ELDEN RING - Gameplay Preview

Return to your world, Tarnished.

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Cheng Teoh
Cheng Teoh:
Prediction for Day 1 : Someone will go up against the dragon unarmed bare-fisted while using a dance pad and win.
KV Solo
KV Solo:
11:44 Melina said that she serves the two fingers in the Network Test, but she got a three fingers tattoo which is another faction that is describe in an item. There is something more into this. I'm excited for the game!
Diglett dig
Diglett dig:
I can't get over the beauty of the sky boxes. I'm always in awe when I see them in these gameplay demos.
PS Exclusives Race
PS Exclusives Race:
I have never been this excited for a game before. Combining Open World with souls combat is a dream come true. The world looks amazing and combat is an evolution of Dark Souls. Just Incredible
ShipKip's Amazing Channel
ShipKip's Amazing Channel:
I genuinely love Alexandee. Feel his 100% gonna be the new Solaire/Seigemeyer for this game
O Covil de Jack
O Covil de Jack:
Looks like the binoculars are finally going to be really useful.
This looks amazing. And I really am loving all the DarkSouls references and Easter eggs that I am seeing. Some people may not like it when new titles have references to older titles. But for me, I love it. Being able to see a wieldable dragon head shield that breathes fire or a spell that shoots arrows down from the sky onto enemies. Darksouls will always have a special place in my heart and now I'm gonna be making some room for EldenRing.
I love the mythical western folklore vibe this game has. Dark and creepy, its awesome
Man those sword skills look amazing, when he turned his greatsword into a magic energy sword 5 times the size and smacked the boss I nearly jumped.
Game James
Game James:
This is at an entirely new level. I love Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3. And I'm going to be replaying them all in celebration for Elden Ring! I also, shockingly, didn't have Dark Souls: Remastered, and I very recently just got it. You deserve the money, From Software, for the hard work you put in and excessively rewarding gameplay of these fantastic games.
Powerbazinga TV
Powerbazinga TV:
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson:
This game looks insanely good. Hopefully it holds true on launch day.
The Archlich
The Archlich:
This actually looks great. A good game released and it's not 2011? Finally, I hope nothing will go wrong.
I am so happy you guys captured the essence from your souls games perfectly and created this Masterpiece. I am so hyped and happy
Man, game developers can create really amazing worlds.
This looks even more epic than expected and without needing to resort to using flashy edits just pure 100% gameplay.
Juston Dement
Juston Dement:
This game looks beautiful. All the different types of offensive maneuvers, from the magic to the basic attacks. I’m loving every second so far
Team Sideways
Team Sideways:
First game I’ve seen in so long that actually looks amazing. I’m so excited!
This looks phenomenal. Bravo! Cannot wait to play this.
I cannot wait for this game, it looks amazing and like a lot of fun. I love the jump and sneak mechanics along with the weapon abilities. I need this
DoS - Domain of Science
DoS - Domain of Science:
I love how every NPC has the same vibe as Salad Fingers
Derek West
Derek West:
I'm seeing alot of elements borrowed from other games and films but From Software has delivered nothing but gold so I think we can expect something special. Looks incredible and I'm getting Sekiro vibes from the combat, which I love.
Mark Byrne
Mark Byrne:
As a massive Soulsborne and FromSoftware fan, I cannot wait to get my hands on this. I’m lost for words as to how incredible this looks. 🔥
Mike Stems
Mike Stems:
This looks absolutely incredible and I will be buying it
sokin jon
sokin jon:
This looks phenomenal. Bravo! Cannot wait to play this.
I'm absolutely loving the look of the magic in this game.
Positively Negative
Positively Negative:
The windmills that can be seen at 7:19 remind me of the ones visible just before the entrance of the forbidden woods in Bloodborne.
Mitch W
Mitch W:
I hope they bring the Valorheart weapon into this! I loved carrying that in my off-hand with a greatsword as my main, had everything I needed.
High LordOmni
High LordOmni:
I played the early access and I can assure you it’ plays as smoothly as it looks
Никита Костицин
Никита Костицин:
игра потрясающая! Вы нас никогда не разочаровывали
Anti-Patreon White Knight
Anti-Patreon White Knight:
I want to give the narrator credit. Sounds like I'm listening to a wildlife documentary, so soothing. Not over hyped and annoying like most of em
Никита Калачев
Никита Калачев:
Thank you for making such a masterpiece, can’t wait to play it and burn my ass to the “ash of the first flame” again😁
Average Gamer Reviews
Average Gamer Reviews:
Really thanks to fromsoftware for their incredible work they always given us hope that good games will not vanish bandai namco please let them do whatever they want
I just want a game like dark souls 1 just freaked me the hell out and got me to scream like a child as I run away from skeletons and bosses. Love it. Let’s go elden ring! To more sleepless nights of fear of skeletons and bosses!
Razr Sliq
Razr Sliq:
This looks awesome. 2022 is looking to be a great year for gamers.
The design direction looks incredible. The world is beautiful. The characters have a good balance of whimsy, and creepy, and the spells are awesome! I really look forward to this.
Tyler Robbins
Tyler Robbins:
I can already tell without playing it that this going to be of my favorite games.
Yo this looks nice. Was waiting for a game like this. Curious how this develops in the future.
Okin fallom
Okin fallom:
6:35 nice work on the hit boxes, unless he was in an iframe, it looked like that spear missed the body ONLY BY ENOUGH so he wouldn’t get hit due to either luck or skill!
Game looks very cool, though i'm a bit bothered by the (lack of) lighting management : if you look closely, characters cast shadows on their surroundings only in sunlight. No cast shadows when they are indoors, not even when wielding a torch. It's like DS 1, 2 and 3. I don't think it would be that hard to code it. Even a 10 years old game like Dragon's Dogma did it better.
Yes, it might be a little thing, but having proper shadow casting in indoor scenery would greatly enhance atmosphere.
Imre Báldy
Imre Báldy:
The intriguing story of DS1, the lighting promised in DS2, the smoothness of DS3, and the stealth and mobility of Sekiro, all in a grand open world? It really looks like we are about to play something truly incredible. 112 days to go!
Even if it doesn't look new enough for some people, I am personally really new to the genre itself so I don't mind! looks pretty cool to me!
I can honestly say I'm satisfied with casting animations and the sounds are very satisfying
Lofty Smalls
Lofty Smalls:
8:05 I can’t help but feel that some volumetric fog/godrays would really help this scene. With the shadows as stark and un-traced as they are, these wooded scenes look a little too uncanny for me—especially with how high the contrast is between the shadow and light. The shadows appear random.
Filho da puta Jr
Filho da puta Jr:
Esses aliados que dá sumonar poderiam ser iguais aos shikigamis do megumi, quando morrem não podem mais voltar mas um aliado poderoso é criado ao perder outros aliados
Vannie Eats
Vannie Eats:
This looks so awesome!!😍
I'm 25 and I'm starting to really get into these type of games. Let's go!
I'm soooo excited for this game, I need to buy it on day 1 or pre-order it!
Omfg I am hyped for this. It looks like a masterpiece 😍 great job!!!
This game looks amazing!
Legacy Gaming
Legacy Gaming:
THIS is how you show off a title. No bullshit, just raw gameplay showing the core experience.

The Irish/Gaelic influence is stunning, the hype truly is real.
Irida Snow
Irida Snow:
This looks absolutely incredible.
Marcello Mar
Marcello Mar:
I love it so far, and I'm a huge FromSoft/ Miyazaki fan! I would have preferred not having a map, though
George PPS
George PPS:
Graphic designs and the depth of fields of the game are truly spectacular. The BEST I have ever seen from any game.
I loved the "kamehameha" spell (at 9:14)!! Hope it's in the final version... (many of the contents of these gameplay trailers can be changed or even cut in the final version, even close to release)
I can’t wait any longer 😫
black blue
black blue:
So esperando o lançamento ta top o jogo :)
This is gonna be such an awesome game I've already pre ordered but I'm so excited
This looks good, they seem to have gone with a more fluid variation of the Souls like games.

Still seems to have the same challenging feel to it but with more fluid combat and mobility.
even with a mount they'll still find a way to add a slow swamp level
Magic looks really cool, maybe the coolest of any Fromsoft title. I love that summons are really seamlessly integrated into the flow of gameplay, just like you're casting a spell. And I love how the bosses look as unique as past Fromsoft titles and as hard. They look fantastic and the game looks amazing.
Isaak Faulk
Isaak Faulk:
Can’t wait to see all the speed runs of this game
BlackedOutKilla Gaming
BlackedOutKilla Gaming:
16:09 That Stormveil knights armour looks fabulous 😍
jeff ghant
jeff ghant:
Never even heard of this but 3rd person rpg's are my obsession so it's going in my wishlist.
MC Judilla
MC Judilla:
Am I the only one impressed with the impact of those strikes??? Damn! This is the next level!
It really looks like they correctly identified the best parts of dark souls, bloodborne and sekiro, and mixed them seamlessly into an open-world game. So damn excited.
Oh my, oh my, OH MY. This game really looks promising! The world, the style, the combat, the effects. More of the effects. By the looks of it, this game has all the right RPG vibes.
Dredgen Yor
Dredgen Yor:
The animation of those dashes/side-steps at 18:24 look sick. Expecially at 0.25x speed. 🤩
Man, i cannot wait.
This looks amazing, can't wait!
D. V.
D. V.:
This is looking fantastic guys, can't wait.
Debbie Swiatkowski
Debbie Swiatkowski:
"Stress free traversal" the narrator said. Everyone laughed heartily.
At first I thought this was gonna be a pretty good game and wasn't getting to hyped for it sense cyberpunk kinda soured my perception about legacy developers but now I'm hyped as can be. These next few months wait are going to be painful.
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
This is how you hype a game up AND deliver on important gameplay to get a feel for what the consumers like or want BEFORE the game is released.
PK ShyGuy
PK ShyGuy:
Okay these bosses look sick as fuck. The game in general looks great, can't wait until it releases!
I'm already looking forward to what's in this play video.As it is an open world game, it seems that it can satisfy more games beyond the existing Dark Soul series.
I hope it's more successful than the existing Dark Soul series.
Bruno Markic
Bruno Markic:
This is literally a mesh up of all the elements present in the previous games and it looks amazing
Timelord Acaelus
Timelord Acaelus:
I really hope we get something to help with verticality when on foot, a grappling hook or a way to increase our jump height, something like that. Nothing too crazy, but something both helpful and reasonably scaled.
Andy Zhang
Andy Zhang:
Holy shit this looks amazing, I wanna get the PS5 for this game alone…
Damnit I'm liking this game already just by seeing gameplay of it I'm definitely getting this day one when it comes out
depressed octopus
depressed octopus:
I might actually be in love with this game already.
Eli Wilson
Eli Wilson:
"Stress free traversal" the narrator said. Everyone laughed heartily.
I’m gonna die to that boss so many times and I will love it
Trevor Andrews
Trevor Andrews:
Couldn't get into from software games but I really like the open world aspect of this. Might give this one a try and I've only tried bloodbourne.
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios:
February is gonna be a great month for the gamers.
Would it be a push to say it looks like my ideal masterpiece of a game? Maybe, but it has the open world of sekiro and the best parts of bloodborne, souls 1, 2, and 3, and basically the culmination of all of my favorite games so I’m going to say that it is 🤞 which makes me so excited for February 😁
fossar _
fossar _:
You know what I appreciated most about this? The calm, understated tone of the narrator, and to be honest, the whole video. However it turns out, they're clearly confident in their work that they don't feel the need to over-hype everything as much as possible which is very refreshing these days.
Devin Lee
Devin Lee:
for the love of god.. this game is so freaking beautiful.. GOTY on the way
Добрый Вечер
Добрый Вечер:
Dear developers! Undoubtedly it will be a great and wonderful game, like all the previous ones... I would like to ask you to add in the settings the ability to change the appearance of the "place of power" to the appearance of the bonfire from the "Souls" series of games. Translated from Russian using Yandex
zhao feng
zhao feng:
I can't wait to play this haven't been existed for a game in a long time now
James C
James C:
Wish you could climb on the bigger enemies. Loved that feature in certain games.
Hat Kid
Hat Kid:
I like the sense of scale and exploration in this. It gives the suspense of not knowing what you might find around the corner. Though it doesn't have the dark, dying world feel to it like the other three games do, this world seems more alive, positive, greener, brighter, and still dangerous but not quite as hopeless.
Declan Smyth
Declan Smyth:
damn this game looks amazing. I just hope the open world works in the context of it being a souls type of game. Which are known for their god damn damn damnit damnyou difficult dungeon crawling.
Josiah Suarez
Josiah Suarez:
looks amazing. I am in awe!
Really cant wait !! It really looks insane!!
So many great games releasing in 2022, im so hyped. Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, BOTW 2, Starfield, God of War PC, God of War Ragnarok, Hogwarts Legacy, LOTR Gollum, and probably more i havent heard of
Cant wait to watch someone speed run this game in 10 minutes by glitching the horse to fly across the map and land on the final bosses head, flipping him off the map at 140mph
Frank Emme
Frank Emme:
I can already imagine crazy speedruns
Its like a mix between Dark Souls, Breathe of the Wild and Skyrim. In other words it looks great.
I cant wait for this game to come out this game is going to be a beast !👊👊💥
no words to describe it !!! what a Dream GAME !! The Combat Mode Is INSANE lovely Graphics , ill definitly play it