Elizabeth Hurley | Changes From 10 to 52 Years Old

Elizabeth Hurley | Changes From 10 to 52 Years Old

Elizabeth Jane Hurley, more generally known as Liz Hurley, is an English actress and model and She is the To famous Actres in the world. She has been associated with the cosmetics company Estée Lauder since the company gave Hurley her first modelling job at the age of 29.
Born -: 10 June 1965 (age 52), Basingstoke
Height :- 1.73 m

Spouse: Arun Nayar (m. 2007–2011)
Children :- Damian Hurley

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35 komentarze:

Gabby Alkha
Gabby Alkha:
She's so beautiful 😍
Thomas Shaw
Thomas Shaw:
She one of the rare ones that the more she ages the more beautiful she is.
Between her and Kate Beckinsale I think they have most of the beauty and class I’m the world cornered
She is gorgeous even at 52
hkdcentral hkdcentral
hkdcentral hkdcentral:
if i am her husband ... i willing to shorten my life 10 years
I've had a crush on her since Austin Powers 😍😂
Dayton Sullivan
Dayton Sullivan:
Love Elizabeth Hurley, What a Class Act
Laura Košelevaitė
Laura Košelevaitė:
Damn. Like angelina Jolie with age she gets better. Did anyone knows the secret? ☺️☺️☺️
Emo Ray Torres
Emo Ray Torres:
She's in my top 5 hottest woman ever
Phx LT1
Phx LT1:
Ageless beauty!!
No Anesthesia
No Anesthesia:
She's so beautiful and sexy.
Face and body!😍
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger:
Awesome! Please do one for Kate Beckinsale.
Gene Rollins
Gene Rollins:
Elizabeth is very beautiful! Mic Jaeger was right "English girls are so pretty that I can`t stand them on the telephone!"
Laure Mehrkens
Laure Mehrkens:
Of all the women in the world, she is my favorite 💕. She’s, beautiful and sexy and sweet. And, a wonderful actress.
Hugo Cella
Hugo Cella:
Joey Tomko
Joey Tomko:
Here from JRE???
J.E. PaTtaMorA
J.E. PaTtaMorA:
Austin power elizabeth hurly xd
Stingray Cuts
Stingray Cuts:
She is naturally beautiful yet gorgeous
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly:
So sexy i can't stand it😁😁😁😁😁😁
Sailendra Nath Mallick
Sailendra Nath Mallick:
Speechless angle
Jose Manuel Rodriguez
Jose Manuel Rodriguez:
She's very pretty
whats the song ?
Hew Grebe
Hew Grebe:
Such a nice, pretty lady. Gets better as time passes.
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Rodrigo Gonzalez:
Beautiful woman
Dickweed Johnson
Dickweed Johnson:
#29 #31 sooooo hot omg
Paulo Coelha
Paulo Coelha:
Hatunnn budurrr işte
hkdcentral hkdcentral
hkdcentral hkdcentral:
because i not seleeping all night
Gertie Shaw
Gertie Shaw:
Wow she sure looked like a completely different girl back in her teens. I wonder if she had nose job or brow lift, certainly her teeth veneeted or capped. It's a wonder what plastic surgeons can do.
TIM Cheou
TIM Cheou:
Does any one believe she made had some minor plastic surgery?
Lester Laoagan
Lester Laoagan:
Why is it that ladies named Elizabeths are hot: Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Hurley, Marry Elizabeth Winstead, Elizabeth Olsen etc....and....etc
delicious looking woman
John Ireland
John Ireland:
Once again such a beautiful angel 😇
Ashis Das
Ashis Das:
I am not greedy
andrew c.
andrew c.:
she is stunning to look at , however each time i see a post on my news feed regarding how good she looks , its quite a pain , i dont care , but here i am on her page ..aarr well ! i imagine she must be a nightmare to deal with ? after all the selfies stop and other photo time ..
Mike Harrigon
Mike Harrigon:
That's another secret male to female transgender. Hollywood is full of these deceivers.