Ellen Page Adorably Gushes Over Wife Emma

Ellen Page gushes over her wife, Emma, and says she can't wait until quarantine is over so she can watch her perform as a dancer onstage again. Plus, Ellen drops details on how Emma ended up choreographing a routine for her Netflix series, "The Umbrella Academy." Tune in to the show for more with Ellen and Kelly!

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91 komentarze:

ninah keliihananui
ninah keliihananui:
Ellen just gives me good and chill vibes like I wish there was someone like her at my school
You can change your gender identity just like how you change your underwear.
stephen henson
stephen henson:
ever since i knew was married i could never look or think of her say she was my main crush :-(
sheikh raja
sheikh raja:
i pronounce you wife and wife:)
She loves her wife so much, oh my god 🥺
Ellen Page is a Canadian treasure!
Jer Jibe
Jer Jibe:
So her wife wanted a husband after all?
Matthew Hagner
Matthew Hagner:
Hard candy is one of my all times favorite movies! I love her!!!
If I get 100 subs I’ll start making vids
If I get 100 subs I’ll start making vids:
God this is so cuteee
Rômulo D.
Rômulo D.:
Now Elliot Page.
Goodbye Ellen!
samantha maney
samantha maney:
amazing. i was obsessed with -elliot- page for the longest time before i realized i wasn't straight. i had no clue why. before that, i had never been that invested in a celebrity. come to find out ( -he- at the time ID'd as a wlw, which i am ) and i still refused to consider the possibility that i might not be straight. now it's more clear than it's ever been.
fellow canadian LGBTQ+ peeps unite lol

*edit: removing elliot's dead name and making necessary changes since some people are insinuating that i am purposely invalidating them *
I know most people didn’t bat an eye at it but I’m just happy Kelly is so nice to the LGBTQ+ community ☺️
Prachi Chaturvedi
Prachi Chaturvedi:
Now he came out as Elliott so proud of him!!
Paulette Pettiford
Paulette Pettiford:
I love it Elliot! Such a sweetheart.
Karma Keeps Receipts
Karma Keeps Receipts:
Juno 💜
Justin Mean
Justin Mean:
Wanting to disliked for the epic sadness that was the subscription beg. Loving Ellen so you got away with it this time!
Israel Quevedo
Israel Quevedo:
No entendí la entrevista pero valió ver la hermosura de ellen❤️✨
tin aus
tin aus:
Ellen u love your wife and we love u too🥺
Ghost of Sparta
Ghost of Sparta:
Other Lemony Things
Other Lemony Things:
Elliot seems so nice
Andy Melo
Andy Melo:
Covids really affecting everyone 🤣🤣🤣
Robbie Hart
Robbie Hart:
I wish she wasn't wearing that hat. I wanted to gaze at her fivehead
So this is a “straight” marriage?!
Ewera Kelkunhoa
Ewera Kelkunhoa:
You know❤
Terry Multon
Terry Multon:
Okay I subscribed " Because Of You "
Rainbow Girl ッყıᥒ ყᥲᥒꪇ
Rainbow Girl ッყıᥒ ყᥲᥒꪇ:
Fave type of a gay girl is entirely on ellen's face
Kyle Gawron
Kyle Gawron:
woooo HOCKEY!
Brian Lloyd
Brian Lloyd:
I love Ellen so much, I live for what she stands for. I hope one day I could meet her 😭😭❤️❤️😍
C. C.
C. C.:
Pazuzu,you have a pretty wife Ellen she really suits you "I see you guy's are happy together",I have my own alter "im Jesus" the 2 3 wives tip of mine alter in front of there face or they can hawl ((s,Gothic.
Melan Rockz
Melan Rockz:
ok subscribing next lifetime 😁😘
C. C.
C. C.:
implisity Courty implisity in wood . . .
That’s not a wife it counterfeit BS
Gianpiero Caponera
Gianpiero Caponera:
Damn i just googled her Wife.
She looks like a female Brendan Fraser.
Im not sure if that is a good thing though
I always new that Last Of Us kid had dodgy chromosomes. I feel like I could almost do the gay on Elliot. Wow, I feel so progressive, now I see what the fuss is all about ;p
Gabriela Montes de oca
Gabriela Montes de oca:
Elliot 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Bravo bravo
God bless you !!! Your brave !!!!
I mean no disrespect Elliot
Im straight
I was in the NAVY
When I was 19 years old
I do know in the military it's not easy being gay
I'm now 40 years
I remember watching Juno, and I thought Ellen Page was going to become a huge star. But I haven't seen much from her in the last 10 years or so. She is such a good actor, it is too bad that she did not get more roles which highlighted her acting skills.
Big Huge
Big Huge:
Wow, you can almost see that millisecond in Ellen's eyes when she realizes she's actually a man.
Nadine Duran
Nadine Duran:
twentyonebaggage FRANKLIN
twentyonebaggage FRANKLIN:
I cant believe you dead named him...
Hello jaw line
Lila X
Lila X:
Lesbians are so obsessed with eachother lmao. So beautiful 💗
So...... Now they are man and wife? LOL
Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock:
I'm a big fan
I love you Vanyaaa
awesome nerd
awesome nerd:
the comment section is just full of hate after elliot's announcement. it's almost 2021 and you guys still being transphobic? yikesss
Jordan King
Jordan King:
Ummm I think it’s Elliot page....
So is she gay now or just going to identify as a boy?
Aayush gupta
Aayush gupta:
So wearing hat makes you a man🤣 good for her
Michael Donovan
Michael Donovan:
Forehead gang
Nala Bishop
Nala Bishop:
You have to be beautiful to be a beautiful dancer and her wife is ugly yet you have to be able to jump high to play in the NBA. I'm sick of the double-standard. Their both thrives for playing along with the system and literally stand for nothing. Fuck nothing!
Hi Kiom
Hi Kiom:
sooooooo gayyyyyy
You make me cry...id do anything to be thin and pretty...anything but have no self esteem to go fer it..and you wanna throw it away..i hope to god ur a real man...you can make the best guy...because you were already...but im still confused..
Chanel Fitzgerald
Chanel Fitzgerald:
Seriously when this news broke, I thought who cares? Does their life affect you? No, so no need to hate and have weird comments. He looks happy and that's all that counts.
Nicholas Henkelman
Nicholas Henkelman:
what a freak show
Rex Trowbridge
Rex Trowbridge:
So... all it takes to be a man is wear a ball cap?
Michael Busch
Michael Busch:
I'm soooooo con fuzed..is he she a guy now??.. or a TS??...
I love her
Jerry Burris
Jerry Burris:
So it wasn't Chris with the problem( it) is confused and Christians are easy targets
Neh Sangbong
Neh Sangbong:
Elliott now
Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
She’s a straight white male now
Kerry Hofheimer
Kerry Hofheimer:
Ellen Page looks unwell. I hope she's OK.
Honest Snark
Honest Snark:
If a person is biological female and sexually attracted exclusively or mostly to women, they may likely identify as homosexual. If that same person transitions to identifying as a man but continues to be sexually attracted exclusively or mostly to women, is it more accurate to describe them as heterosexual? Also, don't be coulrophobic.
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
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Sindy Duarte
Sindy Duarte:
She is very lost. Poor young woman
Not a fan but adore Kelly
She is a she. soooo, what’s the big deal?
Katheryn Dong
Katheryn Dong:
Hi! When you get the chance, please change Elliot's name in your video title :)
Madhu :
Madhu ::
Ellen's wife emma😜
Emma's wife ellen.
Who is going to pregent 1st 🤔🤔🤔🤔
K Lalhriatzuali
K Lalhriatzuali:
What a cute straight couple.
Poor tormented soul.
Stacy G
Stacy G:
boy or girl, she's painfully thin. I hope she's ok in that department.
She talks oddly about her wife..like it’s a movie
me and I
me and I:
Wait, wife? I thought they were just normal friends, lol.
R Fox
R Fox:
Now Ellen is a straight white man. Does SJW logic make Emma straight as well? Asking for a friend.
She is a trans female but want to be called "he"

Konfusion of da highest orda
Nathalie_ Zzz
Nathalie_ Zzz:
Elliot *
john sullivan
john sullivan:
You will always be a women. Putting a hat on doesn't make you a guy..
Michael Grimm
Michael Grimm:
She's great... I remember when she stood up bravely for Jussie Smollet. Bless her heart.
Vera Rose
Vera Rose:
Who cares. He/she they/ him are irrelevant.
Bo je
Bo je:
And now, she is male!
What cruel times we live in that beautiful women would rather choose to be lesbians and marry another women than have anything to do with today's men...it is sad but can't blame them.When a men fails to be men, what's left.
Jacqueline Curtis
Jacqueline Curtis:
Anyone in 2020, now it’s Elliot ❤️🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Cool Cool
Cool Cool:
Her wife looks more manly and dressed up like a man.. so two men now?
so they both gay and married. Now as she becoming him and his wife is lesbian does it mean she going to leave him because she is not into "him"
Putting a ball cap on doesn't make you a guy. Just saying.
Philip Seissian
Philip Seissian:
I guess now that Ellen is now a white male called Eliot, her or his wife is no longer lesbian because now she is married and attracted to a man.
Afifah zahirah
Afifah zahirah:
How can they even have sex😑
Elliot was my massive celebrity crush as a women, but I'm ecstatic that he is comfortable in his gender identity. I still have a crush on them, I can definitely relate to how challenging finding your identity is.
Webster Giles Smith
Webster Giles Smith:
Kelly Clarkson is incredibly OBNOXIOUS. She is extremely irritating.