Ellen Page is Now ELLIOT Page.

Ellen Page is now Elliot Page, a trans man, according to Variety. How will this affect their role as White Violin in The Umbrella Academy and the role in that ill-conceived "Gamergate comedy" from BuzzFeed Studios?

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100+ komentarze:

Efe Aydal
Efe Aydal:
Joke's on him now he's a white male. Welcome to the dark side.
Kobe AND1!
Kobe AND1!:
Peter Griffin voice: “ Oh My God! WHO THE HELL CARES!”
Timothy Oakhart
Timothy Oakhart:
So he is married to a woman... He's now forced his lesbian wife into being straight?
So “he” became everything “she” hated. Interesting.
Cracker Jack
Cracker Jack:
Guess this makes him a straight white male now. That might not end well.
I don't know why this Elliot guy is taking credit for Ellen's Work. Another White man taking the credit away from a woman for shame
The Bus
The Bus:
Oh, so we can just pick whatever we want to be now?
I'm a 28 year old dolphin in that case. 🐬
Eric Bogerd
Eric Bogerd:
This feels like the biggest, "Eh, OK?" moment of the year. Yeah for him, I guess?
Benjamin Grimes
Benjamin Grimes:
Our society's definition of "woke" means fast asleep.
Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll:
When you go so woke that you accidentally turn into a rich straight white male.
Syazwan Mustapah
Syazwan Mustapah:
So in case of a sinking ship, where women and children need to be prioritized, Elliot here can't have "his" former women priviledges anymore right?
M I N U I T:
You guys remember "not another teen movie" where the main chick transformation required her to take off her glasses to be hot? Yea Elliot legit just added a trucker hat to embrace the patriarchy.
Isn't being non-binary & transgender a contradiction? How can a person not identify as masculine or feminine, but feel like a man in a woman's body??
Dileepa Fernando
Dileepa Fernando:
This is something straight out of South Park
Game Figs
Game Figs:
You can put a Milky Way in a Snickers wrapper but that won’t add any nuts.
Publicist: “Ellen, no one is interested in you anymore. Gotta think about getting your name out there more. Any thoughts?”

Ellen: “Well, being a white male seems like a great thing to be nowadays. I could try that!”

Publicist: “Great! I’ll get the “Stunning and Brave” tshirts printed up.”
Kushmael McFlurray
Kushmael McFlurray:
When girls think they’re guys it’s hilarious. The second you go to fight them they want to be a girl again.
His next role is Abby from The Woke of Us 2.
Johnny Estrada
Johnny Estrada:
I identify as a cat! Accept meh!!!!! 😫😫😺
I thought you were joking...
Still doesn't change how terrible his acting is.
She wears a baseball cap. Must be legit.
paco ramon
paco ramon:
She always dressed like a 13 years old boy.
Kjell Frode Tislevoll
Kjell Frode Tislevoll:
The world has become a huge comedy, where it has been expected that one will accept more and more crazy things.
Peter Alston
Peter Alston:
"Sticking feathers up you butt does not make you a chicken"
-Tyler Durdan
Tom Davis
Tom Davis:
Doesn't matter what Ellen calls herself, she still doesn't have any talent.
NandD TV
NandD TV:
Twitter is heavenly censoring comments. It’s all “we love you” and “welcome to the family”. 🙄
kyle howard
kyle howard:
Breaking News! A hollywood "celebrity" has mental health issues. Riveting.
Jay Craw
Jay Craw:
"I love being Trans" well that makes one of them. I dont know a single real trans person that actually enjoys being legitimately trans
“They” now look like a pizza delivery driver.
Creative Screenname
Creative Screenname:
Breaking news: Ellen Page reveals her mental disorder.
Baby, you’re lost...
Baby, you’re lost...
Baby, you’re a lost cause. - Beck
Only the elite can afford to live in a fantasy, announce their delusions to the world, and then demand that everyone play along with their pretend role play.
This is literal insanity.
Avishek Saini
Avishek Saini:
Wow, she lost that lawsuit against Naughty Dog for using her likeness on Ellie in TLOU so bad that she was forced to change her entire gender 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Gorg
Mike Gorg:
When you not relevant anymore. Just claim trans
He's no longer the woman his wife married.
Big Bang Sensei
Big Bang Sensei:
Let's see how much "male privilege" is enjoyed before the regret sets in.
Chris Rahl
Chris Rahl:
Holy sh*t I'm so sick of hearing this sh*t.
Nkili Uzo
Nkili Uzo:
So does that mean Ellen page wife isn't lesbian anymore
Guessing she was feeling she wasn't getting enough attention? Well I'm not either. Hey everyone, I'm a cucumber!
She was my female celebrity crush after “Juno “
I’m confused ..am I bi ? 🤔😲
Justin Reschke
Justin Reschke:
Is she going to give back any of those awards for best actress?
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet:
So she’s lesbian, non-binary, and now trans?

Gotta catch them all
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker:
I thought this was a joke when I first read it AHAHAHAHAHAHA
Atai Makashov
Atai Makashov:
Actors who kissed her (him) onscreen: *visible confusion*
TheChampDMan z
TheChampDMan z:
I like the fact she has a dad hat on now as if it's all it takes for a big change
Hugh Palmer
Hugh Palmer:
Funny how it’s always the one Hating men becoming men themselves.
Bip bap boop.

Whatever. She's still Ellen Page.
i think alot of these"guys" are just caught up in all the hype. i would not want to be there when "he" wakes up.
He came out as "Look at me" long before this revelation.
Son Goku
Son Goku:
Laughable. I've defended her in the past but her victim complex is glaringly obvious here. This is what happens in insulated social circles...another lesbian bites the dust.
Barry Bend
Barry Bend:
And this is going to make him a target of "male Privilege".
samsa deniz
samsa deniz:
Confusion of the highest Ordaah!!
Chantley Wiese
Chantley Wiese:
"Should I call you Mista?"
Gaming Chinchilla
Gaming Chinchilla:
when celebs pull this shit, its one big "look at me, I'm special!" virtue signaling attention grab.

if sh- i mean he is legit doing this for he-i mean himself then i say good on he-i mean him. But i have good reason to press d for doubt
It’s funny how they claim to now be their “authentic selves” but in actually they’re turning further & further away from it
*laughs* can't say i saw that coming, but can say im not surprised.
Joke's on him he's 5'1".
S L:
I'm happy for her if this is her true identity (at least she's an adult transitioning) but I have to say, she was so gorgeous and feminine back in her xmen / Kitty Pryde days
Im not gonna lie when I first heard this news I was like "What the fuck"
Mooch the YardDogg
Mooch the YardDogg:
Can't wait to see how many friends you'll make in the Santa Barbara/Isla Vista community. 😂😭😂
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen:
"I have no idea why this is trending, so I made this video to waste your time." -Kneon
Doc Brown 2015
Doc Brown 2015:
Calls herself "Elliot", wears mens attire (found in the boys section) and is like..."I'm a man now, You Better be okay with IT!!!"
Richard Gadberry
Richard Gadberry:
This news affects me how, exactly?
Well after years of looking at the mirror and seeing a guy in the reflection does that
Atomic Cracker
Atomic Cracker:
Hi Elliot, my pronouns for you are still she/her....but feel free to lie to yourself....Science doesnt lie!!!
Jake Kemp
Jake Kemp:
Just when Ellen Page couldn’t be more annoying, is she gonna win Man of the Year for this
Timothy O'Neill
Timothy O'Neill:
When I read this last night, I thought, wow, I hope she to he is prepared for what’s coming to him of being a man in a man hating biosphere today
Albin Alonso
Albin Alonso:
Icing on the cake for this whole year. XD
Andrew Demarest
Andrew Demarest:
I guess good for them, but it's honestly hard to care at this point in time.
Eva 01
Eva 01:
Ellen Page: I put on a hat so I’m Elliot now.
Well, if she's a man, then I'm a speciesfluid centaur!
Juanx Link
Juanx Link:
The wall hit her so hard, she thought: might aswell...
Poor ellen.
Frn arn
Frn arn:
im sure Elliot knew he was already a man when they accepted the role of a young pregnant teenager
Remo Latsky
Remo Latsky:
So she chose Toxic Masculinity! Interresting
Skull Joker
Skull Joker:
I haven't seen a transformation this lame since Clark Kent taking his glasses off
Barbara A. Mertz RN CCRN
Barbara A. Mertz RN CCRN:
Well, if "HE" expects to get jobs based on "HIS" gender, then "HE" is going to be sorely disappointed. Talk about IDENTITY CRISIS!!
So Ellen didn't received a lot of attention these past few years, great.
Ismail Choudhury
Ismail Choudhury:
"Inception" was a great work from "Chris Nolan". Here is another proof.
Dean Jacobs
Dean Jacobs:
They need attention.
Salty Cracker
Salty Cracker:
Guys this gave me strenght to finally come out and embrace my true self.
I am proud to say im a golden retriever from now on. My pronouns are woof woof and you need to respect that.
Cstl Brvo
Cstl Brvo:
"Just another day..another day...", IN.... 2020!!
When you arent getting enough attention for just being gay anymore.
Seems like someone is extremely desperate for attention now their career has been over and out of it's height for awhile
Dennis B.
Dennis B.:
I identify myself as chocolate, so my pronouns are "her/she"
She says she is transgender but then it says she is non-binary???she is confused. This generation is lost.
Somebody who's lesbian comes out saying she's trans, what's the actual point, tbh it's all just ridiculous and the fact they'll demand equality but then scream and rage at anybody who dare says u can't change ur biological sex
Always thought she looked like a dude never saw what was attractive about her 🤷🏿‍♂️
Matthias De La Cruz
Matthias De La Cruz:
People are so dumb and lost in this world people would only find real truth and face true reality when we die!
Henry Townshed
Henry Townshed:
Lol :D, hahaha Elliot is now a privileged "white male".
Nope Naw
Nope Naw:
Page: I'm lesbian!
Vast majority of people: .. So? We don't really care.
Page: I'm transgender!
Vast majority of people: Again, don't really care.

This is the kind of shit that undermines the struggle of the gay and trans. Ellen was so fucking eager to boast about being openly lesbian and a lesbian icon, and now suddenly she's trans and no longer a she? The whole lesbian thing doesn't really come across as all that genuine of a cause anymore, does it?

On the plus side, maybe the role of White Violin can be recast now. Page's entire storyline in season 2 was absolute trash and deviated *heavily* from the source material (seemingly from pressure from Page's side to force a lesbian romance in there).
Prince Royce
Prince Royce:
Waiting for ben Shapiro reply on this Topic ಠ‿ಠ
Sean Toland
Sean Toland:
Wait, she was a straight white dude the whole time?!? The patriarchy strikes again!
Warren Ray Ledbetter
Warren Ray Ledbetter:
Yes, Elliot/Ellen, there is female and male. More than that though, you are just screwed up.
Cron Aon
Cron Aon:
I like to say ty to all the people that supported me
I identify as a Sith Lord
My preferred pronouns are lord, darth
I go by darth cron * drops lightsaber*
Sounds right. It's 2020 and being a lesbian just isn't 'woke' enough.🤣
Ancient Knowledge
Ancient Knowledge:
werealldead_ _
werealldead_ _:
She became what she hates lol
Archimedes Da Vinci
Archimedes Da Vinci:
This still doesn't officially count until s(he)'s post-op after s(he)'s had her _"bottom"_ surgery to replace her _"taco"_ with a _"hotdog and meatballs"_ .