Elliot Page Joins HRCF's Time to Thrive Conference

On Friday, February 14, 2014, actor Elliot Page speaks about the brave decision to live openly and authentically.

Read the transcript of his remarks here:

View more videos from HRC's inaugural Time To THRIVE Conference here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLstyCKmnMAyaWqzEcSRjiM0oggvIq83s2


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When she comes out and everybody starts cheering, she takes on this macho pose, you can tell she's more confident.
Jessica Girdner
Jessica Girdner:
Man you can tell how terrified she is through the entire thing. The heavy breathing, the shaky voice. Good for her. She was incredible.
" I'm here today, because I'm gay "
You can hear the fear in her voice and how much she wants to come out then the relief when she does. It is so hard to watch yet her smile once the audience cheers, is so wonderful. Brave young woman.
Everytime I watch this speech I feel like I can hear a huge stone falling from her heart. So touching.
Siobhan _
Siobhan _:
She didn't ONCE look down at her notes. She really spoke from her heart and you can tell she meant every word. Truly inspiring !!
Anna Lam
Anna Lam:
Aw poor baby you can tell how nervous she is about giving the speech and coming out. And it was such a beautiful speech. I love her authenticity.
Wow, they already changed the name in the title, that was fast
Dhwani Shah
Dhwani Shah:
honestly, Ellen Page can make a BETTER president than Donald or Hilary
Devonte T.
Devonte T.:
I love how confident she gets after she says I am gay lol
Bi and proud (and always knew about Ms. Page, long before this coming out). Equal, free love. End the hate.
I can't explain how much this touched me
speedwagon with no hat and 160 friends
speedwagon with no hat and 160 friends:
looking at the comments looks like im time travelling 😭😭 literally only person watching this in 2020 holy shit
5:24 - whether you are, straight, gay, bi, whatever - that collective "Wait, what?" moment from the audience and then them losing their shiznit is pure magic :D
Plot Twist
Plot Twist:
It took Harry Potter 11 years to come out of the closet
Robin James
Robin James:
"If we took just 5 minutes to recognise each other's beauty."
Beautifully communicated. Very moving. 
Daniel A
Daniel A:
When she actually came out, it reminded me of when Tony Stark said he was Iron man to the public, but this was immeasurably better
I hope they receive the same support this time round. go elliot!
Ariel Bissett
Ariel Bissett:
Torun Sandström
Torun Sandström:
Reading these comments is horrible. I don't understand how people can watch this video (I assume you watch if you comment) and still NOT GET IT. I don't get it, when she just said to be less horrible towards each other, this comment section is so filled with hate. It seriousley gets me depressed.
Blinky Lass
Blinky Lass:
Two years later, still as powerful as when I first watched it.
I loved how everyone was like "yaaaaas!" when she came out lol. Bravo Ellen, Hollywood needs more smart and articulate women like her.
Windia Nata
Windia Nata:
I won't lie, I like her from Beyond 2 souls, now I love her. Her personality. Go girl
Mark Galvin
Mark Galvin:
Gotta love how quickly they changed his name to Elliot in the title after his recent coming out. Just goes to show that even though it's 6 years old, this video is still important and viewed frequently by so many.
Isabella x
Isabella x:
This makes me feel a warm tingling sensation thank you Ellen for the best speech ever given now
Sapphic_ Edits
Sapphic_ Edits:
i absolutely love this women..why? i am but a simple lesbian
Niome Swann
Niome Swann:
I'm a lesbian and I'm proud of it and all my friends accepted me for who I am and I'm happy to tell the hole world I'm gay
can't stop looking at her right hand striking the table lol... she was so nervous (but cute)
MarkE Miller
MarkE Miller:
Oh my god the fact that people have to ASK why she sounds like she's gonna cry is incredibly disturbing!! Are you all a bunch of sociopaths or you're overdosing on anti depressants or what?? Cause if you had any emotions you would instinctively understand it in your gut why she sounds like that while talking about hardship and personal things she's kept in so long.
What, is she gonna go to the gym in a dress?
....so no Ryan ending?
Nicoll Villegas
Nicoll Villegas:
I love how they changed didn’t dead name Elliot in the title even though this video is like over 6 years old
I cry every time I watch this video 😪😪😪
can she become president???? #ellenpageforpresident2k16
DARK Hell Corporation
DARK Hell Corporation:
“And I am here today this video because...

I’m gay”

( I’m actually crying now )
Isabel Eisinger
Isabel Eisinger:
I’m glad they changed the title even after 6 years.
R W:
You can just see at 5:19 that she is willing herself to go through with it and not back out. Bravery is a beautiful thing to see on someone so vulnerable in the moment.
Gabriela Montes de oca
Gabriela Montes de oca:
Elliot 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Bravo bravo
God bless you !!! Your brave !!!!
I mean no disrespect Elliot
Im straight
I was in the NAVY
When I was 19 years old
I do know in the military it's not easy being gay I'm now 40 years old.
Marta Almeida
Marta Almeida:
(the speech)
"It’s such a honor to be here at the inaugural time to thrive conference, but it’s a little weird too. Here i am, in this room because of na organization whose work that i deeply, deeply admire. And i’m surrounded by people who make it their lives work, to make other peoples lives better, profoundly better. Some of you teach young people, some of you help some people heal and to find their voice, some of you listen, some of you take action, some of you are young people yourselves in which case it’s even weirder for a person like me to be speaking to you.
It’s weird because: here i am na actress, representing at least in some sense an industry that places crushing standards on all of us, and not just young people. Everyone. standards of beauty, of a good life, of success, standards that i hate to admit have affected me. You have ideas panned in your head, thoughts you never had before, that tell you how you have to act, how you have to dress, and who you have to be. and i have been trying to push back to be authentic, to follow my heart, but it can be hard. But that’s why im here in this room, all of you, all of us can do so much more together than any one person can do alone, and i hope that that thought bolsters you as much as it does me.
I hope that the workshops you go to over the next two days give you strenght. because i can only imagine that there are days when you’ve worked longer hours than your boss realizes or cares about, just to help a kid who you know can make it. Days where you feel completely alone, underminded or hopeless. And i know that are people in this room who go to school every day and get treated like shit for no reason. Or you go home and you feel like you can’t tell your parents the whole truth about yourself. And beyond putting yourself in one box or another, you worry about the future, about college, or work, or even your physical safety. And trying to create that mental picture of your life, of what on earth is gonna happend to you, can crush you a little bit every day and it’s toxic, and painful, and deeply unfair. And sometimes it’s the little insignificant stuff that can tear you down.
Now i try not to read gossip as a rule, but the other day, a website ran na article with a picture of me wearing sweatpants on a way to the gym, and the writer asked: “why does this petit beauty insist upon dressing like a massive man?”. Because i like to be comfortable. There are pervasive stereotypes about masculinity and femininity that define how we’re all supposed to act, dress, and speak, and they serve no one. Anyone who defies these so-called “norms” becomes worthy of comment and scrutiny. And the LGBT community knows this all too well. Yet there is courage all around us: the football hero, Michael Sam; the actress Laverne Cox; the musicians, Tegan and Sara Quinn; the family that suppports the daughter or son that has come out. and there is courage in this room: all of you.
And i am inspired to be in this room because every single one of you is here for the same reason. You’re here because you’ve adopted a core motivation the simple fact that this world would be a whole lot better if we just made na effort to be less horrible to one another.
If we took just five minutes to recognise each other’s beauty instead of attacking each other for our diferences. That’s not hard, it´s really na easier and better way to live and ultimately, it saves lives. Then again it can be the hardest thing, because loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. And i know many of you have struggled with this, and i draw upon your strenght and your support in ways that you will never know.
And i am here today because i am gay
And because maybe i can make a difference to help others have na easier and more hopeful time. Regardless for me, i feel a person obligation and a social responsibility. I also do it selfishly, because im tired of hiding, and im tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because i was scared to be out. my spirit suffered, my mental heath suffered and my relationship suffered. And i am standing here today with all of you on the other side of that pain.
And i am young, yes, but what i have learned is that love: the beauty of it, the joy of it, and yes, even the pain of it, is the most incredible gift togive and to receive as a human being. And we desserve to experience love fully, equally, whithout shame, and without compromisse. There are toomany kids out there suffering from bullying, rejection, or simply being mistreated, because of who they are. Too many dropouts, too much abuse, too many homeless, too many suicides. You can change that and you are changing it, but you never needed me to tell you that. And thats why this was a little bit weird.
The only thing that i can really say is what i building up to. Is what i have been building up to for the past five minutes.
Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for giving me hope and please keep changing the world for people like me.
" - Ellen Page
elliot is a king.
"there are pervasive stereotypes about
masculinity and femininity that definehow are all supposed to act dress and
speak and they serve no one"

Pretty potent stuff
One of my school friends came out to me 2 years ago. He texted me that he needed to talk to me about something on Monday, and I spent the whole weekend stressing out about what the hell it was he was gonna tell me. I thought he was gonna reproach me something, that he'd get in a fight with me and I might lose him as a friend. I bet you already guessed what it is he was to tell me... So we were both sitting at a table and he was kinda avoiding the subject, talking in a light-hearted tone as if nothing was going on, but I could tell something was wrong and I was scared. And then, out of the blue, he throws me "I'm gay", as if he was talking to me about the weather. I froze for a sec. At first, I thought it was a joke. When I realized it wasn't, I processed what I just had heard for a sec and sighed. "That's it?", I told him. "That's what you needed to tell me?". "Yes", he answered anxiously, but looking relieved at the same time. And then I told him "God, I am SO RELIEVED". I bet he wasn't expecting an answer like this one. "I thought you were mad at me for some reason, I spent the whole weekend stressing about this conversation". And I was almost mad at him. "Why are you making such a big deal out of it? I fucking don't care whether you're gay or straight, you're my friend!".

Yes, that was my reaction. I was relieved. That's how everyone should feel when someone they love comes out to them. Because it means they don't have serious issues. They're not ill. They're not dying. They're not leaving the country forever. They're not announcing bad news. They're just telling you who they really are. And that is the most precious gift someone can ever give you. If they're willing to tell you, it means that they love you and that your support means everything to them. It means they care what you think about them and worry you might not love them anymore when you find out who they really are. No one should ever feel that way. When someone comes out to you, they're just looking for the support and the strength it takes to be themselves in a world full of hateful and intolerant people. If you can't give it to them, if you can't simply say "I love you no matter what and all I want is for you to be happy", then it's you that are sick, not gay people.

To all of you who are reading my comment, all of you who are struggling right now and feel helpless, hopeless and worthless, just know that you all are beautiful people, no matter your skin color, your origin, your religion. No matter your gender identity, your sex, your sexual orientation. No matter your size, your weight, no matter how you look or what your voice sounds like. No matter your disabilities and weaknesses. Don't ever let people make you doubt that you deserve to be loved and happy. Don't ever let bullies take your strength and dignity. Don't let anyone ever bring you down. Your happiness belongs to you and to you only, and no one can take that away from you. It's up to you to accept who you are and embrace it. You all have what it takes to stand up for yourselves and be proud of whatever makes you different from others. Your difference is your strength and your beauty. Love yourself and you'll see people will love you too (and if they don't, it's their loss, not yours!). <3

P.s: my friend asked me that day if I was gay too because he'd been suspecting that I was (maybe because I've always defended the cause, which makes it even weirder that it took him so long to come out to me and that he was so nervous about it). And that is the moment I admitted to myself out loud that I'm pansexual. But I won't make a coming out to my friends and family. I won't make it a statement. Why should I? I think being gay or transgender or asexual or agender should be just as normal as being straight or cis. Yet no one expects every straight person to make a statement about being straight. Your romantic and sexual life is no one's business. If you're willing to make it a statement, go for it. But know that you don't have to. You don't owe anyone anything except yourself. Once you've been true to yourself, you can just live your life the way you feel like, and it's no one damn business. People who really love you will support you no matter what. People who will turn you down never deserved to be a part of your life. No matter what, you will always find people that see how much you deserve to be happy, and who will love you unconditionally. Those people are the only ones you need in your life. Surround yourself by people who do good to you, because you deserve love and respect just like anyone else.

Thanks to every single person out there that is raising their voice for the community, people like Ellen, who are being strong and who are speaking up for all of us, for all of you. Thanks to all of you for inspiring me everyday and teaching me that love has no barriers, no gender. Thanks for teaching me to open my mind and heart and for making me the kind of person I want my kids someday to look up to and take example from. The fight for the LBGT community to be respected and for everyone to have the same rights and be treated equally is not nearly over. I have managed to make people realize how wrong homophobia, transphobia and any form of discrimination is. I've made people open their minds and hearts. And I'm never gonna stop. I have faith that someday, all the bullying will just be a bad memory, a sad page of history. We all need to believe in it. And as Ellen said, together, we are much stronger and we can face anything. Don't ever forget that you are never alone. We are one. <3
Toni DaBaddie
Toni DaBaddie:
Im so happy that they changed his name in the title, LOVE THAT
Fuck yeah, I'm bisexual!

Beautiful speech, makes me feel like I can do anything.
Gucci girl
Gucci girl:
the fact that they changed his name after coming out! i love this
That Random Gay
That Random Gay:
ELLIOT FRICKING PAGEEEE!! We love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Confused Wizard
Confused Wizard:
I hope one day, we will live in a world where there will be no need for standing ovation after someone reveals their sexuality. I hope one day it won't be big deal and everyone can feel however they want with absolutely no shame.
Beautiful and incredible speech.
Elise Chesneau
Elise Chesneau:
A powerful speech from a beautiful person.
I was in a library, and I found a book about human rights in the fiction section.
Witch Sandwich
Witch Sandwich:
I love the moment of silence in the audience after she comes out. I think it wasn't immediately registered in their heads that it is her first time coming out in public because we all kinda knew, and then it was like; "oh wait! She's finally out! Yay!"
K P3
K P3:
Can we just appreciate how they changed the title to his preferred name?
brisiii l
brisiii l:
The fact that u changed his name in the title!!🙏🥺
Katie Brady
Katie Brady:
And I am here today, thanks to people like Ellen Page, teaching me how to accept myself
Ann Florabelle Gacayan
Ann Florabelle Gacayan:
they are all like "gay people will go to hell thats a sin." Im straight and proud to be a catholic and I think its time for others to mind their own business. Judging others is also a sin it's on the bible and if you keep on judging you will end up in hell too. Thats what my parents thought me, to start living my life and stop judging about others. If they're gay let them be its their life not yours. 
Can people stop comparing being homosexual to beastiality? Like seriously! They are so different!
Kaelyn and Lucy
Kaelyn and Lucy:
Such inspirational words - Thank you Ellen. 
Catalina Sanhueza
Catalina Sanhueza:
2:27 *_"Or you go home, and you feel like you can't your parents the whole truth about yourself."_* Literally me.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
Will never forget watching this for the first time just over two years ago as a young little 17 year old. Finally came out to myself on that early morning before school. Remember crying to myself in the shower just after, a moment that changed my life forever really. One of the best moments of my life and I haven't looked back. Still watch this video every once in a while. It gets better.
Maria Chow
Maria Chow:
"because i like to be comfortable." Amen
M Viktor
M Viktor:

The cutest little lesbian ever. Good for her. Must have been a relief. So sweet, honest and emotional.
Why do people treat each other like shit? Why do they not give a shit about each other? Why are kids bullies? Good questions to ask. The answer is simple and brutal. Because decent human attitude has no value on the market and in the world of trend. The market is based on insecurities of people. They need to convince u that u have a problem than they can sell u the solution. Who needs balanced and confident consumers? Half of the worlds industries would go bankrupt. Also most of people do not want equality. They want to suppress others, stand above others. This is the sweet taste of fulfillment of the ego. U need compassion for a mature society. But nothing around u really requires u to develop it. May be as a personal goal. Assuming u actually get time to work on personal goals and have energy left for it. NO REAL COLLECTIVE INCENTIVE EXIST IN THE CURRENT POPULAR WORLD TO BE DECENT. Our lifestyle does not serve the human need. It serves the egomaniac monetary and power need of the very few. Humans creating a non human environment for each other. Irony is a mean old lady.
Lavan Volkov
Lavan Volkov:
Saw this speech right after she gave it. Six years later, I'm out as a proud lesbian. I'd been calling myself gay for years, but not out loud.
Karen Yr
Karen Yr:
I love that 6 years later his name is corrected <3
I love her even more now!
Gerald Tarrant
Gerald Tarrant:
I have such the biggest crush on her. I am not her type though dam.
Coffee Pot
Coffee Pot:
That was beautiful. Ellen is one of tue greatest actresses today. I myself am not gay but i think that if i was this would've inspired me ALOT. Imagine if they made a Beyond Two Souls or The Last Of Us movie and Ellen was Jodie or Ellie. Ellen should write poems or something this speech was brilliant
Penny Addison
Penny Addison:
This made me cry so much. I am currently trying to find the strength to tell my parents that I am Queer.
Honestly, I just come back every once in a while to rewatch this speech.
Arden Justice
Arden Justice:
I know it's not the right time to say this and it will never be.... but look at her leg behind the glass. It looks so funny. Sorry I had to say it.
Rey Marshall
Rey Marshall:
Kelly O'Sullivan
Kelly O'Sullivan:
This has inspired me to come out myself
xue piao
xue piao:
Jules Abella
Jules Abella:
I admire her for being so brave and intelligent.
Very insprational! And I can't believe the hate comments on "oh keep it to your self its not a big deal."

It kinda is, when your that famous its really hard and scary. I know some kids that are scared enough to come out to their parents let alone the whole world who knows who you are. 

And all these coming out gay videos, keep them coming. Who cares if people get pissed about. Gays will stop making them once EVERYONE is allow to love and marry the one they love, then they will stop.
Sofia Agrestini
Sofia Agrestini:
He's such a good person... This is what it means to be supportive and loving, this is who I love to be fan of. He's always been an amazing man... I'm rly proud of him, love u Elliot, you are an angel💙 Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for giving me hope, thank you for changing the world for people who need to be free.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus:
Kristen Stewart, take notes pls!!
d a n k y ッ
d a n k y ッ:
Wow I never would have guessed. I only really noticed her in the umbrella academy on Netflix. Congrats to her. [Only a few years late]
If I Trump or Cruz wins presidency it would literally inspire me to become an activist and fly over to the US to help fight for LGBT rights.
Zack C
Zack C:
I really appreciate that you changed his name in the title ❤️❤️
My condifence raised by about 25% after this video. Who agrees with me? Also #EllenPageIsSuperCool  
ur local ghost with anxiety
ur local ghost with anxiety:
I will use this everyday
“I am here bc I am gAy”
I got so emotional because I know how it can feel being rejected or felt like people are going to reject for coming out. But it is a huge weight off of your shoulders.
so inspiring. it's disheartening to see so many closed-minded comments after that impassioned speech.
It’s a lot harder than it looks to come out in front of that many people. It was hard for me to come out to my parents let along all of those people.

PS: Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈
One can't change their chromosomes and edit their entire DNA, but they can still adopt a transgender identity.
Sarah B
Sarah B:
I'm glad this exists. I'm closeted and I watch it from time to time to keep from going crazy
What's Trending
What's Trending:
Powerful speech from actress Ellen Page as she shares her thoughts on equality and her own coming out as a young gay woman. 
When her voice broke at the end I wanted to go through my screen and hug her.. sj emsikssouddbssw
Dreamy Fellow
Dreamy Fellow:
One of the best speech ever in favor of LGBT in my opinion.


I identify myself as a bi with a certain propension into boys...I haven't "come out" yet, but I don't really feel like doing it..I mean, I desire a world were homosexuals, bi and lesbian people can answer at "who's your crush?" with "oh, this boy/this girl" with absolute naturality and ease, but yet I still fear doing it.

I still perceive a veil of hate towards people who aren't straight, and the bigots who claim not to be homophobes but then always come off with the fucking "but..." are still really strong in my opinion.

I lied about my sexuality more than once...more than twice...and nobody truly know who my TRUE crushes were (and are) and even when I had the chance to CORRECTLY answer the crush answer I had internally panic attacks considering to let them truly know and I always answered "nobody" or "this girl" (but the fact that I even have some girl crushes doesn't make me feel like i'm truly lying [ex. I like alot Rihanna's, Beyoncé's and Lana's physiognomy]).

But still NOBODY knows that i'm BI, and the flashback of my mother slapping me thrice about 9 years ago, because I was typing on the PC that I loved one of my boy classmates, stops me even more...now I'm about to turn 18 and I don't really know how she feels about it, but I still have another flashback that when I was a little kid, I was in my bed asking my dad if he would've loved me even if I was bi/gay and he said "Yes, of course. How can you even think of your dad not loving you?"

Today my biggest crush in on one of my boy classmates (who's taken -.-) but who cares...you know, the "How is it called when your crush likes you back? IMAGINATION" is almost a fact that applies to like 80% and more people of any sex/sexuality so it don't really bothers me.
It's so cute to see how nervous she was and how relieved when it was out.
Steven Kutiper
Steven Kutiper:
Ellen Page For present 2028
Crystal Lam
Crystal Lam:
Watching this in 2019 and I still remember how I first felt when I watched this back then. Ellen Page is my hero.
Nicky Sydor
Nicky Sydor:
This is why I love Ellen page she’s honest intelligent and brave x
I used to watch this every other day when I was 13 and now I'm almost 18 and I'm in a much better place with who I am and I will literally never forget how important this video was for me
LoLo Love
LoLo Love:
Lesbian Pride! it feels so good to be free and be yourself! :)