ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview

Return to your world, Tarnished.

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O Covil de Jack
O Covil de Jack:
Looks like the binoculars are finally going to be really useful.
It's crazy how games that stick with their promises actually deliver well.
John-Luke Pollock
John-Luke Pollock:
I can't get over the beauty of the sky boxes. I'm always in awe when I see them in these gameplay demos.
I love the mythical western folklore vibe this game has. Dark and creepy, its awesome
After 160 hours of playing I can honestly say: FromSoftware's best game so far. A revolution to open world games. My personal GOTY2022.
Domain of Science
Domain of Science:
I love how every NPC has the same vibe as Salad Fingers
that's impressive. Growing up playing Atari & Nintendo, I never imagined games would ever get like this.
This looks amazing. And I really am loving all the DarkSouls references and Easter eggs that I am seeing. Some people may not like it when new titles have references to older titles. But for me, I love it. Being able to see a wieldable dragon head shield that breathes fire or a spell that shoots arrows down from the sky onto enemies. Darksouls will always have a special place in my heart and now I'm gonna be making some room for EldenRing.
This vid was honestly so well done. You guys provided a lot of content without spoiling anything besides what you can potentially expect. I'm not one for conspiracies but did anyone notice the multiple types of horseback minibosses? Combinable/buyable item by slaying them all maybe? :O
I love how Fromsoft implemented both Dark Souls' and Sekiro's style of movement/combat while also adding tons of new original things to the mix! This looks very promising :D
This looks even more epic than expected and without needing to resort to using flashy edits just pure 100% gameplay.
This was my FIRST Soulslike game. I went in BLIND, 2H weapon, no spells, no summons, nothing but my sword with bleed built in, up until 100h played and switched to 2x1H weapons at Godskin Duo that did.. 100dps more damage. 250-500 damage per hit. I BEAT THE GAME, last three or four bosses, I needed 8 hours for Maliketh, 8 hours for Godskin Duo and about 5hours for the last boss. This game is AMAZING, the world was just unimaginable BIG.. just breathtakingly BIG and filled with stuff to do and looked insanely beautiful.
I DO NOT understand how this team pulled out a game like this, this is a game of the decade!
PS! Storyline, questracker.. that is what is very much needed here lol, only thing that really bothered me. That and a few too much copypasta bosses, like the hidious DUO, but I understand and am FINE with it as the game is RIDICULOUSLY huge, at just 40GB.
Barry Hollywood
Barry Hollywood:
This looks utterly amazing! Dark Souls 3 was a masterpiece, as was Bloodborne, as was Sekiro- this looks head and shoulders above all three!
Mikey Swift
Mikey Swift:
Crazy that all of my expectations were met. I dont think thats ever happened to me before!
Here's a great souls farm for really early on in the game, you can start the necessary steps as soon as you exit the cemetery. You won't even need to level up aside from about 3-5 times to start using Dragon Breath. Dragon's Breath is amazingly fun to use, and it looks breathtaking in this iteration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ge4T27Vocmg
Powerbazinga TV
Powerbazinga TV:
I just want a game like dark souls 1 just freaked me the hell out and got me to scream like a child as I run away from skeletons and bosses. Love it. Let’s go elden ring! To more sleepless nights of fear of skeletons and bosses!
KV Solo
KV Solo:
11:44 Melina said that she serves the two fingers in the Network Test, but she got a three fingers tattoo which is another faction that is describe in an item. There is something more into this. I'm excited for the game!
This looks good, they seem to have gone with a more fluid variation of the Souls like games.

Still seems to have the same challenging feel to it but with more fluid combat and mobility.
Oh my, oh my, OH MY. This game really looks promising! The world, the style, the combat, the effects. More of the effects. By the looks of it, this game has all the right RPG vibes.
Vannie Eats
Vannie Eats:
This looks so awesome!!😍
Even if it doesn't look new enough for some people, I am personally really new to the genre itself so I don't mind! looks pretty cool to me!
V :
Already play the game and maybe lot of you already see it in YouTube or other social media, all i can say this game is Soo good until i can't say anything because it was too good for open world RPG, and the preview gameplay did very well for not promising too much and 99% real gameplay (beside they hide the UI in game and didn't show some boss that should appear, other than that it's real footage gameplay), absolutely 10/10 a truly masterpiece, i never had this experience RPG gaming for long time since the Witcher 3 and we know cyberpunk is disappointing
This is how gameplay trailers should be. It puts you into the perspective of what the player is actually going to see (minus the HUD). No cinematics needed.
George PPS
George PPS:
Graphic designs and the depth of fields of the game are truly spectacular. The BEST I have ever seen from any game.
Legacy Gaming
Legacy Gaming:
THIS is how you show off a title. No bullshit, just raw gameplay showing the core experience.

The Irish/Gaelic influence is stunning, the hype truly is real.
big boss bob ross
big boss bob ross:
The idea of a truly open-world souls-type game is something I never thought I'd want. I really dislike the forcing of open-world settings and checklist type gameplay loops on every major game, so when I first heard ER was going to have an interactive open-world, I was a bit hesitant. This assuages my concerns for a bit, and I'm genuinely excited to see what the game will be like. Up until this point, I have stayed on media black-out and avoided all promotional material for this game so that it can surprise me. I learned that lesson the hard way with Metal Gear Solid V (which was still a great game, don't get me wrong, but obsessing over every detail in each trailer/demo sort of spoiled most of the game for me when it actually launched). Outside of the initial reveal trailer years ago, this is the first I've actually seen of ER, just to make sure that it's something I'd be willing to pay $60 day one for (which I was mostly sure of, since it's Fromsoft, but you can never be too careful these days). Really excited for the release of the game-- this is the first time I've been genuinely excited and counting down the days to a game's release in at least five years. Makes me feel like a kid again lol

I hope there will be copious Berserk references in honor of Miura's legacy and influence on the souls brand/aesthetic. If we can get the Berserker armor, or something similar to it, in game, then it will be the GOAT by default lol
So pumped to play this, when I first looked upon dark souls 1’s gameplay years ago I literally wanted it to be this game. I’m proud to say that Elden Ring will be my first entry into the SoulsBorne games.. I was always more of an Elder Scrolls and the Witcher type of guy when comes to RPGs so this looks right up my alley I must say. It’s the Openness and the traversal in Elden Ring that grabbed me immediately unlike any of the other SoulsBorne games that are out right now. But btw that’s just my opinion though and I’m not trying to hate on the greats that came before. My brother is a die hard fan of the Dark Souls trilogy including the OG Demon Souls. I’m pretty sure he’ll be playing this too.
8:25 - 9:20 Funny enough, I'm running a build that runs with an incredibly similar set-up with Shield, Spear, and Staff with armor. The main differences is that I'm using the Clayman's Cold Harpoon with Ice Spear (though I'm thinking I should switch it up with Repeating Thrust or Spinning Weapon for faster bosses), I've leveled up my endurance and strength enough to use Greatshields, and I don't got enough Intelligence for Comet Azur. I do have enough for Crystal Torrent, though.
I am so happy you guys captured the essence from your souls games perfectly and created this Masterpiece. I am so hyped and happy
I'm absolutely loving the look of the magic in this game.
Finally beat the game. What a 10/10 experience
Absolutely stunning game, can't wait till release. I'm sure many new players will stress regardless what was said. All soul type games requires you to gain a skill to play successfully something learned through trial and error and countless deaths they most probably forgot how many times they died.
Omfg I am hyped for this. It looks like a masterpiece 😍 great job!!!
Matt Graves
Matt Graves:
This looks perfect. I love the appearance of a detailed fighting mechanic as well the awe inspiring spell visuals...What a wonderfully gorgeous yet dark looking game! Can't wait to try it.
It really looks like they correctly identified the best parts of dark souls, bloodborne and sekiro, and mixed them seamlessly into an open-world game. So damn excited.
Alyssa Bullock
Alyssa Bullock:
This looks gorgeous!! That dragon battle has me in awe
Okin fallom
Okin fallom:
6:35 nice work on the hit boxes, unless he was in an iframe, it looked like that spear missed the body ONLY BY ENOUGH so he wouldn’t get hit due to either luck or skill!
Time of our lives
Time of our lives:
I can already tell without playing it that this going to be of my favorite games.
jeff ghant
jeff ghant:
Never even heard of this but 3rd person rpg's are my obsession so it's going in my wishlist.
Magic looks really cool, maybe the coolest of any Fromsoft title. I love that summons are really seamlessly integrated into the flow of gameplay, just like you're casting a spell. And I love how the bosses look as unique as past Fromsoft titles and as hard. They look fantastic and the game looks amazing.
Derek West
Derek West:
I'm seeing alot of elements borrowed from other games and films but From Software has delivered nothing but gold so I think we can expect something special. Looks incredible and I'm getting Sekiro vibes from the combat, which I love.
Matthew Taylor Zuniga
Matthew Taylor Zuniga:
Looking forward to this!! Haven’t been excited for a game in a minute
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi:
As a person from the future I can confirm this game indeed holds with our expectations
Thatch 99
Thatch 99:
I’ve never really played an open world game or any game like this ever. I’ve always been a cod player but wow this looks fucking awesome. I’m definitely going to try this out!!
Imre Báldy
Imre Báldy:
The intriguing story of DS1, the lighting promised in DS2, the smoothness of DS3, and the stealth and mobility of Sekiro, all in a grand open world? It really looks like we are about to play something truly incredible. 112 days to go!
S B:
Is it me or does it looks like a combination of Souls and Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro? Nice open world, nice combat, nice bosses as far as I could see of course,... I really look forward to tomorrow 😀
AFG-Akajan PUBG:
It looks amazing, the graphic, combat and gameplay wonderful. Hopefully its a very long story to play.
It's fun to come back to trailers after playing the game and understanding all the context to everything you see.
I loved the "kamehameha" spell (at 9:14)!! Hope it's in the final version... (many of the contents of these gameplay trailers can be changed or even cut in the final version, even close to release)
The design direction looks incredible. The world is beautiful. The characters have a good balance of whimsy, and creepy, and the spells are awesome! I really look forward to this.
EDM Music
EDM Music:
can't wait to see them do moon and sun that would be fun!
Andrew .Z
Andrew .Z:
By far the best review, so far. Thanks for sharing!
Arin Adams
Arin Adams:
I love how calm this game makes me feel lol, I can't wait.
Soup 'R Crackers
Soup 'R Crackers:
Thank you so much From Software, George Martin and Bandai! Truly love this game and am so grateful for it. :)
I can’t wait any longer 😫
High LordOmni
High LordOmni:
I played the early access and I can assure you it’ plays as smoothly as it looks
no words to describe it !!! what a Dream GAME !! The Combat Mode Is INSANE lovely Graphics , ill definitly play it
Stray Cat
Stray Cat:
I'm just now checking out what appears to be a sequel/tie-in to one of my favorite video games.
I remember when godrick used to look impossible after seeing this preview. After playing through the game twice now, he's a complete pushover compared to the other demigods.
Anti-Patreon White Knight
Anti-Patreon White Knight:
I want to give the narrator credit. Sounds like I'm listening to a wildlife documentary, so soothing. Not over hyped and annoying like most of em
Dylan Coulbeck
Dylan Coulbeck:
we used to have to mod skyrim to have dark souls mechanics for an open world like dark souls game, this is no longer needed. This game looks like a masterpiece.
Sarthak Grover
Sarthak Grover:
This looks stunning. Let's see what it becomes.
Game of the Year for sure. Imagine a Witcher game like this.
Razr Sliq
Razr Sliq:
This looks awesome. 2022 is looking to be a great year for gamers.
Really cant wait !! It really looks insane!!
I'm 25 and I'm starting to really get into these type of games. Let's go!
Joe Bermudez
Joe Bermudez:
Dude the way that dragon just flew into the frame like that... That was dope asf. Very cool game. Might have to check it out. 👍
Major Kursk
Major Kursk:
Looks pretty good...lots of areas to explore in this game!
fossar _
fossar _:
You know what I appreciated most about this? The calm, understated tone of the narrator, and to be honest, the whole video. However it turns out, they're clearly confident in their work that they don't feel the need to over-hype everything as much as possible which is very refreshing these days.
Who is still here pumped up? This game is one of those special things that happens in life.
They exceeded every expectations.
This looks incredible! This might actually dethrone Bloodborne as the number 1 souls game...
Honestly I can't wait this is going to be amazing
Positively Negative
Positively Negative:
The windmills that can be seen at 7:19 remind me of the ones visible just before the entrance of the forbidden woods in Bloodborne.
Iambox boxman
Iambox boxman:
These games which look complete, made with love and passion literally bring a tear to my eye.
I keep playing this beautiful damned game and It just keeps getting better and better. Do you have any idea what you've done boys?
You can't just slap your exquisite pickled meat down on the entire industry like this.
Lux el infernal
Lux el infernal:
This game is like open world Dark Souls III, I love that, can't wait to play this game.
This is gonna be such an awesome game I've already pre ordered but I'm so excited
Josiah Suarez
Josiah Suarez:
looks amazing. I am in awe!
I’m super happy with how the game is looking, haven’t really been genuinely hyped for a game in a long time so this is exciting
Back here to rewatch this a thousand times in order to cope with the last few days of waiting
This is so much better than the official trailers—which were the kind of pointless and irritating ones made to look like movie trailers rather than giving a sense of the gameplay💢 Seriously, when I'm looking into a video *GAME*, it's not the cut scenes I'm interested in!💢💢💢 Grumpy tangent aside, this video has definitely convinced me, so thanks. Also loved how the video lets the game speak for itself. Whoever made this should be in charge of marketing and advertising at Bandai Namco, because they clearly get it.
depressed octopus
depressed octopus:
I might actually be in love with this game already.
I was kinda hoping spell casting would use rings instead of tailsman and staffs. I.e miracle rings, necromancy rings but maybe in future :) still looks great
The environments look really impressive, lots of colour. The combat looks more fluid too with jumping attacks and more freedom to use magic! I think I'm definitely going to be going a caster heavy build, the spells look really cool. Can't wait!
Monotone Cthulhu
Monotone Cthulhu:
It absolutely blows my mind that after all these years, in every single fantasy game, sheathed weapons STILL clip through clothing like cloaks.
Extobtye gaming
Extobtye gaming:
I am So hyped! And excited for this game.
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
This is how you hype a game up AND deliver on important gameplay to get a feel for what the consumers like or want BEFORE the game is released.
Lofty Smalls
Lofty Smalls:
8:05 I can’t help but feel that some volumetric fog/godrays would really help this scene. With the shadows as stark and un-traced as they are, these wooded scenes look a little too uncanny for me—especially with how high the contrast is between the shadow and light. The shadows appear random.
Mounted combat is something I didn't expect to see in a FromSoftware game and looks DOPE. Looks like the world have a nice verticality, the OST sounds epic as always, the combat looks amazing with a more magical touch which I enjoy a lot and the enemies, well, it's FromSoftware, badass is the only word to describe it. I'm absolutely excited to explore this world, god damn FromSoftware.
Mike Look
Mike Look:
I find myself strangely very pleased that they finally have mouth movement with talking.
Everyone wanted Dark Souls 4, but this is going to be way better than what we expected and wanted. I hope everyone is as hyped as I am, Im definitely gonna be posting a lot of Elden Ring content on my channel thats for sure
The Caped Crusader
The Caped Crusader:
Fromsoft is the one studio that you can rely on to always make a good game
The way that dragon came in actually struck fear into me.
Hat Kid
Hat Kid:
I like the sense of scale and exploration in this. It gives the suspense of not knowing what you might find around the corner. Though it doesn't have the dark, dying world feel to it like the other three games do, this world seems more alive, positive, greener, brighter, and still dangerous but not quite as hopeless.
Rome Demetri
Rome Demetri:
Not gonna lie I can't contain the hype 🔥🔥🔥
This game looks insane, 🤔 why have I not heard of this at all until just now?!
Francesco Sperman
Francesco Sperman:
16:13 this enemy is so cool, I hope that his set exists in the game
Adam Paynter
Adam Paynter:
okay so now i get the hype, this looks amazing
Miyazaki and his team are incredibly talented. This feels so familiar, yet new at the same time. I still play all of the souls games regularly to this day. Can't wait to have another amazing entry to add to the rotation!