Ellen Page Comes Out As Transgender And Introduces Elliot Page To The World

Oscar-nominated star of “Juno” and Netflix’ “The Umbrella Academy” Elliot Page, has proudly come out as transgender in a powerful statement to his fans. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW25tVEtWmk
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100+ komentarze:

Citrine Ship
Citrine Ship:
I’m glad to hear that the news has been using his name and not his dead name
M M:
Wait so is he now technically straight? I’m just confused, since he used to be a huge activist for lesbians
Sarah M
Sarah M:
Congrats to him!! I don’t know who he is but congrats
Don’t Trip
Don’t Trip:
good for him . let’s mind our own business now:)
Anime Lover
Anime Lover:
Didn't see this coming but I'm gald he's happy (I deleted all my replies because I realized I can’t change all your opinions and y’all are just disrespectful and mean)
Matt Cates
Matt Cates:
They keep deleting my comments haha
Rianna McIntosh
Rianna McIntosh:
Wass concerned when the Google result said "Ellen" which I'm guessing was the original video title but I'm glad it was changed!
I love him so much .. I’m so glad that he’s happy right now , what a fucking king . They deserve all the support in the world
The alternate ending to beyond: two souls.
Theofficial ????
Theofficial ????:
Baddie Tik Tok TV
Baddie Tik Tok TV:
Am I the only one that thought that was a female? Okay that's it for social media y'all have me fucked up😭
Me Silly
Me Silly:
How can you be non binary and trans? I thought non binary means no gender????
chico braz
chico braz:
Wtf is this crazy
Ric ardo
Ric ardo:
I'm happy for him but how will the show go on ?I'm a bit confusing
got7 halsey
got7 halsey:
notice how y’all didn’t misgender him until he came out as trans. its not that hard, y’all just can’t mind your business and let someone be happy.
Hey stob it
Hey stob it:
Yay congrats!!! ❤❤
Amy Pollicino
Amy Pollicino:
Love and Solidarity :)
The world has bigger problems than hating on what gender kisses what gender and how a person identifies , like yesss king🤩🤩
she is and shall stay a woman
miss B
miss B:
Not good that the thumbnail I clicked on on Google has this titled Ellen Page comes out as transgender...
Alex Jones
Alex Jones:
So he's transgender and non binary? So, he can still technically be a "lesbian" I guess
Jim Baker
Jim Baker:
I don't buy it, I don't think that she will win an academy award for playing this role. She doesn't convince me one bit that she's transgender. Btw what is this movie called? Ive seen all the Ellen Page movies.
Liana Soares
Liana Soares:
I don’t know why a lot of people are making fun of them. I knew they would come out in the future right when I saw them in Juno (2007).
I just came too. I am now a Tyrannosaurus. Inside i knew I was a dinosaur and we all know that species is just a social construct
Aubrey Everling
Aubrey Everling:
CONGRATS ELLIOT!! Idk if you’ll see this but still CONGRATS!!!
Sophia Nille
Sophia Nille:
aweeeee yay
carlos magana
carlos magana:
i kinda had a crush on juno back in the day...am i gay now?
Omg! What!? I love the Umbrella Academy it’s my favorite show! I’m so proud of him! So brave and fearless
Jade Sutherland
Jade Sutherland:
I don’t know who this is 😭
A.I. Privilege
A.I. Privilege:
Tokuto Awomi
Tokuto Awomi:
Immm a duuuude
Anne Francis
Anne Francis:
I’m so happy for him.
Pork Chop
Pork Chop:
>2012 - I'm a budhist, give me attention
>2014 - I'm a vegan, give me attention
>2016 - I'm gay, give me attention
>2018 - I'm marrying a woman, give me attention
>2020 - I'm trans, give me attention

Ellen page gets bored every couple of years and jumps on the latest trend to gain attention, it's pathetic.

Does this mean her wife is now straight because she's married to a man?
huh... cool. cant wait for the next season of UA <3
Mia Elizabeth
Mia Elizabeth:
Oh shit
Ihate google
Ihate google:
bUt siENcE !
The Transvestites more than meets the eye.
avni vebiu
avni vebiu:
I guess living life as male is much mor easy
chris combs
chris combs:
Is she no longer gay since she is now claiming to be a straight man ?
purple rose
purple rose:
All these years I thought it was Ellen, and now it turns out to be Elliot. I am lost in this world. It's so strange.
Dagoberto Fernandez
Dagoberto Fernandez:
Also if you are non binary meaning you are neither male or female so why change name to a male
Lakayah Williams
Lakayah Williams:
They changed the title 😂👍🏾
Eric Mesias
Eric Mesias:
So Mami Chula became Papi Chulo
Wolfman Jack
Wolfman Jack:
I guess this has nothing to do with her faultering career. Not buying this shit one bit.
Katrice Jones
Katrice Jones:
The whole time I thought that person was a girl.
1d owns my heart
1d owns my heart:
ahh congrats king!!❤️❤️
Ihate google
Ihate google:
Eva Belle
Eva Belle:
Everyone who is against this is saying “you’re sheep for being okay with this” but like dude, you’re just as much a sheep, except you’re a sheep for hate, disrespect and torment 😶
johanna thalhofer
johanna thalhofer:
How can u be trans and non-binary? Not hating but I just wanna understand it
samantha rosales
samantha rosales:
Awe yes babe! Congrats to him!! ❤️
Xenia Acosta
Xenia Acosta:
So he was born as she then is now transgender as a man?
Anastasia Gabilaia
Anastasia Gabilaia:
omg so proud KING <33
Thought she was a he all along.
Tucker Mc
Tucker Mc:
Still a girl
Went from beautiful to handsome 😂
Luis Reyes Gloria
Luis Reyes Gloria:
So does this mean no more Vanya??
Bob Smith
Bob Smith:
Since she is now a man can you explain how she changed her chromosomes because even if she got some surgical procedure to make her appear as a male that still wouldn't have any effect on genetic information in the form of genes found in the nucleus of most living cells.
Melissa Page
Melissa Page:
When though? Did he have surgery before puberty? There are a lots more transgender folks in Holly wood. They should all come out of the closet.
mohd saif
mohd saif:
she is inspiring for what? Just don’t understand
Nope Nah
Nope Nah:
I'm confused, I don't mean be rube but I would like to understand.
Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy:
delete this title wtf?!?!?!
Winter Clevenger
Winter Clevenger:
Good for him! Be happy and true to yourself Elliot. People are going to hate but they are just exposing their own ugly hearts and bigotry. I think it's beautiful he's allowing himself to transition to what he's always felt inside. I honor his bravery and truth. 🌈👏
Ricky T
Ricky T:
She was not born with we we
So you’re telling me that Ellen Page believed she was a man the entire time despite being a huge advocate for lesbians as a lesbian? This sounds like a publicity stunt
robel mesfin
robel mesfin:
When you realize your child hood crash is now a he
Harley Fucking Quinn
Harley Fucking Quinn:
YESSS AS HE SHOULD!! I’m so so proud of him!!🤍🤍🤍
Ruth Roebuck
Ruth Roebuck:
She is a woman and always will be
John Goldsmith
John Goldsmith:
Pathetic, a male who lies about being female, now says he’s, a male again......UMmmm,,,,,,,,,,yeah.....
Julie Simanski
Julie Simanski:
Don’t really care for the news y’all are reporting but I love Emile so I’m gonna watch it anyway
Danny Perez
Danny Perez:
Omg I love our king!!! Hopefully he can still be in umbrella academy !
Lana Delray
Lana Delray:
I don't understand, The transformation is from Girl - Boy or Boy - Girl?? Anyone care to tell?
So Be
So Be:
I am beyond happy for him!
a mw
a mw:
ugh such a king im so happy for him
Bill Russ
Bill Russ:
Legally still “Ellen”
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima:
This video: transgender (male)
The ad before the video: tHe FeMaLe BoDy iS iNnOcEnT aNd DeLaCate
Andy Schwartz
Andy Schwartz:
Alright Ellen.....get some help.
Anony Mous
Anony Mous:
She plays a female character in the umbrella academy, and has a lesbian wife, how is any. Of that going to continue?
How can you be trans AND non-binary? I dont get it..
themagic fairy
themagic fairy:
Yes congratulations to him 😭
Brielle Graves
Brielle Graves:
the amount of disrespect towards Elliot in this comment section is truly disgusting.
He is transgender? Does that mean Ellen is finally a girl?
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick:
I do not support him/her at all. Why? Because he/she is a goddamn NARCISSIST!
almond milk
almond milk:
What in the heck is happening
If I express joy and adoration at this 'news' does that make me a member of the cool club?
Whatever you say, Ellen.
j the 2nd
j the 2nd:
Wait so she’s a girl but is comfortable being called a guy Too ? I’m so lost
Aline Toussaint/ atoussphoto
Aline Toussaint/ atoussphoto:
Yay! Finally. Love him.
Damn this world needs help
Virtual Gamers
Virtual Gamers:
Pls remove his deadname from the title. :)
empatía antiopresiones
empatía antiopresiones:
Not more Ellen though! Change the title 💚 🤗 Happy for him!!!
Everyone who's lgbt is named Elliott
Congratulations to him. I didn’t know that he was transgender. He played Jodie Holmes in Beyond Two Souls.
Mr P.
Mr P.:
Don Pesulima
Don Pesulima:
wow.... just wow.... i.... wow...
If his wife is a true lesbian, she will slowly stop being in love with him. That’s how it works, rip Elliots relationship.
Marek Pawlik
Marek Pawlik:
This dude look like a lady to me.
Jeremy Lelea
Jeremy Lelea:
So did her, "that time of the month" all of a sudden go away, if she is a man can she not bare children if she tried?