Ellen Page Calls Out Hateful Leadership

'The Umbrella Academy' star Ellen Page puts it pretty simply: 'This needs to f***ing stop.'

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100+ komentarze:

Mark Dice
Mark Dice:
It was a hoax, not hate crime, lady.
I hate it when Colbert invites white men to mansplains the issues of POC.
Iron man
Iron man:
"Hollywood is SOOOO binary." Yes, its called reality, man and woman. If Hollywood starts to try and cater to fantasy ideas of nonbinary, they will go broke because nobody wants to be fed that garbage.
Jacob H
Jacob H:
Many months later...
“I identify as a straight white male”
John Smith
John Smith:
For those who missed it, what “happened” to Jussie Smollet was most definitely NOT a hate crime.
They were just supporting the movement of "Make *Africa* Great Again"
Hey Elliot, quit mansplaining.
Diab Soule
Diab Soule:
Privileged white man. Opinion is irrelevant
Haitian Creole With Luciano
Haitian Creole With Luciano:
*I had a crush on her- didn’t realize she was a man the whole time- now I think I need to come out as gay*
Evgueni Mlodik
Evgueni Mlodik:
This aged well.
The cringe is strong with this one.
I am the Senate
I am the Senate:
Ellen is so a person that acts morally superior to you and makes you out to be immoral for disagreeing with her opinion and then will play the victim when you disagree.
She sounds miserable
Chen Taiwan JOJO
Chen Taiwan JOJO:
Even the super leftist anti-trump Stephen Colbert feels uncomfortable beside her Lol
D H:
Now that she identifies as a man, was that whole rant mansplaining?
Ghost F
Ghost F:
When america is so great that you have to hire two Nigerians to oppress you
Bobby Bonilla Bobcat
Bobby Bonilla Bobcat:
Politics and everything else aside, she just rubs me the wrong way. She's so full of herself, and it's very off putting.
Brandon A
Brandon A:
Hated men so much she became one.
D Scott
D Scott:
Would've killed to hear someone in the audience say "Oh my GOD! SHUT UUUP!"
Iron man
Iron man:
Her rant was awkward. She stopped and expected a reaction after every line.
Randy Trashcan
Randy Trashcan:
This aged even worse than Ellen Page.
Angie Sapik
Angie Sapik:
This is a lot of fun to watch today.
I bet she regrets this interview.
youtube dude
youtube dude:
Celebrities are barely people after a certain point
Night NDay
Night NDay:
“Connect the dots.” Yeah Ellen connect the dots.
This is MAGA Country
This is MAGA Country:
Lol this was a hate crime alright...
Against White, Heterosexual Trump Supporters.
Great job, Ellen! I feel marginalized daily by Hollywood elitists. And fake news. 😯
Harry M Guy
Harry M Guy:
She just has a really negative view on everything
Emilie Anne Colette
Emilie Anne Colette:
I never realized Late Night show interview have become so dreadful. They used to be funny right?
Jason papciak
Jason papciak:
Remember folks actors act.
Ian Talbot
Ian Talbot:
So shes a straight white male now? And the wifes gonna have to leave her because she identifies as a lesbian and "Elliott" is a "man" now. And "Elliots" wife is not bisexual. So they will divorce?
J S:
This did not age well! Not that you care, keep serving your master, Ellen.
dark.demon .queen
dark.demon .queen:
I cannot BELIEVE there are still idiots out there STILL “supporting” Smollet for his fake hate crime b.s he did against himself!!! Why are people so blind to the s**t right in front of them!!!!
Imho I think they know it’s all fake but they just wanna cry victim yet again and they will sensationalize anyone they can to get attention 😭🤢🤮
Speaking as a dude with a giant forehead, welcome to the fold.
Oh its another "im not happy so everyone else much change" actor.
a C
a C:
How can someone who's never been a man know what it feels like to be a man? Genuine question
S P2
S P2:
Man is that embarrassing hahahahahhahahahahahahaha
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete:
This chick needs professional help
Steve Feldman resources
Steve Feldman resources:
I came here to see who Ellen/Elliot was. This was a bad interview. Ellen at the time was taking other people's problems and making it about her, this is disappointing.
She is emotionally unstable who tries to mask her pain through using fancy words in her vocabulary
Jeff Hart
Jeff Hart:
She sounds very sad and physically the weaest guy I ever have seen
Michael Montero
Michael Montero:
Yeah this self-aggrandizing idiotic rant didn't age well...
Ben Solo
Ben Solo:
When "Elliott Page" says Vice President Mike Pence wishes I didn't have the love with my wife... and Stephen just happens to have the picture of the two of them from the joke earlier and holds it up at the exact momement and the camera cuts to it immediately... this was definately a live show that's not in any way scripted at all. 🙄😂😏🤪
Emile Flannery Leclerc
Emile Flannery Leclerc:
What a victim! She’s not even a billionaire!
She is tiring. Everything could be offensive to her.
C H:
How has Elliot Page dealt with misogyny if he's been a man this entire time? I'm very confused.
Meme Emperor
Meme Emperor:
This comment section restors my faith in humanity by showing me that not everyone is competaly brainwashed
The emptiness you feel in your heart, that hole within yourself that you are always trying to fill, it will not go away, and you will never be able to fill it with anything in this world.

Try finding the love of your life. Have kids. Be successful in the business world. Be loved be all men and women. Make amazing progress in the gym, and read many books. The world will say you are a success. But that hole is still within you, you have done your very best to convince yourself it's not there, but is still there. Read this as you sit alone, just you and your thoughts. You are afraid, you don't need to lie or convince me otherwise.

One thing will fill those hole. Call on the name of Jesus Christ. Mohammed was a violent man who married a 7 year old. To this day they desire to kill anyone that leaves there religion. They also have scripture teaching to fight anyone who is not a Muslim. The Buddhists are concerned with enlightenment for self. Everybody wants religion these days, but nobody will admit that sin exists. What is sin but leaving God's natural order?

My savior tells us to turn the other cheek when struck. My savior says that no hypocrisy may exist within you. He says to call out falsehood, but not to judge if you yourself fall to the same sins. My savior says that the one who humbles himself will be exalted. My savior sat with sinners who knew they were filthy, and He made them clean because of His compassionate heart. He fed 5,000 people because he did not want to see them leave hungry. He lived a life of service in suffering out of love for us. All of this, and He was hated by the people He came for. He did no wrong, but they stripped Him naked in shame, they whipped him with deep gashes, they nailed his hands and feet to a wooden cross and said in mockery, "you have healed others, why can't you heal yourself?" He hung in open shame, as no one would help Him, not even his closest friends and disciples. He died.

The moment that His breathe left Him, no one could deny that He was the Christ, the Son of the living God. He was buried in a tomb with a large rock placed in front. His good friends were devastatingly sorrowful. However, on the 3rd day, He had risen, being fully resurrected by God. He visited his sheep and showed God's glory one last time in His flesh. He is now at the right hand of the Father, He is above every single name that can be uttered. He will sit in the seat of judgment, one group will receive eternal life in joy with Himself, and the other will be cast into eternal hell fire, of torment and suffering.

So today, yes while we can still call it today, draw to Him. Read His Gospels. This is the least we can do for what He did for us on the Old Rugged Cross. Peace and blessings, Amen.
DJ E-Jay
DJ E-Jay:
She is playing the victim card hard
The Invisible Hand
The Invisible Hand:
For those of you who watched this and said "she's not right in the head," well, we have breaking news...
Bayou Treasures
Bayou Treasures:
This little dude is very pretentious.
this video has aged about as well as Ellen... seriously, is she 45 or something?
Mike Richardson
Mike Richardson:
Hollywood needs to ditch this bipolar mess of a human being
Colbert is no longer funny, leftist "comedy" is just activism. His "jokes" are just him trying to smile.
Carl Clemens
Carl Clemens:
Oh no! A straight white Male! Run!
Have fun changing and editing these videos, liberal media
It looks like more self-important political grandstanding by actors who take themselves too seriously.
John P
John P:
Her voice sounds irritating.
Zellcore Ezell
Zellcore Ezell:
A receding hairline doesn't make you a man.
Another confused human. You can see it in her eyes. Hollywood and politics really mess with your views and head.
Well, that explains her...his hairline being so far away.
Phillip S97
Phillip S97:
If the media says it's a hate crime, then it's a hoax. 9 times out of 10 they lie so there is no reason to ever believe them, they have no credibility.
The only funny thing about this was when she said Bruce Willis name wrong, this interview was crap
Muhammad Mun'im
Muhammad Mun'im:
Shit she started getting recognized from the movie Juno which was about a teenage girl getting pregnant...
tait freeman
tait freeman:
Ellen hates Ellen so much she's now elliot.
The Frenchman
The Frenchman:
Welcome to the patriarchy Elliot ! 😂😂😂
This whole scam is gonna red pill even more people. God damn democrats fail at every turn😃
Why does everyone always take to “Twitter” to announce their big news? I just don’t get it.....
Look at me I'm so oppressed. LOOK AT ME, NOW !
2:37 *synchronously moves away from Stephen Colbert as he comes closer*
L G:
Did Eliott ever come out and apologize for being a total tool bag?
Earling Garrison
Earling Garrison:
America's so great that Jussie had to pay two Nigerian brothers to oppress him.
Mary Barnett
Mary Barnett:
So they're technically straight now?
Zezima scape
Zezima scape:
she looks so dum now that we know he made it up
L V:
Okay but why does this whole thing give me hunger games vibes
Miguel B
Miguel B:
Beware when somebody says "there's no debate" about a supposed fact that is actually a subjective opinion.
Ellen Page: "We have a media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what happened to Jussie Smollett is a hate crime, it's absurd."

Colbert: "I agree."

How them words taste?
Nehemia Marrah
Nehemia Marrah:
It fells like this is the TV-scene from the Hunger Games, where the young people have to tell what their sponsors (left Professors and mainstream media) have told them in fake tears.
RC Jabroni yup
RC Jabroni yup:
Typical liberal , Jussie outsourced his attackers he couldn't even use local actors. Disgraceful
Rogue vfx
Rogue vfx:
For any guys out there that thought she was cute. I guess you must be feeling pretty gay right now
Imagine going on national tv and doing this performance art, and not even being humiliated afterwards
Jeff B.
Jeff B.:
Man, I cant stand Colbert. He's such a puppet.
amy w
amy w:
She bought into the propaganda well
yan zhao
yan zhao:
I"m really worried about her. Somethings not right.
Chris S
Chris S:
Why isn’t Stephen cancelled ??? He called Elliot page a “SHE” I’m outraged We need to contact the network
Elliot needs to keep his masculine opinions to himself
Dan Sanders
Dan Sanders:
If this video isn't a microcosm of the left I don't know what is.
Michael P
Michael P:
Damn this didn’t age well
Michael Michael
Michael Michael:
She is absolutely crazy lmfao
The Shark Princess
The Shark Princess:
She's very non-specific in her grievances.
Shane Meredith
Shane Meredith:
Wonder how many poles SC has smoked. I'd bet it's way more than that girl he interviewed.
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith:
Virtue signaling to this level is narcissistic to the point of almost sociopathy. Incredible to watch when you actually see whats going on with these people. They are evil.
Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense:
She’s really irritating. What needs to move quicker, Ellen? What other society in human history would allow you to make millions of dollars the way you have here? How about you detail how you’re so oppressed? All the hardworking Americans (and Canadians!) want to hear about what you’ve had to deal with and how much you’re suffering.
Ella M
Ella M:
Ellen Page jumped on the trans train. I think her stories about homophobia is about as real as jussies racist story
I kept waiting for her to say, "end scene" and bow
Anders Westergaard Christiansson
Anders Westergaard Christiansson:
Her arrogance is just through the roof! Wow
alex dunn
alex dunn:
Too bad his story was made up.
Snuggles McSquishbottom
Snuggles McSquishbottom:
Child, go back to drama school. Your act needs serious work.
Chris Driver
Chris Driver:
Coward/moral fool Colbert agrees that what happened to Smollett isn't a debate... When sensible people everywhere knew something didn't add up.

"Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry." -D.P.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson:
Hey Steve. Tell us more. Have them back on. Let's hear more about this event. It's suddenly very quiet.

So is her partner, who was a gay woman, a lesbian, now a hetrosexual woman, seeing as she is married to a man?

And if I fancy "Elliot," does that make me a gay man?