Elliot Page Is Ready for Summer in First Shirtless Pic | E! News

The "Umbrella Academy" actor wears something "he's never worn before" as he rocks his first pair of swimming trunks in a picture posted on Instagram!

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1273055/elliot-page-celebrates-wearing-his-first-swim-trunks-in-new-poolside-photo

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Elliot Page Is Ready for Summer in First Shirtless Pic | E! News

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43 komentarze:

Good for him. Can't wait for his first movie as a man.
Ey when you hate yourself. Even implant abs
Annie 8136
Annie 8136:
Help me to understand how a woman can feel like a man without all the parts ? Where as if a man felt like a woman they can actually change everything and have even the sexual sensation as a woman.
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
Reminds me of Travis Bickle in 'Taxi Driver,' when he's forging himself into the 'weapon.' If he looks better than you do, and you were born a dude, I know how you're feeling.
Nick Ford
Nick Ford:
Let's see I'm a boy but I have XX chromosomes coursing through my body. Yeah. Makes sense.
love imani
love imani:
I really think they do sell their souls.
First time he's looked happy and relaxed as a man. So lovely to see 💪🏼
I cannot imagine how hard and confusing and heartbreaking it has to be to feel wrong in your own body. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Tonya Beesley
Tonya Beesley:
These photos do not reflect happiness in any way to me. That said it is none of my business what a person does to their own body of their own free will. You can not force anyone to agree or disagree. We are ALL blessed to have these freedoms. Let's remember that while they are at great risk of being taken. Unfortunately individuals like the person in these photos are being exploited to push an agenda.
V J:
Ellen (she/her) uses a strap-on. Unfortunately with such a small frame, it falls off and kills the mood.
Tommy Frog
Tommy Frog:
We're in the end times now...that "topless" pic is haunted...do not look.😟
Mike Steven
Mike Steven:
Wait for the abs implants. Obviously skips leg day. 😆😆😆
Mistress Mary
Mistress Mary :
hope he dont regret his decision...cant go back you know
Tours Island
Tours Island:
You look gorgeous 😘
Nate Boy
Nate Boy:
I really hope people like Elliot and Demi Lovato speaking up helps others come to terms with themselves and opens people up to be more accepting of trans and non-binary people.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
Elliot more happier than ever good 4 U.
b ryan
b ryan:
What the hell is wrong with people why cant they be happy with how they were born.
A Man With A Brain
A Man With A Brain:
Devil puppets being played by these sellouts
love imani
love imani:
Hell is real.
Sonja unome
Sonja unome:
How the f are you sporting a 9 pack
Wanjiru Mary
Wanjiru Mary:
I tell you, now I know the world is ending, this confusion is being celebrated. He is still a she inside, she can never run away from that, she is more messed up with those plastic implants than ever before. So sorry.
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz:
Baby trans ❤️🛐
WTF is going on?
SBn49 AJC:
Eat some FOOD my dear.
Everyone is born with the body God gave you .You can not change your gender based on your feeling's it is all backed bye true science. Some time's i feel like a hippo but i am a cat knuckle head's.😉
Repent 4Life
Repent 4Life:
Still a girl. Be happy the way the almighty God created you.
Ň Tatú
Ň Tatú:
jam yourjam
jam yourjam:
Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie:
dave lightSaber
dave lightSaber:
...eww lol .
Khris Emory
Khris Emory:
Can someone explain how he used to be a female and still has better body than me anyways I’m happy that he is enjoying life
Let me guess there's something wrong with ME for thinking that this is gross and disgusting 😂🤣
due whit
due whit:
Good luck growing a tallywhacker, bro
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon:
calvin coleman
calvin coleman:
You look happy! Go Vanya!
Lauren Schenck
Lauren Schenck:
Good for you Elliot you are special and amazing inside and out xoxo 😚
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
I dont particularly like him, never did... but this happiness is priceless!! On that, I salute him!! Well done! Good for him!!
lexie chan
lexie chan:
Elliot Is not hot.
Tee Jay
Tee Jay:
Elliot.....🤗... love ❤️ that smile...You most definitely are happy 🙂
Happy for him!
tenille suzanne
tenille suzanne:
Great for him
Andy Sommer
Andy Sommer: