Ellen Page makes a SPECIAL WOKE ANNOUNCEMENT! | Ellen Page is Elliot Page!

#EllenPage #ElliotPage #WokeHollywood

Ellen Page makes a SPECIAL WOKE ANNOUNCEMENT! | Ellen Page is Elliot Page!

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100+ komentarze:

John Matrixx
John Matrixx:
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Justin Fendelet
Justin Fendelet:
I really don't think anyone cares anymore good for E
Welcome to the Patriarchy, Elliot!
Jean-pierre Desmet
Jean-pierre Desmet:
Damn this is the end of civilization
Robin Hood
Robin Hood:
Welcome to the twilight zone
Eric D
Eric D:
Once she gets breast reduction surgery, testosterone boosters and genital reassignment surgery...then I’ll believe this is something other than ‘give me attention’.
Tossing on a hat...does not make you magically a man.
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez:
I always wondered what pineapple seeds look like
Joe Huff
Joe Huff:
I’ve only watched 1 movie 🍿 in 10 years “The Accountant “ absolutely no idea who this person is. To each their own, i guess!!! I don’t agree but I got my own demons to fight, no time to judge others!!
Bowsette NC-17
Bowsette NC-17:
Justin Fendelet
Justin Fendelet:
its Hollyweird ....been for years ...good Luck to Elliott dude! ....as long as Elliott doesn't attack christianity good luck to "E"
that man with the rump
that man with the rump:
the thumbnail has me laffing
I just call it a "Peanut"
Follower of Christ
Follower of Christ:
She just wore a hat and tricked everybidy into believing she's a man.. Lol we're truly in the end times.
Alan Black
Alan Black:
The percentage for Him just skyrocketed. You are now in the 43% Club Good Look Bro
Brig P
Brig P:
Yeah I don’t even know who this person is lol
Mark Fanning
Mark Fanning:
This dude doesn't have a voice since he is dark.
Gabby Goings karaoke
Gabby Goings karaoke:
4:05 she might be non-bianry but they are masculine its a thing :)
Aris Montana
Aris Montana:
trust me this dude/girl...hav a wiring problem on her brain
Dont title something using his dead name and then saying you support them
Dan Man
Dan Man:
Haha, YouTube deleting comments.
**Puts on cap**
guess im one of you fellas now eh?
dan g
dan g:
What a wacko!! You win nut of the day! Lol
RAD 1234
RAD 1234:
Dominos coming down. Didn't Jessica alba come out too
Janet Cadena
Janet Cadena:
No idea who this is.
Crystal M
Crystal M:
It's really weird that we're just supposed to act like this is normal.
Brian Chua
Brian Chua:
Another day, another Woke news.
Excuse me Ms. ELLEN Page or mam.
Canadian Nomad
Canadian Nomad:
Why is this news? Really its been done.....
Demonic Akumi
Demonic Akumi:
I say this affected me somehow, but she hasn't been in anything I was interested in.
Ed Brewer
Ed Brewer:
Just went to Netflix and saw that they updated Ellen Page in the Umbrella Academy credits to Elliott Page.
Ral Ph
Ral Ph:
Thanks Big John.
Had a surprise earlier today. One of ours got leave, and he and his wife are home for a little bit. We'll have dinner with them tomorrow, along with our kids.
Much cheers & success to you and yours.
Anchors away.
Saltina Marie
Saltina Marie:
You look as tired as your takes and jokes... and that shit is TIRED
Paul Kovac
Paul Kovac:
ZC The King
ZC The King:
Probably already on hormones maybe not, but looks different than did in past! Now, the movie Juno is different.
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver:
Beg your pardon... Ellen who?
mario Schulz
mario Schulz:
Who hurt you Brother? No offence but You look dead inside you sound like you dont want to be here no more.
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick:
I can't even refer to the actor as "him" without chuckling.
Blank Pyramids
Blank Pyramids:
I have a trans mission
MariaElena JF
MariaElena JF:
OK so? We have to applaud him?
Michael Todd
Michael Todd:
My cousin, IT.
Advanced Raymondology
Advanced Raymondology:
Stunning and brave...to do the thing that every mainstream media outlet supports to the point of trying to destroy you if you have any issue with their mass hysteria.
Bjorn Wilmot
Bjorn Wilmot:
Her pronoun, as far as I'm concerned, is Who?
Ellen Page congratulations but I'm a little shocked that you have to tell the world about your personal choice... who gives a fuck!
“Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners”

~ George Carlin
Pitagoras Lopes
Pitagoras Lopes:
It's scary
It's a publicity stunt.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman:
I said this before. This is the least work someone has ever had to do on their transition.
YouTube Has Suspended This Account
YouTube Has Suspended This Account:
Is Kristen Stewart going to be the next one to make a stunning, shocking and brave announcement? Stay tuned, folks!
You do know that he is part of a minority, correct? A minority that he cannot change, correct?
Birthrates📉, so sad
Why do I keep reading comments
Why do I keep reading comments:
I had a crush on her when I was in highschool.........am I gay now?
Anthony Jordan movies and more
Anthony Jordan movies and more:
Dimitris Bright
Dimitris Bright:
Jesus freaking christ🙄🙄 So being a white gay woman wasn't enough for her? She was already batting 3 for 3 at the plate. It doesn't get any better then that. Welcome to the woke olympics ladies and gentlemen. Where they strive to out-woke each other 🤦🏿‍♀🤦🏿‍♀
Monika Sienkiewicz
Monika Sienkiewicz:
I wonder if her/his wife (lesbian woman) is happy now or will be happy after her/his transition.
David McGuire
David McGuire:
No idea who she is... glad you seem to care lol
Ms. Spock
Ms. Spock:
You are a disgrace to your armour.
majin vegeta
majin vegeta:
Woody once said " YOU ARE A WOMAN "!
Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower:
I don't get it...If she doesn't identify as a man or woman, then why did she change her name to a man's name?
That’s not the way this works.
Wait wait wait...hold up...does this mean she can now go into the men's bathroom??
Saying you're trans isn't being woke, it's just your identity. Why do people care so damn much about other peoples pronouns and what they decide to do with their own bodies?
Eileen Hart
Eileen Hart:
Omg nobody cares
being trans he better not take any roles from females anymore
Just Passing Through
Just Passing Through:
Juno is still a good movie.
She's an okay actress
Why do we live in a world that praises sexual immorality, and normalize pagan culture/ regime? We are lost in terms of Identity, and religion. We as kingdom workers need to rebuke Ellen and those that support these actions, and pray for repentance and turn away from our sin, and support of sin.
"look at her! she's a woman!" elliot page hasn't presented “woman” his entire life. what are you talking about, sir??
Executive Producer Sol Liebowitz
Executive Producer Sol Liebowitz:
John, are you now able to lecture Elliot on his white male privilege? Or can he lecture you about you being transphobic as a male? Is a transsexual white person more important than a black man in 2020? I'm so confused. Does anybody have a chart? Thanks.
shakir hartwell
shakir hartwell:
Please educate yourself. A simple google search will tell you that being trans is backed up by science. If you disagree with well educated people who have spent years on this topic than I don't know what to tell you. And the fact that you were intentionally call him by the wrong pronouns and being unapologetically transphobic just shows me what kind of person you are. I strongly advise you to do more research before contributing to harmful ideologies.
She can be Elliot Page all she wants, still doesn't make her a man.
FirstTime ISawJupiter
FirstTime ISawJupiter:
Why do you care about this?
A Disciple of Jesus Christ
A Disciple of Jesus Christ:
Well said! Thank you for being honest!
Mzingaye Mubaya
Mzingaye Mubaya:
What a way to turn the *page* on your new life, Why would you want to be called They ... that's beyond ridiculous
RAD 1234
RAD 1234:
Isn't that special. All need to come out
andres viveros
andres viveros:
we cannot dismiss science
Mr. Deplorable
Mr. Deplorable:
So will we see a lot more self loathing from miss priss now?
big brain
big brain:
They/them pronouns are often used with gendered pronoun (like he/him, she/her), people who use he/they or she/they pronouns generally feel like the they is good because they don't entirely attach themselves to the gendered pronoun they use, but still like being called by that pronoun, That's probably how he feels about it
yuk1r0 _
yuk1r0 _:
So what do YOU care about HIM.
I think the only think that should matter that a human is happy and when he feels comfortable it's totally alright.
Dont be that conservative!
He is happy and that's everything
Marc Noone
Marc Noone:
its maaam
Umar Abdulrahman
Umar Abdulrahman:
Over 300 dislikes, the world has gone mad.
Mike Putrino
Mike Putrino:
Is her wife not a lesbian anymore?
To be honest....it/they/them or whatever they want to be called can identify as a pool table for all I care...just stop shoving your ideals down our throats.
Nathaniel Swartz
Nathaniel Swartz:
Blenderized Diet
Blenderized Diet:
Very interesting thoughts about the Ellen / Elliot situation. I really think this might be a PR stunt.
Translation: she wears the strap on.
So hi... it's pretty simple actually (excuse my English)
Non binary means you're not strictly a woman or a man, so basically meaning that you're somewhere in the gender spectrum.
Transgender means you don't identify as the gender you were assigned with.
As you can see these terms don't contradict each other. You can be a non-binary man meaning you're somewhere in the spectrum close to male but not close enough to be only a man.
I do realize that it's hard for many people to understand but please don't claim you're on the right side when you're not informed about the subject.
Donald Dierksen
Donald Dierksen:
If you can’t figure out what you are by looking down in the shower, maybe more complicated decisions shouldn’t be in your future. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Read a Bible
It's not woke garbage, it's what he wants to be called. It's literally a minor inconvenience for the first few times you fuck his name and gender up. After that, it's not a big deal to call someone what they want to be called.
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson:
I just read the article on AOL, this mess is ridiculous.
Megan Mueller
Megan Mueller:
So, your view is that there’s a better treatment than transition for gender dysphoria? You’re wrong. Periodt.
Elliott Doherty
Elliott Doherty:
This comment section did not pass the vibe check. All trans people know that they won't be the biological gender that they are transitioning to and they accept that.
White Tiger
White Tiger:
Someone badly wants attention now dont they
Alex Knadle
Alex Knadle:
Elliot is a he, being transgender isn't for attention.
She's going for a guaranteed position in the new Hollyweird.
If she were black she'd have it all.
Ronald Simmons
Ronald Simmons:
it is either he or she,
Luke Morris
Luke Morris:
Wow, this world is so beyond fucked wow
Vernon 85
Vernon 85:
What the hell
Shanta Claire
Shanta Claire:
What a kook! I can't stand her 😒looks like she won't be getting any roles in movies no time soon
James Xilef
James Xilef:
Lol sure