🤔🤦🏽‍♂️
Namibia namibia 👏👏👏👏👏👏💪💪💪💪
Nell Lamperth
Nell Lamperth:
I'm here for my Namibian girl Christine Mboma